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Personal websites are more often than not started with the best of intentions. Rarely do they live up to their creators expectations. This site is no different.

I started publishing on this domain 15 years ago.

I’ll be honest, when it comes to consistency, my track record hasn’t been great. As with every year, I’m looking to change that moving forward.

I’m active on social networks and have been consistently publishing content in a variety of formats. Neglecting this site has been a mistake though.

My new strategy is very straight forward. I’ll be publishing content and having conversations on all of my current platforms and networks (and new ones when it makes sense) but this site will serve as my home base.

For example, if I write a long form essay on how it’s not DevSecOps but just DevOps because security is part of everything that essay will live here on

It will also probably be re-shaped for other mediums. For example;

I think this is a reasonable approach and should be sustainable. Every network has a different approach to interacts and some formats work better in different places.

I’m looking forward to building this site out again. Stay tuned for more…

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