Mornings With Mark // Week 5

no. 015

As I get ready for my talk at SXSW, I’m actually a little nervous. A number of reasons for that which I cover in this episode. The bright side? A little nervousness is great fuel for an energetic talk!

no. 016

As I reflect on my SXSW, I look at the merits of speaking to various audiences. I didn’t refer to it in the episode but the WIRED series, “5 Levels” is a really good example of the challenges of speaking to different audiences about the same topic.

In general, I think the majority of “security work” needs to be done outside of the echo chamber/bubble we’ve made for ourselves. Definitely more to come on this topic!

no. 017

A new security research firm dropped 13 vulnerabilities on AMD with only 24 hours heads up. The vulnerabilities appear to be legitimate but they also required at least administrative privileges to execute.

Probability or likelihood is a key factor in risk evaluation. Unfortunately, it’s also almost always the first thing thrown to the side.

no. 018

Thankfully, the #AMDFlaws didn’t get picked up too much in the media. The downside is that it wasn’t because of the lack of trying on the part of the researchers. Related on the hype side of things, ICO—initial coin offerings—are more often then not pyramid schemes or an otherwise shady way of generating money for a select few.

Linked in most peoples minds to blockchain, ICOs are needlessly increasing the hype around blockchain to record levels. Despite that, blockchain is actually useful for some very specific use cases discussed in this episode.