The Last Champion: Book 4 of The Last War Series

Admiral Jack Mattis thinks Spectre, humanity’s nemesis, has been defeated. And he sacrificed the USS Midway to do it.

Now a US Navy pilot has gone missing. A terrorist group kidnaps a dozen infants. Admiral Mattis’s own infant grandson is suddenly and mysteriously ill with a sickness no doctor can–or will–diagnose. No one can piece the puzzle together, until from a derelict future-human ship Mattis finally recovers an actual mutant human, come from the future to destroy Spectre himself.

Because humanity’s greatest nemesis is not dead–he is only now ramping up his plan for galactic domination. And the pieces he sets in motion will force Admiral Mattis to make the unthinkable choice between saving a billion people, or saving his only grandson and a dozen other infants.

Spectre must be stopped.

And only one champion can stop him. Or die trying.