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Automating Audit Evidence Collection Natively in AWS

Google Cloud makes some small pricing adjustments and reactions are mixed. Here are my thoughts.

Google Cleans Up Google Cloud Development

Google Cloud recently cleaned up both the CLIs and SDKs for building in the Google Cloud.

Your Web Browser As Your Computer

Google Chrome OS Flex is going to help put Chrome OS on a lot more computers. That’s a good thing, right?

Say What? Easily Transcribing Audio and Video Files Using the Google Cloud

We’re producing more audio and video than ever. But you can’t get the most out of that content until you transcribe it to text. In this …

Building a command line version of Apple's Live Text using Google Cloud

Live Text is now available in iOS and iPad OS but not macOS. I try to fix that with the help of Google Cloud in this tiny cloud project.

Google Gathers FLoC of Privacy Bull

Google continues to advocate for a ‘privacy-first’ web. The problem? Their definition of privacy and how it seems to be a Google-powered …

No Privacy With Google Chrome on iOS

Google has had to disclose the amount of tracking its apps do in iOS. Shocking no one: it turns out it’s a lot.