Mornings With Mark

Every morning—well almost every Monday–Friday morning— around 9:30 eastern, I stream a live show I call “Mornings With Mark”.

It’s usually about 7–10 minutes and the idea is that I talk through what I’m working on for the day. That’s usually based on what’s been happening the world of privacy and security but it also ties to my various travels.

In an ideal world, the ideas I bring up in the show will get developed further and end up as a full post, more polished video, or some other format. Most of the time, something else comes up and I pivot work midday.

But the process of working through the ideas live is interesting and I think it helps shape my thinking on a variety of topics.

You can watch the show live here;


At the end of each week, I publish a summary post with the latest episodes and a brief summary of each stream.

Past Episodes By Week

  1. Episodes 001–005
  2. Episodes 006–009
  3. Episodes 010–014
  4. No episodes aired
  5. Episodes 015–018
  6. Episodes 019–023
  7. Episodes 024–027
  8. Episodes 028–030
  9. Episodes 031–033
  10. Episodes 034–036
  11. Episodes 037–041
  12. Episodes 042–044
  13. Episodes 045–049
  14. Episodes 050–052
  15. Episodes 053–056
  16. Episodes 057–061
  17. Episodes 062–064
  18. Episodes 065–069