Hi! I’m Mark and I hate writing “About” pages.

Me, all serious ;-)

I really, really don’t like writing them.

What I do like is;

More and more of our lives are interwoven with our digital world. There’s a tremendous upside but also a lot of confusion. There doesn’t have to be.

A lot of my work centers around making security—cyber, information, physical, or otherwise—and privacy easier to understand. That ranges from helping organizations and developers understand the implications of their work to helping kids understand their first steps in the digital world.

You should be able to make better decisions about your information. If you’re building technology, you must enable users to make these decisions.

Digital privacy and cybersecurity is a critical aspect of our society and we—the grand, “all of us” we—make it way more complicated than it needs to be.

Media Interviews

Getting a reasonable technical voice in the press can be difficult. I’m always more than happy to provide a quote or background information for any technical or security issue.

I’ve got a wide range of media experience from online to print to radio to TV. I understand the pressures of media and am more than happy to work under tight deadlines.


Writing is probably the type of sharing I enjoy most but do the least. I’m a reasonable writing and typically product work with a more casual feel. I’m a huge fan of Brian Fugere’s book, “Why Business People Speak Like Idiots”. I’m also a massive fan of the oxford comma. You have been warned.

I’m more than happy to write for online or print and can adjust accordingly.

Supporting Info

Of course this wouldn’t be an “about” page if I didn’t actually write a little about myself. My LinkedIn page is the best place to get the details of my career path and various accreditations & certification. Since I do do quite a bit of speaking, here’s a short & a long bio for event use.

Also a handy link to my head shot for online or print.

BIO (86 words)

Mark Nunnikhoven is the Vice President of Cloud Research at Trend Micro. He is one of the foremost experts on cloud technologies and cybersecurity issues. With a focus on modernizing security practices and usable security systems at scale, Mark works with clients and partners around the world.

Often quoted in the media both at home in Canada and internationally, Mark is an engaging public speaker, an O’Reilly video author, an accomplished computer scientist, and security leader.

You can reach Mark online at http://markn.ca and @marknca.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking at an event is always exciting for me. Not only do I get to share my point of view on particular issues but I also get to interact and engage with great communities around the world.

I speak regularly on modern security practices and other topics to crowds from 100–1000+.

I do my best to attend conferences I speak at since I believe it’s important for speakers to be available to the attendees and to contribute back as much as possible to the community.

My speaking fees are reasonable and I do make accommodations for non-profit/free events.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in having me speak at your event.