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It’s Official, Serverless Is Now Meaningless and That’s...Ok?

Serverless used to mean something…maybe. Does it mean anything to the cloud community today?

3 Years of Serverless Security

Serverless architectures help you and your team focus almost entirely on delivering business value. They also break almost every existing security …

The Sky Is Falling Run

Cybersecurity is topic that comes up regularly as something you have to do…or should do…or are forced to look at by your security team. But why? There …

Serverless Is An Ops Model

Serverless architectures are a fantastic solution to a lot—not all—design challenge. The benefits they bring are substantial and they can reduce the …

Python Extension Modules in Aws Lambda

AWS Lambda is a fantastic way to connect various distinct pieces in the cloud. Python is an easily accessible language that makes that work simple. …

Exploring AWS Lambda

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