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Update On Mornings With Mark

A quick update on why MwM has been missing the past couple of weeks and where this show is going in the future.

Update On Mornings With Mark

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Reasonably Accurate 馃馃 Transcript

Morning everybody. How are you doing today? On this episode of the show? We're gonna take a quick minute to take a look at what's been happening with this show over the last few weeks, you may or may not have noticed and hopefully you did notice that I haven't posted anything in the last couple of weeks and that was completely unintentional.

Yes, it's summer and I took some downtime some personal time and got a much needed refresh. But before that, I was on the road for a few different events like the DC Public Sector Summit for Aws, the Aws reinforce uh conference in Boston, um and a few other internal commitments at Trend Micro.

Now, normally I continue to post when I have a schedule like this. Um But this time just wasn't possible. I had so much going on, had to balance it out and focus on the task at hand, which led to a couple of week gap in actually publishing uh this show.

And as part of that, I also started to reflect on what I want out of the show, what uh you as the audience get out of this show and have come to a conclusion. So last year I did 100 and 50 episodes.

Uh This is episode 39. Um I'm going to stop at episode 50 this year. That will give me 200 episodes overall over the last two years. Um And I've learned a lot, I've learned a lot about uh producing content at this pace, about uh interaction and discussion and creating a community around the show.

Um But I'm not gonna stop posting, I'm just changing the format. So I don't think I'm gonna be doing uh something called mornings with Mark anymore. I'm leaning more towards one video a week or every two weeks. That's uh a higher production value that has a little more in depth research on it.

And I'd like to continue um this kind of discussion or this kind of, you know, train of thought instead of in video format, uh maybe on uh social as linkedin posts or on the blog. Um something along those lines.

So the idea is just basically change the content up to better match what is resonating with you the audience. So the shows over the last, you know, ballpark 200 that have really resonated or have been around security culture, uh around sort of deeper thought issues like encryption and privacy.

The one offs of like, hey, this happened in the news and here's the link uh has been working, but people have been responding and telling me they want more of the, you know, here's the bigger issue. And I think in order to do that a little more production, a little more research is going to deliver that content at a higher level.

So the intention is still to be publishing uh streaming to Twitter, publishing on linkedin, going to youtube formatting us podcast, but changing it up. So building on a new show that's a little more um in depth and I think that will be uh a lot better.

It will be an interesting different challenge for me. Let me know, hit me up online at Mark NC A in the comments down below. Let me know what you think. Um We're gonna be hitting again 50 this is episode 39.

We're going up to 50 then we'll be winding this particular show down and starting something super cool and new. I'm really excited about it. I hope you are too. We'll talk to you soon.

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