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Unexpected Lessons

Sometimes things don't go as expected. That can be frustrating and unfortunate...but also an opportunity to learn.

Unexpected Lessons

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Reasonably Accurate 馃馃 Transcript

Morning everybody. How you doing today? Um Mark here, I wanted to talk to you about unexpected lessons. Um For those of you on the vlogs you can see here over my shoulder. Um There's a little interesting painting artwork.

Um I've been in meetings all week um with the Trend Micro team from around the world and we've been looking back 2018, looking forward to 2019, lots of great stuff coming um from the trend team globally.

It's gonna be a really exciting year in 2019. Um But as part of that activity, because we're globally distributed team, we're doing a lot of stuff in the evening, a lot of team building, you know, sharing foods, um you know, sharing activities and we had a paint night um as part of one of the activities, which was a lot of fun.

It was really relaxing. Um And for those of you that, that can see it on the vlog, obviously, you know, it's, it's an interesting um caricature, I'll describe it for those of you on the podcast.

Um It's basically a, a poor um interpretation of the scream. So, you know, hands next to somebody's ears, uh, while they are screaming, um, with a nighttime background. It was supposed to be Christmas trees.

Yeah. It was supposed to be three Christmas trees in a beautiful winter night time setting. Um, I've discovered that, uh, I don't paint well and I don't enjoy it. Um, it was, everybody else was having a great time producing beautiful art, um, various interpretations, you know, various levels of skill and that was the point.

It's no judgment, it's just for fun. Um And, you know, it's supposed to be relaxing, but I found for some reason not really sure why. Um, every sort of stroke got me more and more frustrated and I was just kind of starting to lose my beans.

Um, a good friend of mine uh suggested maybe painting uh the scream instead and I thought that was apropos because it reflected my internal state as I was just going, ah, what is going on here.

Um This is the result. Um I think it's hilarious. Uh It is absolutely fantastic. Uh uh level of painting. Um, you know, basically finger painting by a baby would have been better.

Um, but still lesson learned, painting while relaxing for some is infuriating for me. Um, also on the infuriating front, um, and unexpected lessons front. Um I had a uh hard drive crash this week, not my main system, not my SSD in my, in my laptop or anything, but I had a big storage array.

Um that actually was two redundant disks. Um And so it was supposed to be 12 terabytes. It's redundant. So it's only six and basically every time that I write data to it, it gets rated to uh written to 250 drives.

And the idea there was that I've got two physical drives. I always have at least two copies of this data. Um And it wasn't critical data. It was mainly working files for the videos and things like mornings with Mark and stuff like that.

Um But for some reason, this week, this reliable system has been working for a year. No problem. Um, died and it died in an interesting way. I got a replacement from Lacy, um, who's owned by Seagate now.

Fantastic customer service. They shipped it out overnight. Got a second one. Try to put the rate array into the new, um ca uh caddy for it. Like to take the drives out of one box, put them into another.

Still didn't work. Can't recover the array. Um Being a forensics guy, I'm like, cool, I'm just gonna rip the data right off the disk. Uh Yeah, the way it's written, it's not coming back out.

There was a catastrophic failure on both disks which the whole point of writing the two disks at the same time was to avoid that. It was theoretically if one drive failed, I'd have all my data on the other drive.

Um So I'd planned for failure. I hadn't planned for enough failure. It turns out because um what ended up happening was there was a malfunction in the caddy itself. So the thing that hosts the two drives and it corrupted both drives, so the drives physically are fine but it corrupted their data.

Um That's a problem. So I'm out this data, it's not critical. I made sure that workflow, uh Any critical data is written to a bunch of places. Um But it's frustrating. This is a bunch of archival work product um that would have been handy to reference back to um in the future.

But now I have to re evaluate my data flow system to account for this unexpected failure that happened. Um So unexpected failure with the painting on multiple levels. But I took away a lesson and said, you know what?

This is not a relaxing activity for me. There is nothing about paint, even though I do like to draw, there's nothing about painting that I find relaxing or rewarding. So, lesson learned, um I had a, what I thought was an intelligent multi pronged data, um retention and reliability sort of durability strategy didn't work.

Um So lesson learned um and I think my key takeaway uh for you and sort of reflecting back on 2018 is that um it's really worth trying things putting yourself out there. So mornings with Mark, this is episode 148 I think we're gonna hit 150 next week.

Um, and then I'm gonna shut it down for Winter Hall, um, for Christmas holiday. Um, and then back up again in the New Year, but I've learned a ton over the 150 what will be 100 and 50 episodes.

Um, experimenting essentially. And I think that's really the core here is that you can set things up, you can think you've planned for anything and you're always gonna have unexpected learning and that's not a bad thing.

Um You need to plan for it, you need to accept it and change your ways moving forward based on new information. I think that's my critical takeaway. Um Besides the fact that I'm a crap painter is that um you need to be able to uh accept failure, um accept unexpected events, analyze them, learn from them and then adjust moving forward.

I think that's the absolutely critical piece, adjust moving forward. Do you have any humorous things to share any horrible art to share? Um What do you think about failure? Do you learn from it?

Um Do you get frustrated with it, which is totally natural, but you need to accept that frustration, kind of push it down and then move forward. Um Let me know, hit me up online at Mark N uh C A.

Uh For those of you in the vlogs, I apologize for having to look at this painting. Um You could comment down below and as always, uh for everybody on the podcast. Um and everybody else by email me at Mark N dot Ca.

I hope you have a fantastic Friday and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. I will talk to you on the show, uh next week and online uh today. Bye.

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