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New Show: Mornings With Mark

I'm starting up a new show. The idea here that I'll share my thoughts on a couple of security/privacy ideas each weekday morning. Stay tuned, it's going to be a blast.

New Show: Mornings With Mark

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Hey there, Builders. Um My name is Mark. Um You probably figured that out because it says it uh there and over there. Um I wanted to uh give you a quick heads up at a new series that I'm gonna be starting to do next week.

So I think that's Monday the 12th. Um And basically mornings with Mark. Uh So I'm going to be running a um daily vlog and I've thought about this for a while and I thought youtube might be the best place to drop it. But I find I get into this overproduction kind of um trap where I get what I want down, but then I overthink it.

So I think Facebook Live is a really good um venue to put this out on and of course, I'm gonna post it to uh my youtube channel um afterwards. So you're gonna see um fresh Uncut Un filtered in the morning. Um Ideally after my second coffee because even after my first, I'm a little rough.

Um But uh I wanted to think about um sort of getting out the message about what I'm working about each, uh we're working on each day. Um what security, what technology, what privacy aspects I'm diving into. Um Sometimes that's gonna tie into what's happening in the news that day.

Other times it's gonna be about my theme for the week. Um So whether I'm looking at attack attribution or security and privacy in the cloud or operational technologies like industrial robots or autonomous vehicles or um on a plane, self guided planes, all this kind of crazy stuff.

I think we're surrounded by a wonderful set of technologies in this world and there's a lot of questions that people have about them. Um And that's part of my job. That's part of my gig. That's part of what I really enjoy doing is diving into those things, figuring them out, picking them apart, seeing what makes them tick, seeing the issues, not just with the technology, but with um the community around the technology and community in general.

And I thought what better way to start sharing those thoughts um than uh Facebook live. So regular Facebook live every morning, it's gonna go up on youtube afterwards and of course, you're gonna see the um seeds of thought here, sort of the genesis.

We'll talk through some stuff. I'll take your questions because this is live. I want it to be interactive. Um And then what I'm gonna do is you're gonna see the results of some of these thoughts in blog posts on medium uh on my website, in more produced videos on um youtube afterwards and in maybe bigger Q and A sessions um or virtual summits here on Facebook.

Um So let me know what you think. Hit me up in the comments below. Um Wherever you're seeing this video, uh reach out to me on Twitter at Mark NC A, I'm gonna get used to which side this is on um at Mark NC A um or on linkedin.

Uh We're on the same, uh look forward to talking to you uh every morning, um, and seeing what you're uh thinking and sharing what I'm thinking, we'll talk to you soon.

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