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Google Cloud makes some small pricing adjustments and reactions are mixed. Here are my thoughts via a Twitter thread .

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so @googlecloud announced some pricing changes yesterday

they positioned them in the post, “Unlock more choice with updates to Google Cloud’s infrastructure capabilities and pricing”

some thoughts…

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@googlecloud first of all, @DGoodison has a great article about the changes for @protocol

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol second [and first rant-y point] is that I get all when marketing positions changes like this in order to “spin” them

“Unlock more choice with updates…”

ugh, no. just shoot straight, “We’ve adjusted pricing based on the value delivered & cost to run”

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol as I reviewed the changes, there all quite reasonable

yes, it’s a bit jarring to see some things increasing in price but others are dropping

how you feel about the changes is probably going to line up with your use of the features that went up in

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol remember, in the cloud, feature pricing influences behaviour…at least it does when teams are paying attention (and they should be)

if it costs A to store data in X and 1/2 A to store it in Y, try to store it in Y when Y meets your business use case

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol more (most) importantly is that hourly or small unit pricing is hard to wrap your head around

the difference between $0.008 and $0.012 / GB is difficult to understand but can be significant at scale

make sure to do the math for your environment

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol btw, this book from Chip Heath and @karlastarr is a fantastic exploration of how to make numbers impactful when you’re trying to help ppl understand a specific issue

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol @karlastarr all-in-all, these changes from @googlecloud aren’t a big deal either way (IMO)

they are, however, a great reminder that it’s critical for builders to factor in cost when building

…and to monitor changes like this & adjust their practice as appropriate

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol @karlastarr that is a relatively new skill set for builders and unique to the cloud

…but if you can nail it, it can make a massive difference in your effectiveness in the cloud

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@googlecloud @DGoodison @protocol @karlastarr unroll this thread at

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