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Pegasus Spyware Runs Roughshod over Human Rights

The Pegasus Project is a collaborative effort by a number of media and advocacy organizations around to the world. With their work, they are shining a light on nation state use a specific malware tool: Pegasus spyware.

Microsoft Windows PrinterNightmare Patch Highlight “Unperfect” Security Decisions

The out-of-band patch for PrinterNightmare on Microsoft Windows doesn’t completely fix the issue. What are IT and security teams to do?

Windows Is Having a PrinterNightmare and Can’t Wake Up

PrinterNightmare is a high severity vulnerability that affects all versions of Windows and is being actively exploited…on a long weekend 😬

Cybersecurity Patching in Context

Letting customers know about a security vulnerability is never an easy thing. From the logistics of it to the reputation management issues. But this is a critical aspect of delivery software and services. What’s the best way to tackle this problem? & The Real Cybersecurity Problem had a pretty egregious security issue this week. Their response was poor despite the best efforts for responsible disclosure by the security research who discovered the issue. While this issue has dominated tech headlines, the real issue is much more significant and commonplace.

Cybersecurity Basics #2 - Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and Threats

Continuing the “basics” series, here’s an easy way to understand the terms: vulnerability, exploit, threat, and risk

Blocking IP Addresses

Is IP blocking still effective? Is it a sledge hammer when you really need a scalpel?

Rizenfall And Needless Hype

CPU Vulnerabilities Seem Like A Massive Problem. Are they deserving of the hype?

Apple Unicode Bug

One character can crash your iPhone. It’s a bit of problem.