Mornings With Mark // Week 11

no. 037

Is changing a URL hacking? It’s fair to say that changing query parameters to manipulate database responses is hacking. Or is it? Lot’s to discuss here fueled by a case in Canada.

no. 038

K.I.S.S. or I start ranting. This time it’s live streaming from studio/desktop and the parallels with overly complex security.

no. 039

Gmail just launched a nice, new redesigned UI. It’s slick and has some great new features. One feature, “Confidential Mode”, is particularly interesting.

Billed as a way to recall email and control it’s use regardless of the destination, this feature provides real value. But it’s also not real email. The way it’s positioned sets up unrealistic expectations and when it comes to security, that’s a huge problem.

no. 040

The 2018 keynote at AtlSecCon by Ted Demopoulos emphasized the role that security professionals play in elevating the practice of security. Not only for your career but to help your business move forward, it’s critical that you shift your role to one of an educator!

no. 041

My second day at AtlSecCon, this episode focuses on the value you get from the “hallway track” at conferences. It’s a great way to meet new people and share ideas. Even if you’re uncomfortable, get out there and say, “Hi!”.