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Recharged, Reset, & Rocking

Back from vacation, I recap the show's structure and new channels as well as the plan around "the basics"

Recharged, Reset, & Rocking

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All right back at it. Good morning. Thanks for tuning in Mornings with Mark episode 95 back after a little bit of a break, um, had a much needed vacation, chilled out, coming back with a little bit of a different approach to the show. A little reenergized.

Um, before I took a break. Um I mentioned that a friend of mine had called out that there's not a lot of great info around cybersecurity basic how um people who are either interested in cybersecurity um as a career or just generally interested in the topic.

Um It's really hard for them to ramp up. So I'm gonna start, um, a series out around that and, uh, coming back after this little break doing things a little bit differently. Uh We're live this morning on Periscope, which is, uh also on Twitter, um, also on Twitch and hopefully on Facebook.

If everything is working well, this is the beauty of live streaming. I can't jump off to check otherwise you'd just be looking at the background which is boring as all get out. Um If not, I'll be posting this, uh, episode all there. And as always, you can join us on the podcast.

So always looking for comments, always looking for feedback, hit me up down below in whatever video platform you're seeing. If you're listening to the podcast, hit me up me at Marin dot C A by email. Um Always looking to chat about today's topic, any other topics.

Um This is really a um viewer or audience driven show. Um And it only works if I get that feedback and we have that discussion. And as always, you can hit me up online at marknca and most social networks. So, what I wanted to talk about um was the importance of basics before I get into there and sort of tell you how I'm going to tackle this topic of, of the basics and what's going on.

So, um one of the things I think is that people need information in various formats, video obviously is a big one. podcast is a big one. you know, and, and text and it needs to be sort of a combo of those three sense. So one of the things that we're going to be doing is tackling some of the basics in Mornings with Mark, which means we'll probably hit one or two topics, some definitions around the same sort of subject area.

And then I'll tighten those up and I'll publish a series of sort of sub two minute videos on the trend micro handle. That's my full time employer. I'm the VP of cloud research there. And I think that would be really useful for the larger trend micro audience as well as the Mornings with Mark audience.

So we'll be doing that and I'll also try to um on um a landing page of sort of the basics how to get there, how to get started and we'll add to that continuously and that will complement the, how to get you started on your cybersecurity career playlist on youtube.

So lots of different areas, don't worry, you don't have to know them all. Um Just hit me up online at Market NC A um So that you can follow along and of course, you know, stay tuned to the show here. Um So there was an issue over the weekend that I wanted to address that isn't basics, but it highlights why the basics are super important.

Um So there's a positive Facebook story who would believe, uh you know, uh who would have thunk it a positive Facebook story um or at least semi positives or potential to be positive. Uh The US government is suing Facebook. It's not a positive thing, but they're suing Facebook very similar to um the DOJ suit against the FBI in 2016.

Um Now I have a big article up about that, I'll tweet that out again um and link to that in the comments below. Um But basically, uh the Doj in 2016 sued Apple to create a back door to break encryption, to get into a suspect's phone.

Once again, the US government is suing for a similar thing in this case in Facebook messenger, um, to break the end to end encryption. Um, for a chat. Now as a user, there's a lot of terms thrown around where you might think like, oh, if you read just one side of this, it seems like the government is trying to get a lawful wiretap on a service, but that's not actually what's going on.

There are many ways that um most jurisdictions can get lawful access to communications um through a subpoena through a warrant, through some sort of judicial oversight process. What is happening in this case again and why it's important that you understand the basics, which, you know, ties to the bigger series that's coming is that there, the suit actually requests that Facebook changes its software to break the security for everybody if for this one case and it's very much like a precedent seeking.

It's a cherry picked lawsuit to try to get this to happen. They are looking, the US government in this case is looking to find one large tech provider that they can set a precedent on so they can go to the other ones. At least that's the assumption here.

That's a bad thing. We, as users want secure systems, we want systems that are secured by default that are encrypted, end to end. Now what that means is if I am chatting with you, the only people that can read those messages are the ones on my device and on your receiving device, the intermediate service, whether it's Facebook, iMessage, whatsapp, whatever the case may be, they can't read those messages.

They just see a conversation so they see the metadata about that conversation, they see that I'm talking to you and we talk to 38 different messages, changed hands, but they don't know what is in there. Only the devices that are involved in that chat can read it.

So from my end to your end, it's encrypted. There's no intermediate steps that's really important. That's a great security design and we want things like that in place because as much as there are bad scenario in this case, it's an MS 13 gang member.

In the previous case, it was a San Bernardino shooter. Um There are bad cases but you need to remember the millions and millions of positive uses and offset that and that's very rarely done in these cases. So I think that kind of article for me really highlights the need for basics.

That's what's coming obviously recharge back with a new approach to the show sort of multi streaming on different channels. Um We're going to see how this works. Give me your feedback as always hit me up in the comments down below by email or uh hit me up on Social Mark at marknca.

Looking forward to your feedback here. What do you need from the basics? What do you think from the approach? What do you, uh you just tune into the show? What do you think? What do you need? Let me know. Um That's a lot.

Got to get back into the swing of this. Um I will talk to you tomorrow. Have a fantastic day today. Um, take care.

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