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CloudFlare Launches an API Gateway

CloudFlare Launches an API Gateway

CloudFlare launches a new API Gateway product, will is shake up the market? Some thoughts in this Twitter thread πŸ‘‡.

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well this is sure to shake things up in the #serverless & #cloud building worlds...

@cloudflare just launched an API Gateway. @bensol has the details in their blog post

some thoughts πŸ‘‡

🧡 #devops

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@Cloudflare @bensol the big three CSPs (@awscloud, @Azure, @googlecloud) all have offers in this area. they are all solid choices

but each reflects the structure of their cloud & general build methodology

@cloudflare’s offering looks like it’s taking a different approach

🧡 #devops #cloud

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@Cloudflare @bensol @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud right out of the gate, they'r emaking a bold claim, "We’re going to completely replace your existing gateway at a fraction of the cost"

I don’t believe that

…but there is a lot to like in this service

🧡 #devops #cloud

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@Cloudflare @bensol @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud setup seems very straight forward, upload your OpenAPI schema or use the "Discovery" option to map out your API

if you’re using OpenAPI, the Gateway will valid all traffic against it and drop non-compliant requests

🧡 #devops #cloud

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@Cloudflare @bensol @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud btw, the standard Cloudflare edge tooling (SSL/TLS support, DDoS protection, abuse detection, etc. ) all work immediately with the gateway

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@Cloudflare @bensol @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud authentiation is via API keys, JSON web tokens, or OAuth 2.0 tokens and they've also added a nice client certification validation for client validation

finally, there’s a strong routing & analytics capability as well

that’s a nice set of features for launch

🧡 #devops #cloud

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@Cloudflare @bensol @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud is this thread an ad for the new service? NO!

I’m exciting that it’s going to drive more innovation from @awscloud, @Azure, & @googlecloud.

we need DIFFERENT when it comes to cloud services at a big enough scale to force change

🧡 #devops #cloud

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@Cloudflare @bensol @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud I know a lot of ppl using the other API gateways & the best response I usually here is "it's fine"

we can do better, more compelling offers should provide motivation for ALL of these services to move faster…then all of the builders win!

/🧡 #devops #cloud

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@Cloudflare @bensol @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud btw, you can find this unrolled at

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