Jupiter's Sword

We barely won the battle at Mercury's shipyards, but the war is just beginning.

The Telestines, in control of Earth, now pursue us from planet to planet, moon to moon, leaving terrible destruction in their wake. And now, the unthinkable: a new alien weapon with the power to destroy a whole world. Thousands die on Jupiter's moon Io when a bomb detonates, sending apocalyptic storms of debris that threaten millions of people on Ganymede and Callisto.

But that isn't the worst of it. The bomb was detonated by a human. A drone.

And there are thousands of them scattered across the solar system, anonymous, undetectable, and waiting for orders from their Telestine masters.

Our war becomes a race against time: find the bombs, find the drones, find our true enemy, all while under siege from within and without.

Before we all perish.