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Making 'included_files' in Netlify Functions Actually Work

The included_files feature of Netlify Functions can be confusing. Here’s how to get it working.

I Fixed My Website in 317 Effortlessly Easy Steps...After I Broke It

I’ve been publishing to for almost 22 years. I broke it yet again in order to fix it.

Software Development Security Challenges

In software, developers often don’t have a choice. Speed becomes a business imperative for survival and to stay competitive.

The Help Desk Is a Key to Incident Response

Outages are hard to handle. There’s pressure to get things back up and running, to avoid damage to your reputation, and to avoid getting yelled at by the boss. The Help Desk is often the best positioned team to help…and the most overlooked. Here are some tips to help handle the communications side of incidents better.

The Unicorn Project Through a Security Lens

The Unicorn Project is the latest book from Gene Kim, one of the leaders of the DevOps movement. The book focuses on developer enablement and culture. What does this have to do with cloud security? Everything.

The cloud is an amplifier. It lets teams do more with less. This innovative and fast-paced approach creates a mountain of security …

NULL & Input Validation

NULL is one of many special characters that has a long history in computing. What are the consequences of using NULL as a value provided via user input. The easy answer should be “nothing” but reality is a lot messier. Joseph Tataro set out to get a nerdy license plate and found out just how far the rabbit hole might go…

Exposing Secrets In Code

A recent study by NCSU found that there are way more API keys and tokens uploaded to GitHub than previously thought. In fact, there’s almost a near constant stream of secrets being exposed…why?!?

Developer Workflow 101

The push to move to a “DevOps” culture is a great opportunity to improve security. But first, we need to understand the general development workflow!

Security in Devops

The DevOps movement is the single biggest opportunity security teams have had in a long time. The goal of DevOps is speed and innovation. That goal can be achieved with systems and automation: why not fully integrate security at the same time for a win-win?

DevOps Overload

DevOps is the “new hotness” but what does it really mean to development, operations, and security?