The Video Marketers Cookbook: Video Marketing Explained: 4 Ingredients that Turn Views into Brand Awareness, Leads and Sales

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Inspired by my favorite cookbooks, The Video Marketers Cookbook is a compilation of tutorials, systems and tactics to help the small business owner take my “recipes” to create awesome videos. Cooking and creating video is actually quite similar. Once you have a good base of tools and knowledge you can create your own recipes for your own needs.

This unconventional cookbook will be about 186 pages of full color printed pages with pictures and screenshots to illustrate the “recipes” of video marketing. The formats will include hardcover, paperback, digital, and audio book.

Video creation is a big world and this is the guide I wish I had when I started four years ago. It teaches you the basics of why video is one of your best marketing tools at your disposal. Many of the commonly asked questions I get about video are answered in this book and the questions that people should be asking are also answered as well.

For the business person who wants to elevate their brand exposure, create a real connection with their audience and build evergreen marketing material that can drive sales, this book is for you.

I’ll be answering these questions:
What type of camera do I use?
How do I create high quality videos without breaking the bank on equipment?
How do I build a connection with my audience?
How do I find my audience?
Where do I focus my energy on when publishing to certain platforms?
How do I use Adobe Premiere without overloading my brain?
How do I set up a video set in my house?
How do I know what to shoot and what not to shoot?
How do I create awesome sizzle reels like your book trailer?
and more!


This book was created to help the entrepreneur who yearned to create videos that would bring awareness to their brand. So many creators are hidden because they don’t yet have the skills or opportunity to market themselves in 2016 and beyond.

With video being the leading asset for marketing your business, I get a number of questions on a weekly basis asking about how to do this or that with video.

I wanted those that asked me the same or similar questions about video to have a reference guide that was not only instructional, but fun to learn from. Learning video doesn’t have to be intimidating. My goal is to inspire others to use video, not only as a lead generator, but a self liberator.

In creating video, I found myself more free and confident and I hope others will too.


The book focuses on 4 major “ingredients” to create awesome videos that work FOR you.


In my findings, this is what makes video effective and drives the results you want.

There are recipes on my most requested video setups as well as guides to the most commonly used gear and equipment of established video creators.

Some recipes in the book include:

The Video Podcaster Recipe
The Awesome Skype/ Google Hangout Interview Recipe
The Sizzle reel recipe