AWS re:Invent 2018

AWS re:Invent 2018 is fast approaching. 25—30-Nov-2018 in Las Vegas, 50,000+ builders will get together for the best conference in cloud. This year’s event is jam packed with so much content, it’s honestly hard to wrap your head around. This page will update regularly leading up to, during, and after the conference to help track what I’m up to during the show.



This year, I’m only speaking at one session, ANT335-S, “How To Automate Security Learning at Scale”. This is a sponsored session by Trend Micro but—as always—this session doesn’t contain any sales content or product pitches.

It’s all about teaching you how to get the most out of your security data by building an automated analytics feedback loop. The session is currently scheduled for Tuesday (27-Nov-2018) at 9:15—10:15 AM in Aria West (level 3, Juniper 4, T2).


Here’s all of the activities I’ve been up to leading up to the show. This timeline will refresh regularly as we get closer to gathering in Las Vegas!

AWS re:Invent is underway in Las Vegas! Follow me on Twitter for all of the latest updated.

After attending AWS Transformation Day in Toronto, the AWS Public Sector Summit in Ottawa, and AWS Innovate online, it was clear that there's still a need for a clear explanation of the basic concepts of security in the AWS Cloud.

Hopefully this video will help as I tackle the goal of cybersecurity, the Shared Responsibility Model, and the Well-Architected Framework. These three core concepts need to be well understood if you're going to build modern cloud-native solutions vs. just forklifting old traditional designs into the cloud.

I'll attended AWS Transformation Day in Toronto. This day was focused on helping organizations understand the possibilities that digital transformation presents. I really like the content and messaging because this is where most organizations struggle. It's "easy" enough to adopt cloud technologies but to truly embrace them and get the amplification possibilities, culture change is required.

I expect that digital transformation and culture change will be a hot topic at AWS re:Invent this year.

I spoke at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Ottawa, Canada. My talk is titled, "Automated, Scalable, Pragmatic Security in the AWS Cloud" and it provides a comprehensive look at how to set yourself up for security success in the AWS Cloud...with a public sector angle of course.

I'm attended AWS Innovate 2018 online throughout the day. I'll be tweeting, commenting, and generally having fun learning a lot. A lot of the content is already online but there's value in attending live...the community!

AWS re:Invent reserved seating opens up to attendees. I was live streaming at the opening bell to help everyone understand the process, the possible outcomes, and providing some general tips & tricks around the session catalog.

The video is useful if you'd like to see the mechanics of the session catalog.

re:Invent Guide: Security is released. This is one of ten guides done by AWS Heroes designed to help you get the most out of the talks at the show.

I designed this guide specifically to bust the myth that security is complicated, slow, and hard. Each of these talks highlights a critical area like operations, well-architect designs, automation, and—of course—deep dives into specific security areas.

If you follow this guide, you'll come away from the week with a much better understanding of how to build resilient applications that better align with your business needs while providing a strong security foundation.

Episode #5 of "How To re:Invent" airs. In this one, I speak to Annie and Jill about the upcoming AWS Hero guides for the show. I also share my experiences from previous AWS re:Invent's. Afterwards, Jeff Barr lays out how he's tackling the show. Year after year, Jeff pulls off the impossible and delivers more blog posts than humanly possible...burning through at least two keyboards in the process!

The Ultimate Guide To AWS re:Invent 2018 is published. This is the third or fourth annual guide post that I build out over the weeks and months leading up to the show.

The goal of this guide is to cover all of the logistics and aspects of the show outside of the technical content. From pub crawls to hotels to shoes, I try to relay my experience from attending previous shows to help you get the most out of your time at this one.