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Let's Talk Cloud - Season 2

(t) Trend Micro logoOriginally posted on the Trend Micro blog.

Season two of Let’s Talk Cloud was streamed live on Trend Micro social channels and ran once a week from 24-Mar-2020 to 28-Apr-2020.

Episode 2-1

I ease back into streaming, presenting some cloud learning resources and talk about whatever else you’d like to talk about. Tune in and bring your questions!

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Episode 2-2

AWS Serverless Hero, Forrest Brazeal joins me to talk about cloud fluency, digital transformation, and why cartoons are effective tools for communication.

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Episode 2-3

Patrick Debois, co-author of The DevOps Handbook and Director of Dev ❤️ Ops Relations at Snyk joins me for this episode. He’s been exploring security and in our chat, we explore his findings and get a better understanding of the challenges facing security-first thinking.

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Episode 2-4

Security doesn’t have to be difficult. Tanya Janca has spent the past few years traveling the globe teaching teams to integrate security practices into their development process. In this episode, we’ll explore her tips and tricks for developing a security mindset.

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Episode 2-5

Steve Quane, EVP Network Defense & Hybrid Cloud Security at Trend Micro, has not only helped shepherd Trend Micro through it’s cloud transition but has also helped thousands of organizations around the world migrate the technology and business practices. In this episode, we tackle the different in the engineering and executive points of view.

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Episode 2-6

Madeline Van Der Paelt is an up and coming development leader at Trend Micro. With first hand experience in the challenges associated with developer productivity, this episode dives into the core principles enumerated in Gene Kim’s latest book, The Unicorn Project.

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