Mornings With Mark // Week 6

no. 019

Actually the 19th episode (crazy!), in this episode we kick off the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal (boo). The conversation then bridges to the goal and use of social media networks in general.

no. 020

Alex Stamos (CSO at Facebook?) resigns/doesn’t resign as a CSO of Facebook as a result of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. His team had been decreased from 120 to 3 which isn’t necessarily bad but with Alex—who has a stellar & well deserved reputation—at least changin roles…it looks bad.

Are organizations setup to fail when it comes to cybersecurity? What does that mean for the cybersecurity of operational technologies where there is near-zero risk tolerance?

no. 021

As the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal deepens, we dive into the meaning of a data breach. Also a shout out to Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned? fame for all his great work!

no. 022

Had enough of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal? Of course not! In this episode we look at the bigger issues of privacy at scale and the future of social networks.

no. 023

Finally, a non-Facebook/Cambridge Analytica episode! And not because that scandal isn’t still rolling but this CBC News article triggered a few things for me. In it, the head of the Communications Security Establishment states that they are blocking a massive amoung of attempts on Government of Canada systems, “One billion attempts”.

Let’s just say, I took issue with that…