Mornings With Mark // Week 3

Mornings With Mark” rolls into it’s third week. So far so good. Really starting to hit a stride here with a variety of topics covered throughout the week.

no. 010

Never one to shy away from the big issues, this episode looks at the possibility of a big budget carve out for Canadian cybersecurity. The rumour is that various departments and agencies have requested a billion dollars in funding. Will it be enough? Will it actually address the issue at all?

no. 011

This is one of those frustrating days where I really want to dive into one topics (the new Apple iOS Security Guide) but have other commitments (namely the Canadian federal budget and SXSW). File this one under, “more coming ASAP”.

no. 012

We take a bit of a different look today because I preview out the new version of (this site, that you’re looking at right now ;-) ). Before I get to that, I review a bit of the Canadian federal budget announcements and their impact on Canadians.

no. 013

I spoke to Myles Park at NPR about some of the cybersecurity issues around the US electoral system. That got me thinking about the challenges in securing entire systems and the blind spots that most teams have given a component-by-component approach.

Cybersecurity is most effective when a holistic approach is taken and security is built into the fabric of the technology.

no. 014

GitHub was hit by a record setting distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Attackers were able to use a massive number of misconfigured memcached servers in the attack.

This brings up question around teams being overwhelmed in a DevOps culture (along w/the push for “full stack engineers”) and a key question—what are your responsibilities as a good internet neighbour?