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Adam Selipsky's Keynote at AWS re:Invent 2021

AWS re:Invent is always THE event in cloud. Adam Selipsky gave his first keynote as the CEO of AWS. Here's what he covered during this two hour session.

Adam Selipsky's Keynote at AWS re:Invent 2021

AWS re:Invent is always THE event in cloud. Adam Selipsky gave his first keynote as the CEO of AWS. Here’s what he covered during this two hour session.

This πŸ‘‡ is the Twitter thread of my coverage of the keynote…

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up now at @awscloud #reinvent, @aselipsky’s first major keynote. …a 🧡

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a little look at the past of @awscloud and #reinvent!

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some crazy innovation over the past 15 years! thank you @awscloud #reinvent

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remember, @quinnypig is live tweeting the @aselipsky keynote as well πŸ˜‡/ 😈 #reinvent

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. @aselipsky is up now, acknowledging the challenges of the global situation #reinvent

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understatement of the year at @awscloud #reinvent

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β€œback then IT & infrastructure just weren’t working” …still true for a lot of orgs we’ve definitely moved into the β€œpeople” side of the cloud problem #reinvent

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looks like the opening of the keynote is a review of the major milestones of @awscloud. makes sense given that this is the 10th #reinvent

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β€œWhat does this have to do with selling books?”, @aselipsky, β€œNothing!” << …but this needs to be in place to deliver on the @amazon vision. not sure that anyone knew what @awscloud could/would become #reinvent

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. β€œ@awscloud now offers over 200 fully-featured services”, @aselipsky << I’m betting that hits 230 by Friday #reinvent

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81 AZs, 25 regions, + more on the way more on @awscloud Global Infrastructure up at #reinvent

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β€œDespite what feels like massive adoption, we’re just getting started”, @aselipsky #reinvent

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so far, @aselipsky’s style feels a little more pragmatic than @ajassy. both work because they’re authentic Adam is still building out the history of @awscloud at #reinvent

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each of those πŸ‘† customer examples were a bit crazy when announced. taking a chance on technical innovation to drive the business #reinvent

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the storyline here is focusing on what @awscloud customers are delivering. that’s smart, it puts the technical achievements in context more impactful than just; feature X, feature Y, business result Z #reinvent

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first customer speaker, @Nasdaq / @NasdaqTech, up now at #reinvent, echoing the β€œpathfinding” theme

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. @NasdaqTech does a lot more than most people realize. not sure this story is an impactful to the broad audience because they don’t realize the extend of their technology footprint…it’s crazy big #reinvent

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the speed of their processing at scale is mind boggling. 20ms end-to-end #reinvent

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would love to see more of the mechanics of @NasdaqTech’s anti-fraud activities. it’ll never happen but would be amazing 🀣 #reinvent

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β€œOur first bill was like $20”, @adenatfriedman << I’m assuming that’s gone up slightly. any guesses @QuinnyPig? ;-) #reinvent

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the multi-year move to the @awscloud is to be expected. despite the hype and push, it takes planning and a lot of operational lifting to move everything into the ☁️. it’s worth it, but make sure you do it well #reinvent

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two major, free resources will help with that move (both ppl & tech!): - @awscloud Cloud Adoption Framework, - Well-Architected Framework, #reinvent

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ok, so @NasdaqTech ended up building their own @awscloud Private Local Zone. wow! more on local zones at: #reinvent

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that was a very cool customer story #reinvent

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attributes of β€œpathfinding”… #reinvent

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next pathfinding example is about πŸ€? #reinvent

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the key point of this story is that pathfinders and their innovations can truly change the game #reinvent

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apparently the link is the @awscloud EC2 instance and consumption-based pricing/usage …that’s fair. maybe not as obviously revolutionary but still massively impactful #reinvent

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lots of instances types…maybe time for a new innovation here as it’s hard to keep track of the over 475 instance types not sure that’s a bragging point. maybe there’s another way to look at these resources options? #reinvent

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moving on to @awscloud silicon… whichβ€”objectivelyβ€”are awesome #reinvent

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NEW LAUNCH: Graviton 3! 25% faster for general compute of v2 #reinvent

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very cool improvements with v3 for Graviton #reinvent

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NEW LAUNCH: @awscloud Trainium 🧠instance type, Trn1 more on Trainium at #reinvent

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the custom @awscloud silicon is a big boost for #ml workloads. SageMaker makes the whole thing super easy (relatively!) & these chips keep adding performance and value #reinvent

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β€œFewer and fewer people are learning COBOL these days”, @aselipsky << and we are worse off for it 🀣 #reinvent

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wasn’t Mainframe-as-a-service announced a few years back @QuinnyPig? #reinvent

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not sure how this differs from whatever was announced a couple year back, maybe just finally seeing the light of day? #reinvent

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this is a clear indicator of @awscloud going after government and very large enterprise business. most builders won’t ever care about this service but it’ll help get those last critical workloads into the cloud for those target customers #reinvent

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on to hybrid cloud now at @awscloud #reinvent...

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quick update on @awscloud Outposts #reinvent

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β€œOutposts isn’t like AWS, it is @awscloud”, @aselipsky #reinvent

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Outposts is a smart play. it lets you update how you’re building while taking advantage of your existing investment in your data centre. those are multi-year commitments. Outposts lets you modernize without ditching those investments #reinvent

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Adam now continuing the narrative introduced 2 #reinvent’s ago, expanding the idea of hybrid cloud to the edge and #5G #reinvent

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some of the @awscloud services associated with this expanded idea of hybrid cloud - AWS Outposts - AWS IoT - AWS Snow Family - AWS Wavelength #reinvent

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into the #iot world now…as my stream starts struggling. are the πŸ€– un happy with my video yesterday? #reinvent

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NEW SERVICE: @awscloud Private 5G, set up and scale a private mobile network in days #reinvent

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I have so, so many questions… #reinvent

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for the record, good questions. I would love to dive into the structure behind this new service #reinvent

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if @aselipsky tells me I can also get my own private satellite next… #reinvent

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. @dish up now at #reinvent. talking about #5G. it appears that they are the @awscloud Private 5G customer...maybe?

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not sure where this is going… #reinvent

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β€œthat brick” ?!? that’s a classic my friend that Nokia πŸ‘† was fβ€”king indestructible #reinvent

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how does this story link to @awcloud at all? #reinvent

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given the amount of time DISH is getting here, there’s obviously an important customer with an interesting use case. what that is? no idea #reinvent

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not simple: this story #reinvent

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I think the take away here is that DISH has modernized their infrastructure on @awscloud and that let’s them deliver the services they want to their customers that just happens to be a 5G network. doesn’t appear related to the new AWS Private 5G service #reinvent

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…and the stream is failing…again #reinvent

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…and it’s skipped ahead past DISH, so I don’t know how that ended…but it obviously ended. so there’s that #reinvent

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. @aselipsky on to a story about Florence Nightingale now #reinvent

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the key to the story is that better data drives better decisions... #reinvent

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so, are we transitioning to new data services or #ml ones? …I’m cool with either #reinvent

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β€œData goes on a journey. You need the best tools and analytics at each step of the journey”, @aselipsky #reinvent

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. @awscloud continues to offer a wide variety of data stores, make sure the one you’re using matches your data and how you want to record & access your data #reinvent

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🏊 into the data lake now... #reinvent

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if you’re building a data lake, do yourself a favour and use @awscloud Lake Formation more on the service at #reinvent

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ohhh, Lake Formation just got row & cell-level security. that’s awesome! #reinvent #security

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more goodness for @awscloud Lake Formation, transition for governed tables << tables that support ACID transactions #reinvent

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neither of these sound like game changes but they both smooth out some of the rough spots with Lake Formation. anything that improves the #ux is a win here (though it’s already pretty good!) #reinvent

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…on to analytics now #reinvent

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. @aselipsky’s point about the right tool for the job is a key message of the @awscloud Well-Architected Framework you balance the ops overhead, cost, etc. in meeting your goals. you need to understand what is critical to your solution and focus on that #reinvent

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holy sβ€”t! new #serverless options for Redshift, EMR, MSK, and Kinesis #reinvent

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πŸ‘† that’s amazing. huge game changer for analytics in the @awscloud #reinvent

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another customer up now, this time it’s @united #reinvent

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this customer use case is a β€œget away from legacy IT” story. @united was looking to reduce costs and move IT into an enabler #reinvent

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. @united shifted to β€œone screen” teams instead of πŸ• πŸ•. they made sure teams were only one screen of their video chat tool << smart #reinvent

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nice data point from @united on the success of their new tooling. they’ve increased their NPS by 30pts #reinvent

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. @united story over, some nice points about modernizing their approach to IT using @awscloud @aselipsky back up now #reinvent

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topic is currently #ml 🧠 #reinvent

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no real announcements here (yet), just a reminder that there’s an entire keynote dedicated to #ml tomorrow #reinvent

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I ❀️ @awscloud’s clear statements on your control over your data the only, very small caveat is the high level #ml services. some of those will use your data to improve the models but you can opt-out as well #reinvent

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…but even that usage is done well with strong #privacy controls well done @awscloud #reinvent

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shout out for one of my all time favourite @awscloud services, QuickSight the first service to use the .aws domain: #reinvent

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NEW FEATURE: Amazon SageMaker Canvas, generate highly available #ml prediction models using a point & click interface << no code! #reinvent

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ok, I’m super excited for this one πŸ‘† #reinvent

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. @aselipsky talking about @awscloud's efforts to train more builders #reinvent

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the fact that @awscloud has launched vertical specific services is a sign of it’s growth. it’s also a sign of the gaps I see with teams regularly just because you CAN build it, doesn’t mean you will. sometimes, you need a higher touch offer…which is what AWS is doing #reinvent

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huh? I know each of those words, not sure what they mean together #reinvent

Tweet 101/111 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

ahhh, ok. so it’s tooling & data for Goldman clients delivered via @awscloud again, goes back to higher level offerings. smart #reinvent

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another customer story. @3M …who make post-its. which @aselipsky proudly displays 🀣 #reinvent

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let’s see what this story is all about… #reinvent

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take together, the customer story this year really show how @awscloud has become accepted as β€œthe way” questions now shift to β€œhow” which is far more interesting. I’m glad we’re into the 2nd age of cloud #reinvent

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good for 3M to go through this journey. for the rest of us, this is a β€œstandard” digital transformation story. the big difference here is just the scale again πŸ‘† #reinvent

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. @aselipsky back up to maybe wrap? tie a bow on this whole thing? #reinvent

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NEW SERVICE: AWS IoT Twin Maker, create & use digital twins of real-world systems #reinvent

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the idea here πŸ‘† is that working on a digital representation of a solution is way faster (and safer) than the real thing. this new service makes that process a lot smoother #reinvent

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NEW SERVICE: AWS IoT FleetWise, collect data from vehicles & analyze it in the cloud #reinvent

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…and that’s a wrap. nice job @aselipsky!

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