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AWS Data Wrangler

AWS Data Wrangler

AWS Labs has a lot of open source code up on GitHub. In this post, we’re taking a look at AWS Data Wrangler. This project provides a smoother interface between python pandas DataFrames and various AWS Cloud data services.

I call out a few more details in the Twitter thread below…

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AWS Data Wrangler,, is an interesting project from the @awscloud ProServe team

it aims to connect python pandas data frames to various AWS services

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this thread (unrolled) is up at

the last thread is up at

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if you've been anywhere near a data science project, you've probably seen either the scipy, numpy, or pandas projects in python...or all three

they are awesome

one of the fundamental units of these projects is the DataFrame,

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the AWS Data Wrangler project lets you save DataFrames to various @awscloud data services

this could save a ton of time for your python projects πŸ‘‡

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the repo has a broad spectrum of samples, all in @ProjectJupyter notebooks. I ❀️ that because it makes it easier to play with the code

find the tutorials at

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this project installs via standard pip but is also available as a Lambda layer, in the AWS Glue shell, in @awscloud SageMaker Notebooks, and more

that flexibility is much appreciated

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this library does more than just save and load data, the full API for it is up at

there’s a lot of very useful data manipulation functions here

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all-in-all if you're using pandas, scipy, or numpy in your python project and your data is on @awscloud, you'll want toβ€”at the very leastβ€”check out the AWS Data Wrangler at

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