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Avoiding overload in distributed systems by putting the smaller service in control

The Amazon Builder’s Library is a great set of deep dive papers into the challenges with modern systems. This post looks at how Amazon balances system stability between control and data plane requests.

Avoiding overload in distributed systems by putting the smaller service in control, looks at

I call out a few more details in the Twitter thread below…

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wrapping up my Amazon Builder's Library week, I'm looking at "Avoiding overload in distributed systems by putting the smaller service in control" today. this paper is by @_joemag_ from @awscloud

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you can view this thread unrolled at

yesterday’s thread on “Automating safe, hands-off deployments” by @clare_liguori is up at

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this is a shorter, straight to the โžก paper. it discusses an uncommon pattern between the two planes of most services:
  • data plane, “responsible for executing customer requests”
  • control plane, “responsible for managing and vending customer configuration”

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the paper mentions a number of interactions but focuses in on the pattern when the smaller control plane fleet is in control of making sure the service doesn't get overloaded (which is the opposite of most designs)

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data plane is typically 100x (or more) the size of the control plane. that makes sense given that it's doing most of the work

the author uses EC2 as an example. a lot more systems run compute/storage vs. vending those configurations

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it's natural to assume that it would be best for the bigger service to manage the overall health.

after all, it’s already doing way more work to keep itself running

the ๐Ÿ“‘ provides more details here

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in some cases, when the volume is high & predictability low of control plane requests, the author makes the case that it's more sensible for the small plane (control) to be in the drivers seat

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having the control plane responsible for stability needs some specific plumbing and design patterns in place but the overall benefit is worth it (when merited)

this is a really fascinating write up on a pattern that probably comes up more than we realize

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the paper doesn't provide a complete roadmap here but it does a good job of providing the key points that signal this reverse pattern could be the solution you're looking for

this paper is exactly what the Builders Library was made for.

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it helps others learn from some hard won lessons @awscloud. take a few minutes to read this one all the way through, it's excellent

thanks for sharing this @joemag

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