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Squad Goals

150th episode! As I wind down for the year, I always try to look back at what has worked and what hasn't. This show has evolved from a simple "get some ideas out there" to a regular view on how security privacy impacts our technology and our communities.

Squad Goals

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Reasonably Accurate 馃馃 Transcript

Morning everybody. How are you doing today? A little later than usual. Um But this is also an unusual episode. This is episode 150 of mornings with Mark. Uh when I started this show earlier this year, the idea was basically to get a few minutes of me just talking to a camera, getting some ideas out of my head.

Basically, what I was thinking about when I was kind of planning on evolving into something more. And um as this show has gone on throughout the year, it is actually evolved into something different. Um And that's a good thing.

That's a positive thing. This show has changed a little bit and it continues to change. I've looked at the stats for the show on different platforms, seeing what's worked, what hasn't worked. And that's really the topic of today's show of episode 150 is about goals, believe it or not.

I read a really interesting piece on CNN around goals around um New Year's resolutions and the author essentially said, we all absolutely suck at New Year's resolutions and there's no argument there. Um But their point was instead of making one big massive resolution.

Why not make a series of 12 mini resolutions? So something you just, you have to hold to for a month. That's far more achievable than something you'd have to hold to for 12 months. Right. Um, and I really, really like that.

I like setting individual goals. I think setting smaller goals is far more realistic. I know personally I do far better when I set smaller goals because it's easier to achieve them. So recently, um, I set a really basic daily goal, um, was Monday to Friday.

I wanted to start my day by getting back in the gym and running, you know, 3 to 4 kilometers on the elliptical trainer. Um, just to start to get back into some regular fitness and that's been holding up really well.

I'm, uh, I think 15 or 16 days straight, I've been able to make it on the Monday to Fridays and that's really been positive for me. But if I had said, ok, I'm going to do this big program, which I tried several times last year every single time I failed.

So setting smaller goals definitely, um, works same with mornings with Mark. I had, you know, uh, most mornings I would get up and I would do, uh, you know, five minutes live streamed out to, uh, out to an audience, um, and hopefully build that audience with consistency and that worked.

Um, I think this translates directly into whatever team you're on. So I'm looking at this with my work team um at Trend Micro. Um we had a big set of global meetings last week, I've been working with individual teams this week to try to figure out what my goals are for 2019.

So I'm trying to set a large idea, not a goal but a large sort of what are we generally working towards or what am I generally working towards for 2019? And now I'm in the process of doing it into smaller chunks into those monthly goals.

So seeing like what uh major events are going on in a month and what I can build around it for content, for educational information. Uh because my overall goal, the high level goal is to help people understand security and privacy, to help understand and that you do not need to have a degree in cybersecurity.

You not need to be steeped into it and to understand how to build stronger technology, basically to get people on board with my definition of cybersecurity and privacy, which is to make sure that whatever you're building works as intended and only as intended.

So it's my high level sort of guiding light, my North Star. Um and now I try to break that down into a small OK, January, what, what I to achieve in January, what's my January goal and what are activities I can do around that same February March and so on and so forth.

And I think that's a really um realistic way to work at it. Obviously, there's going to be a bunch of curveballs, there's going to be a bunch of different stuff that goes on um throughout the year.

But you have to change and go with the flow as you've seen over the course of the show. I've changed the format up. I've changed the timing. I have changed the platforms that's been on even this is, you'll notice the camera works a little bit different.

Uh We got a little panning on automation going. Um I managed to pick up one of the new DJ I Osmo Pockets. This is a carrying case because the camera itself is right there. Um And it's automatically tracking my faces and really kind of cool.

Um So this may be a great way to do the show as opposed to just shooting off my camera or one of the big SLRs or something like that. So you gotta always be changing. But I think you continuing along that major path.

So what are you thinking about for goals for yourself for 2019? For micro Goals within 2019? What do you think I should be shooting at? That's another big thing I'm, I'm looking for is a lot of feedback from the community here and there's a ton of you watching across a bunch of different platforms.

And that's the interesting thing when people ask me how this is going, they'll look on Twitter and say, oh yeah, you know, we've got like 50 to 75 viewers. I said, yeah, I do. It's great. Um But yeah, no, there's more than that because on uh you know, youtube, I get another 5075 more on uh the podcast, there's another chunk that joins.

And if I put this on linkedin, we get another uh chunk joining. And basically, if I go across all the platforms that I normally publish to, you know, there ends up being anywhere from 500 to 1000 people watching this every day right now, which is pretty amazing.

That kind of blows me away. So I'd love to hear from you guys um from you folks, what you think I should be focusing on in 2019. What do you want to see from the show? Obviously, I've been diving through the statistics looking at um what's gonna work, what's not gonna work, what's going to align with my mark roles, but nothing is better than hearing directly from the audience.

So let me know online at Mark NC A for those of you on the vlogs in the comments down below. And as always by email me at Mark N dot ca. I hope you're set up for a fantastic day, a fantastic holiday season and the rest of the year, this will be the last show for 2018.

Um I will be back in January in 2019 with whatever this is turning into, uh, I wish you all a very merry Christmas or whatever holiday that you recognize and celebrate. I hope you, whatever it is you are close to your family, friends and loved ones.

Um, and I will talk to you online and see you on the show in the New Year. Take care.

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