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Streaming Giant Twitch Hit by Major Data Breach

Twitch has been hit by a major data breach. 165GB of critical information was leaked on 4chan. What will the impact be? Will this cause even more streamers to leave?

US Federal Government Cybersecurity is Lacking

A new report from a United States Senate Committee gave 24 US department and agencies an average grade of C- in cybersecurity. That’s not good.

Lazio & BlackMatter Bring Ransomware Into the Spotlight…Again

The region of Lazio was hit by a ransomware attack and is struggling to recover from this attack on critical infrastructure. BlackMatter, a new ransomware supergroup, just announced they wouldn’t conduct these types of attacks. What does it mean for the future of ransomware?

Hackers Attempt To Extort Electronic Arts (EA), Fail, Then Leak Source Code

EA got hacked and 780 GB of source code was stolen. The hackers attempted to extort EA and when they didn’t pay, the data was dumped online.

New Ransomware Resources For Defenders

Two new resources launched to help people understand the challenges associated with ransomware; and

REvil-ed Ransomware Group Goes Kaput?

REvil has been one of the top ransomware groups for the past few months but they’re suddenly offline. No note, no warning, just gone.

Ransomware Attack On Kaseya Still Very Real For Victims

Long after the headlines pass, victims of ransomware are left struggling to get back to “normal” operations. It’s a long, challenging road back.

REvil Ransomware Criminals Look To Maximize Q3 Profits With Kaseya Attack

The REvil gang attack Kaseya, an IT management platform, and that got them access to 800—1,500 more businesses without any additional effort setting the new normal.

What Makes Ransomware Successful and Why It Won't Ever Really Stop

Ransomware is absolutely everywhere. What is going on? Why is ransomware so effective? Is there anything we can do about it?

What You Need To Know About the Colonial Pipeline Attack

Colonial Pipeline is recovering from a ransomware cyberattack. There’s a ton of attention on them right now, what do you need to know about this issue?

Major Ransomware Services Busted

Emotet and NetWalker are both taken offline within days of each. A big wins for users, law enforcement, and international cooperation…at least for a little while.

Legacy Authentication Risks

The Canada Revenue Agency suffered a large breach exposing over 5,000 citizens to COVID-19 benefit fraud. This issue exposes some of the challenges of providing authentication services to millions of citizens. Why did this happen? And what can we do to protect ourselves?

Protecting Yourself Black Friday Scams Online

Black Friday and Cybermonday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year. Consumers rush to get the biggest deals on all sorts of items. Sadly, scammers and cybercriminals also rush to take advantage.

Business Email Compromise

Cybercriminals don’t always use complicated technical attacks to get around your cybersecurity. Sometimes—probably more often than we care to admit—it’s the really simple stuff that works and what’s simpler than an email?

Warrant Canaries

We rely on some digital services for critical functions around security and privacy. Trusting those services is paramount to their success and ours. But it can be difficult to trust when you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Gag orders from the courts can amplify those trust issues. The idea of a warrant canary can help to …

DNS Hijacking

There has been a significant increase in DNS hijacking attacks over the past couple of months…and why not? It’s a simple, direct way for cybercriminals to take over an organizations identity or to intercept critical communications.

Cryptocurrencies & Cybercrime

Cryptocurrencies have dropped in popularity and value but cybercriminals continue undeterred. The latest on cybercrime and cryptocurrency…

773M Credentials

It’s not uncommon for cybercriminals to combine multiple data sets in order to increase their chances of finding valid user credentials. Security researcher Troy Hunt found the mother of all collections, dubbed “Collection #1”. This roll up contains 773M sets of credentials from various breaches.

But why does this work for …

Law and The Internet

How much can one jurisdiction affect the internet? Turns out, a lot. Recent actions by the US and Australia are having and could have a disproportionate impact on our online communities.

Politics & Attack Attribution

Cyberattack attribution is HARD. But time and time again, we’re seeing attributions—who carried out the attack—made publicly with little to no evidence presented. Worse, these attributions are having real world impacts…

Bloomberg, Supermicro, and Hardware Supply Chain Attacks

Bloomberg has an absolutely earth shattering report citing a hardware supply chain attack that—they say—impacted several big names. Here’s why this type of attack is so difficult to defend against but also near impossible to execute.

Cybersecurity Basics #7 - Hackers & Cybercriminals

Hackers and cybercriminals are all “malicious actors”. While you may not know who is attacking a system, having a better understanding of common motivations is important.

Cryptocurrency & High Value Targets

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset. As such, it’s a major target for cybercriminals. We’ve seen attack after attack in the past few months as exchanges, apps, and other players in the cryptocurrency market aren’t aligning their security to the threats they face.

The Canadian Criminal Code on Hacking

Where does the Canadian criminal code stand on hacking? Given how fast technology moves, can the law keep up?

Blocking IP Addresses

Is IP blocking still effective? Is it a sledge hammer when you really need a scalpel?

One Billion Attacks Per Day

Accurate data for cybersecurity threats is hard to come by. That doesn’t mean you can just make it up…

Rizenfall And Needless Hype

CPU Vulnerabilities Seem Like A Massive Problem. Are they deserving of the hype?

DDoS Attacks & Community Responsibility

DDoS attacks are scaling to new heights using record numbers of compromised machines. What are your responsibilities to the rest of internet community?

Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games Hack

Cyberattacks happen all of the time. The critical angle to evaluate is their impact. Did the attack breach critical systems? Access personal information?

Heartbleed – One Week In

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