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Ruba Borno AWS Partner Keynote Play-by-play

Ruba Borno AWS Partner Keynote Play-by-play

At re:Invent or attending remotely? Check out my “Ultimate Guide to AWS re:Invent 2022” post for some tips and tricks to get the most out of the show.

Ruba Borno delivered a great AWS Partner keynote at this year’s AWS re:Invent. This keynote is very different than the others. I always think of it like a series of sound bites. In small bites, it makes sense. As a whole it can be tough to find the common thread.

That thread is really that AWS is focusing on partner success. They are putting effort behdin partners because it’s driving customer success. My reaction in this Twitter thread πŸ‘‡.

Twitter Thread 🧡

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2nd #reinvent keynote of the day is kicking off now

this time it’s @rubaborno with a focus on Partners!

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this montage is focusing on the value of partnership and teamwork


Tweet 3/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno up now!


Tweet 4/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

it’s the 10th anniversary of @awsmarketplace and @AWS_Partners

lot’s to celebrate πŸ₯³


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also celebrating all of the @AWS_Partners who won awards for their efforts this year

/cc @AWSEvents


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@rubaborno continues to cite the need for @awscloud and @AWS_Partners to work together to help customers succeed


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lots at stake for customers in the coming years


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btw, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this #reinvent keynote is very specific to @AWS_Partners and @awsmarketplace πŸ˜‰


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first @AWS_Partners speaker up now: @Atos


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there will be lots of β€œbusiness statements” in this keynote. they may not seem like much in the context of a keynote, but they will be clipped and use as social proof for @AWS_Partners in the future and to help establish trust with customers


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@rubaborno doing a good job keeping the energy up...


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on to transformation as a topic of focus for customers


Tweet 14/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

btw, if you on the customer-side of transformation, you really should read the @awscloud Cloud Adoption Framework

it’s available at and will help you map your business workflows and how you can move and improve them in the cloud


Tweet 15/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

shout out from @rubaborno about the @awscloud Competency Program. it’s where youβ€”the customerβ€”should start your search for an @AWS_Partners to work with

more on the framework at


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now on to a panel discussion hosted by Julia Chen, VP, @awscloud Core Partner Programs

featuring @Heineken and Schuberg Philis. nice to see a customer success story from the Nederlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±!


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tl:dr for this panel: @AWS_Partners can help with the technology, butβ€”maybeβ€”more importantly help transform how your teams think about the technology

culture is always the hardest part. seeing another team work differently & deliver can help accelerate your results


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also a tl:dr from this panel πŸ‘‡



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serious note, here’s the case study for this collab:


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@rubaborno back up. talking about the value to customers, but also highlighting the value to @AWS_Partners


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61% of that πŸ‘† is realized in the first year.

that’s a massive win-win-win (@awscloud, @AWS_Partners, & customers)


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…and that value πŸ‘† keeps on rolling


Tweet 23/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno points out some key @AWS_Partners support programs


Tweet 24/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on @awscloud Partner Paths at


Tweet 25/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on @awscloud SaaS Factory at


Tweet 26/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


@AWS_Partners Solution Factory

  • industry specific pre-built, support solutions
  • available in preview now


Tweet 27/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

πŸ‘†this program helps you make a proven solution more broadly available and accessible. you get support from @awsclodu to built it out and more

huge for @AWS_Partners


Tweet 28/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

getting a little partner montage video for @VodafoneGroup…


Tweet 29/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

….had to step away…back now to another panel discussion with @interbr and @IBM


Tweet 30/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

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about that panel πŸ‘‡


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@rubaborno back up now to talk about #security


Tweet 33/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

speaking on holistic view of security related data: @awscloud Security Lake

Tweet 34/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno points out that this was designed with @AWS_Partners in mind. using Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) and @AWSSecurityInfo Security Hub


Tweet 35/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

if you’re curious about the technical details for Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework, check out


Tweet 36/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

went super widescreen for #security @AWS_Partners testimonials & OCSF πŸ‘† quotes


Tweet 37/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

#security toolsβ€”for too longβ€”always want their own formats and live in a world where it’s only their stuff running…that’s just NOT how it works

orgs use tools from lots of vendors. Amazon Security Lake & OCSF help & build on the work @awscloud Security Hub started


Tweet 38/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

talking about helping @AWS_Partners sell into the public sector. tons of red tape there, @awscloud programs can help cut through it

driven home with another genomics example, lots of that this year


Tweet 39/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

if you’ve never dealt with FEDRAMP, congrats!

you’re probably somewhat sane. enjoy that

for the rest of us, any help you can get is very much appreciated


Tweet 40/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

here are the guidelines for US government FedRAMP:


Tweet 41/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@awscloud data on FedRAMP:


Tweet 42/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

btw, standards like FedRAMP are critical to #security success. yes, they are arduous and frustrating to deal with

…but they deliver results


Tweet 43/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno moving on to the success from @awsmarketplace now


Tweet 44/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

did you know that @awsmarketplace has an #ml section? you can buy models, access to data and more

crazy stuff


Tweet 45/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


@awsmarketplace Data Visualization Dashboards

  • track, analyze, and grow your business without requiring any technical integration
  • available in preview
  • for @AWS_Partners selling on the marketplace


Tweet 46/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


@awsmarketplace Vendor Insights

  • simplify software risk assessments and increase buyer confidence
  • available today!


Tweet 47/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

another panel discussion, this one hosted by Chris Grusz, GM WW ISV Alliances & Marketplace, @awscloud

@AWS_Partners are:


Tweet 48/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

call out from @confluentinc for the @awscloud ISV Accelerate co-selling program. more details at


Tweet 49/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

…still panel-ing…


Tweet 50/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno back up now, calling out the @awscloud Data Exchange


Tweet 51/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

the actual exchange is up at


Tweet 52/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno calls out an interesting use case. Wine Access using weather data to ensure timely delivery on their product to customers 🍷


Tweet 53/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

NEW x2

Amazon Data Exchange For…

…AWS Lake Formation

  • ready to use AWS Glue Tables
  • available in preview today

…Amazon S3

  • find, subscribe to, and use 3rd party files directly from provider’s S3 buckets
  • available in preview today


Tweet 54/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno points out that support of @AWS_Partners and @awsmarketplace success comes right from the top

…and then she welcomes @aselipsky to the stage


Tweet 55/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@StevenJBurke interviewing @aselipsky about his plans & vision for @AWS_Partners & @awsmarketplace


Tweet 56/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

side note: details on the @AWS_Partners Profitability Framework available in this blog post


Tweet 57/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

side note: details on a new @awscloud Conversational AI Competency for @AWS_Partners in this blog post


Tweet 58/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

I don’t think either of πŸ‘† πŸ‘† were announced in the keynote, but the posts went up during this session


Tweet 59/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@StevenJBurke and @aselipsky are talking about the success of @AWS_Partners in the past year+ and how much potential there is moving forward

when everyone focuses on customer success, it all falls into place


Tweet 60/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@aselipsky uses the example of work done with @ibmconsulting to highlight partner win-wins from unexpected places


Tweet 61/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

moving on to sustainability now. more on @awscloud’s efforts up at


Tweet 62/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

if you’re looking to focus on sustainability while building in the @awscloud, check out the Well-Architected Framework

details at


Tweet 63/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@StevenJBurke and @aselipsky wrap by reiterating @awscloud's commitment to the @AWS_Partners community


Tweet 64/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno back up talking about @awscloud training and education commitments


Tweet 65/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on @awscloud Skill Builder at


Tweet 66/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on @awscloud Educate at


Tweet 67/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@awscloud re/start details can be found at


Tweet 68/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

info on @awscloud Skills Center:


Tweet 69/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

into a case study now, talking about efforts in Brazil to help provide education and skills to help ppl find employment with cloud skills


Tweet 70/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

another quick discussion, this one relating to the case study about Escola da Nuvem


Tweet 71/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

side note: great data point for impact of APN (@awscloud Partner Network)


Tweet 72/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@rubaborno back up to bring this all home. calling out the advantages of team work. using a peloton as a real-world example πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ


Tweet 73/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

…mandatory call back to the four main points:
  • transformation
  • innovation
  • opportunity
  • impact


Tweet 74/74 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

round of thanks to customers and @AWS_Partners to finish this keynote from @rubaborno



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