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Pegasus Spyware Runs Roughshod over Human Rights

The Pegasus Project is a collaborative effort by a number of media and advocacy organizations around to the world. With their work, they are shining a …

Microsoft Windows PrinterNightmare Patch Highlight “Unperfect” Security Decisions

The out-of-band patch for PrinterNightmare on Microsoft Windows doesn’t completely fix the issue. What are IT and security teams to do?

Windows Is Having a PrinterNightmare and Can’t Wake Up

PrinterNightmare is a high severity vulnerability that affects all versions of Windows and is being actively exploited…on a long weekend 😬

Cybersecurity Patching in Context

Letting customers know about a security vulnerability is never an easy thing. From the logistics of it to the reputation management issues. But this …

imgs/thumbnail.webp & The Real Cybersecurity Problem had a pretty egregious security issue this week. Their response was poor despite the best efforts for responsible disclosure by the security …

Cybersecurity Basics #2 - Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and Threats

Continuing the “basics” series, here’s an easy way to understand the terms: vulnerability, exploit, threat, and risk

Blocking IP Addresses

Is IP blocking still effective? Is it a sledge hammer when you really need a scalpel?

Rizenfall And Needless Hype

CPU Vulnerabilities Seem Like A Massive Problem. Are they deserving of the hype?

Apple Unicode Bug

One character can crash your iPhone. It’s a bit of problem.