AWS re:Invent 2015

I'm tweeting a lot from the show and will be broadcasting on Periscope. Follow @marknca and @trendmicro on both platforms.

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Friday, 15:28

Ok, re:Invent is officially done. I just left the speaker's party and that's the final event.

I was very happy to be able to attend 2 sessions this morning. I caught;

Both were filled with a lot of details about the new services and really well delivered by their respective speakers.

Tons of thoughts bouncing around in my head. I'll start writing a recap after I get some lunch. ;-)

Friday, 07:34

As is inevitable, with my main responsibilities finished at re:Invent, I was finally able to get a decent night's sleep.

Thankfully things are getting started a little slower this morning. I checked out the updated session listing and am hoping to check out a few sessions this morning.

Thursday, 22:30

Went to the re:Play part for a little bit. Amazing scene. AWS really outdid themselves this year. Check out this tweet for a glimpse;



Thursday, 14:10

Got some time away from the show to play around with the python implementation in Lambda.

Key to remember: local module deployment

Thursday, 13:40


Tons of new stuff at this mornings keynote. New instance types (X1 mega-awesome-largeness and t2.nano) and new services.

The super quick rundown;



Thursday, 08:56

Another keynote up this morning. This time it's @Werner. Usually the 2nd day keynote is a little more technical which--for me--is usually more exciting.

I'll be live tweeting it and did a couple quick periscope sessions ahead of time to help share the experience.

Wednesday, 22:54

Another day jam packed with great talks with some fantastic people. I opted out of the pub crawl for a couple quick meetings and some much needed down time and a recharge.

It was nice to be able to catch up on some of the days events (like this great write up from @acloudguru) as well. The JAWS framework talk was today and unfortunately I couldn't make it but it sounded like Austen knocked it out of the park.

Check out the project, it's a really interesting approach with a ton of potential.

Wednesday, 14:25

This is the first slight break I've had since the keynote. Tons of craziness this morning and a lot of excitement.

I published two posts on the Trend Micro blog;

More after my talk which is 4:15 (16:15) in LANDO 4301 (DVO207, Defending Your Workloads Against the Next Zero Day Attack)

Wednesday, 05:25

Too much rattling around in my head so a full night's sleep is interrupted by excitement. Might as well use it.

I'm up and using the time for some practice ahead of my talk this afternoon (DVO207). Also queue'ing up some blog posts!

Tuesday, 23:43

The time I was hoping to get to write and do another practice run evaporated when I was invited to an event our EMEA team was hosting. Always fun to talk to partners and customers from the EU and see what's happening on the other side of the pond.

Zzz is now required.

Tuesday, 20:55

Ok, things got a little nutty at the re:Invent Central (a/k/a the expo hall) welcome reception. Amazing response to the Trend Micro theme. Unfortunately bandwidth was an issue (wifi & 2 separate cell providers!) so we couldn't broadcast live. Gavin Donovan & I did the next best thing, a quick recording and then upload. Hopefully more bandwidth today otherwise we'll keep this pattern.

Check it out;



Tuesday, 11:05

AWS just announced a brand new security service, AWS WAF. I posted my thoughts on it and how it integrates with Trend Micro's Deep Security up on the Trend Micro blog.

Tuesday, 07:45

Swung by the speakers lounge to make sure things are on track for tomorrow's session (DVO207). Back in the room prepping for tomorrow's talk and a few meetings later on in the day.

Tuesday, 06:34



Tuesday, way too early a/k/a 05:06

Wasn't quite able to sync up with this time zone. Spent some time watching time travel sci-fi (Continuum) as an ironic time kill. :-)

Was reflecting a big on the AWS certification and will hopefully find some time to write up my thoughts.

Monday, 22:49



Monday, 20:46

Fantastic 1st day at the show. Met a lot of great people. Can't wait for things to really get rolling tomorrow!

Monday, 17:43



Monday, 15:29

Success! I passed the exam. As I suggested in my "5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of AWS re:Invent" post it is a really nice way to start the week.



Monday, 12:22

Doing a last minute cram session for the SysOps Associate certification. I'm writing at 1pm. I have not planned this well. I had signed up for the Udemy course by Ryan Kroonenburg which is great prep but planning for the event got in the way.

Fingers crossed I'm successful. In fact this probably won't get posted if I'm not ;-)

Sunday, 19:11

New #protip, this one on protein bars and trail mix. It's another video tip.

Sunday, 09:47

First #protip of the conference, this one's on noise cancelling headphones and resting up. I'm trying out video this year. What do you think?