Tuesday and Thursday mornings—usually— around 9:00 eastern, I published a “one take” show on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and via podcast.

It’s usually about 5–8 minutes focused on one core idea viewed through a security and privacy lens. The goal is to jump start a discussion in the community and to get you–the viewer–thinking about the topic and it’s impact.

In an ideal world, the ideas I bring up in the show will get developed further and end up as a full post, more polished video, or some other format. Most of the time, something else comes up and I pivot work midday.

But the process of working through the ideas live is interesting and I think it helps shape my thinking on a variety of topics.

Catch the show live on Twitter where I’m @marknca.

The show is available as a vlog or podcast. For podcast listeners, you can easily subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play Music.

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Y2 // 33 episodes


Y1 // 150 episodes