Mornings With Mark // Week 12

no. 042

Facebook is hosting it’s annual F8 conference. It’s generally expected that Facebook will address the Cambridge Analytica scandal and various changes they have made to the platform and APIs.

It’s those API changes—some made quickly under pressure–that raise the security question for 3rd party developers. Can you build a resilient application if the platform is unreliable?

no. 043

Facebook wrapped up it’s F8 conference this week with a series of new product announcements. There’s some genuinely interesting things there but unfortunately they also sidestepped the real issues around data privacy while paying lip service to the overall crisis.

no. 044

A lot of security folks know that the guidance we’ve given around passwords for YEARS has actually lead to poorer security outcomes. The recent Twitter error that encourages all users to change their passwords is an opportunity to move to a passphrase and password manager.

Slowly but surely, together we can kill passwords…it’s just going to take years of dedicated global effort