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If Apple’s FaceID Works With Masks On, Will That Reduce Your Security?

😷📲 …finally

Should Apple Allow 'Sideloading' Apps on My iPhone?

Apple is under fire on a number of fronts. The biggest issue this week is several bills introduced in the US. A key issue? The ability to “sideload” apps on your iPhone.

Privacy at WWDC21

Apples annual developer conference announced the latest version of all of Apples operating sytems and privacy was a key pillar across all of them.

Apple vs. Facebook Battling For Your Privacy

Apple and Facebook have been battling very publicly around privacy issues. What’s really going on?

Stop Apps From Tracking You in iOS 14.5...Mostly

iOS 14.5 introduces App Tracking Transparency or ATT. Here’s what it means to you.

Update Your iPhone Now...Again (iOS 14.4.2)

iOS 14.4.2 fixes a critical cybersecurity issue. Make sure to update now.

Update Your iPhone Now (iOS 14.4.1)

iOS 14.4.1 fixes a couple of critical cybersecurity issues. Make sure to update now.

Is Apple Tracking The Apps You Use?

Apple recently launched macOS Big Sur and a security researcher’s post vent viral highlighting a steady stream of communications that “phone home” detailing what apps you’re using on your system. What’s going on here?

Is privacy promoting Apple actually spying on every app running on every macOS system around the …

Apple's M1 and the Future of Computers

Apple has launched the first MacBooks and Mac Mini using custom Apple Silicon. What does this mean for the future of your computer?

Privacy Expectations

Facebook was recently called out for listening to users audio messages on Facebook Messenger. They aren’t alone. Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all have admitted to having contractors analyze audio from their voice assitants (and Microsoft’s Skype service). What’s the impact? Do you need to worry?

Apple WWDC Privacy Update

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple made several announcements that focus on user privacy. In this episode, we’ll explore these features and what impact they may have on you.

Australia, Huawei, Apple, and the Government of Canada

Data privacy is a critical area of concern around the world. Look no further than four distinct events today: Australia passing a new law, an arrest for Huawei, Apple publishes a new paper, and the Government of Canada sets a new directive.

Apple, Graylock, And Context

With iOS 12, Apple will reduce the time an iOS device responds to the USB port when locked down to an hour. Having a hard time understanding why that matters to you? It’s because it really won’t. It is however a gap in the security posture of these devices that Apple is fixing.

Apple, WWDC, and Your Privacy

As usual there was a host of announcements at WWDC this year. No major spotlight stealers, what does that mean for security?

iOS Graykey And Going Dark

Encryption on mobile devices is a challenge for law enforcement. 3rd party companies often use hacks in their products to address this need. Is it right? Is it sustainable?

Apple vs. The FBI

The FBI and other federal law enforcement in the US (and elsewhere) continue to push back against “going dark”. Thankfully Apple is fighting back, because when we break security systems and processes, no one wins. This post tracks the signficant events in Apple vs. the FBI.

Apple iOS 11 Security

SXSW, Canadian budget, Apple, and more

Apple Unicode Bug

One character can crash your iPhone. It’s a bit of problem.