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AWS Expands to Frankfurt

AWS Expands to Frankfurt

(t) Trend Micro logoOriginally posted on the Trend Micro blog.

Today AWS announced the debut of a new region: Frankfurt, Germany.

This is the 11th region for AWS, and it offers the wide range of services you would expect. The new region has two availability zones and three edge locations (for Amazon Route 53 & Amazon CloudFront).

EU Data Protection Laws

Frankfurt starts out of the gate with full compliance to the long list of standards that AWS adheres to. In addition, AWS is fully compliant with all applicable EU data protection laws.

You can read more about how to stay within the EU data protections laws at …if you speak German (or Google Translate). I’m sure the English, French, and other versions will be up soon.


That is one of the biggest reasons why this new region is so exciting. It means that you can now deploy multi-region applications completely under EU data protection laws.

The combination of the Ireland (eu-west–1) and Frankfurt (eu-central–1) regions, now enables an EU-only highly-available, highly-resilient deployment of any of the standard AWS architectures or those of your own design.

There are many benefits to incorporating a second region into your design.

The knowledge that your backups are in another geographical region, performance, and resiliency are among the top.

With the introduction of the Frankfurt region, you can do that knowing that your data won’t be stored or processed outside of the EU.

Trend Micro’s Support

AWS is a key partner for Trend Micro. That’s why we’re working hard to support this new region as quickly as possible.

SecureCloud – our EBS volume encryption solution – has full support for the new region immediately; no update required.

Deep Security for Web Apps now supports the automatic detection of applications in the new region. As with other AWS regions, the scanner is pre-approved so you don’t have to request permission from AWS to scan your applications beforehand.

Deep Security now supports automatic management of instances running in the new region. The update is active on Deep Security as a Service, and a hot fix will be made available shortly to existing customers who manage their own Deep Security Manager.

This will enable the automatic detection of EC2 instances running in the new region. No update is required to protect instances in the Frankfurt region now.

You can quickly and easily deploy the Deep Security Agent to protect your instances in the new region immediately.

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