The Edge of Infinity


A new beginning…
A final battle for the fate of humankind…
A future on the edge of infinity...

Colonel Mitchell “Ares” Williams has been through it all, the story of his life an eternity in the making. He’s brought the starship Goliath back home in a shrewd maneuver that could turn the tide of a war that he has fought beyond forever, restoring those that were lost and giving him a second chance to change the fate of humankind.

A chance to destroy the Tetron for good.

But as Mitchell soon discovers, the more things have stayed the same, the more they’ve changed, and he isn’t the only one who’s been waiting for this time to come...

The Edge of Infinity is the seventh and final book in the science-fiction War Eternal series.
1. Starship Eternal
2. The End of Liberty
3. The Knife's Edge
4. Point of Origin
5. Forever Until Tomorrow
6. Eternal Return
7. The Edge of Infinity