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Let's Talk Cloud - Season 2

The second series of my live streaming series for Trend Micro. In it,I speak to various cloud leaders about what’s happening in cloud.

Let's Talk Cloud - Season 1

In this live streaming series for Trend Micro, I speak to various cloud leaders about what’s happening in cloud.

4 Principles for Hybrid Cloud Success

Four principles to help you navigate a cloud migration and the realities of hybrid cloud.

3 Simple Steps to Disrupt Ransomware

Ransomware is the scourge of the digital world. Cybercriminals are making money hand over fist. What can you do to protect yourself?

Shared Responsibility Examples: Shellshock

The shared responsibility model defines how the cloud works. This post examines how Shellshock impacts that model.

Shared Responsibility Examples: POODLE

Recent vulnerability “POODLE” demonstrates how the shared responsibility model helps reduce your security workload.

Shared Responsibility Examples: The Re:Boot

The shared responsibility model is simple to explain but challenging to implement. This post examines how the models works for the latest Xen hypervisor bug.

AWS Expands to Frankfurt

AWS continues to expand it’s global network with the opening of a new region in Frankfurt, Germany.

Cloud Security: Shared Responsibility in Action

Great content from @marknca

What You Need to Know About Shellshock, aka the 'Bash Bug'

Shellshock is a surprising bug. Hidden for decades, what do you need to know to help your organization respond?

Automating Security on Azure

Microsoft hosted it’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference and the focus on was Microsoft Azure. I delivered a talk focused on how to automate security operations in Azure.

The Code Spaces Nightmare

Code Spaces is the worst case scenario. A simple misconfiguration in the cloud cost them their business.

D.C. Metro Cyber Security Summit

A summary of the D.C. Metro Cyber Security Summit 2014.

Continuous Monitoring for Situational Awareness

If you strip away a lot of security terminology, it’s really about understanding what’s going on. If you want slap a fancy term back on, let’s call that “situational awareness”

Security on Azure

How does security work in the Azure cloud? This post lays out the basics.

Getting Up to Speed on Azure

Microsoft Build 2014 kicks off a new era for Microsoft. One that will (hopefully) transform the company and focus on building out their cloud; Azure.

Heartbleed – One Week In

Great content from @marknca

AWS Summit San Francisco 2014

As AWS opened their summit series for 2014, 5000+ people packed into the Moscone Center. There was a ton of energy in the air and I got to talk about updating security operations for the cloud.

Security Operations: The Big Picture

What does a modern security practice look like in the cloud? How do each of the area change?

Updating Forensics for the Cloud

Forensics is an area that’s often lacking in corporate environments. Few people have time to truly dig into an incident after it’s been resolved. Can we make forensics easier in the cloud?

Updating Network Security Monitoring for the Cloud

Network security monitoring is changing dramatically in the cloud as more and more responsibilities are shifted to the Cloud Service Provider. How should your team adjust?

Updating Incident Response for the Cloud

Incident response is often overlooked by everyone outside of the security team. In the cloud, automation and cooperation reign supreme.

Updating Security Operations for the Cloud

The cloud is a fantastic opportunity to improve your security posture…but only if you update how you handle operations.

Changes in the Cloud Discussion

The cloud security discussion has changed from ‘should we’ to ‘how do we’. Here are the top issues you should be tackling.

Remember the Audience

When speaking to security issues in the media, what’s the right level of technical depth?