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About Me (Mark)

About Me (Mark)

Hi, I’m Mark. That’s me up 👆 there. I’m a forensic scientist, speaker, and technology analyst trying to help you make sense of the digital world and it’s impact on us.

For everyday users, my work helps to explain what the challenges of the digital world. Just how big of an impact does using social media have on your privacy? What does it mean when technologies like facial recognition are starting to be used in our communities? I help answer questions like this and more.

For people building technology, I help them to apply a security & privacy lens to their work, so that they can enable users to make clearer decisions about their information and behaviour. There is a mountain of confusion when it comes to privacy & security. There shouldn’t be.

I make security & privacy easier to understand.

Areas Where Mark Can Help You

Given my goal (making security & privacy easier to understand) and the audience (everyone and technology builders), my work takes a lot of different shapes. You can see some of it here on the site. It roughly falls into three categories;

Media Interviews

Getting a reasonable technical voice can be difficult. Too often technology folks either go too deep into the weeds or too far off the edge. I strike happy medium and can explain complex technical topics in common language. I’ve got a wide range of media experience from online to print to radio/podcasts to TV. I understand the pressures of media and am more than happy to work under tight deadlines.

Let’s chat.

Content Creation

Content comes in all forms. I find it best not to set out to create a video or podcast episode or post or talk. To create effective content—not a great word, I know—you start with the idea. From there an outline and keep iterating. During this process, the destination becomes apparent. You can then adapt the content to various mediums in order for it be effective in that environment.

Interested? Reach out and let me know.

Event Support

I regularly attend, speak at, host, and support online and in-person events. Supporting an event is always exciting for me. Not only do I get to share my point of view on particular issues but I also get to interact and engage with great communities around the world.

Whether your event is 100 people or over 1,000, I’ll tailor my message to maximize it’s impact with the audience. I’m currently speaking on the following topics;

Due to the global pandemic, I’m currently only supporting online events until further notice.

Let’s tackle the elephant on the page. I’m a middle-aged, middle class, Canadian, white male. There’s a lot of white male representation in the community and—while I strive to add unique value whenever I support an event—we desperately need more diversity and inclusion within tech.

Any event that I support should be inclusive with diverse representation on and off stage and have a code of conduct that is promoted and enforced. As a result of this, I do my best not to sit on any panel, speak at, or otherwise support events that doesn’t live these values.

Still here? Please get in touch if you’re interested in having me support your event.

Supporting Info

This wouldn’t be an “about” page without the mandatory bio and headshot. My LinkedIn page is a good place to get the details of my career path and accreditations. Honestly though, the content here on this site is a better representation of what I can deliver.

If you need a headshot for a project I’m helping you with. Here is one for promotional use.

You’ll probably also need a bio for me, here you go;

Mark Nunnikhoven explores the impact of technology on individuals, organizations, and communities through the lens of privacy and security.

Asking the question, “How can we ensure that our technology does what we expect, and only what we expect?”, Mark helps organizations around the world navigate their cloud transformations while managing the risks of our digital world.

A Distinguished Cloud Strategist at Lacework , Mark works with teams to modernize their security practices. With a strong focus on automation, he helps bridge the gap between DevOps and traditional security through his writing, speaking, teaching, and engaging with the cloud community.

You can find Mark online @marknca and .

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