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New Website

In this episode we do a quick recap of the Canadian federal budget announcements around cybersecurity, talk about SXW, and the upcoming launch of the new

New Website

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The right audio. There we go. Ok, good morning. Let me redo that again. A little bit of a different look today. Um You can see it's more uh direct as opposed to normally I'm shooting um sort of this way, uh coming towards the side wall here.

Um Now I'm doing straight off my desk um through a bit of a different rig. Um, so different audio, different um video um because I want to share my screen on a little bit um this morning and show you something.

I've been working on. Nothing too crazy. Um But I thought it'd be a little bit of a different spin for mornings with Mark. Um We're at episode 12 already, which is crazy. Um So thank you for sticking with me.

You see, I got my nerd goggles on today so I can actually see a little bit more of what I'm doing. Um because I'm not using my ring light. Normally I have this big um ring light and uh ring lights are super cool for um illuminating because it's a 360 sort of around your face gets you from all angles.

So it's really good at lighting the scene up, but it's also really amazing at creating reflections off your glasses and unless you're going for the super cool music video look, um it's not gonna happen. So I've got a little bit of a different lighting system today.

Um And uh I can wear my glasses, so it's kind of nice. Um Anyway, uh yesterday was Federal Budget Day. Um So, uh for those of you outside of Canada News time, um for those of us in Canada, it was really interesting.

Um There was a lot of political stuff, obviously, it's a federal budget. You can't have federal budget without politics specific to cybersecurity. Though. A couple of key announcements um that I'll cover super quick because I did post um online on Facebook as well as on linkedin about them.

Uh Yesterday. Uh You can hit me up uh marknca on Twitter to talk about it uh or linked in any community. But basically a couple of big things, there is a new national security uh cybersecurity strategy coming and we saw that in 2010, the strategy was good.

The implementation was a problem. So hopefully they fix that because there's some funding behind it. Um More exciting, there's a center for cybersecurity expertise that's going to be really interesting because it's consolidating a lot of the existing government um department um efforts around cybersecurity.

Um So really, that's meant to address some of the challenges of the implementation in the strategy from 2010. Um And then really exciting for everybody um in Canada. Um So for the average user is a National cybersecurity um Crime Coordinations Unit.

Um And that's really important. So National Cybercrime Co Ordination Unit. Yeah, there we go. Um That's going to be run by the RC MP. And that's really going to be the one stop shop, not just for law enforcement um internationally as well as domestically, but also for Canadians.

So if you're um uh needed to report a cybercrime um or handling the results of one, you can talk from a law enforcement angle. You talk to the National Cybercrime coord unit and if you need help with response, you're gonna talk to the National Center for cybersecurity.

Um So hopefully we can build out um the long, long, long time coming. Um Canadian C. Um We'll see if that happens. It wasn't specifically mentioned in the budget but fingers crossed. Um Hopefully that will come through.

But today, um busy day for me as always, what day isn't busy, it's somewhat redundant. I even say that um there's kind of scatterbrain all over the place, but my main thrust today is I'm trying to get ready for South by Southwest.

Um, on March 12th, Monday, keep saying March 12th, I hope it's March. Um, on the Monday of March break, I am speaking about um, rogue robots potential for cyber attacks. So it's an operational technology um chat.

That's a little different than some of the normal ones. Um, that I give publicly though. I've been actively researching this area quite a lot lately. Um, so that's gonna be cool. We will work on that as much as I can because I really need to, uh, you know, two weeks out, need to nail that talk down.

Maybe to nail the dynamics. Need to make sure that I've got the rhythm. If you're curious about how I build a talk, I'll link to a video I did um in the fall about building on a technical talk.

This one's a little bit different because it's not quite as technical. Um but same process, same princip, same prospects, um sort of same structure. Um You know, very interesting, I think. Um I know the topic is interesting.

I think building a talk is interesting as well, but I wanted to show you a little bit about what I've been working on um here. Um sort of as a sideline on the advice of some people who are very much smarter than I.

Um I don't want to show you, Spotify. Uh what I want to show you um is what I've been building website wise. So I have had a domain uh marknca uh uh Forever.

Let me just make sure this looks good. There we go. OK. So we move it over so you can see less a million more of them. Perfect. So this is what my current site is. You can tell given that the headline right now is Aws re invent 2017.

I'm a little behind. That's the biggest struggle that's always been there. Um, is trying to make sure that I keep a site up to date. Um, try to make sure that it's reasonable that it's a good source for information because at this point I'm posting on linkedin regularly every day.

I post something on linkedin every day. I'm posting something on Facebook in addition to doing mornings with Mark. Um once every week or so, I'm publishing a dedicated video about a particular topic um across multiple channels.

So that will go native on Twitter, go on Facebook native on linkedin and on youtube. Um I'm writing semi regularly on medium and of course, I'm really active on Twitter and then I'll be publishing code out on github.

So basically everywhere. And I think that totally makes sense as a social strategy and again, worked up by people much smarter than I. And thank you very much. Um I would call you up by name, but I'm not sure if uh I haven't asked you for permission.

So we'll say this. The team at Trend Micro is amazing, top notch. Um They've been really helpful um helping me build out my digital profile um and getting the word out to more folks. So helping people understand um digital security and privacy on a bigger scale.

That's what I'm all about trying to help teach people and understand the digital world we're living in. So, um one of the things that we came up with discussing, discussing strategy was really, you know, you can't bring people off of the network they are on.

You want to have those discussions in place, which is why I publishing and active on all these different networks. But I do need a place just for me um to share out what I'm doing and sort of a um an index or a table of contents for what's going on with me online because otherwise you'd never be able to keep up and you'd miss a whole bunch of the content and hopefully you're interested in the content.

So that place should be The unfortunate reality is that I haven't been very good at keeping out. So you can see the last time I updated was really the last time I ran a full run on, it was 2016 um with some minor updates for re invent 2017.

So I apologize for that. I am also not at all shocked or surprised by that. What I have been working on is a refresh of the site. Um So you can see this one's got the old logo.

Um You know, but I've kept uh a lot of the same vibe. This is what the new site is looking like. I'm slowly importing some content this should be going live either today or tomorrow.

Um, you can see there's a preview of a draft already. I haven't published this yet but it will be on the third, um, a bit of a new logo. Um, little cleaner. It's the one you're seeing here up in the corners, um, imported some of the most, um, or the, the top hit on the previous site, which is a Python extension work I did in Lambda.

But the idea is, you know, for mornings with Mark, they're going to end up on these pages um that when you scroll down, you see, I'm embedding each of the videos and then uh writing a little bit about it and adding any links.

Uh hopefully the results of any work that happens uh based on these. Uh but it's a good summation. So you can see here, I'd uh spoken about the Winter games hack and ended up speaking to Peter Armstrong uh on TV, on the money about it.

Um And then, uh the idea is to kind of track some of where I'm speaking as well. So, um if you want me to speak at your event, you can get in touch or you can learn more about what I normally speak about.

But the next big one is south by Southwest. So nailed it Monday the 12th in Austin, Texas. I'm talking about uh rogue robots and the potential for cyber attack a little bit about that talk, um click through to the details for the site and then some references of previous talks I gave.

So here's one of the talks I gave at re event this year or last year in 2017. Here, it was key not in the c conference in New York. Um And then a list of other talks I gave in 2017, you know, I didn't speak a lot in 2017, at least on stage, I was focusing a lot more on digital and a lot more on um, media engagements.

Um I'm looking to, to probably give maybe around the same amount of talks this year, maybe a little bit more. Um We'll see, uh the previous years, like 2016, 2015, I probably gave 3040 talks a year.

Um, last year, you know, I was under 10. Um But I think there were a lot more specific, at least for public events. I gave a lot of private event talks as well, which I don't list here.

So, um, bit of a refresh on the site, I think. Um, you know, the clean design lets me keep the size small and deliver it fast because of course, it's built in a services way.

Um And at some point I will write that up. Same with uh how I do all these videos and the rig I'm shooting on right now and my big rig. Um So a little bit more of a central place for me still working on the about page because as you can see I'm Mark and I hate writing about pages.

I can't stand it. Same with the bio, but I'm hacking my way through it because it's important and I think this is going to be sort of a one stop shop to let you know what I'm about, uh, what I'm about what I'm shooting for and where I'm publishing where I'm, where I'm active.

Um So there's still one top level item here to sort of a timeline view of uh of what I've been doing where, so we're working on that in the background. Um Today, like I said, real focus is South by Southwest.

Um really looking forward to um diving into that talk and polishing that off to make sure that that is really exciting and really top notch because South By is a big conference. I would like to make a very good impression.

But also I think it's a fascinating topic. Um looking at how robots have managed to um do a lot more within our society than we actually realized. And as well as sort of the um uh perceptions we have around what robots are versus the reality of what they are.

I think in this case, Hollywood skewed things a little bit too much one way and we need to kind of wheel it back. So that's me today. Um Hope you're having a great day. I hope you're set up for a great day as always looking to chat, hit me up, uh marknca, um, looking forward to discussing anything that's on your mind.

Um How are you managing your, your website? Um, I know most of us who have some sort of public presence are horrible at it unless we can get a team member to handle it for us.

We tend to be really bad. Have you conquered that? I'm hoping with this new initiative I can, will it work? I don't know. Best effort. Right. Hit me up online. Let me know. Um Otherwise have a great day.

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