Mornings With Mark // Week 7

no. 024

With the uproar around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, some folks are finally downloading their personal data from Facebook and taking a look around. There’s a ton of information readily available and some that’s hidden below the surface of the download. Inspired by [this CNN article](( by Sara Ashley O’Brien, I started to pull together a tool that pulls together some of the data in the download to highlight some of Facebook’s data gathering methods.

no. 025

Still tackling building a tool to pull apart Facebook data downloads, I bemoan the lack of easy geo-spatial visualization tools (a/k/a ways to put stuff on maps). I also briefly tackle the iOS double URL issue.

no. 026

I had the privilege of attending a Canada Beyond 150 event where new public servants were given free reign to use fore sight tools to re-invision the upcoming challenges facing government service delivery. It was an excellent event and a reminder that changing perspectives is critical if you want to see change.

That bridges nicely to the ongoing challenges around being tracked online which just got worse as Google acquires popular GIF service Tenor. This will give them another data set tracking personal interactions and interests.

no. 027

Had enough of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal yet? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, it’s rolling up to address the bigger issue of digital tracking in general. At some point, the technology community flipped to “track everything” without regard to the larger impact on society and that’s where we’ve stayed.

Time to re-evaluate.