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Is Google LaMDA Sentient?

Is a Google language model alive? One researcher certainly thinks so.

Facial Recognition Consent

Facial recognition is becoming more and more common. In some cases, it’s used to make existing procedures more efficient or to connect existing …

Deep Fakes Was That Real

Is that video real? Are you sure? A new technique makes it easier than ever to create passable fake videos of prominent people. You cannot trust your …

Facial Recognition Discussion Required

Facial recognition is a technology that exemplifies the underlying neutrality of most technology. When used with positive intentions it makes out …

🧠 A.I. In Context

The popular perception of A.I. does not line up with it’s current capabilities. A look at what’s real and what’s not.

Google Duplex Are We Ready

Google really doesn’t like humans and they LOVE data. At the intersection of those two areas is a new A.I assistant that calls business to …

A.I. Amok

Google announced several new AI advancements at the I/O 2018 event. On the surface, there’s a lot of really usable features. The downside is …

AI's Security & Privacy Impact

There have been a lot of advancements in AI research and use lately, but are we moving in the right direction? Are we having the right conversations …