Mornings With Mark // Week 16

no. 057

I am often asked what a good undergraduate program is to take if someone is aiming for a career in cybersecurity. There are plenty of fantastic options but ironically, one I’m not a fan of is an undergraduate focused purely on cybersecurity!

Breadth is the key to success in security. Get started early and focus on key principles like rapid learning, exploring different points of view, and persistence!

no. 058

Most of the focus around cybersecurity education is on the technical aspects. That’s understandable, the technical areas are far, far, easier to manage vs. the people side of the equation. However, the vast majority of security work should be focused on people.

Look no further than the rash of cryptocurrency breaches and hacks. OpSec failures abound. How do we change our approach to focus on people?

no. 059

At some point in the past few years, the term “information security” took a back seat to “cybersecurity”. That might not seem like anything of consequence but it implies a narrower focus that actual increases the overall risk.

Unfortunately, the ship has sailed and we’re stuck with “cybersecurity” as the term. Just remember, that despite the prefix, we need to protect information in the physical world too!

no. 060

Is it just attitude that keeps security teams from working well with the rest of the organization? And if so, can that attitude be changed? What’s keeping things so negative. Some thoughts…

no. 061

We know that cybersecurity isn’t the best name to describe what is ostensibly, “information security” but it’s the name we’re stuck with.

What exactly does it entail? Turns out…a lot.