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Facebook Sets Out To Build The Multiverse...and Hopes To Hide There

Facebook commits $10B per year to build the multiverse. Earnest attempt at progress or an attempt to divert attention?

Parler Pas: Fringe Social Network Offline

Parler gets deplatformed and can’t find any organizations that want to work with it. It’s about time.

How AI Could Help Ease Your Zoom Fatigue

Is your day chalk full of video calls? Wondering why you’re exhausted at the end of the day? The two might be related 😉. In this column, Robyn …

Advertising to & Tracking iOS 14 Users

Ad-tech, digital marketing, and the surveillance economy are worth billions and billions of dollars. It all hinges on the ability to target ads and …

Is TikTok a Threat?

The President has promised to ban TikTok in the United States for national security reasons. Is that the case? Are there real security & privacy …


#BlackLivesMatter has risen to prominence again in the past weeks as protests spread beyond the USA to the world. A positive shift is happening as …

Apple vs. The FBI

The FBI and other federal law enforcement in the US (and elsewhere) continue to push back against “going dark”. Thankfully Apple is …