Mornings With Mark // Week 13

My regular MacBook Pro was in the shop this week so I was shooting on a variety of setups as a bit of an experiment. Some of them worked…others not so much. Learning something with every effort.

no. 045

A lot of people have reached out in response to my video, “How To Get Started in Cybersecurity”. So many, in fact, that I can’t keep up. In this episode, I speak to the challenges around today’s cybersecurity and what that means for those just starting down the cybersecurity path.

no. 046

With MS Build and Google I/O in the same week, the technology news is slammed with announcements around AI and AI-enhanced products.

There have been a lot of advancements in AI research and use lately, but are we moving in the right direction? Are we having the right conversations around AIs impact?

More on the story about the Welsh police using facial recognition,

no. 047

Google announced several new AI advancements at the I/O 2018 event. On the surface, there’s a lot of really usable features. The downside is more profiling and implicit trade offs.

no. 048

Getting started in cybersecurity isn’t as hard as you think. There’s no “ONE” path but there are a few key attributes that’ll make it easier.

no. 049

Continuing on the theme around careers in cybersecurity, this time we tackle how to create a break for yourself to get your first gig in the field. Networking (a/k/a meeting new people) is the best way to generate an opportunity. Online and in person is a great way to get the ball rolling.