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Software Development Security Challenges

In software, developers often don’t have a choice. Speed becomes a business imperative for survival and to stay competitive.

The Help Desk Is a Key to Incident Response

Outages are hard to handle. There’s pressure to get things back up and running, to avoid damage to your reputation, and to avoid getting yelled …

The Unicorn Project Through a Security Lens

The Unicorn Project is the latest book from Gene Kim, one of the leaders of the DevOps movement. The book focuses on developer enablement and culture. …

NULL & Input Validation

NULL is one of many special characters that has a long history in computing. What are the consequences of using NULL as a value provided via user …

Exposing Secrets In Code

A recent study by NCSU found that there are way more API keys and tokens uploaded to GitHub than previously thought. In fact, there’s almost a …

Developer Workflow 101

The push to move to a “DevOps” culture is a great opportunity to improve security. But first, we need to understand the general …

Security in Devops

The DevOps movement is the single biggest opportunity security teams have had in a long time. The goal of DevOps is speed and innovation. That goal …

DevOps Overload

DevOps is the “new hotness” but what does it really mean to development, operations, and security?