Mornings With Mark // Week 9

no. 031

So the Facebook scandal thing is still going…and it seems to be gaining steam. I attempt (somewhat successfully-ish) to avoid spending too much time on the scandal and instead focus on the underlying issue: it’s simply too hard to understand how our data is being used and the security posture of any given system.

no. 032

After two days of testimony from Mark Zuckerberg, do we know more about what Facebook does with our data? Not really…because the right questions weren’t asked!

What is critical to understand is what Facebook does with data about us and our behaviours. That’s the real value the network providers to advertisers and other actors looking to influence community behaviours.

no. 033

The crack team at Motherboard has a revealing article up about a forensic acquisition device called “GrayKey”. Apparently it can get data from iOS devices right up to an iPhone X running iOS 11.

Lots to untangle here…