Triple Blind

Hayley Cage never expected to find herself on the other side of the galaxy, as a healer on a team of rough and tough mercenaries hunting Satan’s secret army. 

But then, life doesn’t always go as planned. 

If it did, her mother wouldn’t be on the most wanted list, her father wouldn’t have been murdered, and she would be training at the Republic Military Academy, instead of prepping for a routine drop and rescue mission against a minor fiend. 

A routine mission that’s about to go straight to Hell. 

When bad intel leads to a worse situation and the minor fiend turns out to be a major pain in the asteroid, Hayley is the last one standing, forced to navigate the sudden chaos and fighting to survive.  If she doesn’t, her new family will wind up as broken as the first, casualties of a sick experiment and fodder for a deadly creation. 

The only demons more powerful than the ones on the ground are the ones in Hayley’s head, and if she’s going to help stop this new threat from spreading across the galaxy, she’ll have to find a way to defeat both.

Triple Blind is the first book in a new standalone Covenant series by the bestselling author of Hell’s Rejects, Forgotten, Man of War and Starship Eternal. An awesome-mix of paranormal fantasy, space opera, and military science-fiction, it’s a cyclone bomb of frenetic action and adventure you won’t want to put down.