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AWS re:Invent Virtual Session Catalog

AWS re:Invent Virtual Session Catalog

AWS re:Invent has over 500 sessions available remotely. Here’s a near complete list for easy searching. This page is simply a dump of the entire catalog in a reasonably nice format.

To get that “easy” part, you’re going to have to use your browsers search functionality.


Live from re:Invent: Morning update + SWAG counter bird’s-eye view

LFR001-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 08:00:00 -0500

Rudy and Melissa recap yesterday’s top highlights and what to look forward to in today’s morning update.

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

AWS on Air

, AWS on Air

Airs live on November, 29 2021 08:00:00 -0500

AWS on Air features daily livestreams from re:Invent featuring news, demos, interviews, and more.  This broadcast will be available Monday, Nov 29 through Friday, Dec 3, 24 hours a day.

Shows include the following:

For the full schedule visit

Missed an episode? Watch here

Behind the Scenes: Registration and SWAG + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR002-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 09:00:00 -0500

Learn about the technology behind registration and the 10-year anniversary SWAG.

| Gabrielle Genevich, Head of Event Technology, AWS
| Nicole Bomar, Sr Manager, Creative Events, AWS

| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Leading through uncertainty: Resilience, grit, and courage

ABW203-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 29 2021 10:00:00 -0500

We live in an age of accelerating disruption. Every company is facing profound uncertainty on a global scale. Leaders must be courageous, empathetic, and adaptable, and must cultivate a mindset for social good. Join Francessca Vasquez, VP of Technology at AWS, for a discussion with AWS customers about how they reinvented their businesses in times of crisis and recovery to thrive sustainably, innovate responsibly, and identify the growth opportunities of tomorrow.

Winging it + SWAG counter bird’s-eye view

LFR003-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 10:00:00 -0500

Corey Quinn sits down one-on-one with Jeff Barr to talk about his history at AWS, past re:Invents, and more.

| Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist, AWS
| Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group


Behind the scenes: Creating content + Doodle wall bird’s-eye view

LFR004-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 11:00:00 -0500

Learn how the AWS content team develops and delivers hundreds of sessions in person and online. Get a peek into their processes and see how many teams and people are involved in delivering bar-raising sessions throughout re:Invent.

| Sara Patton, Senior Technical Editor, AWS
| Blaine Sundrud, Senior Global Public Speaking, AWS
| Kelly Schultz, Head of Event Content, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Redefining corporate citizenship

ABW201-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 29 2021 11:30:00 -0500

What does it mean to be a good corporate citizen? A corporate citizen is a company guided by strong ethical standards in its interactions with customers, shareholders, and employees. Corporate citizenship is a CEO-level business strategy, defining an organization’s identity. In this session, join LaDavia Drane, Director of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at AWS, for a discussion of corporate citizenship models with three AWS customers.

Citizen science: The wilderness in our own backyards + SWAG counter bird’s-eye view

LFR005-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 12:00:00 -0500

With a cloud-based application iNaturalist and some very enthusiastic citizen scientists, we go hunting for rare reptiles and insects with herpetologist Dr. Greg Pauly and entomologist Lisa Gonzalez from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Learn how the cloud helps scientific discovery in backyards and open spaces around the globe.

Ready, set, innovate: Training to accelerate transformation

TNC201-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 29 2021 13:00:00 -0500

The race to the cloud has accelerated over the past 18 months, and organizations need new strategies to adapt, innovate, and upskill their teams. In this session, Maureen Lonergan, Vice President of AWS Training and Certification, shares what AWS has learned from the last year and how you can empower your people with the skills, confidence, and expert support necessary to unlock the full power of the AWS Cloud. With cloud training built by AWS experts, discover how to create a culture of learning that builds excitement, attracts new talent, and challenges your organization to think big, innovate, and drive real business transformation.

Behind the Scenes: Backstage at keynotes + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR006-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 13:00:00 -0500

Annie takes you backstage to share insights on what it takes to develop, produce, and live stream keynotes.

| Martin Beeby, Principal Tech Keynote Lead, AWS
| Gabrielle Genevich, Head of Event Technology, AWS

| Annie Hancock, Director Creative/Customer Experiences, AWS

Opinions my own + Bird’s-eye view

LFR007-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 14:00:00 -0500

Corey Quinn sits down one-on-one with AWS CMO Rachel Thornton to dive deep on AWS Marketing.

| Rachel Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer, AWS

| Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group

The foundations of enterprise reinvention

ENT229-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 29 2021 14:30:00 -0500

Enterprise transformation is not just a technology challenge—it begins with an organization’s people and culture. Challenges such as a lack of relevant skill sets and competing internal priorities are familiar to many seeking to move faster. In this session, hear the unique insights gained from partnering with thousands of enterprise customers to achieve their desired business outcomes. Sharing stories from industry-leading customers, Todd Weatherby, VP of AWS Professional Services, explores the reinvention enterprises must make to stay ahead of the forces of disruption.

Global Partner Summit Keynote

KYN001-AM, Keynotes

Airs live on November, 29 2021 15:00:00 -0500

Join us for the Global Partner Summit keynote, presented by Doug Yeum, Head of AWS Partner Organization, Sandy Carter, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs, and Stephen Orban, General Manager of AWS Marketplace and Control Services. You’ll learn about cloud-powered innovation and the opportunity it creates for AWS Partners, as well as how AWS Partners use the AWS Cloud to build innovative solutions and services, differentiate their businesses, and enable customers in virtually every industry to transform their businesses.

Deliver positive cloud outcomes with architecture best practices

ARC208-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 29 2021 16:00:00 -0500

Behind every successful business is the underlying stack that enables it. This session explores how visionary builders, buyers, and executives think about people, process, and technology while making transformational cloud decisions. Discover why building a cloud that uses architectural best practices is critical to delivering positive outcomes. Hear directly from AWS customers how AWS services enabled them to have resilient, efficient, and secure systems and about the direct impact that well-architected applications have had on their successes. This discussion features inspiring industry-specific use cases that show how companies of all sizes have made a material difference for their customers.


, theCUBE

Airs live on November, 29 2021 16:00:00 -0500

Offering independent keynote analysis, plus interviews from across the AWS community, theCUBE channel at re:Invent 2021 features the best of the AWS ecosystem.

Tune in to hear first-hand accounts on all the news and announcements from a range of guests, including AWS executives, partner company executives, and customers.

Please be advised that the channel may feature live and/or rebroadcasted content at certain times in the day, depending on which geographic location you’re streaming from. 

Missed an interview? Find interviews on-demand here:  TheCUBE @ re:Invent 2021


John Furrier, Co-CEO SiliconANGLE

Dave Vellante, Co-CEO SiliconANGLE

Lisa Martin, Host & Analyst, theCUBE

Person on the street: re:Invent speaker interviews + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR008-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 29 2021 17:00:00 -0500

AWS re:Invent speakers share their tips and tricks to make the most out of the event.

| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Containers on AWS: Everywhere and anywhere

CON209-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 29 2021 17:30:00 -0500

Containers have become the tool that AWS customers are using to build, deploy, and operate their modern applications. Join Deepak Singh, VP of Compute Services at AWS, to learn how AWS container services are solving AWS customers challenges as they migrate to the cloud and build cloud-native applications. AWS has a growing number of services that support containers, and this session dives into the AWS core container services, Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS. Discover the service roadmaps that are being shaped by AWS customers strategic goals to scale and grow with containers.

Live from re:Invent: Morning update + Bird’s-eye view

LFR009-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 08:00:00 -0500

Rudy and Melissa recap yesterday’s top highlights and what to look forward to in today’s morning update.

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Adam Selipsky Keynote

KYN002-AM, Keynotes

Airs live on November, 30 2021 08:30:00 -0500

Adam Selipsky, AWS CEO, takes the stage to share his insights and the latest news about AWS customers, products, and services.

Partner Feature: Accenture + Expo bird’s-eye view

LFR010-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 11:00:00 -0500

Hear what team members are doing to help further inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) at Accenture, and hear how they are partnering with the AWS ID&E All Builders Welcome program.

| Britney Crooks, Cloud Innovation Senior Principal, Accenture
| Darian Johnson, Managing Director, Accenture AWS Business Group

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Driving innovation and insight with cloud data

STG211-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 30 2021 11:30:00 -0500

Every business is a data business, and data is growing at an unprecedented rate. Modern data use needs innovative storage infrastructure to scale and integrate with next-generation applications, like machine learning, that are powering businesses. In this session, learn how to build modern data architectures that scale without limit, respond with agility to unexpected pivots in demand, and fuel innovations with data-driven insights using the AWS storage portfolio and latest launches.

For these veterans it’s simple—technology equals opportunity + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR011-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 12:00:00 -0500

Join an optical fiber splicing class at Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Seattle, taking place as part of our commitment to offer 29 million people access to free cloud computing and technical skills training by 2025. Military veterans share the opportunities they see for themselves with a career in tech after their military service has ended.

Building on 15 years of compute innovation

CMP218-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 30 2021 13:00:00 -0500

When Amazon EC2 launched in 2006, cellphones weren’t yet smart, and Raspberry Pi was something you ate for dessert. In this session, join Dave Brown, VP of Amazon EC2 Compute and Networking Services, as he looks back at the last 15 years and explores how key customer insights shaped the services AWS launches today. Learn how AWS continues to deliver on its vision to build the most secure, reliable, and innovative compute infrastructure that meets your needs both now and in the future. Plus, get a glimpse at new capabilities, with innovations in Amazon EC2 and edge and hybrid compute offerings.

Behind the Scenes: Three Square’s BackPack for Kids + SWAG counter bird’s-eye view

LFR012-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 13:00:00 -0500

Three Square’s BackPack for Kids program provides a lifeline for hungry children by supplying a bag of shelf-stable, ready-to-eat, kid-friendly meals. At re:Invent, our attendees will be packing backpacks full of shelf-stable meals that will feed approximately 3,000 Clark County School District children for an entire weekend.

| Brian Burton, President & CEO, Three Square
| Katelyn Frate, Senior Event Marketing Manager, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Opinions my own + Expo bird’s-eye view

LFR013-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 14:00:00 -0500

Corey Quinn sits down one-on-one with Head of DevOps Marketing Emily Freeman.

| Emily Freeman, Head of DevOps Product Marketing, AWS

| Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group

Live racing from the AWS DeepRacer Speedway at re:Invent 2021

DPR007, AWS DeepRacer

Airs live on November, 30 2021 14:00:00 -0500

Watch as racers compete for a chance to qualify for the 2022 Championships from the AWS DeepRacer Speedway at re:Invent.

To infinity and beyond: How AWS is powering the future

WPS212-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 30 2021 14:30:00 -0500

In this session, join Max Peterson, Vice President of AWS Worldwide Public Sector, as he provides a future outlook and shares how public sector organizations can continue to push boundaries, on Earth and beyond. Max highlights the latest trends and use cases, demonstrating how AWS customers continue to drive impact by using AWS services. He also discusses innovative advancements, including open data initiatives that provide new paths to space exploration, impacting our lives on Earth. This session also features customer speakers who share their groundbreaking stories on how they’re using the cloud to drive their missions.

Person on the Street: AWS Heroes + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR014-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 15:00:00 -0500

Learn who the AWS Heroes are and how to engage with them. Hear from AWS Heroes on their experiences and motivation.

| Chris Williams, Enterprise Architect, World Wide Technology
| Ivonne Roberts, Software Architect,
| Ross Barich, Principal Dev Community Manager, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Accelerating your serverless journey with AWS Lambda

SVS205-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 30 2021 16:00:00 -0500

A serverless strategy empowers organizations to minimize operations and maximize agility while lowering costs, and AWS Lambda supports this strategy. In this session, join David Richardson, VP of Serverless at AWS, as he outlines what AWS has learned about building for long-term success and scale with Lambda-centric applications. He’ll highlight how newly launched innovations support new workloads and how AWS continues to invest in features that make it easier to use the tools and standards you’re familiar with. Learn how and why hundreds of thousands of organizations, from the freshest startups to the most mature enterprises, build their futures on Lambda.

Person on the Street: AWS ID&E All Builders Welcome + SWAG counter bird’s-eye view

LFR015-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 16:00:00 -0500

Learn about opportunities to connect with global builders, leaders, and allies, and hear about innovation at the intersection of inclusion, diversity, and equity. Also, hear about AWS’s commitment for more equal representation in the tech world.

| De'Rell Bonner, Sr. Program Manager, ID&E AWS
| Jameka Pankey, Sr. ID&E BP, Operations Lead, AWS
| Kelly Schultz, Head of Event Content
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Person on the Street: Exploring the AWS booth + Expo bird’s-eye view

LFR016-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on November, 30 2021 17:00:00 -0500

Explore the Expo and check out demos at the AWS booth.

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with AWS Business Applications

BIZ212-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on November, 30 2021 17:30:00 -0500

Delighting customers has never been more foundational to an organization’s success. AWS Business Applications provides over a dozen flexible, intelligent, and easy-to-use services that can help drive success, including solutions for contact centers, communication and collaboration, remote work, and no-code applications. In this session, join Peter Hill, VP of Business Applications at AWS, as he details the latest AWS service innovations, and learn how you can empower your workforce to deliver exceptional experiences for your customers.

Live from re:Invent: Morning update + Bird’s-eye view

LFR017-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 01 2021 08:00:00 -0500

Rudy and Melissa recap yesterday’s top highlights and what to look forward to in today’s morning update.

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Transform your digital supply chain & procurement with AWS Marketplace

MKT205-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 01 2021 08:30:00 -0500

Large organizations buy software, data, and professional services from hundreds of vendors. CIOs want access to the best products from the best vendors and visibility into which products are used. Line of business owners want solutions to make teams as productive as possible. CFOs want cost-effective solutions. CISOs want secure solutions. Procurement leaders and legal teams need to manage and govern across multiple business units and IT teams. In this session, learn how AWS Marketplace is transforming the digital supply chain to provide organization leaders access to a wide selection of products at a cost-effective price, with the transparency and governance organizations need to operate their businesses at scale.

Swami Sivasubramanian Keynote

KYN003-AM, Keynotes

Airs live on December, 01 2021 08:30:00 -0500

Join Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President, Amazon Machine Learning, on an exploration of what it takes to put data in action with an end to end data strategy including the latest news on databases, analytics, and machine learning.

Top 10 announcements to drive growth and value

WPS211-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 01 2021 10:00:00 -0500

AWS Public Sector Partners continue to drive growth and value for public sector customers. This session details the AWS 3D 2022 vision with our partners driving results, driving innovation, driving together. Learn about migration case studies from first-rate partners, so we can raise the bar on results together, enabling customer missions. Innovation is in AWS’s DNA, and this session discusses how AWS innovates with partners to create solutions and technology (like AI/ML) and how this is accomplished by collaborating through programs, enablement, and go-to-market strategies. Join this session to learn how to drive your business forward into 2022.

Partner Feature: Deloitte + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR018-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 01 2021 11:00:00 -0500

As an organization that employs first responders and more than 1,000 veterans, former members of the armed services, and their spouses, Deloitte is committed to helping veterans and first responders. And Deloitte recognizes the important role service dogs play in the physical and mental health of first responders and veterans. At re:Invent 2021, we’re excited to welcome a local organization, Silver State Service Dogs, into our booth to raise awareness of the pivotal role service dogs play in serving and healing our community and helping cultivate a more productive, innovative, and inclusive workplace.

| Dr. Diane Villa, Founder of Silver State Service Dogs, Silver State Service Dogs
| Thomas Beck, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Modernize your data infrastructure at warp speed with AWS

DAT213-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 01 2021 11:30:00 -0500

Organizations are reinventing their businesses with data, and the first step is data infrastructure modernization. In this session, Jeff Carter, VP of Relational Databases at AWS, explains how AWS can help you modernize your data infrastructure at warp speed with automated migration tools, purpose-built databases, and integrations for analytics and ML. Then, Rob Ford, Director of Software Engineering at HBO Max, discusses how HBO picked the right database for each unique data requirement. Finally, John Chau, VP of Engineering Operations and IT at eHealth, highlights how eHealth’s migration from Oracle Database to Amazon Aurora was the key to their data center exit journey.

Behind the scenes: Building the event network + Expo bird’s-eye view

LFR019-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 01 2021 12:00:00 -0500

The AWS network team shares what it takes to build one of the largest temporary networks.

| Brian Searcy, Sr. Technical Program Manager, AWS

| Annie Hancock, Director Creative/Customer Experiences, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

AWS Networking: Making all workloads possible

NET216-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 01 2021 13:00:00 -0500

AWS Networking helps enable you to run any kind of workload in the cloud. In this session, join Dave Brown, VP of Amazon EC2 Compute and Networking Services, to learn how this is possible. Dave reviews the progress AWS made in the last year across networking and content delivery solutions, which are designed to be the most secure, have the highest network availability, deliver consistent high performance, and have the broadest global coverage. Dave also discusses new capabilities and how AWS customers are using our networking services to build on the AWS comprehensive network for all workloads.

Opinions my own + SWAG counter bird’s-eye view

LFR020-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 01 2021 13:00:00 -0500

Corey Quinn sits down one-on-one with VP of Engineering, Bill Vass.

| Bill Vass, VP, Engineering, AWS

| Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group

Person on the street: AWS Jams + Doodle wall bird’s-eye view

LFR021-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 01 2021 14:00:00 -0500

Learn how you can validate your skills by solving real-world scenarios at the AWS Jams.

| Nir Pilo, Experiences Sr. TPM, AWS Jams
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Reinvent your business for the future with AWS Analytics

ANT214-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 01 2021 14:30:00 -0500

The next wave of digital transformation will be data-driven, and organizations will have to reinvent themselves using data to make decisions quickly and gain faster and deeper insights to serve their customers. In this session, Rahul Pathak, VP of AWS Analytics, addresses the current state of analytics on AWS, focusing on the latest service innovations. Learn how you can put your data to work with the best of both data lakes and purpose-built data stores. Also, discover how AWS can help you build new experiences and reimagine old processes with a modern data architecture on AWS.

Peter DeSantis Keynote

KYN004-AM, Keynotes

Airs live on December, 01 2021 15:00:00 -0500

Join Peter DeSantis, Senior Vice President, Utility Computing and Apps, to learn how AWS has optimized its cloud infrastructure to run some of the world’s most demanding workloads and give your business a competitive edge.

Beautiful logic: machine learning meets art + Expo bird’s-eye view

LFR022-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 01 2021 15:00:00 -0500

Vice President of Machine Learning Swami Sivasubramanian and architect and artist Suchi Reddy dig into the nexus between art, creativity, and machine learning as they discuss the “me + you” sculpture part of the Smithsonian museum’s FUTURES exhibit that recently opened in Washington D.C.

Accelerate innovation with machine learning

AIM212-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 01 2021 16:00:00 -0500

With the rise in compute power and data proliferation, machine learning has moved from the peripheral to being a core part of businesses and organizations across industries. AWS customers use machine learning and AI services to make accurate predictions, get deeper insights from their data, reduce operational overhead, improve customer experiences, and create entirely new lines of business. In this session, explore how AWS services can help you move from idea to production with machine learning.

Behind the scenes: Obliteride + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR023-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 01 2021 17:00:00 -0500

Join us in the Obliteride booth to learn how AWS is teaming up with Fred Hutch to raise awareness and funding to improve cancer prevention and advance treatment.

| Jim Birrell, Director, Obliteride, Fred Hutch
| Laurie Schmertz, Director of Corporate Engagement, Obliteride, Fred Hutch
| Shannon O'Fallon, Senior Event Marketing Manager, AWS
| Kelly Schultz, Head of Event Content
| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Ready, set, operate: The AWS Cloud operations model

COP218-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 01 2021 17:30:00 -0500

Operations are at the heart of driving success for organizations’ cloud migration and modernization journeys. AWS has spent more than a decade helping organizations move to and operate in the cloud. In this session, join Bill Vass, VP of Engineering – Storage, Automation, and Management at AWS, as he explains how the AWS Cloud operations model can help you build securely and successfully in the cloud—whether in on-premises, cloud, edge, or hybrid environments. Discover how the cloud operations model can drive the business outcomes you want, and learn how organizations have successfully used the cloud operations model to speed up innovation.

Live from re:Invent: Morning update + Bird’s-eye view

LFR024-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 02 2021 08:00:00 -0500

Rudy and Melissa recap yesterday’s top highlights and what to look forward to in today’s morning update.

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Werner Vogels Keynote

KYN005-AM, Keynotes

Airs live on December, 02 2021 08:30:00 -0500

Join Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO,, as he goes behind the scenes to show how Amazon is solving today’s hardest technology problems. Based on his experience working with some of the largest and most successful applications in the world, Dr. Vogels shares his insights on building truly resilient architectures and what that means for the future of software development.

Behind the scenes: Getting ready for re:Play + SWAG counter bird’s-eye view

LFR025-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 02 2021 11:00:00 -0500

Go behind the scenes with Annie as the team sets up for an unforgettable re:Play.

| Nicole Bomar, Sr Manager, Creative Events, AWS

| Annie Hancock, Director Creative/Customer Experiences, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Closing the loop: Innovating with IoT on AWS

IOT207-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 02 2021 11:30:00 -0500

By unlocking data and control surfaces through connected devices, organizations are taking the first steps to reinvent their businesses with data. By using IoT technology as a gateway to big data analytics, image analytics, application modernization, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies are powering innovations to improve their customer experiences, optimize industry operations, increase vehicle safety, and protect their supply chains. In this session, learn how AWS is helping its customers send data to the cloud and send actionable insights back to the device to effectively close the loop and deliver business value.

Opinions my own + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR026-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 02 2021 12:00:00 -0500

Corey Quinn sits down one-on-one with VP of Amazon EC2, Dave Brown.

| Dave Brown, VP, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS

| Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, The Duckbill Group

Continuous security improvement: Strategies and tactics

SEC219-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 02 2021 13:00:00 -0500

In this session, Stephen Schmidt, Chief Information Security Officer at AWS, addresses best practices for security in the cloud, feature updates, and how AWS handles security internally. Discover the potential future of tooling for security, identity, privacy, and compliance.

Behind the Scenes: AWS and sustainability + Expo bird’s-eye view

LFR027-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 02 2021 13:00:00 -0500

Learn about AWS’s sustainability efforts and what the team is doing onsite to be more sustainable during re:Invent.

| Sarah Sleyman, AWS Sustainability Business Development Manager, AWS

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

Behind the Scenes: Transportation + Doodle Wall bird’s-eye view

LFR028-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 02 2021 14:00:00 -0500

Learn how the re:Invent team moves thousands of attendees across campus and about the technology behind it.

| Karina Collins, Senior Event Marketing Manager, AWS
| Gabrielle Genevich, Head of Event Technology, AWS

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
| Melissa Perincheril, FSI Account Representative, AWS

AWS powers edge-to-cloud solutions

IOT218-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 02 2021 14:30:00 -0500

AWS Cloud edge solutions deliver data processing, analysis, and storage close to your endpoints. In this session, learn how AWS customers are building high-performance applications that process and store data close to where it’s generated, thereby enabling intelligent, ultra-low-latency real-time responsiveness. Also, learn more about the new purpose-built edge capabilities announced at re:Invent 2021.

Person on the street: Customer interviews + Expo bird’s-eye view

LFR029-L/AM, Live From re:Invent

Airs live on December, 02 2021 15:00:00 -0500

Join Rudy as he interviews attendees about highlights from the week, what they learned, and must see sessions.

| Rudy Chetty, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Abstractions: Creating the best developer experience

DEV201-L-AM, Leadership Sessions

Airs live on December, 02 2021 16:00:00 -0500

In this session, join Ken Exner, Director of AWS Developer Tools, as he shares the state of the developer experience, productivity on AWS, and the future of development in the cloud. Ken discusses how developers can make the most of AWS’s practices and patterns for releasing software to the cloud. Additionally, Ken provides insights and updates across many areas of developer tooling, including high-level abstractions, the future of DevOps, automation and release, resiliency, and observability. Throughout this session, Ken also recaps recent launches and shows demos for some of the latest features.

##On Demand

Accelerate .NET 6 performance with Arm64 on AWS Graviton2

XNT303, .NET

In this session, learn how to achieve up to 30% more performance and 40% better price performance over comparable current-generation x86-based instances running .NET 6 applications on AWS Graviton2. Dive into the details on how to compile ASP.NET Core for Arm64 and deploy to Graviton2. Next, learn how to automate the deployment process with an Arm64-based CI/CD pipeline and benchmark a sample application on both Graviton2 and x86 instances to quantify the benefits. Finally, explore differences in threading strategies versus x86-based instances and other optimization techniques that will give you the confidence to build .NET 6 applications with Graviton2.

Build high-performance .NET serverless architectures on AWS

XNT401, .NET

Are your .NET serverless applications tuned for performance? In this session, learn AWS architectural best practices for .NET serverless applications that help you save development time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Also learn various serverless architectures and implementation design patterns for connecting NoSQL or relational data stores that will help optimize key performance capabilities, including cold-start times in .NET AWS Lambda functions.

Implementing observability for .NET apps on AWS

XNT302, .NET

Are you confident you can quickly identify service problems and resolve performance issues at scale? Isolating and remediating performance problems in the cloud, particularly with modern, distributed, microservice architectures is challenging. In this session, see how to implement observability for your .NET applications using logs, metrics, and traces that unlock your ability to build better systems and increase operational efficiency. Learn AWS best practices for implementing observability with services including Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, and AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry.

Modernizing .NET applications with purpose-built databases

XNT304, .NET

Do you want to get the most out of your existing .NET applications in terms of database performance, scalability, and value but don’t want to make wholesale changes to your application? Do you want to understand how moving to a key-value or search database can impact your code? AWS has 15 purpose-built databases that .NET developers can use to help supplement or completely replace traditional relational databases. In this session, learn how to take an existing .NET application and move a segment of the relational database to a purpose-built database.

What’s new with .NET development and deployment on AWS

XNT301, .NET

Developers are continually looking for ways improve deployments of .NET applications to reduce errors and increase productivity. New deployment tooling incorporates best AWS practices right from the start, providing you with recommendations and the optimal deployment option for your .NET application. Additional automation helps you create a repeatable deployment process for your application that you can store and share across teams and projects. In this session, see how deployments using a new set of open-sourced tools can help you more efficiently develop .NET applications and focus on application business logic to deliver well-architected cloud-native .NET applications.

Predictive audience scoring at scale with Amazon SageMaker

ADM302, Advertising and Marketing

In this session for data scientists, data engineers, and technology executives, learn from two customer case studies how to use Amazon SageMaker to build large-scale machine learning pipelines for audience scoring. First, see how Acxiom used SageMaker for propensity scoring with hundreds of millions of records and thousands of propensity models. Then, learn how AppsFlyer developed a predictive analytics solution to accurately predict mobile user lifetime value for iOS 14+ campaigns based on 1–24 hours of user interaction. Discover details on feature engineering, recommended models, best practices, lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid.

Under the hood at Amazon Ads

ADM301, Advertising and Marketing

In this session for technology executives and engineering leaders, get an exclusive look at how Amazon Ads uses AWS for campaign management, ad serving, ad events, and ad selection. Learn how Amazon Ads uses Amazon ElastiCache to perform 30 million key lookups per second with 500 million distributed keys and how they scale Amazon DynamoDB to prepare for massive traffic spikes on Prime Day. This session shares advanced ML and analytics use cases and provides an overview of how to use AWS for real-time personalization with streaming data. Learn from reference architectures, technical best practices, and lessons learned from serving hundreds of millions of ads per second.

Amazon Alexa for industry solutions

ALX201, Alexa

As voice AI becomes increasingly valuable, multifamily property managers need solutions to create and manage voice-enabled experiences at scale across their properties. In this session, learn how to build voice-enabled experiences with Amazon Alexa across residential properties to meet the growing demand for AI technologies.

What is the future of ambient computing?

ALX203, Alexa

As we continue to embrace artificial intelligence, we can see a new future for how people may live their lives. In this session, take a look at how ambient computing and AI can impact humanity for the better, as well as some of the advancements we can look forward to.

What’s new with Amazon Alexa

ALX202, Alexa

Every year, the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) grows in capabilities and features. With more than 130,000 published skills, ASK continues to push forward, making new opportunities for developers who want to build engaging voice experiences with Amazon Alexa. In this session, explore the latest trends in ambient computing, dive deep into some of the most innovative Alexa skills, and hear an overview of releases from the past year, including expansion to Arabic, advancements in Alexa Conversations, and new tools for developers.

Building better products for people of all identities

ABW002, All Builders Welcome

Join this session for a deep dive into inclusion in machine learning with a panel of AWS experts discussing the topic of responsible and inclusive machine learning. Learn to think and build responsibly and inclusively in AI/ML and how to mitigate bias in technology.

Cultivating diversity for greater business value & competitive edge (sponsored by Accenture)

ABW202-S, All Builders Welcome

As the speed of industry transformation and disruption accelerates, businesses are increasingly looking for a durable competitive edge. In this session, hear from Penelope Prett (CIO at Accenture) and Jason Bennett (Director for US West at AWS) as they discuss how diversity and cultivating inclusivity are enabling that edge and driving greater value for their teams and businesses. The conversation is hosted by Andy Tay, Accenture’s Global Lead for the Accenture AWS Business Group. This presentation is brought to you by Accenture, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Andrew Tay (Accenture), Penelope Prett (Accenture), Marykay Wells (Pearson), and Jason Bennett (AWS)

Emotional intelligence to supercharge your success

ABW006, All Builders Welcome

Professional success requires more than just IQ and “hard” skills. Research has shown that emotional intelligence actually accounts for the majority of your long-term success, even in technical roles. It’s the ability to remain calm under pressure and resilient in the face of adversity. It’s leading with empathy and inclusivity. It’s bringing out the best in others. In this session, learn how to increase your emotional intelligence so you can empower greater success for yourself and the people around you.

Fireside chat with STEM Gems author and founder Stephanie Espy

ABW210, All Builders Welcome

Representation of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) varies by field, but overall, women and certain ethnic groups remain significantly underrepresented in STEM careers—you can’t be what you can’t see. In this session, chemical engineer Stephanie Espy shares what propelled her to move from engineering to STEM education. Since making the switch, Stephanie has founded the academic coaching company MathSP and girls-in-STEM enrichment company STEM Gems to help students become more “STEM fluent” and to increase the diversity of those pursuing STEM degrees and careers. Join this session to learn more about Stephanie’s journey to guide, inspire, and empower the next generation of women in STEM.

Inclusivity, diversity and equity: Driving change from the top

ABW005, All Builders Welcome

Developing a diverse workforce and an opportunity-rich culture is integral to people doing their best work and essential to stronger business performance. In this session, learn about building environments where employees feel respected and empowered. It must be a priority at every level. All employees should have the agency and responsibility to drive change by making inclusivity, diversity and equity part of their everyday work. But if leaders aren’t talking about it (and practicing it daily), they can’t expect the team to do so. Learn how to take action by setting aggressive goals, regularly scrutinizing progress, and clearing roadblocks.

Machine learning opportunities for underrepresented groups

ABW001, All Builders Welcome

Machine learning (ML) is poised to transform virtually every industry. However, there are currently not enough trained ML developers to meet this demand, and far fewer from backgrounds that are underrepresented in tech. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, 97 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the future of work, such as roles for ML developers and practitioners. In this session, learn about best practices and opportunities to close this gap in your organization with experts from AWS and Girls in Tech.

Preparing diverse new talent for the modern cloud workforce

ABW003, All Builders Welcome

Many employers struggle to find diverse, qualified cloud talent. This is an opportunity for academia and industry to unite and prepare underrepresented minorities for the modern workforce. In this session, explore how academic institutions that serve minority students collaborate with AWS to build solutions that prepare women and underrepresented minority students for cloud roles. Employers Red River and Capgemini share how they work with AWS to bridge their IT skills gap to hire, train, and retain highly motivated talent. Learn how by working with AWS education programs, you can replicate their success and connect with hundreds of thousands of diverse learners around the world.

Using AWS to bridge the gap for underrepresented founders

ABW004, All Builders Welcome

Building a startup is challenging, especially for founders who are underrepresented in the technology startup world. Underrepresented founders are using the technology platform built for Amazon to build and scale their startups in a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient manner, accelerating their path to profitability. In this session, hear from founders in the AWS GovTechStart program who have rapidly increased their revenues with AWS services and go-to-market support.

Why unconscious bias is bad for business

ABW212, All Builders Welcome

Unconscious bias happens outside of our knowledge, awareness, or control—yet it has real consequences on our employees, customers, and communities. Over time, unconscious bias hinders an organization’s ability to successfully achieve its business objectives. This session unpacks why unconscious bias is bad for business and what we can do about it.

Youth development and outreach through technology and golf

ABW209, All Builders Welcome

In this session, learn how AWS and First Tee are partnering to help deliver on Amazon’s newest Leadership Principle—Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility—to provide ways to make our local communities and future generations better. See how First Tee is seamlessly integrating the game of golf with a life skills curriculum to create active learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience for kids. Hear about AWS and First Tee’s joint outreach and public awareness campaign to educate Amazonians, partners, and customers on what First Tee is; First Tee’s needs for volunteers, involvement, and donations; and STEM curriculum within First Tee’s associated 10,000 schools and summer camps.

Driving sustainable operations at Amazon and Climate Pledge Arena


As Amazon works toward a net-zero carbon goal, the organization is designing buildings that enable improvement in the resource efficiency of facilities and prioritize the health and wellness of occupants. Learn how AWS Professional Services and Amazon Sustainability teams are using AWS services to ingest and analyze energy, water, and air-quality data and build forecasting models. Amazon is also working with the Seattle Kraken to build solutions to help make Climate Pledge Arena the most progressive, responsible, and sustainable arena in the world. In this session, learn about carbon methodology, data discovery, security, and design patterns.

How Amazon migrated a large ecommerce platform to AWS Graviton


In this session, learn about the benefits that Amazon’s ecommerce Datapath platform (which is used by 1,400+ Amazon teams and runs at a scale of millions of TPS) has realized with AWS Graviton. With 25%–40% performance gains across 53,000 Amazon EC2 instances worldwide for Prime Day 2021, the Datapath team is lowering their internal costs with AWS Graviton’s improved price performance. Hear about the software updates that were needed and the testing approach that was used to optimize and validate the deployments. Finally, learn about the migration approach that the Datapath team used for their production deployment.

Lumos: Amazon’s internal, large-scale serverless payments system


Lumos is an intelligent, highly available secure vault for handling payment data, built using over 50 AWS services to store, protect, and transmit Amazon’s billions of payment transactions. Lumos replaced a custom, isolated, on-premises infrastructure required for achieving the security and scale for handling Amazon’s payments. In this session, learn how Amazon Payments built a secure, PCI-DSS certified, large-scale cloud-native solution using AWS and how Lumos simplified the architecture, reduced PCI scope and infrastructure maintenance cost, and improved availability and redundancy for Amazon.

MLOps at Amazon: How to productionize ML workloads at scale


Many organizations have started to optimize their ML workload deployments using MLOps mechanisms. Learn how this works in the real world and how Amazon enabled the automation and reusability of ML solutions across a number of different business workloads—from optimizing product search results on to running its transportation network and ensuring faster delivery times. In this session, discover how to reduce production-level ML infrastructure delivery time from weeks to hours (with specific data and examples from Amazon) and how these mechanisms enable data scientists to focus on innovation instead of infrastructure, allowing them to easily reuse or generate new ML solutions.

A road map for scaling your enterprise data and analytics strategy (sponsored by Tableau)

ANT212-S, Analytics

The Tableau platform on AWS is continuously evolving to drive your corporate analytics and data governance strategy at scale. This session explores how Tableau innovation impacts how you curate and govern data while managing the platform for self-service analytics at scale, including capabilities from centralized security to enterprise architecture, resource management, and dynamic scaling container architecture. This presentation is brought to you by Tableau, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Kevin Glover (Tableau)

Bold plans, big results: Johnson & Johnson’s data warehouse migration (sponsored by Teradata)

ANT210-S, Analytics

It’s a pretty big deal when a massive organization like Johnson & Johnson migrates its entire enterprise data warehouse to the cloud. Johnson & Johnson’s bold, all-in approach meant loading all applications at once and aggressively moving forward with the goals of better performance, reduced costs, and superior scalability. How can a company balance the risks of organizational disruption with the rewards of ecosystem innovation? Simple—with careful planning, diligent execution, and relentless validation. In this session, learn how Johnson & Johnson is converting its on-premises enterprise data warehouse into a modern cloud showpiece, successfully shifting big challenges into big results with Teradata Vantage on AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Teradata, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Vidya Rao (Teradata) and Irfan Siddiqui (Johnson & Johnson)

Connect real-time data to Amazon Redshift with Confluent (sponsored by Confluent)

ANT209-S, Analytics

Lifting and shifting your traditional data warehouse to Amazon Redshift can take a significant time investment. Join this session to learn how Confluent and Apache Kafka can help accelerate your data-led migration to AWS by building a secure connection across the cloud and hybrid environments. Learn how to connect on-premises and multi-cloud data to Amazon Redshift, process that data in stream before it reaches Amazon Redshift to manage costs and improve performance, and connect your Amazon Redshift data to any application to power high-throughput, low-latency, real-time analytics and applications. This presentation is brought to you by Confluent, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Joseph Morais (Confluent) and TJ Laher (Confluent)

Data lakes: Easily build, secure, and share data with AWS Lake Formation

ANT318, Analytics

Organizations are breaking down data silos and building petabyte-scale data lakes on AWS to democratize access to thousands of end users. In this session, learn about recent innovations in AWS Lake Formation that make it easy to build, secure, and manage your data lakes. Hear how an AWS customer built their data mesh architecture using Lake Formation to share data across their lines of business and inform data-driven decisions.

Democratizing data for self-service analytics and ML

ANT303, Analytics

Access to all your data for fast analytics at scale is foundational for 360-degree projects involving data engineers, database developers, data analysts, data scientists, BI professionals, and the line of business. In this session, learn how easy-to-use ML can help your organization imagine new products or services, transform your customer experiences, streamline your business operations, and improve your decision-making. A secure, integrated platform that’s easy to use and supports nonproprietary data formats can improve collaboration through data sharing and can also improve customer responsiveness. Learn how AWS developer tools, including Data API, and native support for semi-structured data using standard SQL commands can improve software time to market.

Hot, fresh, and fast: Brinker’s recipe for analytics success (sponsored by Teradata)

ANT211-S, Analytics

With thousands of choices available, achieving ongoing success in the restaurant industry is more than magic. For Brinker (NYSE: EAT), one of the world’s leading casual dining restaurant companies with over 1,650 Chili’s Grill & Bar and Maggiano’s Little Italy locations worldwide, the secret sauce is advanced analytics. Migrating the enterprise data warehouse from farm to table (that is, on premises to cloud) is just the start. A “balanced meal” also includes 500,000 daily queries and a full helping of Python and machine learning to optimize scheduling and boost guest satisfaction. In this session, discover how Teradata Vantage on AWS helps Brinker’s challenges disappear. This presentation is brought to you by Teradata, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Regina Manfredi (Teradata), Mark Abramson (Brinker International, Inc.), and Jey Vell (AWS)

How Coinbase uses Amazon MSK as an event store for applications

ANT316, Analytics

In this session, learn how focusing on security, availability, and customer obsession has translated into operational excellence and product innovations with Amazon MSK, a managed service for Apache Kafka. This session features cryptocurrency exchange company Coinbase’s experience managing streaming events and analyzing billions of daily cryptocurrency transactions with Amazon MSK. Dive into Coinbase’s event streaming architecture to learn how it leverages Amazon MSK as an enterprise event bus to ingest and analyze a huge scale of events from users, applications, databases, and cryptocurrency sources across products.

How the NFL Raiders became analytics champions in Las Vegas (sponsored by Matillion)

ANT213-S, Analytics

When the NFL Raiders relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, they saw nothing but opportunity—a new and dynamic target market in one of the world’s biggest tourism industries, exciting partnership potential, and a new local fan base to win over. But, the team’s small analytics group suddenly needed a highly flexible technology stack with accessible interfaces to help them search for answers in this new environment. In this session, learn how they partnered with Data Clymer’s team of experts to build a new customer data solution on Matillion, Snowflake, and AWS that helps them win conversions and achieve success in their new market. This presentation is brought to you by Matillion, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Jonathan Martinez (Las Vegas Raiders) and Aron Clymer (Data Clymer)

How VMware uses Amazon Kinesis to keep customers safe from cyberattacks

ANT310, Analytics

Streaming data with Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is an easy and cost-effective way to capture data from hundreds of thousands of sources and make it available for analysis in milliseconds. VMware Carbon Black’s cloud-native intelligent threat detection system uses Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and other AWS services. Join this session to dive deep into how VMware Carbon Black, a leader in cybersecurity, processes trillions of events per day to uncover concerning behavioral patterns and detect and prevent cybersecurity risks. VMware Carbon Black shares lessons learned while scaling its multi-tenant streaming data infrastructure and best practices for cost-effective data processing in real time.

Introduction to AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift

ANT215, Analytics

AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift allows you to combine third-party data found on AWS Data Exchange with your own data from your Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse, requiring no ETL and accelerating time to value. AWS Data Exchange allows an organization’s line of business to immediately access and analyze a provider’s data once access has been granted, eliminating the need to depend on IT teams to provision the necessary data. Data providers can license access to their Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouses or allow subscribers to download files from Amazon S3 with no heavy lifting.

Serverless data integration with AWS Glue

ANT317, Analytics

The first step in an analytics or machine learning project is to prepare your data to obtain quality results. AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that makes data preparation simpler, faster, and cheaper. In this session, learn about the latest innovations in AWS Glue and hear how an AWS customer uses AWS Glue to enable self-service data preparation across their organization.

What’s new with Amazon Athena

ANT307, Analytics

Amazon Athena is a highly scalable analytics service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 and other data stores. Amazon Athena is serverless, so there is no infrastructure to manage, and you pay only for the queries that you run. This session offers a deep dive into the service, customer use cases, best practices, newly launched features, and what is next for Amazon Athena.

What’s new with Amazon EMR

ANT202, Analytics

Amazon EMR simplifies running open-source data processing applications such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, and Presto on AWS, enabling users to run ETL, ML, real-time processing, data science, and low-latency SQL at petabyte scale. This session covers the latest on Amazon EMR and how Amazon EMR runtimes provide excellent performance to open-source versions of such engines without breaking API compatibility. Discover how Amazon EMR Studio and Amazon SageMaker Studio simplify building applications and pipelines for data scientists and engineers. Learn how to add support for transactions and real-time streams in data lakes with Apache Hudi and Apache Iceberg. See how to enforce fine-grained access control over data in Amazon S3.

What’s new in Amazon OpenSearch Service

ANT203, Analytics

Amazon OpenSearch Service, successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES), is a fully managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, and run OpenSearch and Apache 2.0-licensed Elasticsearch clusters cost-effectively at scale. The OpenSearch project is a community-driven, open-source fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana. This session discusses customer use cases, best practices, and newly launched features. In addition, it discusses how AWS has made the move to OpenSearch seamless and what to expect going forward.

Application integration patterns for microservices

API201, Application Integration

An implication of applying the microservices architectural style is that a lot of communication between components is done over the network. In order to achieve the full capabilities of microservices, this communication needs to happen in a loosely coupled manner. In this session, explore some fundamental application integration patterns based on messaging and connect them to real-world use cases in a microservices scenario. Also, learn some of the benefits that asynchronous messaging can have over REST APIs for communication between microservices.

Building modern cloud applications? Think integration

API308, Application Integration

Modern cloud applications based on serverless or microservices architectures are typically fine-grained, distributed, and interconnected. Connections between components define important characteristics like scalability, availability, and coupling. In this session, learn how AWS serverless and application integration tools make these connections explicit, automatable, and manageable. Drawing on 20 years of design patterns for asynchronous and event-driven architectures, AWS Enterprise Strategist and author of Enterprise Integration Patterns Gregor Hohpe will show you why the “lines” (integrations) are just as important as the “boxes” (the components).

Building next-gen applications with event-driven architectures

API304, Application Integration

Many difficult problems in modern enterprise workloads can be solved with event-driven architectures. It can also be challenging to work with large amounts of data in different data stores and locations. Teams building microservices architecture often find that integration with other applications and external services can make their workloads more monolithic and tightly coupled. In this session, learn how to use event-based architecture to decouple and decentralize application components. You can use AWS messaging services to connect microservices and coordinate data flow, using minimal custom code.

Using an event-driven application pattern to improve customer experience

API202, Application Integration

In this session, learn how to use location capabilities such as tracking, geofencing, routing, map visualization, and geocoding in your serverless applications in a way that is secure, protects the privacy of your users, is scalable, and improves your customer experience. With Amazon Fresh, Amazon’s grocery pickup service, as an example application, discover how to estimate customer arrival time and direct staff and customers using Amazon EventBridge, AWS Lambda, Amazon Location, Amazon SQS, and AWS Amplify.

Amazon EKS SaaS deep dive: A multi-tenant EKS SaaS solution

ARC402, Architecture

Amazon EKS provides SaaS developers with a rich collection of constructs that can be used to compose a SaaS architecture. Navigating the mix of multi-tenant Amazon EKS patterns and strategies can be challenging. In this session, dig into a complete, end-to-end Amazon EKS SaaS reference solution, looking at how it addresses fundamental multi-tenant considerations. Examine its approach to core SaaS topics, including tenant isolation, identity, onboarding, tenant administration, and data partitioning. The goal is to explore an Amazon EKS SaaS architecture through the lens of working code and highlight the key architectural strategies that were used in this reference environment.

Architecting for sustainability

ARC325, Architecture

AWS is focused on efficiency in every aspect of our infrastructure, and builders can accelerate the sustainability of their workloads through optimization and informed architecture patterns. This session dives deep into techniques recommended by the AWS Well-Architected Framework and provides direction on reducing the energy and carbon impact of AWS architectures. Learn about user patterns, software design, and AWS service considerations, which organizations of any size can apply to their workloads. As an example, discover how Starbucks optimized its Kubernetes cluster, increased spot usage, and focused on digital sustainability across the organization following an AWS sustainable architecture assessment.

Beyond five 9s: Lessons from our highest available data planes

ARC326, Architecture

Every AWS service is designed to be highly available, but a small number of what we call Tier 0 services get extra-special attention. In this session, discover how AWS has built and architected Amazon Route 53 and the AWS authentication system, which is designed to survive cataclysmic failures, enormous load increases, and more. Learn our approach to redundancy and resilience at the infrastructure, software, and team levels. Explore how teams tasked with keeping the internet running manage themselves and keep up with the pace of change that AWS customers demand.

Build a high-throughput asset-tracking architecture

ARC309, Architecture

Industry leaders are well aware of how geospatial data can help them optimize asset utilization, deliveries, geomarketing, and many other use cases. However, the process of tracking assets effectively presents challenges that go beyond the business level. This session uses vehicle tracking as an example to show how you can architect a serverless solution that tackles the technical challenges that this topic conventionally presents, including scalability, complexity, and real-time aspects.

Building production-ready prototypes

ARC330, Architecture

Did your prototype convince leadership to move forward but gloss over details like exception handling, least-privilege access, continuous delivery, and monitoring? Provisioning prototypes can involve error-prone manual actions, custom scripts, templates, and domain-specific languages. AWS CDK and AWS Solutions Constructs allow rapid development based on reusable components that implement common architecture patterns. Constructs are built on top of the AWS CDK and can be combined to implement complex architectures that follow AWS Well-Architected Framework principles. You don’t have to choose between doing it fast and doing it right—in this session, learn how to do both.

Confluent at the edge on AWS (sponsored by Confluent)

ARC328-S, Architecture

In this session, learn about an architecture that uses Confluent technology and AWS edge services, such as AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, AWS Local Zones, and AWS Snowball, to run data-in-motion and event-based applications at the edge easier and faster. Confluent for Kubernetes is a tool that makes deploying Confluent to multiple Kubernetes systems at the edge extremely manageable. Discover how to use Cluster Linking, Confluent’s latest replication technology, between Confluent clusters at the edge and Confluent Cloud clusters in AWS Regions, unlocking numerous possibilities downstream with other AWS or ISV services. This presentation is brought to you by Confluent, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Joseph Morais (Confluent), Justin Lee (Confluent), and Jobin George (AWS)

Evolutionary AWS Lambda functions with hexagonal architecture

ARC302, Architecture

The hexagonal architecture, or ports and adapters architecture, is an architectural pattern used for creating loosely coupled application components that can be easily connected to their software environment. This makes components exchangeable at any level and facilitates test automation. In this breakout session, learn how AWS Lambda provides the virtually perfect environment to work with hexagonal architecture, allowing the flexibility to change the computational layer when porting across cloud services.

Inside a working serverless SaaS reference solution

ARC405, Architecture

The serverless SaaS model presents architects and developers with a range of new multi-tenant design considerations. How do you implement tenant isolation in an AWS Lambda environment? How do you support tiering and noisy-neighbor conditions? How do you build multi-tenant-aware microservices in a serverless model? These are among the topics explored in this session, which covers a reference solution. Consider the code, design, and architecture strategies used to construct a serverless SaaS environment (highlighting key considerations and tradeoffs).

Reliability, consistency, and confidence through immutability

ARC331, Architecture

Immutable infrastructure is a model in which no updates, security patches, or configuration changes happen “in place” on production systems. If any change is needed, a new version of the architecture is built and deployed. Because changes aren’t allowed in immutable infrastructure, you can be confident in the deployed system. Immutable infrastructures are more consistent, reliable, and predictable, and they simplify many aspects of software development and operations by preventing common issues related to mutability. In this session, dive deep into the topic to learn why immutable infrastructure is essential in cloud architecture.

Reliable scalability: How scales in the cloud

ARC201, Architecture launched in 1995 with a modest architecture and a grand vision to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Learn how got big fast, and see their evolution from a monolithic architecture to a massively scalable system based on service-oriented architecture and microservices. With examples of real-world production workloads from, Ring, and Prime Video, learn how Amazon uses mechanisms to review and test cloud workloads at scale, and how they reliably process millions of transactions per day using the elasticity of the AWS Cloud. Come see how uses AWS to achieve customer obsession at scale.

Remote workforce cloud migration patterns

ARC205, Architecture

Productive remote work is more critical to businesses than ever before. In this session, learn about remote workforce cloud migration patterns, such as virtual desktop, collaboration tooling, and cloud contact centers, following considerations and best practices from the AWS Well-Architected Framework. For each remote workforce pattern, consider the migration path, deployment approach, and application of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and review how these factors contributed to cost-effective, secure, and reliable systems on AWS. Also, hear about customer migration case studies using AWS for remote workforce solutions.

SaaS architecture patterns: From concept to implementation

ARC306, Architecture

SaaS architecture varies across domains, stacks, and customer requirements. However, there are well-defined patterns that must be addressed by SaaS solutions. Identity, onboarding, tenant isolation, data partitioning, tiering—these are among the patterns that, while implemented differently on AWS stacks and services, are core to most SaaS solutions. In this session, take a detailed dive into the landscape of these SaaS patterns. For each one, we’ll move from concept to implementation, looking at the permutations of architecture and code that are used to bring these patterns to life with different compute, storage, identity, networking, and management constructs.

Sustainability in AWS global infrastructure

ARC206, Architecture

The global cloud infrastructure helps customers build reliable, available, secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant applications. AWS is also committed to innovating in sustainability as the organization works toward Amazon’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon by 2040. In this session, learn how AWS continues to increase efficiency across their operations and review progress toward the goal of powering operations with 100% renewable energy. Also, hear an update on water stewardship programs at AWS and explore how AWS InCommunities is making a positive impact in the regions where AWS global infrastructure is built and operated.

The architect elevator: Connecting IT and the boardroom

ARC207, Architecture

Today’s successful systems architects forge a connection between an organization’s strategy, its technology choices, and its operational capabilities. Building executive awareness and securing buy-in requires you to communicate technical decisions and trade-offs clearly without confusing or lecturing your audience. This session prepares architects to “ride the elevator” between the IT engine room, where software is built, and the boardroom, where executive decisions are made. Learn from customer examples how developing a deeper understanding of a system’s architecture allows you to communicate clearly to a diverse set of stakeholders.

3DAT: New technology for athletetic training and live insights (sponsored by Intel)

AIM211-S, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In this session, learn how Intel’s 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT) technology, running on AWS scalable architecture, is revolutionizing how we train, coach, and scout athletes worldwide. Discover how, using AI modeling and any camera, 3DAT can extract information about the form and motion of athletes that go undetected by the naked eye, making biomechanics more accessible than ever before. Talent scouting app AiSCOUT uses 3DAT to provide opportunities for amateur soccer players across the globe to be scouted using only the player’s mobile phone—and this is just the beginning. Learn how you can use Intel’s 3DAT cloud SDK and API to deploy new applications. This presentation is brought to you by Intel, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Jonathan Lee (Intel), Richard Felton-Thomas (AiSCOUT), and Saman Sarraf (AWS)

Achieve high performance and cost-effective model deployment

AIM408, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

To maximize your ML investments, high performance and cost-effective techniques are needed to scale model deployments. In this session, learn about the deployment options available in Amazon SageMaker, including optimized infrastructure choices; real-time, asynchronous, and batch inferences; multi-container endpoints; multi-model endpoints; auto scaling; model monitoring; and CI/CD integration for your ML workloads. Discover how to choose a better inference option for your ML use case. Then, hear from Goldman Sachs about how they use Amazon SageMaker for fast, low-latency, and scalable deployments to provide relevant research content recommendations for their clients.

AI/ML for sustainability innovation: Insight at the edge

AIM207, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As climate change, wildlife conservation, public health, racial and economic equity, and new energy solutions become increasingly interdependent, scalable solutions are needed for actionable analysis at the intersection of these fields. In this session, learn how the power of AI/ML and IoT can be brought as close as possible to the challenging edge environments that provide data to create these insights. Also learn how AWS puts AI/ML in the hands of the largest-scale fisheries on the planet and how organizations can leverage data to support more sustainable, resilient supply chains.

Build standout user experiences using ML with Amazon Personalize

AIM204, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Personalizing content for a customer online is key to breaking through the noise. Yet, brands face challenges that often prevent them from providing these seamless, relevant experiences. Learn how easy it is to use Amazon Personalize to tailor product and content recommendations to ensure that your users are getting the content they want, leading to increased engagement and retention.

CoWIN: 1.3 billion lives safe (sponsored by Intel)

AIM327-S, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Technology has proven to be a game changer in helping us overcome the COVID-19 crisis. The CoWIN vaccination platform in India is supporting possibly the largest vaccination drive in mankind, protecting Indians by providing easy and democratized access to vaccines. In this session, learn how the platform at its peak scaled to more than 3.2 billion hits a day, all made possible through the scalability of the AWS Cloud and Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Hear how this project is a strong testament to the power of the collaboration between AWS, Intel, partners, and customers. This presentation is brought to you by Intel, an AWS Partner.

Get started with AWS computer vision services

AIM202, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This session provides an overview of AWS computer vision services and demonstrates how these pretrained and customizable machine learning (ML) capabilities can help you get started quickly—no ML expertise required. Learn how to deploy these models onto the device of your choice to run an inference locally or use cloud APIs for your specific computing needs. Learn first-hand how Shutterstock uses the AWS computer vision services to create performance at scale for media analysis, content moderation, and quality inspection use cases.

How Bloomberg invested in smarter search with Amazon Kendra

AIM206, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Many companies struggle to validate new search paradigms alongside incumbent solutions because they have benefited from years of investment, customization, and user socialization. In this session, find out how Bloomberg used Amazon Kendra to build an ML-based search engine for a specific content set without needing to integrate with the legacy search infrastructure. Also, discover how Amazon Kendra fits into Bloomberg’s product development strategy, how they implemented Amazon Kendra, and their experience working with the service, including implementation challenges and solutions using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB.

How Pitney Bowes uses Snowflake and SageMaker for on-time delivery (sponsored by Snowflake)

AIM326-S, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Widespread store closures, among other factors, have caused a huge surge in ecommerce demand, which required Pitney Bowes to manage five times their shipment volumes across their US facilities. Scaling within months required a new approach to operational excellence in terms of staff planning and facility capacity management. In this session, learn how Pitney Bowes quickly met rapidly growing demand while continuing to meet their on-time delivery promise by using machine learning with the Snowflake Data Cloud and Amazon SageMaker. This presentation is sponsored by Snowflake, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Vishal Shah (Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud)

How Zillow and Genesys are transforming customer conversations

AIM205, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Adding intelligence to your call center can help you personalize every customer interaction, help you better understand your customer, and improve overall customer satisfaction. In this session, Zillow and Genesys share how they implemented AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions to provide self-service automation, real-time call analytics to assist agents, and post-call analytics. See firsthand how AWS CCI enables them to better understand their customer journey, equip agents with the knowledge they need, and provide customers with effective answers to their questions.

Implementing MLOps practices with Amazon SageMaker, featuring Vanguard

AIM320, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Implementing MLOps practices helps data scientists and operations engineers collaborate to prepare, build, train, deploy, and manage models at scale. During this session, explore the breadth of MLOps features in Amazon SageMaker that help you provision consistent model development environments, automate ML workflows, implement CI/CD pipelines for ML, monitor models in production, and standardize model governance capabilities. Then, hear from Vanguard as they share their journey enabling MLOps to achieve ML at scale for their polyglot model development platforms using Amazon SageMaker features, including SageMaker projects, SageMaker Pipelines, SageMaker Model Registry, and SageMaker Model Monitor.

Learn how Aon turned documents into insights with AWS AI services

AIM203, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Learn how organizations worldwide are leveraging intelligent document processing (IDP) to automate manual document-based activities, enabling them to process millions of documents in hours and automating low-value tasks to improve data management and customer satisfaction. In this session, hear from Aon’s CTO about how they processed thousands of documents in seconds in order to audit the critical information locked inside.

Make sense of your health data with Amazon HealthLake

AIM201, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Health data is frequently incomplete and inconsistent. It is often unstructured, with information contained in clinical notes, laboratory reports, insurance claims, medical images, and recorded conversations across disparate formats and systems. In this session, learn how Amazon HealthLake can help you make sense of health data. Discover how AWS Partners and customers, from population health management to care infrastructure, are finding new ways to apply machine learning technology and unlock new insights to improve care.

Port of Vancouver: Improving supply chain visibility (sponsored by Deloitte)

AIM208-S, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As Canada’s largest port and the third-largest port in North America, the Port of Vancouver needed to overhaul its container examination process because it was a major source of challenges across the network. Join this session to learn how the Port of Vancouver used a blockchain application integrated with AWS Panorama to help identify and track containers, feed real-time data into the blockchain system, enable proper assignment of cost, and identify efficiency improvement opportunities. Discover how other AWS services, such as Amazon SageMaker, Amazon QuickSight, AWS IoT Core, and more, were also used to deliver the data and insights, while meeting privacy, security, and data residency requirements. This presentation is brought to you by Deloitte, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Don MacPherson (Deloitte Canada) and Greg Rogge (Port of Vancouver)

Prepare data for ML with ease, speed, and accuracy

AIM319, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Join this session to learn how to prepare data for ML in minutes using Amazon SageMaker. SageMaker offers tools to simplify data preparation so that you can label, prepare, and understand your data. Walk through a complete data-preparation workflow, including how to label training datasets using SageMaker Ground Truth as well as how to extract data from multiple data sources, transform it using the prebuilt visualization templates in SageMaker Data Wrangler, and create model features. Also, learn how to improve efficiency by using SageMaker Feature Store to create a repository to store, retrieve, and share features.

The sunset for data warehouses and rise of the data lakehouse (sponsored by Databricks)

AIM209-S, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The data warehouse era is ending. The data lake house has emerged as the new data platform for the cloud by providing one unified platform for both traditional analytics and machine learning. A lake house architecture combines the performance, reliability, and governance of data warehouses, with the low cost and open approach of a data lake. Users have achieved 48 times faster data processing and significantly improved collaboration, leading to 50 percent faster time to insight after implementing a lake house on their Amazon S3 data lake. In this session, discover how companies are implementing a lake house on AWS today, and the problems it has solved for them. This presentation is brought to you by Databricks, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Joel Minnick (Databricks), Franco Patano (Databricks), and Greg Rokita (

Train ML models at scale with Amazon SageMaker, featuring Aurora

AIM407, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Today, AWS customers use Amazon SageMaker to train and tune millions of machine learning (ML) models with billions of parameters. In this session, learn about advanced SageMaker capabilities that can help you manage large-scale model training and tuning, such as distributed training, automatic model tuning, optimizations for deep learning algorithms, debugging, profiling, and model checkpointing, so that even the largest ML models can be trained in record time for the lowest cost. Then, hear from Aurora, a self-driving vehicle technology company, on how they use SageMaker training capabilities to train large perception models for autonomous driving using massive amounts of images, video, and 3D point cloud data.

Use AutoML to create high-quality models

AIM321, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Join this session to learn about AutoML on AWS and to get an overview of the AWS options for AutoML, including AutoGluon, an open-source library for AutoML. Also, learn how to use Amazon SageMaker Autopilot to automatically build the best machine learning (ML) model based on your dataset. SageMaker Autopilot automatically trains and tunes hundreds of ML models and helps you pick the best model for your use case. You don’t need to have a deep background in ML to get started fast. Simply provide your dataset, and SageMaker Autopilot takes care of the heavy lifting, including preparing features, testing algorithms, and optimizing hundreds of model parameters.

Use SageMaker to develop ML models faster, featuring Qualtrics

AIM301, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker offers purpose-built tools for the complete machine learning (ML) lifecycle to help data scientists and ML practitioners build, train, and deploy high-quality ML models quickly. In this session, learn how to use SageMaker for data labeling, data preparation, feature engineering, statistical bias detection, training, tuning, deployment, monitoring, MLOps, and human review. Then, hear from Qualtrics on how they achieved an ML platform that caters to the complete ML lifecycle using SageMaker capabilities for a variety of use cases, including natural language processing, recommendations, time-series prediction, and more.

AWS for autonomous driving with Aurora Innovation

AUT201, Automotive

The technology company Aurora is a leader in self-driving technologies. AWS provides Aurora with an edge-to-cloud infrastructure and services to host and run its demanding workflows. In this session, Aurora shares some of those workflows and explains how they use AWS to ingest and analyze massive quantities of data, achieve rapid machine learning model training, and run millions of simulated miles per day. Developing self-driving technologies is not a solo exercise. Learn how by using Aurora technologies and AWS open-standard constructs like data lakes and cosimulation, the two companies can help an ecosystem of partners and customers collaborate in the cloud.

Developing a platform for software-defined vehicles

AUT304, Automotive

Join this session to learn how Continental is accelerating the speed of innovation in automotive software with AWS. Decoupling software and hardware development, while ensuring a seamless deployment of software functions to vehicle hardware, is key as the industry moves from hundreds of discrete ECUs to high performance computing (HPC) vehicle architectures. With the Continental Automotive Edge Platform enabled by AWS IoT Greengrass, Continental offers OEMs a unified engineering platform to develop, integrate, and deploy software seamlessly from the cloud to the vehicle. Utilizing services including AWS Batch, AWS Fargate, and Amazon MWAA, Continental provides modern DevOps workflows for autonomous vehicle development.

Be prepared: Security is shifting left

COM303, AWS Community

In this session, learn about a variety of security topics that are increasingly relevant in a developer workflow. Discover security responsibilities related to AWS CodePipeline, which are more prevalent as GitOps is becoming more common. Dive deep into challenges with remote shell access (SSH/RDP), dangers of configuration drift, and benefits of immutable infrastructure. Learn about Amazon Inspector and how it can protect AMIs and instances. Finally, understand how to approach AWS Security Hub findings.

Building data lakes in highly regulated markets

COM204, AWS Community

Building a data lake on historic weather information is easy. Building a data lake for a bank in Europe or the government is a different matter. In this session, learn best practices implemented for customers in highly regulated markets. Dive deep into the overall architecture of a data lake built using cloud-native tools such as AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue. Finally, discover answers to questions such as which tools are used to ingest various data sources into a data lake? How do you clean the data and make sure all metadata is in place? How do you make a data lake GDPR compliant?

Drawing the New York City skyline with Amazon Aurora Serverless v2

COM202, AWS Community

While Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 scales by doubling capacity each time the DB cluster reaches a threshold, Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 increases incrementally to provide the ideal capacity for the resources consumed. In this session, ignoring standard load testing tools and simulation models, experience the ultimate test: if the new engine is more elastic and scales in a fraction of a second, is it possible to create a load where the database capacity plots the New York City skyline in Amazon CloudWatch? Is it possible to prove that the Aurora capacity unit (ACU) is really elastic? Join this session to find out.

Enable continuous delivery and resiliency for a static website

COM203, AWS Community

When you’ve successfully hosted a static website on Amazon S3, the next step is to establish continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) from your repository to the S3 bucket. The most important considerations are whether disaster recovery is in place and whether it is resilient. In this session, learn how to use AWS CodePipeline to establish continuous delivery for every commit into an AWS CodeCommit or GitHub repository. Then, learn how to set up cross-Region replication with an S3 bucket in another Region for disaster recovery, using an Amazon CloudFront origin group with a main and DR bucket as primary and secondary origins.

Improving traffic congestion with machine learning

COM301, AWS Community

When you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you might wonder why there isn’t a more efficient way to manage the growing number of vehicles on the road. Advances in computer vision and machine learning can now enable more intelligent and dynamic vehicle queues. In this session, learn about Smart Traffic, an emerging technology that serves to improve vehicle traffic throughput and relieve congestion. Discover how Cloud Brigade leverages multiple AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning services to solve this complex problem.

Productizing a serverless MVP

COM201, AWS Community

Finishing a minimum viable product (MVP) serverless application with its intricacies and challenges can be an exciting accomplishment. Once completed, what are the steps needed to productize your implementation? In this session, walk through the steps to productize an MVP. These can include performance-testing your AWS Lambda function, configuring your CI/CD pipeline, instrumenting observability, and most importantly, hardening your microservice to mitigate risk and help ensure least privilege.

Accelerate your team’s machine learning journey with AWS DeepRacer

DPR202, AWS DeepRacer

In this session, learn how organizations are using AWS DeepRacer to build an inclusive machine learning (ML) company culture, no matter where in the world teams are located. Discover how easy it is to build online, in-person, and hybrid employee events that foster organization-wide collaboration and competition with guided hands-on ML instruction. AWS DeepRacer is the fastest way to get your team started with ML. Utilizing a virtual 3D racing simulator, broadcasting tools, and 1/18th scale autonomous RC cars, AWS DeepRacer puts the fun in ML fundamentals.

DeepRacer 2021 Championship Cup Grand Prix

DPR006, AWS DeepRacer

Watch as the final 3 racers compete to be named the 2021 DeepRacer World Champion!

DeepRacer 2021 Championship Cup Head-to-Head Round

DPR005, AWS DeepRacer

Join us for the head-to-head round where the 16 remaining racers compete in double elimination races until the top 3 remain. The final 3 will go on to compete in the Grand Prix where our world champion will be crowned!

DeepRacer 2021 Championship Cup Knockout Rounds

DPR001, AWS DeepRacer

In the knockout rounds 40 competitors will compete over 4 object avoidance races. The top 4 of each race will advance on to the head-to-head round.

DeepRacer 2021 Championship Cup Knockout Rounds

DPR002, AWS DeepRacer

In the knockout rounds 40 competitors will compete over 4 object avoidance races. The top 4 of each race will advance on to the head-to-head round.

DeepRacer 2021 Championship Cup Knockout Rounds

DPR004, AWS DeepRacer

In the knockout rounds 40 competitors will compete over 4 object avoidance races. The top 4 of each race will advance on to the head-to-head round.

DeepRacer 2021 Championship Cup Knockout Rounds

DPR003, AWS DeepRacer

In the knockout rounds 40 competitors will compete over 4 object avoidance races. The top 4 of each race will advance on to the head-to-head round.

The AWS DeepRacer open-source robotics showcase

DPR203, AWS DeepRacer

In this session, learn to code, create, and collaborate with a global AWS DeepRacer GitHub community on AWS DeepRacer using open-source software. Join this session to see top AWS DeepRacer community members showcase their latest projects and use cases to inspire endless possibilities for programming your AWS DeepRacer device.

Transformation, modernization, and governance with AWS Marketplace

MKT202, AWS Marketplace

Navigating changing business needs and modernizing organizations at scale is no easy feat. In this session, learn how AWS Marketplace streamlines and accelerates your cloud modernization journey by making it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software and data solutions that run on AWS. Hear how AWS customers are creating agile organizations with cloud-driven modernization strategies that meet cross-functional technical and business objectives with solutions from AWS Marketplace. In addition, learn how AWS Marketplace accelerates innovation, simplifies procurement, improves governance controls, and optimizes costs to help ensure your organization is positioned for success in the future.

Use AWS Data Exchange to streamline data processing and analytics

MKT201, AWS Marketplace

In this session, Goldman Sachs discusses why they’ve decided to consume their financial data natively through AWS and how they’ve made data consumption and analytics more efficient and agile through AWS Data Exchange distribution methods. Hear also from FactSet leadership on why they’re moving their financial exchange data to the cloud and using AWS Data Exchange to make their data more easily accessible and usable for AWS customers.

Amazon Managed Blockchain: When to use blockchain

BLC201, Blockchain

Building enterprise blockchain applications on your own infrastructure is often expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Amazon Managed Blockchain makes it easy to build scalable blockchain applications by eliminating the need to set up and manage infrastructure, allowing you to focus on writing applications for your business. This session helps you identify if blockchain is a good solution for you and what type of blockchain is best suited for your use case. Also, hear customer stories from decentralized finance, financial services, automotive, aviation, gaming, public sector, sustainability, and more. Also hear from AWS customer Global Rockstar about their use case of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Level up your bug-fixing skills with AWS BugBust

BGB201, BugBust

While code reviews and bug bashes are common practices, teams are constantly looking for innovative and automated practices to fix bugs. In this session, discover how you can leverage AWS BugBust—the world’s first global competition for developers to collectively fix one million software bugs—to eliminate software errors and save millions of dollars for your organization. It’s game on for developers and game over for bugs.

15 years of AWS with Jeff Barr

BOA201, BuildOn.AWS

Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 are turning 15 this year, and Jeff Barr, VP and Chief Evangelist at AWS, has been at Amazon even longer! In this breakout session, have a chat with him about how AWS was born, how the developer experience has evolved over the years, and how customers keep surprising us with their amazing projects. Along the way, Jeff also answers questions sent by the developer community and shares lessons on how to best build on AWS.

Analyze time-series data in real time and in your data lake

BOA307, BuildOn.AWS

Time-series data can be found anywhere, from DevOps metrics to gaming applications and IoT devices. Traditional operational or analytical databases do not fit the time-series model and can be complex to manage and difficult to scale. On AWS, there are many purpose-built tools that can help. In this session, see how you can put these tools together, build an end-to-end solution integrated with your data lake, analyze data in real time, explore and query historical data, process data through a complex event platform, and publish results in a dashboard.

Build an app to find your next favorite brew

BOA302, BuildOn.AWS

Looking for your next favorite beer? By entering your preferences in our Craft Beer mobile app, you will instantly receive personalized recommendations generated by machine learning models. Your real-time feedback will be taken into account to improve future recommendations. In this session, learn how to build a mobile app backed by AWS Amplify, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Cognito, and more. With Amazon Location Service, you can even route users to the nearest location to try a brew.

Twelve-Factor apps on containers, running everywhere

BOA306, BuildOn.AWS

Whether you work in the cloud, on-premises, or using a hybrid architecture, implementing and managing container-based applications should not be a headache. In this session, learn how to use the Twelve-Factor methodology to make container-based applications easier to build and manage, more resilient, and more secure. Then, learn how to seamlessly and automatically deploy containers in the cloud, on-premises, and on a cluster of Raspberry Pis, using AWS and managing infrastructure as code.

Using events and workflows to build distributed applications

BOA301, BuildOn.AWS

Modern applications are built by connecting multiple services together. What is the best way to coordinate the work of these different services? A strict workflow-based orchestration enforced from the outside, or an event-driven choreography that tells each component what it should listen to and what events it can produce? In this breakout session, dive into the possible options, and the pros and cons in different contexts, using a reference application and services like Amazon EventBridge and AWS Step Functions.

Embed scalable communication services into applications with AWS

BIZ201, Business Apps

AWS Communication Developer Services, including Amazon SES, Amazon Chime SDK, and Amazon Pinpoint, allow developers to improve communication with their customers. In this session, learn how to enable secure, scalable customer communications across different use cases, including application-to-person (A2P), asynchronous, and real-time communications. Discover new innovations, customer stories, and tips for engaging customers around the world using email, SMS, push notifications, chat, audio, video, and voice over the PSTN. Companies of all sizes can benefit from AWS’s ongoing investment in availability and regulatory support across all communication channels, while only paying for what they use.

Hyperforce: The future of global enterprise with Salesforce and AWS (sponsored by Salesforce)

BIZ209-S, Business Apps

Salesforce is on the path to $50 billion on their new cloud-native platform Hyperforce. Running on AWS in 16 countries by the end of 2022, Hyperforce is meeting customers’ needs in all new ways—from solving data residency challenges to providing faster, more consistent delivery and end-to-end encryption. In this session, hear from the Salesforce experts and customers who are leading this journey, and learn how the Salesforce and AWS strategic partnership can help shape your company’s global enterprise strategy. This session is brought to you by Salesforce, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Emily Childs (Salesforce), Matthew Parin (Salesforce) and Ritchie Cotton (Valiant Finance)

Improve agent performance with ML-powered Amazon Connect

BIZ203, Business Apps

Your agents are at the core of every contact center interaction. With hundreds to hundreds of thousands of questions coming in every day, empowering your agents is critical to improving customer satisfaction. In this session, learn how Amazon Connect, powered by machine learning (ML), can improve agent performance (with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect) and productivity (with Amazon Connect Voice ID and Amazon Connect Wisdom). Also, discover how to build your own easy-to-use cloud contact center in just a few clicks, without the need for any technical expertise.

Improving CX with omnichannel contact center interactions

BIZ204, Business Apps

While customers expect natural and seamless conversations with their customer service team, delivering cohesive experiences can be challenging. In this session, learn how Amazon Connect, an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center, uses machine learning, automation, and inbound and outbound communication channels across voice and chat to improve business outcomes. Also, hear how to improve customer issue resolutions while saving contact center costs.

Launch your digital contact center with Salesforce and AWS (sponsored by Salesforce)

BIZ210-S, Business Apps

In this session, learn how to build your contact center for agility by integrating voice data with your CRM and digital channel conversation data. Hear from Sonos, NeuraFlash, Salesforce, and AWS about how to scale and automate your contact center to deliver better customer experiences. This session is brought to you by Salesforce, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Partick Beyries (Salesforce), Tom Hebner (Neuraflash), Randy Hand (AWS) and Dharam Rai (Sonos)

Uncover value using the SAP Business Technology Platform (sponsored by SAP)

BIZ211-S, Business Apps

Remove complexity with a guided journey through your business transformation with RISE with SAP. RISE includes SAP S/4HANA, Business Process Intelligence, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), SAP Business Network, and migration tools for faster time to value and accelerating process integration, optimization, and innovation. Join this session to explore how SAP BTP is deployed on AWS. Dive into data integration and ML/AI use cases to see how SAP BTP data management and federation capabilities deliver real-time insights using data from both SAP and AWS environments. This presentation is brought to you by SAP, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Anirban Majumdar (SAP) and Sivakumar N. (SAP Labs)

Unlock continuous CX innovation with Amazon Connect

BIZ202, Business Apps

Businesses must continuously innovate and adopt new processes to stay ahead of customer expectations. In this session, learn how Amazon Connect, an easy-to-use cloud-based contact center, can help you increase customer satisfaction by delivering an ongoing, scalable customer experience (CX) through continuous innovation. See demonstrations on new Amazon Connect features, and hear how customers have used our cloud contact center solution to reimagine CX at scale.

Enhance your apps with Amazon QuickSight embedded analytics

BSI203, Business Intelligence

Empower your users by embedding business analytics capabilities directly into your application. Amazon QuickSight embedded analytics seamlessly integrate into your application and enable your users to perform advanced analytics with capabilities such as one-time, or ad hoc, analyses and machine learning-based insights, providing you with new ways of monetizing and differentiating your applications. Join this session to learn about QuickSight’s new capabilities for embedding rich data visualizations within SaaS applications that provide governance and data security. The session also shows how QuickSight can be easily connected to your choice of data services including Amazon RDS, Amazon Athena, Amazon S3, or Amazon Redshift.

Modernize your BI and reporting with Amazon QuickSight

BSI202, Business Intelligence

Organizations increasingly strive to improve data literacy for all their employees and reduce dependence on IT and data scientists while gaining efficiency by moving to the cloud. Existing business intelligence tools can limit business users’ insight into their data. They can also limit IT departments’ ability to provide self-service analytics in a secure, scalable, and cost-efficient way. Join this session to learn how customers have modernized their advanced analytics, self-service, and reporting needs by migrating to Amazon QuickSight. With QuickSight, you only pay for what you use and are not required to manage any infrastructure.

Self-service analytics for everyone with ML-powered Amazon QuickSight Q

BSI201, Business Intelligence

In our increasingly fast-paced world, it is critical for companies to make data-driven business decisions quickly. In order to move fast, teams need the ability to answer business questions without relying on the time-consuming efforts of business intelligence (BI) teams. Amazon QuickSight Q is a machine learning-powered capability that uses natural language processing to answer business questions instantly in the form of a visual, without requiring authors to create visuals, dashboards, or analyses. In this session, the Amazon QuickSight team provides an overview of Q and guidance on how to get started with this new capability.

“用数据保护数据” - 构建云原生SIEM实时保护企业数据隐私

CHI307, Chinese

企业客户在上云过程中非常重视安全合规,特别是企业数据资产的安全性。本次分享将介绍名为"用数据保护数据"的安全数据湖方案。该方案基于亚马逊云科技云原生服务(OpenSearch,Kinesis,MSK,Security Hub,GuardDurty, WAF,Athena,SNS)及Prowler(开源安全基线配置工具),实时分析多个安全信息流,构建云原生SIEM(安全信息和事件管理)。客户信息安全团队应用此方案实时检测、跟踪和缓解数据隐私泄漏风险。


CHI401, Chinese



CHI201, Chinese

Longbridge是中国互联网证券机构,使用亚马逊云科技EMR、Athena、Glue、S3,集成开源的微众银行DataSphere Studio搭建数据治理平台,实现任务编程调度可视化、元数据管理、数据资产等功能。

原來 CDK Construct 可以這樣玩

CHI305, Chinese

Amazon CDK Constructs 是可重用、可組合的模塊,用於封裝資源和 Amazon CDK 應用程序的組件。 我們將演示如何構建 Constructs Libs,包括創建自定義的 Constructs Libs 並對其進行測試以自動滿足團隊的要求,例如可重用的 GitLab-runner。 我們還介紹瞭如何將 Constructs Libs 封裝到 npm、PyPI、maven、NuGet、Golang Package 中並部署到內部存儲庫或 Construct Hub,讓每個人都可以從您的工件中受益。合規性始終是企業工作負載中最熱門的話題,因此我們也將在本次會議中探討安全合規的話題。


CHI302, Chinese

深鉴智源是一家运行在亚马逊云科技中国区,为企业客户提供知识图谱服务的公司。他们帮助金融用户揭示企业间的竞争关系,为科研用户提供技术关联分析。在本次分享中,您将了解到“深鉴智源”如何在Inferentia 芯片上部署深度学习模型处理海量数据达成最佳性价比,如何利用Amazon Neptune快速检索大数据集突破性能瓶颈,如何利用AWS Lambda构建数据处理pipeline实现自动化。


CHI301, Chinese


构造Serverless物联网服务平台- TCL Serverless IoT案例分享

CHI306, Chinese

TCL电子在全球智能电视市场快速发展,2020年TV销量全球前三。这里将介绍TCL如何使用亚马逊云科技IoT和Serverless服务构造Serverless IoT平台,为用户提供智能交互体验。同时,我们也将分享TCL在构造Serverless Microservice方面的实战经验。


CHI308, Chinese

一个完整的机器学习项目不仅仅包含模型训练和推理,在端到端的流程当中,模型监控也是十分重要的环节。本次分享会结合行业当中的实际案例,探讨如何在亚马逊云科技中基于Amazon SageMaker一键式实现模型的自动化监控和迭代流程。


CHI303, Chinese



CHI304, Chinese


6 innovations that reinvent Amazon S3 data protection (sponsored by Clumio)

COP226-S, Cloud Operations

Amazon S3 has evolved from storing static images to being used for business-critical datasets. This is challenging enterprises to determine what needs to be protected and how to protect it, while ensuring they meet compliance requirements. In this session, join Defiance Digital, an AWS Partner, and Clumio to learn the optimal way to back up your Amazon S3 data. Optimize Amazon S3 costs, increase restore flexibility, and harden security with a logical air gap to protect against ransomware. This presentation is brought to you by Clumio, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Chadd Kenney (Clumio), Charlie Gautreaux (Defiance Digital)

AWS Cloud Operations Model panel discussion: A 360-degree view

COP219, Cloud Operations

In this session, industry leaders from AWS as well as an AWS customer and an AWS Partner share their paths to success with the Cloud Operations Model on AWS. Built on Amazon’s 20+ years of experience in operations management as well as customer feedback, the Cloud Operations Model describes the roles, processes, and tools that can help you to build and operate securely and successfully on the cloud. Join this session to hear how AWS has enabled cloud operations internally, how enterprises have used the model to drive operational outcomes, and how AWS Managed Services (AMS) and AWS Partners are supporting customers as they move to the cloud.

Best practices for centralized operations management on AWS

COP302, Cloud Operations

In this session, learn how to build, manage, and operate your mission-critical applications in a secure, automated, reliable, and cost-effective way. This session covers how you can use a single control plane across multiple AWS solutions to manage and govern resources on AWS, on premises, and in hybrid environments. Join this session to learn how to streamline application management, incident management, and compliance management to manage mission-critical applications and services better.

Bringing universal connectivity to cloud data platforms (sponsored by Matillion)

COP325-S, Cloud Operations

The ability to create connected datasets is becoming one of the biggest competitive differentiators in enterprise operations. But with the rapid growth of the API economy, this is easier said than done. Today’s data teams must find an alternative to the limited selection of third-party connectors or the maintenance burdens of self-hosted solutions. In this session, join Matillion to learn how leading enterprises are taking a different approach to long-tail data integration. Discover why open source isn’t the only way to achieve extensibility and how a few simple changes can help you incorporate both batch and streaming analytics into your infrastructure today. This presentation is brought to you by Matillion, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Mark Balkenende (Matillion), Paul Lacey (Matillion), and Paul Johnson (Matillion)

Cloud compliance, assurance, and auditing

COP301, Cloud Operations

In this session, learn how to continuously assess, manage, and maintain compliance for formalized standards such as those required by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and others. Also, learn about various auditing options, including auditing privileged access across services like Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. Dive deep into how you can achieve governance and compliance using preventive and detective guardrails and other AWS services.

Cloud operations at scale with AWS Managed Services

COP205, Cloud Operations

In early 2021, AWS Managed Services (AMS) added AMS Accelerate, a capability that allows AWS operations engineers to work alongside customer and partner engineering teams to deliver AWS operations services, such as monitoring, backup, patch, and security operations, via AWS security, management, and governance services. In this session, hear from GE about why they chose to add AMS to their operations suite and the outcomes they’ve realized, followed by an overview of AMS Accelerate.

CloudOps: Best practices for optimizing cloud services (sponsored by Spot)

COP214-S, Cloud Operations

Cloud operations combines infrastructure management, security, cost control, performance, and more. In practice, these priorities are often executed in silos, creating a disconnect that can prevent organizations from realizing the flexibility, availability, and efficiency of the cloud. As an alternative, an integrated CloudOps approach wherein cloud solutions are connected can help companies achieve agility and continuous optimization. In this session, explore how Spot by NetApp can help implement CloudOps best practices. Learn how to build cloud infrastructure and deliver services more cost-effectively; automate critical CloudOps functions; ensure availability of cloud-based applications and optimize performance; and enhance security and close compliance gaps. This presentation is brought to you by Spot, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Amiram Shachar (Spot)

Cost control and governance at scale

COP203, Cloud Operations

Govern cloud usage and avoid cost surprises, all without slowing down innovation within your organization. In this session, learn how to set up guardrails, such as auto-cost-control actions in AWS Budgets or the ML-powered product AWS Cost Anomaly Detection. Discover the latest enhancements in the cost-control space, and learn how you can establish these safeguards to let your builders focus on what they do best—build!

Customizing and scaling your AWS Control Tower environment

COP401, Cloud Operations

AWS Control Tower provides the easiest way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment. Users can further customize their AWS Control Tower landing zones with the Customizations for AWS Control Tower (CfCT) solution. In this session, discover best practices for deploying a scalable CfCT pipeline that allows you to test your customizations in a lower environment before promoting them to a production landing zone. Learn about some of the most common CfCT customizations you should consider for your landing zone, including identity and network management and governance.

Develop your FinOps practice to maximize your AWS Cloud spend (sponsored by Apptio)

COP323-S, Cloud Operations

Join this session if you want to establish a cloud financial management (CFM) (that is, FinOps) practice or mature your existing practice. Dive into CFM principles to learn best practices for building and maturing a FinOps team in your organization, and learn from AWS customers about the real-world challenges of building a practice. Then, get an expert point of view from a FinOps Foundation founder on how to speed up FinOps adoption. Finally, discover how Apptio Cloudability supports FinOps principles to address challenges and automate processes to provide a foundation that helps drive business outcomes and maximize ROI on AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Apptio, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Eugene Khvostov (Apptio), Ashley Hromatko (Pearson), and Jennifer Hays (Fidelity Investments)

Driving a cost-conscious culture with FinOps (sponsored by VMware)

COP209-S, Cloud Operations

Most organizations want to increase revenue, but to make money, they have to spend some too. How can a business ensure that its investments in the cloud return the most profit? This critical question is one that financial analysts and cloud operations managers have historically been tasked with answering. But, as application development becomes more complex and decentralized, stakeholders across the organization must build with cost optimization in mind. Join this session to learn how CloudHealth by VMware gives users the information they need to focus on FinOps and drive better business outcomes. This presentation is brought to you by VMware, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Lucas Paratore (VMware)

Full-stack observability in your application-first, hybrid world (sponsored by Cisco)

COP215-S, Cloud Operations

Cloud has become not just a destination but a standard operating model, one related to hybrid environments including multiple locations and a mix of traditional and cloud-native applications. In a world where applications have become the business, companies face increasing challenges in meeting the expectations of their end users. To address these challenges, Cisco provides full-stack observability that combines visibility, insights, and actions delivered with correlated business context to optimize business value. This session details how Cisco enables businesses to deliver exceptional and secure digital experiences, optimizes for cost and performance, and maximizes revenue while breaking down the silos between operations teams. This presentation is brought to you by Cisco, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Carlos Pereira (Cisco)

Gain enterprise visibility with AWS Cloud operation dashboards

COP201, Cloud Operations

In this session, learn about the tools you can use to operate your AWS environment at scale. Whether you are in cloud operations, application administration, compliance, security, or all of the above, AWS can help you manage your cloud operations reliably and with observability. Join this session to learn how you can manage and operate applications in an environment that is designed to be secure and compliant. Also, see how Venmo operates their AWS environment at scale, globally, using native AWS observability and management dashboards to help them remain compliant.

Governance and security for organizations of any size

COP312, Cloud Operations

In this session, learn best practices to manage the security of your AWS accounts and govern your AWS environment. These best practices apply to organizations of any size, whether you are a small startup just getting started or a large enterprise looking to learn and implement the latest from AWS. Services discussed include AWS Organizations, AWS Control Tower, AWS SSO, AWS Security Hub, AWS Identity and Access Management Access Analyzer, and more.

Guardian’s digital transformation with AWS and Accenture (sponsored by Accenture)

COP216-S, Cloud Operations

This session details the cloud transformation at Guardian Life, a leader in individual life insurance. Learn about Guardian’s aggressive business goals—such as improving time to market, reducing cost, and improving customer engagement—and how a solution powered by AWS and Accenture helped the company achieve high levels of agility and scalability. The session covers Guardian’s implementation of the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP), a new-age, cloud-native life insurance policy administration platform that provides the required functional and technical capabilities to streamline Guardian’s processes and operations and deliver on their business goals. This presentation is brought to you by Accenture, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Kym Gully (Accenture), Nicholas Volpe (Guardian Life Insurance Company), and Tejash Patel (Guardian Life Insurance Company)

How Capital One continues to change banking for good at scale (sponsored by Capital One)

COP212-S, Cloud Operations

It’s one thing to move to the cloud, but it’s another to operate there at scale. Capital One was the first US bank to migrate out of data centers and move fully to the cloud. Today, Capital One is operating in a highly regulated industry at scale on AWS, focusing on cloud governance and resiliency, culture, and education to deliver intelligent solutions that benefit millions of customers. In this session, Capital One shares some important lessons they learned on this journey and discusses how they are using real-time data to develop some of their flagship applications and operating them at scale. This presentation is brought to you by Capital One. Speakers: Chris Nims (Capital One), Will Meyer (Captial One), Melanie Frank (Capital One)

Improving cost visibility and allocation

COP202, Cloud Operations

Improve financial transparency and define a cost-allocation strategy tailored to meet the complex needs of your business. Join this session and learn how to organize cost and usage for even the most complex of organizations across dimensions specific to your workload. Through AWS products such as AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Cost & Usage Report, AWS Cost Categories, and AWS Application Cost Profiler, you can establish the necessary cost visibility and accountability within your organization and start running your IT shop like a business.

Inside Amazon operations: How Amazon Alexa gains observability

COP207, Cloud Operations

In operations, observability can be hard to achieve due to sheer system complexity. However, with AWS observability services, such as Amazon CloudWatch, you can detect, investigate, and remediate problems for both AWS and non-AWS resources to increase your operational health. In this session, learn about the latest observability capabilities and how Amazon Alexa uses CloudWatch to maximize its return on investment, matching daily costs and usage versus budget. Using CloudWatch, Alexa gains visibility, identifying high spend and budget variances, managing overspending risk, highlighting trend forecasts, and using data for forecasting.

Inside Amazon operations: Operations automated at scale

COP313, Cloud Operations

In this session, learn about Amazon’s CloudRanger solution that uses AWS Systems Manager to automate operations, including the deployment of security agents to more than 1.2 million Amazon EC2 instances. CloudRanger agents collect telemetry on Amazon EC2 instances and take necessary action when issues are detected. Discover how Amazon handles incident management to enable faster resolution of critical application availability and performance issues, as well as new developments with the Systems Manager service.

Integrated and automated: Securing every stage of cloud adoption (sponsored by Palo Alto Networks)

COP217-S, Cloud Operations

It’s possible to adopt comprehensive and automated security across your organization so you can shift focus to scaling and innovating your business. In this session, find out how to gain control and confidence with complete cloud security that protects your data, identity, and applications. Learn how to determine your unmanaged assets and cloud attack surface, secure cloud applications and maintain compliance across the entire development lifecycle, secure networks and prevent advanced threats with next-generation firewalls, and unburden security teams with automated incident response and security workflows. This presentation is brought to you by Palo Alto Networks, an AWS Partner. Speakers: John Morello (Palo Alto Networks) and Mukesh Gupta (Palo Alto Networks)

Observability the open-source way

COP206, Cloud Operations

In this session, learn about best practices and real-world use cases for Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP), Amazon Managed Service for Grafana (AMG), and AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) to gain observability. Setting up observability is critical to managing and maintaining your application and infrastructure health. Open-source-based solutions such as AMP, AMG, and ADOT can help you easily set up observability for your workloads on containers, Amazon EC2, and on-premises environments, to name a few.

Optimize your Amazon EC2 usage with AMD-based instances (sponsored by AMD)

COP210-S, Cloud Operations

In this session, learn about the recently launched AMD third-generation EPYC CPUs (code-named Milan) that are helping AMD extend their cloud compute offerings. Amazon EC2 instances currently powered by AMD second-generation CPUs and GPUs will soon be upgraded so you can take advantage of the added value and results to drive better business outcomes for your organization’s cloud strategy. Find out how from business leaders at AMD and AWS in this session. This presentation is brought to you by AMD, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Brad Smith (AMD)

Optimizing AWS workflows with the CDK for Terraform (sponsored by HashiCorp)

COP402-S, Cloud Operations

There are countless ways to provision and manage the plethora of available AWS services. In this session, discover how using the CDK for Terraform allows you to easily manage your Kubernetes cluster and overall AWS infrastructure without impacting your applications. Learn how a consistent workflow has never been more critical, from AMIs to Amazon EKS and from IAM roles to security groups. This presentation is brought to you by HashiCorp, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Taylor Dolezal (HashiCorp) and Kyle Ruddy (HashiCorp)

Simplify ransomware resiliency (sponsored by Veritas)

COP213-S, Cloud Operations

Any organization may be a target for ransomware. Building a resiliency strategy is necessary to ensure that your organization is protected. Using Veritas on AWS helps enable you to have first-rate data protection that resides in highly efficient, immutable AWS storage. This helps to provide a recoverable state with a completely automated, tested, and optimized system to get you back up and running quickly on AWS. In this session, Veritas discusses how you can mitigate the threat of ransomware and safeguard your investment on AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Veritas, an AWS Partner. Speakers: John Hink (Veritas Technologies LLC), Rick Bryant (Veritas Technologies LLC), and Henry Axelrod (AWS)

Sustainability and more efficient healthcare with the AWS Cloud (sponsored by Wipro)

COP324-S, Cloud Operations

Join this session to hear from Keisha Garcia, VP of Digital Foundations Programmes at bp, as she describes how bp digitized its infrastructure, operations, and applications on AWS and transformed into an integrated energy company that is realizing its ambition of becoming a net zero company by 2050. Also, hear from Manohar Chandra, Sr. Director of Analytics at Magellan Health, as he describes how a centralized data solution increases efficiencies and allowed Magellan to use data and analytics to deliver clinical solutions that improve patient care, contain costs, and improve outcomes. This presentation is brought to you by Wipro, an AWS Partner.

Accelerate innovation with AWS ML infrastructure services

CMP314, Compute

Amazon EC2 provides the broadest and deepest portfolio of instances for machine learning (ML) applications. From Amazon EC2 P3 instances that provide great performance for ML training to Amazon EC2 G4 instances for inference and Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances that provide low-cost ML inference in the cloud, there’s a right instance for each of your ML workload needs. In this session, dive deep into these instances, learn about benchmarks, and discover guidelines on ideal use cases for each instance.

AWS Outposts: Bringing the AWS experience on premises

CMP311, Compute

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that brings AWS infrastructure and services to your environments in virtually any data center, collocation space, or on-premises facility using the same hardware, software, and management tooling used in AWS Regions. In this session, closely examine how an Outpost works, including how we modified the AWS Nitro System to work in any on-premises facility to provide a truly consistent hybrid experience.

Build smarter applications on Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength (sponsored by Verizon)

CMP217-S, Compute

As enterprises look to provide latency-critical resources closer to their end users, containerized edge computing architectures will be critical to unlocking seamless orchestration at an unforeseen scale. In collaboration with AWS, Verizon 5G Edge offers a mobile edge computing platform that enables developers to extend existing virtual private cloud (VPC) environments to the edge of its 5G infrastructure to deploy compute-intensive workloads. In this session, learn about the common architecture patterns on hybrid edge/core implementations and practical solutions for workload distribution, edge discovery, and more. This presentation is brought to you by Verizon, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Elise Neel (Verizon) and Robert Belson (Verizon)

Extending AWS to where organizations need it

CMP204, Compute

Enterprises are adopting the AWS Cloud at a rapid pace to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. While most workloads can be easily migrated to the cloud, some remain on premises or in edge nodes due to low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements. Organizations want to run their workloads using the same infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools across all environments—from the cloud to on premises to edge nodes. In this session, learn how AWS is reinventing hybrid by extending AWS to virtually anywhere organizations need it, from on-premises locations to large metro centers to 5G networks.

How to select Amazon EC2 GPU instances for deep learning (sponsored by NVIDIA)

CMP328-S, Compute

As a deep learning developer, data scientist, or machine learning engineer, you can choose from multiple Amazon EC2 GPU instance types to meet the evolving requirements of training and deploying ML models at scale. You can access instances with different GPU memory sizes, NVIDIA GPU architectures, capabilities (precisions, TensorCores, NVLink), GPUs per instance, number of vCPUs, system memory, and network bandwidths. Whether you provision and manage the GPU instances yourself or use them in managed services, you can choose the level of abstraction you need. In this session, learn which NVIDIA GPU instance to use when and how to get the most out of them with GPU-optimized software for your workloads. This presentation is brought to you by NVIDIA, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Shashank Prasanna (AWS)

HPC on AWS: Innovating without infrastructure constraints

CMP202, Compute

High performance computing (HPC) has always been about solving the most complex problems, but for far too long, HPC applications and workloads have been constrained by infrastructure capacity. In this breakout session, learn how flexible configuration, virtually unlimited scale, and AWS’s complete portfolio of HPC-focused solutions enable researchers and engineers to tune and scale infrastructure as their workloads dictate, not the other way around. Learn about how the latest Amazon EC2 instances and new HPC-focused product and service features make AWS the best place to run everything from tightly coupled, MPI-based HPC workloads to loosely coupled, embarrassingly parallel workloads.

Optimize compute for cost and capacity

CMP210, Compute

Grow your compute capacity and enable new types of cloud computing applications while maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership by blending Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, EC2 On-Demand Instances, and EC2 Savings Plans purchase models. In this session, learn how to use the power of an EC2 Fleet with AWS services such as Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Amazon EMR, and AWS Batch to programmatically optimize costs and maintain high performance and availability. Dive deep into cost-optimization patterns for workloads such as containers, web services, CI/CD, batch, big data, and more.

Powering next-gen Amazon EC2: Deep dive on the Nitro System

CMP302, Compute

The AWS Nitro System is a rich collection of building block technologies, including AWS-built hardware offload and security components, that is powering the next generation of Amazon EC2 instances with an ever-broadening selection of compute, storage, memory, and networking options. In this session, dive deep into the Nitro System, review its design and architecture, explore new innovations to the Nitro platform, and see how it has made the seemingly impossible, possible.

Risk calculations using HPC and Spot Instances with Morgan Stanley

CMP313, Compute

Morgan Stanley has established a cloud-first strategy to create a resilient, scalable, and cost-effective architecture to meet its compute and data challenges. One of those challenges is calculating risk in a timely manner, which is a very compute-intensive operation. In this session, learn how Morgan Stanley is refactoring risk calculation platforms to run at scale on AWS. The team describes how Morgan Stanley is using several AWS services, including Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, to migrate a portion of their on-premises HPC footprint to AWS. Morgan Stanley also highlights lessons learned and cost optimization strategies.

Selecting and optimizing Amazon EC2 instances

CMP221, Compute

Amazon EC2 offers the broadest and deepest platform to run workloads ranging from simple web applications to mission-critical workloads. There are now over 400 Amazon EC2 instance types to choose from to achieve the best price-performance for your cloud workloads. Attend this session to learn what tools you can use to select the right instance types. Also learn how to grow your compute capacity while maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by blending Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, On-Demand Instances, and Savings Plans.

The future of HPC is looking a lot like ML

CMP312, Compute

This session discusses the evolution of HPC systems to the current state of the art, including the supercomputing capabilities available on AWS today, with services such as Elastic Fabric Adapter, AWS ParallelCluster, and AWS Batch. This session also highlights innovations in both technology and architecture optimizations, such as Spot Instances, with specific use cases. Learn about modern AI/ML workloads, such as training the largest NLP model (that is, the 175-billion parameter GPT-3 model) and building physics-informed neural networks that require HPC-grade distributed systems that are scaled efficiently on AWS. Also, discover the power of combining traditional HPC simulations with AI/ML services to enable new workflows and scientific breakthroughs.

The journey of silicon innovation at AWS

CMP301, Compute

Organizations are bringing diverse workloads onto AWS at a faster rate than ever before. To run diverse workloads with the performance and costs that users expect, AWS often innovates on their behalf and delivers breakthrough innovations, even at the silicon level. AWS’s foray into silicon design started with the AWS Nitro System but quickly extended to AWS Graviton processors and purpose-built inference chips with AWS Inferentia. In this session, explore AWS’s journey into silicon innovation and discuss some of the thought processes, learnings, and results from our experiences thus far.

What’s new in Amazon EC2

CMP201, Compute

Amazon EC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud and makes web-scale computing easier. It is a foundational service for AWS and offers a wide variety of compute instances that is well suited to virtually every imaginable use case, from static websites to supercomputing on demand, all available via highly flexible pricing options. This breakout session provides an overview of what’s new to the Amazon EC2 portfolio, including updates on Amazon EC2 capabilities and instance families, Amazon EBS, networking functionality, and edge and hybrid offerings.

Improving product experience and manufacturing

CPG202, Consumer Packaged Goods

How can consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies use data, analytics, and progressive technology to build brand loyalty? In this session, learn how leading CPG companies are implementing IoT, analytics, and machine learning solutions to better serve their consumers. Discover how Tyson Foods created a repeatable, supportable, and scalable approach to use computer vision to improve manufacturing operations and product quality. Then, see other examples of how CPG companies use AWS solutions to develop smart products, optimize production and supply chain efforts, and improve the overall brand experience for their consumers.

AWS App Runner: Develop, deploy, and scale containerized web apps in one step

CON205, Containers

AWS App Runner empowers developers to increase their productivity by removing the need to provision or manage infrastructure, which means organizations can develop, operate, and scale their web applications in minutes. In this session, dive deep into the full application lifecycle on App Runner and explore scaling, observability, cost allocation, and other features. Also hear from Wix, a leading cloud-based website development platform with over 190 million users, on how the company uses App Runner to make it easier for customers to build powerful and flexible integrations between their websites and other AWS services, including databases, storage, and AI/ML options.

Build & deploy applications faster with Red Hat OpenShift Service (sponsored by Red Hat)

CON212-S, Containers

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) is a fully managed application platform that allows you to focus on what matters most—delivering value to your customers by building and deploying applications, from legacy application modernization to cutting-edge, cloud-native application development. ROSA provides seamless integration with a wide range of AWS services to further accelerate the building and delivering of differentiating experiences to your customers. This session shows the ease of replatforming applications and developing cloud-native applications after integrating ROSA and other AWS services. Also, hear how one organization used ROSA and other AWS services to further accelerate their innovation and modernization efforts. This presentation is brought to you by Red Hat, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Noelle Silver (Red Hat)

Deep dive on Amazon EKS

CON304, Containers

Amazon EKS is a fully managed Kubernetes service. This session covers recent enhancements to EKS and dives deep into the latest features. Learn how EKS gives you the flexibility to start, run, and scale Kubernetes applications in the AWS Cloud or on premises and how customers trust EKS to run their most sensitive and mission-critical applications.

Delivering code and architectures through AWS Proton and Git

CON202, Containers

Infrastructure operators are looking for ways to centrally define and manage the architecture of their services, while developers need to find a way to quickly and safely deploy their code. In this session, learn how to use AWS Proton to define architectural templates and make them available to development teams in a collaborative manner. Also, learn how to enable development teams to customize their templates so that they fit the needs of their services.

Kubernetes at AWS: Strategy, road map, and vision

CON206, Containers

Amazon EKS enables customers to run and scale Kubernetes applications in the cloud or on premises. AWS makes it easy to run Kubernetes in the cloud with scalable and highly available virtual machine infrastructure and community-backed service integration. In this session, learn about the AWS vision for Amazon EKS and how recent enhancements to ease of use, security, scale, and reliability make it a smart choice for your applications. Also learn how Salesforce re-architected its infrastructure and launched a Kubernetes platform built atop of Amazon EKS. Hear how the platform abstracts away the infrastructure responsibilities of service owners, meets internal requirements around availability and security, and simplifies the developer experience.

Kubernetes backup, ransomware protection & more with Kasten K10 (sponsored by Veeam)

CON322-S, Containers

Cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes deliver significant benefits, including feature velocity and productivity. However, backup remains a critical requirement, not only for regulatory and compliance reasons, but also as the last line of defense against an increasingly difficult cyber environment. Join this session to learn about Kasten K10 by Veeam, a backup, restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility solution that’s natively built for containers. This session covers how Kasten K10 runs on AWS and works with several AWS services to help development and operations teams create policy-based automation and achieve desired levels of consistency, and how it offers a ransomware protection solution for your Kubernetes applications. This presentation is brought to you by Veeam, an AWS Partner. Speakers: David Hill (Veeam) and Gaurav Rishi (Kasten by Veeam)

Kubernetes observability use cases (sponsored by New Relic)

CON321-S, Containers

Everything runs on infrastructure, and one of the fastest technologies is Kubernetes. Discover how New Relic’s platform helps companies all over the world bring greater observability to their infrastructure and container-based environments. In this session, New Relic General Manager and Vice President Zain Asgar, Principal Software Engineer Natalie Serrino, and Principal Software Engineer Omid Azizi cover the use cases to help you get past the “what” and uncover the “why” of your Kubernetes-based environment. They also review the Kubernetes cluster explorer, Pixie, an industry-exclusive visibility technology that allows you to debug faster with code-level insights, and discuss use cases for Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS Fargate. This presentation is brought to you by New Relic, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Zain Asgar (New Relic), Natalie Serrino (New Relic), and Omid Azizi (New Relic)

The powerful simplicity of Amazon ECS

CON208, Containers

Generally, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for AWS customers. AWS is committed to building services that fit your unique needs and make your life easier. To this end, AWS has invested significantly in container services, including recent releases to help with service onboarding, hybrid environments, and building web applications and APIs to enable better support for interacting with AWS products. In this session, review recent investments that help developers focus on their strategic projects and simplify their workflows. Nicholas Harteau, General Manager for Amazon ECS, will dive deep into Amazon ECS, AWS Copilot, AWS App Runner, and Amazon ECS Anywhere and discuss the future vision for Amazon ECS.

You have a container image: Now what?

CON201, Containers

The richness of AWS container services can sometimes be overwhelming, and this can create analysis paralysis. This session provides an overview of the many AWS options for running containers. It introduces a comparison framework that considers multiple dimensions, such as feature richness, the shared responsibility model, the pricing model, target IT personas, and more. It then includes an analysis of each service under these lenses. Learn how to navigate the options and select the best services or technologies based on your needs and goals.

A developer’s guide to data modeling with document databases (sponsored by MongoDB)

DAT206-S, Databases

Document databases provide an extremely flexible data model for faster and more iterative development. At the same time, the data model you design can significantly speed up or slow down your AWS application. As the saying goes, with great data modeling flexibility comes even greater responsibility! Join this session to learn how to model your data with document databases and use your data model’s flexibility to support your application’s development. Also, learn the best practices for developing your document data model. This presentation is brought to you by MongoDB, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Adrienne Tacke (MongoDB)

Amazon DocumentDB deep dive

DAT301, Databases

Amazon DocumentDB is a fast, reliable, fully managed MongoDB-compatible database service. Document-oriented databases are one of the fastest growing categories of NoSQL databases, primarily for their flexible schema and logic design. In this session, dive deep into Amazon DocumentDB—review recently launched features, learn about customer use cases, and consider when to use a document database. Also discover migration best practices and hear a customer testimonial.

Amazon DynamoDB: Driving innovation at any scale

DAT303, Databases

Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible, fully managed NoSQL database service that offers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. In this session, learn about key DynamoDB benefits that can help support your ability to scale up or down, based on your needs—with no impact to performance. Hear from Mercado Libre, an ecommerce company with 75 million active customers in Latin America, about how they migrated more than 5,000 Apache Cassandra databases to DynamoDB without changing a line of code. Also, learn how DynamoDB helped Mercado Libre scale up its applications to support its massive customer surge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB

DAT316, Databases

In this session, learn about Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed serverless database that provides high performance at any scale with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching. Hear from Alex DeBrie, Principal at DeBrie Advisory and AWS Data Hero, about the fundamentals of DynamoDB and how to use it as more than a key-value store. Data modeling for NoSQL databases like DynamoDB is different from modeling for traditional relational databases. Discover how to model complex requirements using simple building blocks. Also learn about primary keys, secondary indexes, and patterns for handling relationships, filtering, sorting, and more.

Deep dive on Amazon Aurora

DAT401, Databases

With innovative architecture that decouples compute from storage as well as advanced features like global databases and low-latency read replicas, Amazon Aurora reimagines what it means to be a relational database. The result is a modern database service that offers performance and high availability at scale, fully open-source editions compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL, and a range of developer tools for building serverless and machine learning-driven applications. In this session, dive deep to learn how Aurora is designed, how it operates, and how to get the most out of it so you can power everything from dev/test applications to your most demanding, high-performance database workloads.

Deep dive on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

DAT304, Databases

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis is a fully managed, in-memory caching service that enables you to boost application performance with microsecond latency. Redis is the most-loved database engine on Stack Overflow for five consecutive years because it provides flexible data structures and makes caching data easy and performant. Learn about the key capabilities of ElastiCache for Redis, including caching to accelerate performance and reduce load for your operational databases and data stores, auto scaling Redis clusters to easily provision resources to match workload demands, and achieving secure, cross-Region replication with global datastores. Plus, dive into the latest ElastiCache for Redis features.

Deep dive on Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

DAT307, Databases

Get started with the newest database service from AWS: Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, a Redis-compatible, durable, in-memory database service that delivers microsecond read and single-digit millisecond write latencies. With MemoryDB, you can build microservices applications that require ultra-fast performance, data durability, and high availability. In this session, dive deep to learn more about MemoryDB, how to optimize your workloads for cost and performance, and how to use MemoryDB as a hot data tier with your microservices applications. Also, hear from TSYS, a global payments technology company, on how it migrated its enterprise tokenization solution to MemoryDB to achieve both high performance and multi-AZ data durability.

Deep dive on Amazon Timestream

DAT308, Databases

Amazon Timestream is a fast, scalable, and serverless time-series database service that makes it easy to store and analyze trillions of events per day. In this session, dive deep into recently launched product features and learn how you can build a complete fleet-management solution to effectively monitor data from over 100,000 devices, understand usage trends across the fleet, detect anomalies, and discover optimization opportunities. Also discover best practices for building scalable, performant, and cost-effective solutions with Timestream.

Dive deep into database migration services AWS DMS and AWS SCT

DAT203, Databases

In this session, learn how to convert and migrate your relational databases, nonrelational databases, and data warehouses to the cloud. AWS SCT and AWS DMS can help with homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations from database engines such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora. Join this session for a demo of the latest features added to AWS SCT and AWS DMS, and learn best practices from how organizations have successfully leveraged AWS DMS to automate the operations of their database stack with minimal downtime and little to no user impact.

DynamoDB deep dive: Advanced design patterns

DAT333, Databases

Every year at re:Invent, AWS Senior Practice Manager Rick Houlihan leads a technical session dedicated to advanced users of Amazon DynamoDB. He explains design patterns and data models that are based on a collection of implementations and best practices used by a variety of customers to deliver highly scalable solutions for a range of business problems. In this session, Rick reviews and demonstrates important concepts, including the performance benefits of single-table design and common use cases for NoSQL. He breaks down associated data models to demonstrate how to design for scale.

Enabling workloads for high availability and durability with Amazon RDS

DAT305, Databases

To ensure your application is resilient, it’s important to use a highly available and durable database. Amazon RDS is a managed database that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale relational databases, and it provides access to various high-availability and high-durability features. In this session, learn about Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments and how they can provide you with enhanced availability and durability for your database instances. Also, hear from American financial services company Robinhood on how they use Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Multi-AZ to scale their business.

Fast-forward database & analytics migrations to AWS with Amazon DMA

DAT336, Databases

Amazon Database Migration Accelerator (DMA) accelerates database and analytics (DB&A) workload migrations to AWS with hands-on-keyboard service. In this session, learn about the specialized DMA team, the three migration pillars they deliver, migration tools and patterns, migration steps, when/how to engage with the team, and how the DMA team is accelerating DB&A migrations to AWS. Learn about how DMA can be leveraged in ProServe or AWS Partner engagements along with AWS program alignment to the Database Freedom program, AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), and AWS Data Labs. Also, hear details on migration tools like AWS DMS and AWS SCT.

Instant and fine-grained scaling with Amazon Aurora Serverless v2

DAT302, Databases

Amazon Aurora Serverless is an on-demand auto scaling configuration of Amazon Aurora that automatically adjusts database capacity based on application demand. With Amazon Aurora Serverless v2, you can scale database workloads instantly from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and adjust capacity in fine-grained increments to provide just the right amount of database resources. In this session, dive deep into Aurora Serverless v2 and learn how it can help you operate even the most demanding database workloads worry-free.

Is relational the new COBOL? (sponsored by MongoDB)

DAT207-S, Databases

Technology exists to serve its users. Relational databases have served the industry well since the 1970s and continue to have their place. However, their strengths can also be weaknesses. Rigid data models and unnatural programming requirements make relational no longer as attractive as modern, enterprise-grade, scaled-out, flexible, developer-intuitive, and run-anywhere data stores. The world of databases has expanded beyond relational. In this session, learn how to embrace IoT, social media, and peta-scale datasets with modern technology while taking advantage of the elasticity and power of AWS with a high uptime percentage and the compliance, security, and controls you’re used to on your relational systems. This presentation is brought to you by MongoDB, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Mark Porter (MongoDB)

Jumping into an AWS-native data lake (sponsored by Accenture)

DAT216-S, Databases

For enterprise customers looking to build a data lake to store huge amounts of structured and unstructured data, there are thousands of ways to architect the platform using native AWS services. But which option is right for you? In this session, learn more about Accenture and AWS Business Group’s AWS-Native Data Lake Accelerator, which allows enterprise-scale customers to focus less on infrastructure and security to support the data lake and more on designing and building data transformations. The solution is also ML- and analytics-ready. The accelerator can be deployed rapidly through a modular plug-and-play deployment process. This presentation is brought to you by Accenture, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Jon Steinert (Accenture) and Daniel Grube (Accenture)

Migrate your SQL Server database to Amazon RDS

DAT306, Databases

More and more organizations are exiting their data centers and migrating their legacy workloads to AWS. With a managed Microsoft SQL Server database service like Amazon RDS, you can migrate your existing SQL Server databases to the cloud while modernizing at the same time. Join this session to learn best practices, tools, and patterns for migrating your SQL Server databases quickly and easily to Amazon RDS. Whether you’re moving thousands of databases or a handful of very large databases, discover how to plan and execute successful migrations to fully managed SQL Server databases on AWS.

Real-world use cases with graph databases

DAT202, Databases

Organizations use the relationships in their data to uncover patterns and expand their businesses. They do so by building knowledge graphs to link and discover data, identity graphs to better understand customers and devices, fraud graphs to use relationships to detect fraudulent activities, and many other applications. In this session, consider examples of how organizations are using Amazon Neptune for these real-world graph use cases.

What’s new in Amazon RDS for Oracle

DAT311, Databases

Many organizations today are looking to free themselves from the constraints of on-premises databases and take advantage of the power of fully managed databases in the cloud. Amazon RDS for Oracle is a fully managed relational database service that automates time-consuming database administration tasks while cost-effectively running your choice of Oracle database engine on AWS. In this session, dive deep into the new features and best practices that can make your Oracle database deployments highly available, scalable, secure, and manageable.

What’s new in Amazon RDS

DAT201, Databases

Amazon RDS is a fully managed database service that allows you to launch an optimally configured, secure, and highly available database with just a few clicks. It manages time-consuming database administration tasks, freeing you to focus on your applications and business. In this session, learn about all the new capabilities launched for Amazon RDS across different engines and review the latest available features.

Which NoSQL database is right for you?

DAT204, Databases

NoSQL databases are purpose-built for specific data models and optimized for modern applications like mobile, web, and gaming applications that require scalability, low latency, and flexibility. AWS offers several fully managed and serverless NoSQL database services, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), and Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra). Join this session to learn more about these AWS NoSQL databases that manage key-value, JSON document, and wide-column datasets, and select the best fit for your specific use case. Also learn about McAfee and their ecommerce transformation with DynamoDB that helped achieve 40 percent savings in storage costs.

Amazon builders’ library: Operational excellence at Amazon

DOP309, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Operational excellence at Amazon is achieved through a DevOps model, where software development teams operate the systems they build. In this session, Senior Principal Engineer David Yanacek describes Amazon’s operational practices that he has observed during his 15 years of building and operating services at Amazon. Hear David describe the habits that teams have adopted, such as how teams handle retrospectives, share knowledge, and regularly review operational metrics as a team. David discusses how these behaviors have led teams to innovate to build better tools and make architectural shifts.

Automating cross-account CI/CD pipelines

DOP402, DevOps and Developer Productivity

When building a deployment strategy for your applications, using a multi-account approach is a recommended best practice. This limits the area of impact for changes made and results in better modularity, security, and governance. In this session, dive deep into an example multi-account deployment using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) services such as the AWS CDK, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CloudFormation. Also explore a real-world customer use case that is deploying at scale across hundreds of AWS accounts.

Best practices for securing your software delivery lifecycle

DOP313, DevOps and Developer Productivity

In this session, learn about ways you can secure your AWS CI/CD pipeline. Review topics like security of the pipeline versus security in the pipeline, and learn about practices to incorporate security checkpoints across various pipeline stages, security event management, and aggregation of vulnerability findings into a unified display. This session also introduces foundational methodologies that combine best practices, processes, and tools to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services securely.

Cloud-native operations: Agility and speed through distributed ownership (sponsored by Sumo Logic)

DOP326-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

The rise of the cloud promises new levels of operating speed and agility. But is your organization realizing its full potential? In this session, learn how high-performing organizations have evolved to take full advantage of cloud-native technologies and architectures. Specifically, hear how “you build, you run it” service ownership models are coming to life along with the rise of platform engineering, observability, self-service operations, and more. This session offers you an understanding of how digital operating models continue to evolve, how to enable teams to drive better outcomes, and how to instill a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement. This presentation is brought to you by Sumo Logic, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Colin Fallwell (Sumo Logic) and Damon Edwards (PagerDuty)

Deploying container applications with cloud-native CI/CD pipelines (sponsored by CircleCI)

DOP216-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

CircleCI offers the largest shared cloud-native CI/CD platform that enables developers to adopt modern software delivery on AWS. In this session, learn how to create secure and scalable architectures for on-demand CI/CD pipeline provisioning and container deployments on AWS. Then, find out how developers can use these patterns to quickly start a project, check in code, and deploy on AWS with self-service and automated deployments. Finally, discover how CircleCI has helped 1 million developers collaborate and manage the DevOps process with infrastructure as code, automated deployments, and scalable pipelines. This presentation is brought to you by CircleCI, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Angel Rivera (CircleCI) and Chris Chapman (AWS)

DevOps revolution

DOP208, DevOps and Developer Productivity

While DevOps has not changed much, the industry has fundamentally transformed over the last decade. Monolithic architectures have evolved into microservices. Containers and serverless have become the default. Applications are distributed on cloud infrastructure across the globe. The technical environment and tooling ecosystem has changed radically from the original conditions in which DevOps was created. So, what’s next? In this session, learn about the next phase of DevOps: a distributed model that emphasizes swift development, observable systems, accountable engineers, and resilient applications.

Enabling decentralized development teams with a shared services platform

DOP310, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Speed in software development requires being able to equip development teams with tools and guardrails for DevOps, security, and infrastructure configuration. Too often, central teams find they need to piece together their own custom solutions or compromise the speed of their development organization in order to maintain standards. In this session, dive deep into the crawl, walk, and run options and best practices for building a shared services platform on AWS using tools and services such as AWS Copilot, AWS Proton, and pre-built solutions using AWS CloudFormation.

Enterprise networking and SD-WAN with Cisco and AWS (sponsored by Cisco)

DOP217-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

In this session, learn how you can transition your network services to the cloud with Cisco SD-WAN and Meraki. Discover how to build these services on AWS with the on-demand properties you expect from the cloud. These include service turn-up, scaling, expansion, and connectivity on demand for your users, customers, and branches. Review the capabilities available and see workflow-driven automation that helps you migrate your network services to the cloud in a few clicks. This presentation is brought to you by Cisco, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Ian Campbell (Cisco), Steve Wood (Cisco), and Simarbir Singh (Cisco)

How to reuse patterns when developing infrastructure as code

DOP301, DevOps and Developer Productivity

This session explores the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) constructs and AWS CloudFormation modules and how they can be used to make building applications easier on AWS. Learn how you can extend CloudFormation to include support for third-party resources and how those resource types can be used by AWS Config.

Incorporating continuous resilience in your development ecosystem

DOP311, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Today, resilience encompasses a broad range of considerations from infrastructure, application patterns, and data management to application building and monitoring. Additionally, after incorporating resilience, it is essential to maintain it in a continuous manner. In this session, explore various considerations for implementing processes designed to provide continuous improvement through a DevOps methodology. Review various services that can incorporate resilience in the development process in a nearly continuous manner.

Infrastructure as code and modern data resilience on AWS (sponsored by Druva)

DOP322-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Organizations are increasingly moving into the world of cloud-native applications and Kubernetes. In this session, learn how an infrastructure as code (IaC) approach can radically improve application reliability and modernize data resilience on AWS. Join Druva CTO Stephen Manley as he examines why IaC has rapidly become the universal method for orchestrating and deploying modern infrastructure. Explore real-world examples of Druva Cloud Platform adoption to automate the provisioning of cloud infrastructure resources, including container-related resources like Amazon EKS. Learn how to successfully manage data in an IaC environment, improve productivity, streamline processes, and minimize the risk of human error. This presentation is brought to you by Druva, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Stephen Manley (Druva) and Richard H. Boyd (AWS)

Intentional and empathetic observability (sponsored by Datadog)

DOP321-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Does it feel like your team is always hunting for the right dashboard during an incident? Are you trying to drive long-term engineering improvements? If so, this session is for you. Use dashboards to focus on problems you can solve, rather than worrying about what you can’t see. In this session, learn what goes into great dashboards and how minimal investment can drive improvements for operations, security, and recovery time. Whether you’re working in a monolith or microservices, on the backend or front end, you can take home simple guidelines to make a positive impact. This presentation is brought to you by Datadog, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Jeff Nickoloff (PayPal/Venmo)

Modern and confident: DevSecOps for enhanced cloud security (sponsored by Palo Alto Networks)

DOP324-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Building and deploying on AWS and with modern architectures like containers allows organizations to release features quickly. Innovation in cloud infrastructure and DevOps goes together with innovation in cloud security. To drive business innovation, organizations use AWS services and trust Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks to help secure their AWS environments and applications. Shifting to DevSecOps integrates security into DevOps workflows to better identify vulnerabilities and prevent misconfigurations. Join this session to learn key requirements for securing cloud-native applications with DevSecOps, how to operationalize modern and integrated security for AWS applications, and how Prisma Cloud for AWS can securely accelerate and scale your business. This presentation is brought to you by Palo Alto Networks, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Ankur Shah (Palo Alto Networks) and Guy Eisenkot (Palo Alto Networks)

Observing your applications from development through production

DOP312, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Implementing observability differs at various stages of the software development lifecycle. In development, detailed logging and tracing are necessary to understand application behavior. In testing, logging and tracing are needed but in varying levels of detail and must be augmented by new metrics. In integration and production, it’s necessary to correlate and contextualize large volumes of data with dashboards that encompass metrics, alarms, and notifications connected to internal and external events. In this session, explore the mechanisms, mental models, and tools (including Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS X-Ray and Amazon DevOps Guru) that top-performing teams use to observe applications throughout various stages of the software development lifecycle.

On AWS, details matter: Why full-stack observability wins (sponsored by Splunk)

DOP215-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Your customers expect your application to virtually always be up. The standard for a reliable application is 99.99 percent reliability, which means your application must have fewer than 52 minutes of downtime over an entire year. Getting to this goal requires observability, and AWS has useful tools for monitoring AWS infrastructure. However, to operate an application, you also have to use observability to monitor the application itself, from users to backend data stores. In this session, learn the key features required of a full-stack observability solution and how Splunk Observability Cloud can help you provide more reliable applications and better customer experiences. This presentation is brought to you by Splunk, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Morgan McLean (Splunk) and Steve Flanders (Splunk)

OutSystems and AWS: The modern application platform for the cloud (sponsored by OutSystems)

DOP214-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

OutSystems is changing modern software development by helping organizations achieve serious productivity with visual development tools and lifecycle automation powered by AI. The OutSystems Cloud on AWS has evolved with new levels of sophistication by supporting large-scale, rapid software development and deployment of applications at a global scale. In this session, learn how collaborating with AWS has accelerated the business transformation for organizations around the world. At the heart of this transformation is Amazon EKS and supporting technologies that empower developers to deliver exceptional software and experiences to the masses and for the global good. This presentation is brought to you by OutSystems, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Paulo Rosado (OutSystems) and Max Wang (International SOS)

Slack is the digital HQ for AWS developers and DevOps teams (sponsored by Slack)

DOP328-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

With increased pressure on software teams to release high-quality products faster, it’s more important than ever to work effectively in an interdependent and cross-functional manner. Yet, communication and collaboration have not changed to reflect the way Agile and DevOps teams actually get work done. Join this session to find out why Slack is the digital HQ for engineering and operations teams. This presentation is brought to you by Slack, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Logan Franey (Slack) and Clint Burns (Slack)

The journey from telemetry to business metrics (sponsored by Datadog)

DOP213-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Think about the last application you built. You probably came up with the most important metrics for your application early on. But as the application evolved, those metrics also evolved. As the application became more important to the business, they further morphed into service-level objectives and other surrogate metrics. This session discusses what’s important to the engineering side and the business side of a company and strategies to reach a good middle ground for what really needs to be watched. This presentation is brought to you by Datadog, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Matthew Williams (Datadog) and Shivansh Singh (AWS)

Using feature flags to avoid downtime during migrations (sponsored by LaunchDarkly)

DOP212-S, DevOps and Developer Productivity

Optimizing efforts for the cloud means continuously migrating and rearchitecting. These infrastructure changes can be difficult and filled with unknowns, which can make migration painful. Maintenance windows aren’t an option because testing happens in production. What if there was a way to migrate safely with less pain? There is! The feature flags used for releasing front-end features, like adding dark mode, can help you reduce or minimize downtime when migrating to the cloud. In this session, learn LaunchDarkly’s techniques for painless reinvention, how they converted to a streaming event architecture, and how they migrated production databases with zero downtime using gradual, reversible, and verifiable processes controlled with feature flags. This presentation is brought to you by LaunchDarkly. Speakers: Mike Zorn (LaunchDarkly) and Justin Caballero (LaunchDarkly)

Write, deploy, and provision cloud resources with AWS Developer Tools

DOP314, DevOps and Developer Productivity

In this session, learn how you can use various AWS Developer Tools to improve your ergonomics across the entire development lifecycle. This session dives deep into IDE extensions, SDKs, and toolkits that provide first-class integrations with AWS services. It also explores how to manage and fine-tune your resources with the AWS CLI; how to define your infrastructure in common programming languages with AWS CDK; and how to automate testing, building, debugging, and deployment.

Architecting for workforce agility with AWS end user computing

EUC301, End User Computing

IT organizations today must have agile, secure, and reliable solutions to enable a global workforce and ensure that their users can be productive from anywhere. This session provides an overview of and best practices for Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0. It also dives deep into implementing these services, including how to integrate them with your existing identity, security, networking, and storage solutions.

Engineering for social impact through the power of HPC (sponsored by Intel)

EUC305-S, End User Computing

High performance computing (HPC) in the cloud is redefining what is possible and driving positive social impact around the world. In this session, learn how the largest publicly known HPC run ever done in the cloud, conducted on AWS architecture and powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, has enabled open-source platform VirtualFlow to conduct drug discovery at the scale of billions of molecules. Discover how this platform is planned to host the world’s largest-ever virtual screening of drug molecules needed to accelerate cancer research. This presentation is brought to you by Intel, an AWS Partner.

The future of virtualization and workforce agility

EUC201, End User Computing

This session is designed for IT decision-makers and administrators who are thinking about the future of their workforce in a post-COVID-19 world and business decision-makers looking to create SaaS versions of their desktop applications. In this session, Muneer Mirza, GM for Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0, shares the latest AWS innovations in virtualization, the AWS vision for how you can enable your workforce to be secure and productive from anywhere at any time, and how you can lift and shift your desktop applications to a SaaS model without rewriting.

How Shell is accelerating innovation and embracing the energy transition

ENR202, Energy

The energy transition that’s underway requires energy companies to optimize their operations and accelerate innovation in more sustainable ways than ever before. This session details how Shell, together with AWS, is embracing this industry transformation by implementing the OSDU Data Platform to break down data silos and developing transformational workloads like high performance computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning across their Upstream business. Additionally, this session covers how Shell’s Renewables and Energy Solutions business is embracing the benefits of the AWS Cloud to bring innovations in customer service, carbon management, and IoT to drive more sustainable operations and reach their climate goals.

A pragmatic guide to modernizing your mainframe (sponsored by Atos)

ENT221-S, Enterprise and Migration

Companies have been trying to exit the mainframe for years but have thought it to be too costly or too disruptive. The pressures to retire the mainframe are increasing at a faster pace due to retiring talent, increasing maintenance costs, and needing more agility. In this session, discover a pragmatic, yet impactful way to transform your mainframes to the cloud while delivering a positive ROI, meeting application performance expectations, and delivering the business agility desired by your organization. This presentation is brought to you by Atos, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Barry Wordell (Atos) and Brad Foster (Atos)

A technical deep dive on VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts (sponsored by VMware)

ENT223-S, Enterprise and Migration

Learn how to bring cloud experience, agility, and innovation to the data center so that you can focus on business innovation, while VMware and AWS take care of managing your on-premises IT infrastructure. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts is an on-premises-as-a-service offering powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. It integrates VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center software with next-generation, dedicated Amazon Nitro-based Amazon EC2 bare metal infrastructure. This session provides an overview of the service and its key use cases; technical specifications for VMware Cloud on the AWS Outposts rack; a description of the network topology, architecture, and order flow; a walkthrough of how to get started; and much more. This presentation is brought to you by VMware, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Ivan Oprencak (VMware) and Larry Henderson (VMware)

Accelerate digital, data, and cloud journeys with IBM, AWS, and Red Hat (sponsored by IBM)

ENT226-S, Enterprise and Migration

In this session, learn how tech leaders are helping enterprises speed transformation across industries by combining the power of the AWS Cloud with Red Hat’s flexible hybrid platform, a robust ISV ecosystem, and IBM’s trusted systems integration and consulting expertise. Hear how Schlumberger (SLB) paved the way for energy sector transformation with its industry-leading digital platform, a cloud-native DELFI cognitive environment, and how Minehub has addressed the possible complexity, risks, and inefficiencies of post-trade execution in commodity supply chain transactions with a foundational open platform for digital trade. This presentation is brought to you by IBM, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Mahmoud Elmashni (IBM), Amitava Parial (IBM Consulting Services), and Mathijs Bulten (Minehub Technologies)

Accelerate your cloud migration for financial services (sponsored by PagerDuty)

ENT319-S, Enterprise and Migration

The cloud offers enhanced scalability, business agility, and cost savings—but did you know that 30% of cloud migration projects fail? In this technical session, see how financial service teams can use PagerDuty and AWS to up-level their digital operations approach through better alerting, automated incident response, and secure DevOps processes. Join PagerDuty for a fireside chat with leaders from Morgan Stanley, Vistaprint & Cimpress, and Trimble as they discuss digital transformation. Learn about cultural and technological changes, dive into security and compliance requirements you may encounter during your cloud migration journeys, and find out how service ownership is critical in reaching operational maturity. This presentation is brought to you by PagerDuty, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Joe Pusateri (PagerDuty), Inga Weizman (PagerDuty), Luis Teixeira (Vistaprint & Cimpress), Kelly Farrell (Vistaprint & Cimpress), and Robbie Eichberger (Morgan Stanley)

AWS China – Extend your success for growth

CHI202, Enterprise and Migration

If you are interested in growing opportunities in China and planning to expand your business there, this is the session for you. AWS has formed strategic technology collaboration with two China authorized operators (NWCD and Sinnet), and the authorized operators operate and provide services from the AWS Regions located in China in full compliance with Chinese regulations. AWS China Regions have been operated for years, most AWS services are available in China to support Chinese domestic customers operating in the country and international customers’ “Global-to-China” landing. In this session, you’ll learn about operation guidelines, local regulations, local support and partner information. Sign up now!

ENT219-S, Enterprise and Migration

The last 18 months saw CIOs gain more influence across the business as tech conversations topped agendas in the boardroom. So, how are you using this new level of board sponsorship post-COVID-19? In this session, the Cloudbusting Podcast team presents their top trends in cloud modernization for 2022, helping you identify opportunities to capitalize on the maturing cloud market. Gain insights from real customer stories on how automated, software-driven migration and modernization are driving business value, and learn what organizations must do, both technically and culturally, to grow their leader’s digital quotient (DQ) and deliver the promise of the cloud. This presentation is brought to you by Cloudreach, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Dave Chapman (Cloudreach), Jez Ward (Cloudreach), Tara Tapper (Cloudreach), and Keisha Garcia (bp)

Data management: The good, the bad, and the ugly (sponsored by Databricks)

ENT317-S, Enterprise and Migration

Could this be the end of the 2 a.m. page? Can the data lake be reliable? Is it possible to do BI on live data at scale? In this session, learn how Databricks helps data engineers sleep at night and data architects deliver a simpler and more modern data platform, creating a foundation for data pipelines to serve the entire organization—from business analysts to data scientists. Discover how Databricks simplifies data management on top of your Amazon S3 data lake through a lake house architecture—from data processing with ETL to data governance and analytics. Code as Databricks notebooks will be provided. This presentation is brought to you by Databricks, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Jason Pohl (Databricks), Amit Kara (Databricks), and Mary Golembiewski (Northwestern Mutual)

Data-driven enterprise: Going from vision to value

ENT204, Enterprise and Migration

Businesses want to unleash the value of data to increase agility, drive innovation, and improve efficiency. While data is abundant and growing rapidly, just producing or storing a lot of it doesn’t automatically create value. Value is realized by creating a culture and operating model that use the data to invent on behalf of customers using actioned insights, analytics, and AI/ML. However, cultural challenges, outdated governance models, organizational silos, and legacy execution approaches stand in the way of realizing this vision. Join this session to learn strategies rooted in the first-hand experience of two former CXOs on how to overcome these barriers to turn this vision into a reality.

Enabling a frictionless and secure payment experience at ETS (sponsored by PwC)

ARC329-S, Enterprise and Migration

In this session, learn how PwC and ETS, the world’s largest private educational testing and measurement organization, developed a secure cloud-native payment processing solution that offers a frictionless payment experience for ETS’s global customers. Relying on an event-driven architecture and an extensive list of AWS serverless and managed platform services, ETS is now positioned to use the benefits of operating a scalable, flexible, and cost-optimized enterprise-grade payment processing system. The new solution has helped enable faster turnaround times and speed to market. This presentation is brought to you by PwC, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Gokul Raghuraman (PwC) and Brian Hersh (ETS)

Inside Johnson & Johnson’s cloud transformation

ENT208, Enterprise and Migration

Modernizing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is a key pillar in Johnson & Johnson’s continued cloud transformation. Working with AWS Professional Services and AWS Partners, including Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson is consolidating more than 40 ERP systems on AWS and upgrading to S/4HANA Central Finance—a transformation that they estimate will net $200 million in operational benefits. In this session, learn about their migration journey, using infrastructure as code to increase SAP operational efficiency, and future plans to extend the ERP core to AWS services for advanced use cases such as voice-enabled manufacturing and fraud detection.

Intelligently automating cloud operations

ENT312, Enterprise and Migration

Join this session to learn how to automate insights intelligently using AWS management, DevOps, and machine learning tools. Operational insights across security, fault tolerance, and performance can be revealed by Amazon Inspector, AWS Config, Service Quotas, AWS Health, AWS Well-Architected Tool, and AWS Trusted Advisor. Discover lessons learned from operating large events for and setting up repeatable mechanisms for operational excellence.

Learn how MAP can help you achieve your business outcomes

ENT209, Enterprise and Migration

Regardless of the industry or business driver, organizations want to become more agile so they can innovate and respond faster to change. This requires rethinking your IT portfolio in order to achieve desired business outcomes. For many organizations, a move to the cloud is not only the fastest way to lower the total cost of ownership, but it also increases agility. AWS has migrated thousands of organizations and packaged best practices in a simple framework. In this session, learn about AWS migration and modernization best practices, the framework, and how it can help you achieve business outcomes.

Marc O’Polo’s journey to direct-to-consumer operations and SAP S/4HANA

ENT206, Enterprise and Migration

Marc O’Polo has the ambitious goals to be the most innovative fashion retailer in Germany and to shift to a direct-to-consumer model. To support these changes, Marc O’Polo decided to move from three legacy ERP systems to a unified to SAP S/4HANA implementation on AWS. They are also building a data lake, which will allow them to combine SAP data with other key data sources to greater insight into their customers and operations using AWS services. In this session, explore Marc O’Polo’s S/4HANA implementation and lessons learned that other SAP users can apply to their own modernization journeys.

Migration and modernization at scale with AWS and VMware

ENT311, Enterprise and Migration

Whether you’re just starting out on your hybrid cloud journey or you’re well established, there’s always something new to explore. For the past five years VMware and AWS have been jointly engineering solutions to support customers’ evolving hybrid cloud needs. In this session, focus on best practices for moving your on-premises VMware workloads to AWS with VMware Cloud on AWS. Next, discover options for modernizing these workloads with AWS services. Lastly, dive into AWS and VMware’s newest joint offering, VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts, which is designed to support your applications with latency and local data processing requirements.

Modernize vSphere applications on AWS with VMware Tanzu (sponsored by VMware)

ENT217-S, Enterprise and Migration

Are you thinking of modernizing your vSphere applications running on VMware Cloud on AWS or the native AWS Cloud? This session covers how to modernize components or the entirety of those applications with the VMware Tanzu portfolio to get the most out of your AWS investment. In this demo-filled session, VMware experts detail how to set up and manage Kubernetes clusters at scale with VMware Tanzu services on VMware Cloud on AWS and how to get an optimal development experience on Amazon EKS. They also detail how to achieve full-stack observability from AWS Lambda to Amazon EC2 with VMware Tanzu, how to manage AWS costs and ensure usage compliance, and more. This presentation is brought to you by VMware, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Art Fewell (VMware) and Andrew Nielsen (VMware)

Modernizing application delivery

ENT324, Enterprise and Migration

Modern application architectures, serverless runtimes, automated deployment timelines, and autonomous teams can expedite your cloud journey, as long as you leave existing assumptions behind and aren’t afraid to bust some myths along the way. Presented by two former CTOs, this session shuns the buzzwords of modern application delivery in favor of architectural decision trade-offs and demonstrating how you can plot an incremental path from your existing IT assets.

Natively deploy, manage, and scale with advanced data services (sponsored by NetApp)

ENT323-S, Enterprise and Migration

NetApp offers ONTAP, a stable and flexible data-management platform built on the simplicity and scalability of AWS. As the only cloud-native service to support both AWS and NetApp APIs, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides a fully managed and supported block and file system on AWS. This session discusses how to set up and manage your data from the AWS Management Console or from NetApp Cloud Manager. It also dives deeper to unlock the NetApp portfolio and how it integrates with the plethora of AWS services to deliver the increased data protection and management services that made NetApp famous. This presentation is brought to you by NetApp, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Nick Howell (NetApp)

Pattern-based migrations to AWS

ENT314, Enterprise and Migration

Establishing technical patterns is critical to drive organization-wide transformation and key to rapid migrations. Identifying application patterns at an abstract portfolio level allows the development of migration plans to deliver rapid and consistent business outcomes for your organization. In this session, hear from an enterprise about how it drove change in its transformation to AWS.

Prescriptive enterprise transformation powered by AWS

ENT212, Enterprise and Migration

AWS helps enterprise customers around the globe achieve their strategic business goals and reinvent their organizations into modern digital businesses via prescriptive digital and organizational transformation. In this session, learn about AWS’s approach, built from success patterns of other traditional enterprise customers, and the business benefits your organization can achieve. Gain insight into critical success factors for digital transformation and how the AWS team can support your journey. Hear from customers who have completed this journey and how you can get started with AWS. Walk away with insights on what bold transformation offers.

Strategic IT planning and evaluation

ENT214, Enterprise and Migration

Take the guesswork out of planning with AWS. Accurately forecast and evaluate your cloud costs and business impact as you migrate and modernize your workloads. In this session, learn how you can make better investment decisions that are backed by a proven framework and data. Learn how to improve migration planning and forecasting, establish relevant targets and key performance indicators, and evaluate existing and future workloads. With the help of AWS Migration Evaluator, AWS Pricing Calculator, AWS Budgets, and other native capabilities, you can deliver more value to your customers and stay within budget.

Tackle cloud-native complexity with AWS and Dynatrace (sponsored by Dynatrace)

ENT218-S, Enterprise and Migration

Digital transformation has accelerated, with companies modernizing to cloud-native environments and finding themselves with a distributed mix of hybrid infrastructure and cloud-native architecture. While these transformation steps are necessary for speed and scale, transformation is not without challenges when environments become dynamic. With distributed systems, intelligent and automatic observability is key to help teams drive faster transformation. This session covers what intelligent and automatic observability means through an AWS and Dynatrace customer’s point of view. This customer provides best practices they learned through modernizing to a cloud-native architecture with AWS and Dynatrace and how this optimized their customer experience. This presentation is brought to you by Dynatrace, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Erik Landsness (Dynatrace)

Tales from the trenches: Using cloud to modernize IT (sponsored by DXC Technology)

ENT232-S, Enterprise and Migration

Many companies are only beginning to reap substantial value from their cloud investments. How do you know you’re getting the most value from your move to cloud? How do you know you’re using cloud right for your business and avoiding potentially costly mistakes? Join this panel discussion with Boe Hartman, technology transformation and startup leader and the cofounder and CTO of Nomi Health, and Rodney Townsend, the Managing Director of Digital Channels and Personalization at United Airlines who is responsible for their award-winning consumer mobile application. Boe and Rodney share their experiences with IT modernization including challenges and successes, lessons learned, and advice for those mid-journey or just getting started. This presentation is brought to you by DXC Technology, an AWS Partner. Speakers: James Miller (DXC Technologies), Rens Troost (DXC Technologies), Boe Hartman (Nomi Health), Rodney Townsend (United Airlines)

Tennessee DHS: Transforming their CA Gen mainframe system to Java on AWS (sponsored by Deloitte)

ENT220-S, Enterprise and Migration

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) successfully transformed its 25-year-old child support mainframe system from CA Gen, COBOL, and DB2 to Java/Linux deployed on AWS. Tennessee DHS is on the path to unlocking their true potential and being able to provide improved services and employee and citizen experiences by using Deloitte’s innoWake solution with key AWS capabilities, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, AWS Direct Connect, AWS KMS, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Transit Gateway. In this session, learn about the Tennessee DHS mainframe modernization journey from start to finish, including their successes, challenges, and lessons learned. This presentation is brought to you by Deloitte, an AWS Partner. Speakers: John Hugill (Deloitte Consulting LLP) and Anthony Burwell (Tennessee Department of Human Services)

The real story of moving mainframe applications to AWS (sponsored by Micro Focus)

ENT222-S, Enterprise and Migration

AWS and Micro Focus are a winning combination for modernizing mainframe applications. You can benefit from the knowledge Micro Focus brings to maximizing the investment you’ve made in your mainframe applications as well as the flexibility and capabilities of AWS. Learn how Micro Focus customers have moved their mainframe applications to AWS quickly and affordably. Hear about results for these organizations: How does the migration scale? Is it secure? How does it deliver high availability? Join this session for truth on moving mainframe applications to AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Micro Focus, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Neil Fowler (Micro Focus) and Stuart McGill (Micro Focus)

Transforming agriculture at John Deere with SAP on AWS

ENT215, Enterprise and Migration

John Deere continues to lead the agriculture industry’s shift toward smart farming that drives greater sustainability, efficiency, and safety, and Deere is increasingly collaborating with AWS to support mission-critical systems. In this session, get an inside look into Deere’s smart industrial transformation and their ongoing migration of SAP workloads to AWS. Hear key successes and lessons learned across people, insights, and technology that are helping Deere meet its customers’ agriculture, construction, and power system needs.

Transforming your technical landscape

ENT316, Enterprise and Migration

Large-scale transformation journeys provide significant application modernization and rationalization opportunities. In this session, explore degrees of modernization, rationalizing components that may be common across your technical landscape and considering common templates for teams within your organization. These strategies can help you drive fundamental changes to your technical landscape. Additionally, hear from an enterprise customer on their transformation journey, its challenges, and their unique benefits.

Unlocking scalability with cells: New Relic’s journey to AWS (sponsored by New Relic)

ENT318-S, Enterprise and Migration

In 2020, New Relic started a journey to migrate its entire telemetry data platform to AWS to accommodate explosive growth. In under a year, New Relic used its own Observability Platform combined with AWS services to migrate 20,000+ servers to AWS. In this session, Wendy Shepperd, GVP Engineering at New Relic, shares how New Relic used a cell-based architecture to pave the way for long-term scalability and geographic expansion. Wendy covers key lessons learned about New Relic’s shift to AWS, as well as implications for observability following the move. Wendy also discusses specific AWS services that New Relic relies on. This presentation is brought to you by New Relic, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Wendy Shepperd (New Relic)

Citi: Scaling security guardrail development via AWS CDK

FSI305, Financial Services

Citi has harnessed AWS CDK to unify software development processes across its AWS environment, using years of experience with infrastructure as code. Still, maintaining templates, writing custom scripts, or learning domain-specific languages can be challenging. In this session, learn how Citi uses AWS CDK to evolve testing, distribute modular infrastructure components across teams, and implement pipelines with high-level programming languages. Discover how this innovative approach has allowed Citi to scale design, engineering, and deployment of preventative, detective, and responsive controls to securely migrate workloads to AWS.

CME Group: Enabling data science through event-based design

FSI306, Financial Services

As one of the world’s largest futures exchanges, CME Group faces ever-growing data needs. Through company acquisitions, vendor partnerships, and expanded integrations with external data platforms like Salesforce, CME needed to transform its data management capabilities. In this session, find out how CME built a scalable data-ingestion pipeline using an event-driven, file-based architecture. This versatile solution, which uses AWS Step Functions, Amazon AppFlow, AWS Lambda, Amazon EMR, and AWS Lake Formation, supports compliance data management, commercial data enablement, real-time Kafka publishing, and data-lake optimization. Critically, it enables the company’s data science community by making it easier to securely integrate and analyze third-party datasets.

Discover Financial Services: Payments mainframe to cloud platform

FSI309, Financial Services

Discover Financial Services, a leading digital bank and payments company, transformed its payments business on AWS to enhance card-settlement capabilities and adapt to global market conditions while maintaining a highly secure network. In this session, Discover discusses the opportunity to improve its legacy system, the next-generation platform architecture on AWS, and the benefits of adopting pricing changes within 3 weeks (rather than 6 months). This session shares lessons learned from migrating from a batch-oriented mainframe to an internet-scale, PCI-compliant and resilient platform powered by Amazon EMR, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS. The result: Discover now processes 4 million transaction records in 9 minutes.

Fannie Mae: Migrating at scale without lifting and shifting

FSI310, Financial Services

Since 2019, Fannie Mae has been executing large-scale application migrations to AWS to improve operational resilience, scalability, and security, all while reducing total cost of ownership, increasing developer productivity, and driving machine learning adoption across the enterprise. In this session, learn about Fannie Mae’s strategy—avoiding lifting and shifting in favor of refactoring and replatforming application components using an AWS multi-account strategy that features modular virtual private cloud design and streamlined network connectivity. Use cases include replatforming OLTP databases to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL with AWS DMS and rearchitecting applications using microservices patterns with AWS Fargate.

Globe Life: Accelerate innovation with self-service analytics

FSI308, Financial Services

Learn how Globe Life went from running queries one model at a time to analyzing more than 10 billion records and 200 models simultaneously, deriving business insights in under 30 seconds. Globe Life’s self-service analytics framework leverages data from multiple sources using AWS services, including Amazon Redshift. In this session, Globe Life shares how its analytics environment maintains security guardrails to empower its actuarial and business teams to meet time-sensitive regulatory requirements and quickly perform deep analysis for business innovation.

Goldman Sachs: Reinventing financial data analytics

FSI204, Financial Services

Performing sophisticated data management and analytics can create a critical advantage in financial markets, but doing so with speed and scale requires significant time and resources. In this session, learn how Goldman Sachs addressed this challenge by building a cloud-native, modular, and integrated collection of services to enable innovation in financial data analytics. Hear how the bank rearchitected its proprietary data and analytics capabilities using AWS services to make it easier to discover, combine, and analyze data in minutes. This session also shares how capital markets organizations can adopt this solution through the Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud to accelerate data integration and quantitative analysis.

How JPMC modernized its core risk management platform

FSI202, Financial Services

The JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) Corporate Investment Bank’s Athena platform provides technologists, quantitative analysts, and risk managers with a consistent, cross-asset portfolio of models, frameworks, and tools to use in building financial applications. Having migrated a number of trade desks to AWS and achieved improved performance, JPMC decided to accelerate Athena’s journey to the cloud. In this session, learn about the challenges that JPMC overcame and hear about the Athena team’s adoption of cloud-native services, including Amazon EKS, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, to enable customers to evaluate risk across a broader set of market conditions and scenarios.

How TFS uses Snowflake and AWS to drive mobility financing (sponsored by Snowflake)

FSI206-S, Financial Services

Helping millions of people get mobile while driving the vehicle of their dreams has been at the core of the Toyota Financial Services (TFS) mission. In this session, learn how TFS uses AWS and Snowflake for its data platform to provide capital financing at record speed for its customers and partners, like Mazda. Also, discover how TFS completely digitized the customer experience during the pandemic so that customers and partners could have easy access to the relevant data and services. This presentation is brought to you by Snowflake, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Raphael Mathias (Toyota Financial Services)

Itaú: Upgrading platforms to transform the customer experience

FSI207, Financial Services

Itaú Unibanco, Latin America’s largest bank, is systematically modernizing its legacy applications, moving from mainframe to open platform, to better serve its 56 million retail customers. The bank is migrating its transaction-account front end to improve performance and enhancing its account statement application using Amazon OpenSearch Service, delivering features like text search for transactions up to 22 years old. In this session, learn how Itaú Unibanco organized to accelerate innovation and adoption of services such as AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB, which it used to deploy an instant payment system, Pix, that handles nine million transactions per day.

Standard Chartered Bank: Migrating core banking to AWS

FSI301, Financial Services

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), a global bank serving customers in 60 markets, is launching a cloud-first strategy. One of SCB’s lighthouse projects is the migration of its core banking system, Atlas, to AWS. As a tier 1, highly regulated workload, Atlas requires exceptional levels of security, availability, and auditability. This session shares how SCB migrated Atlas to AWS, lessons that the company learned, and the benefits of this migration, including enhanced reliability and performance. In particular, learn how SCB moved from Db2 to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, which has advanced compliance and resilience features that were critical to the successful migration.

State Farm: Enabling rapid deployment with risk automation

FSI203, Financial Services

In this session, learn how State Farm streamlined deployment approval from months to minutes by implementing an automated, data-driven risk management process for all use cases leveraging AWS services. Approving deployments for production in financial services can often be a manual, opinion-based, and time-consuming process that frustrates developers, security teams, and executive leadership alike. State Farm’s solution not only notifies account administrators of potential compliance issues but also supports auto-remediation of these issues. It provides continuous, real-time testing and monitoring of controls, which accelerates service adoption for developers, delivers assurance to InfoSec professionals, and enables agile executive decision-making.

Vanguard: Personalization at scale with Amazon SageMaker

FSI307, Financial Services

Vanguard is using machine learning (ML) on AWS to solve one of the most pressing challenges in financial advice: personalization. In this session, learn how Vanguard’s ML engine uses AWS services such as Amazon SageMaker to optimize rule-of-thumb recommendations with more sophisticated financial advice to maximize retirement wealth and spending for investors. Vanguard will share how training the ML models on large Amazon SageMaker instances, including more than 120 instances for data generation, made the unsolvable solvable, accelerating project completion time to less than one month and lowering the cost from $5 million to less than $200 thousand.

Comment créer un bureau d’adoption Infonuagique qui répond à vos besoins

FCA202, French Canadian

Qu’on l’appelle Centre d’excellence Infonuagique (CEI), l’équipe fondation infonuagique, l’équipe de transformation infonuagique ou le bureau d’adoption Infonuagique, cette entité est votre équipe Infonuagique dont la mission est de permettre aux équipes applicatives et clientes de parvenir à un développement accéléré et durable. Cette équipe, en plus d’être composée de personnel axé sur la technologie, les opérations et la sécurité, doit également disposer de ressources comprenant les affaires, les finances, la gouvernance et les ressources humaines. Embarquons ensemble dans le voyage qui mènera à la création de l’équipe qui soutiendra votre adoption de l’Infonuagique.

Comment fédérer votre service d’identité d’enterprise avec les bases de données gérées par AWS?

FCA301, French Canadian

Que ce soient à des fins d’entreposage ou d’analyse, toute organisation cherche à contrôler finement et à auditer qui a accès aux données de l’entreprise. Dans cette session, apprenez comment tirer profit de votre fournisseur d’identité d’entreprise afin de fédérer les accès de vos utilisateurs lorsque vous utilisez les pilotes ODBC/JDBC pour les services Amazon Athena et Amazon Redshift.

Comment utiliser les conteneurs pour devenir sans-serveur

FCA302, French Canadian

Dans cette session, apprenez comment utiliser les conteneurs avec les fonctions AWS Lambda pour exécuter une application web traditionnelle en personnalisant l'environnement nécessaire à l'opération. Vous découvrirez comment concevoir une image de conteneur qui s'opère avec AWS Lambda, comment traiter les requêtes en mode sans-serveur, comment déployer votre application et comment surveiller son exécution.

Créez des applications modernes grâce aux bases de données spécialisées

FCA201, French Canadian

Les applications modernes ont des exigences très spécifiques en termes de performances, de sécurité et de volume de données. L’époque de la base de données monolithique universelle est révolue et les développeurs créent désormais des applications hautement distribuées à l’aide d’une multitude de bases de données spécialisées. Découvrez l’objectif de chaque service de base de données AWS et comment les clients AWS utilisent des bases de données spécialisées pour créer certaines des applications les plus scalables de la planète. Si vous êtes un leader en technologie et que vous essayez de moderniser votre stratégie de données, cette session est pour vous.

Trucs et astuces pour ameliorer les performances de S3 selon vos besoins d’analyses de données.

FCA303, French Canadian

Lors de cette session vous allez apprendre comment prendre plusieurs des meilleurs pratiques autours d’Amazon S3 pour améliorer les performances lors de vos projets d’analyses. Vous allez voir comment certain choix de technologies, de services et d’architecture en général pourront vous donner des résultats intéressants. En plus d’Amazon S3 nous verrons Amazon Athena et d’autres.

La gouvernance, pour un voyage réussi vers le cloud

FRE203, French

Que vous soyez en train de migrer vos premières workloads vers le cloud, ou en train d’étendre son adoption au sein de votre entreprise, vous pouvez être intéressé par cette session….Nous allons vous présenter l’importance d’une gouvernance dédiée au cloud, comment éviter certains écueils, et vous conseiller sur la mise en place de cette gouvernance. Nous regarderons enfin un ennemi de l’adoption : le “chasm” (“abîme” en français) et les possibilités de franchissement pour une adoption à l’échelle réussie.

L’innovation en pratique avec AWS

FRE204, French

Aujourd’hui, plus que jamais, l’innovation, moteur de progrès, est essentielle pour créer et maintenir la différenciation. Découvrez comment les licornes et les éditeurs logiciels innovent de manière continue avec AWS, font croître leurs entreprises et offrent des expériences client différenciées. Egard au fait que l’innovation dépend de la compréhension profonde des clients, et de la possibilité pour quiconque au sein de l’entreprise de tester rapidement son idée géniale, nous explorerons la boite à outil qui vous permettra de diminuer le coût de l’expérimentation, et de donner accès à tous ces nouvelles technologies passionnantes.

Quoi de neuf sur AWS pour les médias en 2021

FRE205, French

Les entreprises du secteur des médias sont confrontés à une transformation de l’ensemble de l’industrie. Les clients AWS réinventent la façon dont ils créent du contenu, optimisent leur patrimoine vidéo et captent l’attention du public sur leur plateforme de diffusion. Cette session détaille les solutions apportées par AWS pour chacune de ces opportunités. Attention, pas de slides, que de l’architecture, du code et des démos, promis…

Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le RGPD, le CLOUD Act et la souveraineté

FRE201, French

Chez AWS, la sécurité est notre première priorité. Nous avons créé pour nos clients un environnement qui propose les standards de protection des données avec les plus hauts standards mondiaux. Dans cette session nous couvrirons les 3 piliers de la confiance dans le cloud : Juridique/Certification/Contrôles. Nous verrons comment AWS répond au CLOUD Act, au RGPD post-Schrems II et plus généralement permet aux clients de conserver leur propre souveraineté.

Utiliser le Cloud AWS pour répondre aux challenges du Développement Durable

FRE202, French

Le développement durable environnemental est au coeur des enjeux auxquels doit faire face le monde entier. Venez découvrir comment AWS peut vous aider à répondre à ces challenges environnementaux. Nous aborderons le développement durable environnemental du Cloud lui-même, les possibilités d’optimisation de vos ressources qui vous sont proposées puis nous verrons comment le Cloud peut une aide précieuse pour limiter vos émissions dans votre coeur de métier.

Accelerate front-end web and mobile development with AWS Amplify

FWM201, Front-End Web and Mobile Development

User-facing web and mobile applications are the primary touchpoint between organizations and their customers. To meet the ever-rising bar for customer experience, developers must deliver high-quality apps with both foundational and differentiating features. AWS Amplify helps front-end web and mobile developers build faster front to back. In this session, review Amplify’s core capabilities like authentication, data, and file storage and explore new capabilities, such as Amplify Geo and extensibility features for easier app customization with AWS services and better integration with existing deployment pipelines. Also learn how customers have been successful using Amplify to innovate in their businesses.

Building the re:Invent app with Amazon Location Service

FWM204, Front-End Web and Mobile Development

Thousands of guests come to Las Vegas to participate in re:Invent, the biggest annual AWS event. Attendees move from venue to venue to attend breakout sessions, chalk talks, and more. To help them get where they need to go, AWS provides transportation and directions. In this session, learn how Amazon Location Service is helping the re:Invent team provide attendees and fleets with accurate information on routes, locations, distances, and estimated travel times. See how they are utilizing a fully managed serverless solution to support attendees with clear and trustworthy location data and how you can do the same at your own events.

Game worlds to real worlds: Simulation at scale with AWS

GAM202, Games/GameTech

3D creation tools are well known for creating immersive game worlds that transport players into other dimensions. In this session, explore how developers are using this same technology to simulate virtual environments and study outcomes that would be too difficult, dangerous, or expensive to evaluate in the real world. Learn how Lockheed Martin and CAE used AWS, Unity, and Unreal to create massive-scale simulations of real-world environments with millions of dynamic objects to increase situational readiness for scenarios ranging from natural disasters to cyber threats.

How Epic Games develops Fortnite faster with a build farm on AWS

GAM203, Games/GameTech

Epic Games is a leading interactive entertainment company and provider of real-time 3D creation technology. Epic is also the creator of Fortnite—one of the world’s most popular games, with over 350 million accounts. In this session, learn how with the help of AWS, Fortnite entertains players around the world, years after its initial release in 2017. By migrating its internal build farm from on premises to AWS services, including Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, Epic drastically improved development iteration times and its rapid release cycle to continually deliver fresh content to players.

How Sony Interactive Entertainment launched PlayStation 5

GAM201, Games/GameTech

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is a global leader in interactive and digital entertainment that is responsible for creating the world-renowned PlayStation brand and family of products. This session explores how SIE prepared for the launch of PlayStation 5 (PS5) against the backdrop of a global pandemic. Learn how SIE delivered PS5 without downtime to millions of players around the world using a coordinated-operations planned response program and a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure using AWS services, including Amazon EKS, Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon CloudWatch.

Riot Games at the edge: Launching VALORANT with AWS Outposts

GAM302, Games/GameTech

Riot Games develops, publishes, and supports some of the most player-focused games in the world, including League of Legends, one of the world’s most played PC games and a key driver for the explosive growth of esports. In this session, learn how Riot Games orchestrated the successful global deployment of its latest 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, VALORANT. Using AWS services, including AWS Outposts and AWS Global Accelerator, Riot rapidly deployed and scaled game servers to millions of players around the world and reduced latency by up to 20 milliseconds to provide players with a seamless real-time gaming experience.

AWS CDK: Eine moderne Art Infrastruktur aufzubauen

GER205, German

Infrastructure-as-Code hat die Art und Weise verändert, wie wir Infrastruktur und Technologiestacks definieren. Das AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) ist ein Open Source Softwareentwicklungs-Framework zur Definition von Cloud-Infrastruktur mit Code in bekannten Programmiersprachen und der Bereitstellung in AWS. In dieser Session stellen wir die grundlegenden Konzepte von CDK vor und erklären die verschiedenen Construct Levels. Du lernst wie man mit dem CDK starten kann und wann welche Constructs verwendet werden sollten.

Bauen robuster Infrastrukturen für Open Source Anwendungen - BigBlueButton(tm)

GER303, German

Es gibt viele populäre Open Source Anwendungen die Kunden einen Mehrwert bieten können. Die entsprechenden Anforderungen an Ausfallsicherheit und Leistung dieser Systeme gleichen dabei oft denen professionell unterstützter Enterprise Lösungen.
Wir zeigen in dieser Session anhand des Beispiels von BigBlueButton(tm), einer Open-Source Videokonferenz-Lösung mit weitreichenden Features, wie Kunden auf Basis von AWS eine robuste und dynamisch anpassbare Infrastruktur für derartige Anwendungen bauen können. Wir führen durch die geplante Architektur und erörtern die Serviceauswahl sowie Umsetzung des Projektes. Abschließend zeigen wir in einer Hands-On Demo den Aufbau mittels Infrastructure as Code.

FSX for Ontap für relationale Datenbanken

GER301, German

Nutzen Sie das neue NAS-Speicherangebot von AWS für relationale Datenbanken. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihre RTO mithilfe von Snapshots verringern, Testumgebungen mit Flexclone erstellen und speicherbasierte Replikation für die Notfallwiederherstellung durchführen.

Lernen Sie effektive Datenbank-Netzwerkmuster für Ihre kritischen Implementierungen

GER304, German

Da sich zweckbestimmte Datenbanken als Standard in der Branche durchsetzen, wird es immer wichtiger, verwaltete Datenbanken in Umgebungen mit mehreren Konten effektiv einzusetzen. In dieser Sitzung werden wir effektive Muster für die Bereitstellung von Datenbanken in hybriden Umgebungen und für verschiedene Zwecke aufzeigen. Wir werden einen Blick darauf werfen, wie man den Netzwerkverkehr effizient überwacht und Fehler behebt, um die Konnektivität und Leistung von Datenbanken im großen Maßstab zu ermöglichen. Wir werden auch Best Practices für die Sicherheit von Datenbankimplementierungen, Isolierung und Traffic Inspection vorstellen.

Luftqualität matters - Sicher zurück zur Arbeit mit AWS IoT

GER202, German

Covid-19 hat gezeigt, wie wichtig eine hohe Luftqualität für unsere Gesundheit ist. Besonders in geschlossenen Räumen mit vielen Menschen sollte deshalb die Luftqualität kontinuierlich gemessen werden. Durch den Einsatz von IoT in Kombination mit serveless Technologien, bauen wir ein Echzeitsystem zum Überwachen der Luftqualität. Dabei können die Daten sofort analysiert und in Aktionen umgewandelt werden um beispielsweise Fenster zu öffnen oder Mitarbeiter zu informieren.

Migration zu SaaS: Strategien und Muster aus dem echten Leben

GER302, German

Die grüne Wiese ist der Traum aller SaaS Architekten, um darauf skalierbare und effiziente multi-tenant Architekturen zu entwerfen. In der Realität gilt es aber oft, bestehende Lösungen in ein SaaS Modell zu überführen und so bestmöglich vom enthaltenen Wissen zu profitieren. Die Herausforderung dabei ist es einen Migrationspfad zu finden, in dem die BEstandspflege mit der Arbeit an der Migration ausgewogen vereinbart werden. Wir identifzieren die typischen SaaS Migrations Muster und tauchen tief ein in die dafür verwendeten Architektur-, Betriebs-, Deployment- und Entwicklungsstrategien. Wir diskutieren minimal invasive Optionen bis hin zur kompletten Erneuerung und arbeiten die Vorteile und Herausforderungen heraus.

Ökologische Nachhaltigkeit mit der Cloud

GER201, German

Jeder trägt die Verantwortung, seine Bedürfnisse so zu erfüllen, dass zukünftige Generationen nicht darin beeinträchtigt sind, ihre eigenen Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen. Das ist Nachhaltigkeit. In dieser Session lernen Sie, wie die Cloud bei der Transformation zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit hilft. Wir betrachten dazu das Shared-Responsibility-Modell für ökologische Nachhaltigkeit. Wir zeigen, welche Architekturmuster und AWS-Dienste dabei helfen, Ihre Anwendungen auf Compute-, Speicher- und Netzwerkebene ressourceneffizient umzusetzen. Dazu beleuchten wir einen Mechanismus, der Dashboards mit KPIs erzeugt, so dass jedes Anwendungsteam seine Ressourcennutzung versteht und Verbesserungen angeht. Zuletzt zeigen Fallstudien, wie AWS-Kunden durch die Cloud ihre eigene Nachhaltigkeit und die ihrer Kunden verbessern.

Sicherheit als Teil der Produktentwicklung

GER204, German

Eine starke IT-Sicherheitskultur im Unternehmen ist der Schlüssel zur erfolgreichen Abwehr von Cyber-Angriffen. Die Integration von IT-Sicherheit in alle Phasen der Produktentwicklung hilft Bedrohungen und Probleme frühzeitig zu erkennen und kosteneffizient zu beseitigen. Die Etablierung einer IT-Sicherheitskultur im Unternehmen stellt jedoch immer noch eine große Herausforderung dar. In diesem Beitrag wird ein Ansatz zur Einführung von Grundprinzipien und Praktiken der IT-Sicherheit in der digitalen Produktentwicklung vorgestellt. Während Grundprinzipien wie "Jeder im Unternehmen hat Einfluss auf die IT-Sicherheit" ein kollektives Bewusstsein und notwendige Sensibilität schaffen, unterstützen bewährte Praktiken wie Bedrohungsmodellierung methodische Entwicklung einer vertrauenswürdigen Systemarchitektur.

Wie du den passenden AWS Service beim Entwurf auswählst

GER203, German

Eine der eher saloppen Definitionen von Softwarearchitektur lautet: “Architektur sind die Entscheidungen, von denen man sich wünscht, dass man sie zu Beginn eines Projekts richtig trifft.”. Mit mehr als 200+ Services bietet AWS heute eine große Auswahl und es gibt einige Entscheidungen zu treffen, wenn man die Software-Architektur für ein neues System oder einen neuen Service entwirft. Dieser Vortrag zielt darauf ab, Dir Werkzeuge an die Hand zu geben, die helfen, sinnvolle Architekturentscheidungen zu treffen. Und er zeigt, wie man sie bei der Auswahl des richtigen Dienstes für ein Problem in einigen Bereichen anwenden kann, in denen die Entscheidungen nicht offensichtlich sind.

Accelerate your software co-selling flywheel with AWS

GPS202, Global Partner Summit

In this session, discover how you can drive new business and accelerate your co-selling engine for your software with AWS. Learn about the AWS co-selling roles, mechanisms, and programs to globally connect with the AWS field teams, who service millions of active AWS customers. Learn about best practices to get into the mind of the AWS seller and customer. Also, hear from an AWS Partner about their co-selling journey and keys to their success.

Accelerating data-led migrations

GPS213, Global Partner Summit

Data has become a strategic asset. Customers of all sizes are moving data to the cloud to gain operational efficiencies and fuel innovation. This session details how partners can create repeatable and scalable solutions to help their customers derive value from their data, win new customers, and grow their business. It also discusses how to drive partner-led data migrations using AWS services, tools, resources, and programs, such as the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). Also, this session shares customer success stories from partners who have used MAP and other resources to help customers migrate to AWS and improve business outcomes.

Accelerating innovation with AI and ML

GPS211, Global Partner Summit

Applied artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, such as contact center intelligence (CCI), intelligent document processing (IDP), and media intelligence (MI), have had a significant market and business impact for customers, partners, and AWS. This session details how partners can collaborate with AWS to differentiate their products and solutions with AI and machine learning (ML). It also shares partner and customer success stories and discusses opportunities to help customers who are looking for turnkey solutions.

Access new AWS products automatically with AWS Cloud Control API

GPS215, Global Partner Summit

AWS Cloud Control API introduces a set of common APIs that allow you to use the latest AWS innovation swiftly with a one-time integration. AWS Partners can now automate the process of exposing new AWS capabilities to their end users without having to manually surface those capabilities. In this session, learn about AWS Cloud Control API, hear how AWS Partners are leveraging its benefits, and discover use cases and opportunities to integrate with the product.

Adapt to generational change: Build your workforce strategy

GPS302, Global Partner Summit

Today, companies of all sizes have the tools and technology to support employees working from anywhere and the ability to do so productively, but getting there took decades. The next revolution in remote work is happening before our eyes in months, not years. Join this session to see how leading companies are maintaining a culture of employee productivity while adapting to generational changes in the workforce. Explore digital workplace solutions and how customers use AWS to enhance their productivity and enable growth of their enterprise by managing their endpoints, applications, and collaboration platforms.

Building an internal data marketplace

GPS315, Global Partner Summit

Internal data marketplaces deliver trusted, high-quality data to analysts of all types, from accounting to sales, and even to the factory floor. In this session, learn key strategies and technologies for building and managing an internal data marketplace. Discover a comprehensive framework with essential building blocks in data governance, role-based access control, data democratization, and de-identification. Dive deep into an internal data marketplace platform that enables digital acceleration and agility while driving significant business value.

Charting your path to address the AWS skills shortage

GPS207, Global Partner Summit

The race to the cloud is accelerating, and more organizations are looking for support in digital transformation. AWS Partners need the skills to bridge the talent divide to meet customer needs. In this session, Mark Daigle, Global Director of AWS Partner Training, shares current trends and the impact of skilling up AWS Partner organizations. Discover the key characteristics of a well-skilled AWS Partner, and get an actionable plan from AWS experts on how to create a culture of learning, build in-demand skills, attract and retain new talent, and put your AWS practice on a path to success.

Co-selling systems integrator solutions with AWS

GPS201, Global Partner Summit

This session is for established and prospective AWS Partners who offer consulting, professional, and managed services solutions. Hear from both AWS and AWS Partners who have effectively engaged in collaborative go-to-market and selling activities with AWS industry and horizontal partner solutions. Learn more about the various programs, tools, resources, and best practices that can help you accelerate engagement with AWS and further promote your service solutions to customers.

Creating interoperable real-time clinical applications

GPS309, Global Partner Summit

Healthcare organizations are reimagining patient and clinician experience by using the latest in contact center, voice, and other AI/ML services on AWS. However, connecting to real-time clinical data and integrating the solution into the clinical workflow is challenging, and doing it incorrectly can create more data silos. In this session, learn how you can build real-time clinical solutions on AWS that are truly interoperable. The chalk talk also highlights several organizations who have done this over the past year and shows new AWS offerings that can accelerate solution development.

Deep dive: Large-scale modernization to serverless in action

GPS301, Global Partner Summit

Enterprises are adopting cloud-native technologies and modernizing their applications to gain cost savings, agility, and innovation. This session focuses on the building blocks of successful large-scale modernization projects. Learn from customer case studies about the modernization journey to serverless, modernization patterns, and antipatterns. See a live demonstration on modernization patterns to help you gain a deeper understanding. Walk away from this session with everything you need to provide customers with prescriptive guidance on accelerating their modernizations to AWS. This session is intended for practitioners who are engaged in enterprise migration and modernization projects.

Design patterns to consider when moving to Amazon Aurora

GPS402, Global Partner Summit

In this session, explore design anti-patterns that limit your ability to fully utilize Amazon Aurora capabilities. Consider Aurora design choices for requirements like resilience, recoverability, performance, scalability, manageability, and security. Learn how each design choice can either limit or enhance Aurora’s functionality and how you can use the product to best advantage.

Growing your business in the public sector

GPS208, Global Partner Summit

AWS is at the forefront of public sector cloud adoption, and AWS Partners are crucial to providing the solutions and services required to help government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations migrate, optimize, and enhance their technology environments. Join this session to learn more about public sector cloud adoption and the programs, resources, and tools available to help you build a successful public sector business.

Growing your business with SMB customers

GPS210, Global Partner Summit

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) represent over 235 million businesses globally and are accelerating cloud adoption post-COVID-19 with increased investment to up-level business continuity and customer research. Cloud has replaced hardware and traditional software as the top IT budget category for SMBs and already accounts for 30 percent of all public cloud spend worldwide. This session discusses recent SMB trends, the AWS value proposition for SMB customers, and how partners can differentiate and scale their business with AWS. Dive deep into partner-focused AWS initiatives for SMBs, and learn how AWS supports partners in developing scalable solutions that deliver value to SMB customers.

How to grow your SaaS business and drive revenue with AWS Marketplace

GPS209, Global Partner Summit

Demand for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications is accelerating and software builders are looking at SaaS as a primary business model to reach customers and scale their growth. Join this session to understand challenges that SaaS organizations face while building their go-to-market strategies and how to address them. Also hear how AWS Marketplace helps accelerate the time to bring new solutions to market, streamlines the procurement process for customers, and enhances governance and control, all while creating a strategic channel to acquire new customers, migrate existing customers to the cloud, and grow revenue.

Protect yourself and your customers from ransomware

GPS308, Global Partner Summit

As ransomware becomes more and more newsworthy, it can be helpful to understand how to properly protect yourself and customers from this potential threat. In this session, learn about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, new federal guidance around ransomware, and key protective AWS services and features. Also consider how these features can be used along with storage solutions from AWS Partners to fight ransomware.

Security at scale with AWS Partners and AWS services

GPS206, Global Partner Summit

Do you need to deploy appropriate IAM roles spanning thousands of accounts? How do you scale deployment of sensors across several thousand Amazon EC2 instances? How do you aggregate security event data and act across AWS accounts? What’s the impact of sharing a resource externally? Organizations use AWS services and AWS Partner security solutions to help address these security challenges. In this session, consider how organizations use AWS products such as AWS Control Tower, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer, AWS Security Hub, and AWS Systems Manager to create architecture patterns that help customers achieve better security outcomes.

Working with AWS Partners for Anti-Ransomware Solutions

GPS212, Global Partner Summit

In this session, learn how AWS provides business continuity and helps you protect your customer’s business from ransomware attacks. Explore how AWS and AWS Partner solutions extend and expand protections across endpoints and hybrid environments.

Accelerate pediatric research with ML and healthcare interoperability

HLC308, Healthcare

The Center for Data-Driven Discovery in Biomedicine at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is at the intersection of pediatric care and research, building a transformative healthcare discovery ecosystem through collaborative, data-driven science. In this session, learn how AWS technology allows the Kids First Data Resource Center and the Children’s Brain Tumor Network to provide the research community access to over 1.5 petabytes of genomic and associated clinical data. Discover how AWS services can help streamline clinical data flows using the FHIR open industry standard and how advanced machine learning (ML) technology renders insights for children across a wide spectrum of diseases.

Anthem HealthOS platform: The future of health data interoperability

HLC202, Healthcare

Transacting electronic health records (EHR) is challenging due to the size of files, the interoperability of systems, the legal and regulatory environment, and many other obstacles. To overcome these barriers, Anthem built HealthOS on AWS to take the challenge of sharing EHRs head-on. In this session, explore how Anthem leveraged Amazon EKS to containerize HealthOS so the platform can scale and evolve over time to improve its member experience and drive better health outcomes.

How cloud facilitates digital transformation at Baptist Health (sponsored by Capgemini)

HLC201-S, Healthcare

In the age of COVID-19, healthcare has become even more vital to our everyday lives. In this session, learn how Baptist Health South Florida identified opportunities to become more agile, improve patient engagement, reduce technical debt, and improve security—all through the power of the cloud by collaborating with Capgemini and AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Capgemini, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Tony Ambrozie (Baptist Health) and Deepu Kumar (Baptist Health)

Revolutionizing colorectal cancer with detection innovation at Medtronic

HLC210, Healthcare

Colorectal cancer is the second deadliest cancer worldwide, but it is also one of the most preventable cancers, beatable in 90 percent of cases with early detection. Traditional screening methods have limitations, and overcoming them is the key to reducing colorectal cancer mortality. In this session, hear how Medtronic, a leader in healthcare technology, is harnessing the unprecedented potential of artificial intelligence with TensorFlow on AWS and key AWS services like Amazon EKS, Amazon MQ, and Amazon Aurora to engineer a better future for colorectal cancer detection and prevention.

Amazon’s culture of innovation

INO201, Innovation

Amazon’s approach to innovation has remained consistent since the company first launched—start with the customer and work backwards. In this session, be introduced to Amazon’s peculiar culture and how we innovate through four distinct yet interdependent elements: Culture, Mechanisms, Architecture, and Organization. Dive deep on each topic, and learn about practical applications including Leadership Principles, Working Backwards, Two-Pizza Teams, the PRFAQ doc, and why it’s always still Day 1 at Amazon and AWS.

How transforms customer experiences through AI/ML

INO202, Innovation

Amazon is transforming customer experiences through the practical application of AI and machine learning (ML) at scale. This session is for senior business and technology decision-makers who want to understand’s approach to launching and scaling ML-enabled innovations in its core business operations and toward new customer opportunities. See specific examples from various Amazon businesses to learn how Amazon applies AI/ML to shape its customer experience while improving efficiency, increasing speed, and lowering cost. Also hear the lessons the Amazon teams have learned from the cultural, process, and technical aspects of building and scaling ML capabilities across the organization.

INO301-S, Innovation

Cloud adoption accelerates enterprise digital transformation. It enables enterprises to create new business opportunities, drive growth, and boost profits. Many enterprises are seeking partners to modernize the core and build new capabilities for the digital native. Learn how Infosys can help transform enterprises by using the cloud to its full potential by delivering solutions, platforms, and services that offer agility and resilience and create exceptional value. In this session, join Infosys and some of their global customers to learn how they have progressed in their enterprise cloud journey powered by AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Infosys, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Anant Adya (Infosys), Prasad Joshi (Infosys), Raghav Adiga (Citizens Bank), Keisha Garcia (bp), and Mahesh Veda (United Airlines)

Building connected auto solutions with AWS IoT

IOT204, IoT

Join this session to learn about connected auto and mobility best practices that were discovered through hundreds of engagements and thousands of activations. Find out how to customize different microservices, from the edge to the cloud, to build innovative and differentiated solutions for use cases from in-vehicle personalization to safety monitoring, behavioral analytics, anomaly detection, diagnostics, and more.

Enhancing telecommunications CPE data collection & analytics with AWS

IOT313, IoT

Broadband service providers around the world are using customer-premises equipment (CPE) management systems to control large fleets of CPE devices. To modernize and add innovations to their CPE management systems, service providers are collaborating with AWS to more easily deploy cloud-hosted applications to CPE devices and to improve data collection, add new analytics and AI/ML capabilities, and enhance CPE device management with MQTT. In this session, look at data collection as a critical step toward CPE modernization. Learn about common data collection patterns, detailed reference architectures, and analytics use cases that telecommunications customers are building and have deployed in production to reduce operational expenditure and improve customer experiences.

Industrial digital transformation using AWS IoT SiteWise

IOT205, IoT

Learn how AWS IoT SiteWise is used to build scalable industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions for use cases including asset condition monitoring with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), predictive quality, and predictive maintenance. Industrial companies can digitize processes, transform business models, optimize performance, and increase productivity while decreasing waste and can do so safely and securely with AWS. Learn how AWS services such as AWS IoT SiteWise and AWS AI/ML services are used to model industrial assets and then ingest, process, store, and display the data, alerts, and insights that deliver business value to customers.

Migrate and innovate faster with AWS IoT for connected products

IOT202, IoT

Connected products can range from Roomba vacuum cleaners to Peloton fitness bikes, Bose stereos, LG televisions, and more. Transforma Insights estimates that there will be 125 billion connected devices by 2030 with revenue in the trillions of dollars. In this session, discover insights, best practices, and patterns that AWS has learned through our experience connecting hundreds of millions of devices across different regions and industry verticals.

Predicting equipment health with IoT in power and utilities

IOT201, IoT

The utility industry is undergoing the most significant transformation to its operating and business models since the modern utility structure was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Regardless of whether the source of power is oil and gas, wind, or solar, predictive maintenance is a critical business need for all leaders in the power and utilities (P&U) space. In this session, learn how AWS provides secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to help P&U leaders reduce operations and maintenance spend and improve quality metrics and equipment life using insights from equipment data.

Scaling sustainability solutions with IoT

IOT206, IoT

Organizations are deploying billions of connected devices in commercial buildings, factories, homes, cars, and other locations to improve operational efficiency. They’re also building these IoT solutions to support a wide range of sustainability initiatives, including optimizing manufacturing processes, creating intelligent and efficient buildings, transforming transportation and logistics, scaling energy management, and increasing sustainable agriculture practices. In this session, learn how companies are deploying secure IoT solutions on AWS that span from the edge to the cloud and integrate machine learning to enable a more sustainable future. Also, hear from Sandy Coleman, SVP at Enlighted (a Siemens company), on how Enlighted builds sustainable IoT solutions with AWS.

Coinvolgi i tuoi fan attraverso mobile app altamente scalabili

ITA302, Italian

Al giorno d’oggi, le organizzazioni stanno creando applicazioni in tempo reale per offrire esperienze utente coinvolgenti. Le funzionalità delle app in tempo reale possono essere complesse e richiedere molto tempo da costruire. Con AWS AppSync, gli sviluppatori possono sfruttare le API GraphQL per unificare l’accesso ai dati in tempo reale su più origini dati per coinvolgere milioni di utenti finali. Questa sessione mostra come creare un’app mobile altamente scalabile utilizzando AWS Amplify e AWS AppSync sfruttando un backend serverless per coinvolgere i fan in grandi eventi, dalla musica allo sport con funzionalità di chat e notifiche in tempo reale. Conosceremo poi i vantaggi tecnici e di business dell’utilizzo di questo approccio da, il Fantasty Game ufficiale della Lega Calcio Serie A.

Come Chili ha costruito il palcoscenico virtuale di ITsART su AWS

ITA203, Italian

Chili racconterà come è nata ITsART durante il lockdown, piattaforma che distribuisce l’arte italiana nel mondo promossa dal Ministero dei Beni Culturali. Così come la piattaforma Chili, ITsART è totalmente costruita su AWS, basata su EKS, Aurora ed Elemental. I servizi gestiti scalano in risposta al carico garantendo resilienza: durante i grandi eventi si sono verificati picchi di traffico (oltre 500k spettatori) ed il tutto è stato gestito elasticamente senza intervento manuale. Grazie a ITsART ora si può scoprire appieno “la bellezza del patrimonio culturale e artistico italiano: teatro, musica, cinema, danza e arte in tutte le sue forme”.

Come CRIF ha costruito una piattaforma SaaS di ML per settori regolamentati

ITA301, Italian

CRIF, società globale specializzata in sistemi di credito, informazioni aziendali e soluzioni digitali ha costruito un’offerta SaaS per far utilizzare agli utenti finali strumenti innovativi e contemporaneamente mantenere la sicurezza dei dati critici. CRIF Studio consente alle aziende fortemente regolate di sfruttare Analytics e Machine Learning per combinare i dati aziendali con set di dati unici di CRIF: sfruttando ambienti dedicati che rispettano i più elevati standard di protezione dei dati e privacy. Insieme vedremo le strategie e le architetture utilizzate da CRIF per fornire un ambiente sicuro basato su Amazon SageMaker e AWS Analytics che impedisce l’esfiltrazione dei dati.

Come mitigare i rischi di attacchi ransomware coi servizi di AWS

ITA205, Italian

Negli ultimi mesi è molto frequente leggere notizie di organizzazioni in tutto il mondo vittime di attacchi ransomware. Questi eventi possono comportare costi significativi per le organizzazioni e spesso la perdita di produttività aziendale.
In questa sessione ci soffermeremo su alcune azioni preventive che è possibile intraprendere utilizzando i servizi di Amazon Web Services per mitigare i rischi di attacchi ransomware, in linea con le raccomandazione sulla prevenzione da ransomware pubblicate del National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), adottato a livello internazionale.

Gestione e Controllo dei costi su AWS

ITA204, Italian

Il passaggio al cloud ha cambiato il modo in cui le organizzazioni tracciano e gestiscono i propri costi. Con l’avvento dei modelli pay-as-you-go, la possibilità di distribuire rapidamente risorse in giro per il mondo, ed una gamma di servizi più vasta che mai, le aziende devono adattare i propri processi di cost control a questo nuovo paradigma. In questa sessione, vedremo insieme le best practices per il controllo dei costi ed impareremo come prevenire costi in eccesso e gestire la spesa senza rallentare l’innovazione, grazie alla suite di prodotti AWS Billing e Cost Management.

La regione AWS di Milano: i benefici di compliance e security

ITA201, Italian

La disponibilità della region di Milano è di fondamentale importanza per i clienti che intendono modernizzare quegli applicativi che richiedono la residenza del dato sul suolo italiano oppure una bassissima latenza di accesso. In questo incontro vedremo quindi come Infocert è riuscita a migrare applicativi che gestiscono business case fortemente regolamentati dove la compliance e la security sono di primaria importanza.

Raggiungere gli obiettivi di sostenibilità con AWS

ITA202, Italian

La sostenibilità è un tema importante per molti clienti AWS. Perchè è davvero cosi rilevante ? Partecipando a questa discussione scoprirete cosa AWS e Amazon stannno facendo in questo ambito e scoprirete come con AWS potete calcolare e documentare il vostro “carbon footprint” attuale nel cloud. Cosa è possibile fare per ridurlo ulteriormente ? Nel caso in cui aveste ancora applicazioni on-premises, quali opportunità potreste cogliere migrandole in AWS ? Affronteremo tutti questi temi parlando inoltre di un caso di un grande cliente italiano che ci ha coinvolti sulla tematica della sostenibilità in AWS.

2020 re:Invent 主要発表内容と大阪リージョンのアップデート

JAP204, Japanese


AWS で始めるレイクハウスアプローチ〜Analytics サービスアップデート〜

JAP302, Japanese

AWS でレイクハウスアーキテクチャを利用すると、お客様はデータレイクにデータを保存し、適材適所で利用可能な専用データサービスを活用することで、類を見ないコストパフォーマンスとスケーラビリティ、スピードと俊敏性を持ってデータドリブンにマーケットにおける意思決定を実現することができます。本セッションでは、レイクハウスアプローチとレイクハウスアプローチを実現するレイクハウスアーキテクチャに関する全体像について解説の上、レイクハウスアーキテクチャを構成する Analytics サービスとそのアップデートについてご紹介いたします。


JAP202, Japanese



JAP203, Japanese


アプリケーション開発を加速させる AWS サービス最新動向

JAP303, Japanese

アプリケーションの開発において、ユーザー体験の質を向上させるチャレンジのサイクルを早く回していくことは競合サービスとの差別化につながる重要なポイントとなります。アプリケーション開発に求められるスキルはコーディングのスキルだけではなく、CI/CDを動かす開発フローや分析基盤の構築スキル、スケーラビリティを意識したアーキテクティングなど、多岐に渡るサービスのスキルが必要になります。AWS AmplifyとAWS AppSyncはFE開発の効率化、開発フローの構築支援、AWS環境の調達と運用の効率化などを通してユーザーへの価値創出に集中して取り組むことができるサービスとなっています。本セッションでは、AWS AmplifyとAWS AppSyncの概要と2021年のアップデートを紹介いたします。


JAP201, Japanese



JAP205, Japanese

アマゾン ウェブ サービス(AWS)は、re:Invent 2020において、2025年までに全世界で2,900万人を対象に、クラウドコンピューティングのスキルトレーニングを無償で提供し、技術力の向上を支援する取り組みを発表しました。本セッションでは、AWS Education to Workforce (E2W) Japanが、AWS Education Programを活用して、教育機関や教員、学生のクラウドコンピューティングを支援してきた軌跡を紹介します。さらに、E2W Japanのミッションである「産学連携」の一環として、民間企業のお客様とのコラボレーションをご紹介します。

業務データにあわせた AWS AI/ML サービスのチューニング

JAP301, Japanese

AI/ML を活用してビジネスを成長させるためには、データ収集、データにもとづくAI/ML の改善、お客様満足度の向上というサイクルを実現することが重要です。このサイクルを支援するために、AWS では、収集したデータを簡単に取り込んで、AWS AI/ML サービスをデータにあわせてチューニングして利用できる、AutoML のサービスを提供しています。本セッションでは、AWS における AutoML サービスの利用方法について、まず概略を説明し、Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels、Amazon Personalize、Amazon SageMaker JumpStart など、個別の AutoML サービスの詳細とユースケースについて紹介いたします。

Amazon Connect를 활용한 LG 전자의 기계 학습 기반 글로벌 클라우드 콜센터 구축 사례

KOR202, Korean

Amazon Connect는 100% 클라우드로 설계되어 있어 별도의 소프트웨어 개발, 하드웨어 인프라 장비 없이 바로 개발 및 운영을 시작할 수 있습니다. 또한, ML 서비스와 결합하여 새로운 고객 경험의 혁신을 이끌어낼 수 있습니다. 본 세션에서는 LG 전자가 Amazon Connect와 Amazon Lex를 결합하여 쉽게 지능화된 글로벌 콜센터를 구축하는 방법을 소개합니다. 또한, 고객과의 통화 내용을 분석해서 고객의 감정 변화, 응대 규정 및 상담원의 효율성을 ML 기반으로 자동 분석할 수 있는 Contact Lens 를 활용한 사례에 대해 알아봅니다.

Amazon IVS를 이용한 11번가 라이브 커머스 플랫폼 구축

KOR205, Korean

SK 그룹 계열사인 11번가는 ‘LIVE11’이라는 이름으로 라이브커머스 서비스를 시작했으며, 1년간 누적방송 800회 이상, 단일 방송 최고 146만뷰, 누적 5,100만뷰를 돌파했습니다. 11번가는 라이브 방송 강화 및 기술 내재화를 위해 작년 새로운 스트리밍 플랫폼으로 Amazon IVS를 선택하였습니다. 본 세션에선는 Amazon IVS 기반으로 3초 미만의 초저지연을 지원하고 시청자와 쌍방향 인터액션이 가능한 기술을 더한 새로운 ‘‘LIVE11’‘을 소개합니다. Amazon IVS의 특징을 간단히 소개하고, 11번가가 왜 Amazon IVS를 선택하였는지와, Amazon IVS를 사용하여 어떻게 ‘‘LIVE11’’서비스를 개발하였는지를 공유합니다.

AWS와 함께한 야놀자 Fullstack Hospitality Solution 구축기

KOR201, Korean

야놀자는 전 세계 160여 개국 2만여 개 고객사에 60개 이상의 언어로, 숙박, 레저, 교통, 레스토랑등 여가를 위한 모든 서비스를 제공하고 있는 빠르게 성장하는 트래블 테크 기업입니다. 본 세션에서는 2년간의 짧은 시간안에 AWS의 다양한 서비스를 이용하여, 프론트오피스 (KIOS, 채널관리, 예약관리 등)에서 백 오피스(객실관리, 인력관리, 자산관리 - PMS, 마케팅)에 이른 전체 호텔 운영을 통합한 과정을 소개합니다. 야놀자의 클라우드 기반 SaaS 서비스는 B2B 고객의 경험을 향상하고, 운영 효율성을 높여주고 있습니다.

Robostics와 AWS IoT 기술을 결합한 무인 로봇 카페 운영 시스템 구축 사례

KOR204, Korean

비트코퍼레이션은 무인 로봇 카페를 상용화한 스타트업으로 B;eat3.0을 AWS를 사용해서 출시했습니다. 비트는 여러 지역에 있는 로봇 매장의 가시성을 확보하고 효율적인 운영을 위한 새로운 체계가 필요했습니다. 본 세션에서는 B;eat3.0에서 AWS 기반 IoT 및 분석 서비스 사례를 소개합니다. AWS Greengrass를 통해 엣지 단의 런타임 환경과 컴포넌트 관리 환경을 제공하고, AWS IoT Core를 통해 여러 지역에 있는 로봇 카페의 데이터를 수집합니다. AWS 분석 서비스 및 AWS Lambda를 사용해서 각종 데이터를 실시간 수집/가공한 뒤 대쉬보드를 통해 로봇 카페 운영을 위한 다양한 정보를 제공하는 엔드-투-엔드 서비스 사례를 소개합니다.

삼성전자 ‘Mobile R&D Hub 3.0’, AWS 기반 자연어 처리를 통한 대규모 버그/이슈 추적 서비스

KOR301, Korean

본 세션에서는 삼성전자 소프트웨어 엔지니어링팀에서 개발하고 있는 개발 시스템인 Mobile R&D Hub의 Cloud Native 전환 과정 및 전 세계 판매될 모바일 단말기 내 발생되는 소프트웨어 및 하드웨어의 버그/이슈를 전세계 1,000여개 개발 그룹에 담당자를 찾아 위임하는 업무에서 버그 할당 작업이 해결비용보다 최대 5배의 리소스 비용이 사용되는 것을 효율화 하고자 구축된 서비스인 '자연어 처리 기반 T-REC(Technical Groups Recommendation)서비스'를 Amazon SageMaker 기계학습 기반 서비스를 통해 업그레이드하여 민첩성과 비용 최적화를 구현한 사례를 공유합니다. Cloud Native환경에 구축된 다양하고 글로벌한 엔터프라이즈 사내 개발 시스템과 대규모 버그 추적 서비스를 이용한 혁신적인 개발 운영방식을 소개합니다.

현대차그룹 커넥티드카 서비스를 위한 AWS와 함께한 하이브리드 클라우드 여정

KOR203, Korean

현대차그룹의 커넥티드 카 국내 사용자는 급속하게 늘어나고 있으며, 2020년 10월 2백만명을 넘어섰습니다. 기존 온-프레미스 환경만으로는 커넥티드 카 사용자 증가에 효과적으로 대응하기 쉽지 않아서 GIS를 기반한 실시간 내비게이션 시스템을 대상으로 AWS와 함께 하이브리드 클라우드 환경으로 진행하였습니다. 본 세션에서는 현대자동차가 어떻게 AWS를 기반으로 커넥티드카 하이브리드 환경을 구축하였는지 살펴보고, 향후 타 시스템으로 확장 전략에 대해 알아 봅니다.

Delivering life-changing medicines at AstraZeneca with data and AI

LFS305, Life Sciences

Join this session to learn how AstraZeneca is driving insights at scale and putting the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the hands of employees by enabling self-service capabilities on AWS, helping them deliver life-changing medicines. Discover how AstraZeneca has implemented an AI-driven drug discovery platform to increase quality and reduce the time it takes to discover a potential drug candidate. Learn how AstraZeneca hosts predictive machine learning models, generative AI, a global analytical database, and molecule search capabilities, and how it uses services such as Amazon EKS, Amazon ES, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, and open-source tools to build and optimize its platform on AWS.

How Baxter has innovated digital health connectivity with AWS

LFS306, Life Sciences

In this session, learn how Baxter Healthcare navigated an enterprise-wide digital transformation on AWS to modernize their business and enable innovative solutions for patients. These initiatives enabled Baxter to advance strategic priorities in digital health, customer experience, and supply chain modernization, while also achieving significant savings. Discover how Baxter evolved from migrating on-premises applications to building compliant, serverless cloud-native solutions on AWS. Hear how they have improved sales effectiveness by connecting medical devices via IoT and mobile applications services to AWS data lakes and analytics, while maintaining compliance, enabling global scalability, and increasing speed to market.

AWS innovation within Amazon

MFG203, Manufacturing

Amazon Fulfillment Centers (FCs) are industrial operations powered by advanced automation, an amazing group of associates, and AWS. In this session, take a virtual tour of an Amazon FC to see how miles of conveyors, advanced automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and AWS come together to get Amazon Prime customers their packages in as fast as one day. Hear from an Amazon FC leader to learn how you can leverage AWS experience with industrial operations and take advantage of that same innovation to digitally transform your business and optimize your operations.

Industry 4.0 transformation with AWS for industrial

MFG202, Manufacturing

In this session, learn how the AWS Cloud helps accelerate engineering design, optimize industrial operations, and reinvent supply chains. Through customer examples, discover how AWS helps leading industrial companies transform their business with the most comprehensive set of cloud services and solutions, an extensive partner network, and the highest standards for privacy and data security. Hear directly from an AWS customer, Koch Ag & Energy Services, about how they reduced downtime and maintenance costs with anomaly detection and AWS services like Amazon Monitron and Amazon Lookout for Equipment.

Spirit AeroSystems’ manufacturing digital thread driven by AWS GovCloud (sponsored by Deloitte)

MFG306-S, Manufacturing

The Spirit AeroSystems suite of smart manufacturing solutions (Floorsight) increases machine utilization and labor realization to save cost and increase quality. Using AWS GovCloud, Floorsight’s edge-to-cloud design uses event-based triggers to extract RFID, machine status, ERP, MES, RPA, and HR data into the cloud to run complex scheduling analytics that recommends the right job for 2,000 mechanics and 50 machines. By incorporating Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EC2, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon Route 53, the Floorsight solution suite demonstrates the demands placed on cloud infrastructure to achieve dynamic throughput optimization in near-real time. This session details learnings from creating a secure and scalable cloud smart manufacturing solution. This presentation is brought to you by Deloitte, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Subash Chellappan (Deloitte Consulting LLP) and Kevin Matthies (Spirit AeroSystems)

Transforming engineering and design

MFG204, Manufacturing

Engineering and design workload modernization is transforming the industrial sector to improve performance, productivity, and efficiency. Leading industrial companies are building digital engineering platforms on the cloud using the broad and deep catalog of services available on AWS, including end user computing, data lakes, and analytics. In this session, hear from Arm on how they use the cloud to accelerate productivity and optimize engineering workflows by providing a common set of shared services integrated with existing industrial and enterprise systems.

A new reality for content production

MDS202, Media and Entertainment

The world of content production in media and entertainment is evolving quickly. Studios have to find new ways for staff to work remotely while keeping pace with unprecedented audience demand for premium content. From on-set production to post-production, creative people are pushing technology and challenging traditional models to find new ways to deliver entertainment content while maintaining, or increasing, project quality. Learn how AWS is innovating with new services and by working with partners to help creative customers navigate remote work and achieve the scale they require to deliver projects faster than ever before.

PGA Tour: Rapidly innovating a ROARing crowd experience with AWS (sponsored by Presidio)

MDS205-S, Media and Entertainment

In this session, learn how PGA Tour took a conceptual idea of measuring and reporting the level of crowd roar at live golf events through a customized app, giving real-time insight into where exciting play action is happening. By using machine learning and AWS technology, they were able to rapidly turn the original idea into a functional prototype, creating a revenue-generating solution within weeks. This presentation is brought to you by Presidio, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Evan Blum (Presidio) and Ken Lovell (PGA Tour)

Transform and innovate with AWS for media and entertainment

MDS201, Media and Entertainment

Content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, and distributors continue to face industry-wide disruption and transformation. The increased pace of innovation in media technologies—along with resiliency requirements and the demands of global audiences for high-quality live, on-demand, and personalized content—continues to be a challenge. Learn how AWS for media and entertainment simplifies using the cloud to build, deploy, and reinvent workloads, making it easier to select the right tools and partners for your highest-priority workloads, accelerate production launches, and see faster time-to-value. Hear how customers are creating content in the cloud, modernizing their broadcast and over-the-top distribution, and increasing customer engagement.

Transforming broadcast production, playout, and fan experiences

MDS203, Media and Entertainment

Join this session to hear Discovery share its broadcast transformation journey on AWS. From an Emmy Award–winning supply chain to the playout of channels worldwide, learn how the company achieved 61% cost savings by modernizing their infrastructure. Also learn about Eurosport’s next-generation audience experiences enhanced by AWS data sciences. Finally, ViacomCBS discusses the ongoing evolution of its Live Sports production journey, including some challenges and solutions as they mature their live production workloads on AWS with the help of large ISV solutions.

Create from anywhere: The Netflix Workstations story

NFX201, Netflix

Netflix is poised to become the world’s most prolific visual effects and animated content studio. To enable their artists around the world, they built Netflix Workstations, a secure way to access remote desktops and stream creative applications from any data center to any device. Artists can now access high-performing virtual workstations on AWS with the freedom to create no matter where they are. This session reviews the technologies Netflix used, such as NICE DCV, Amazon EC2 G4 instances, Spinnaker, and Salt, and provides a peek into the future of Workstations and how they can be leveraged for a variety of workflows.

How Netflix is using IPv6 to enable hyperscale networking

NFX301, Netflix

Netflix continues to grow at an astonishing rate. With more subscribers and productions than ever, the network must continue to scale to connect it all. In this session, follow the Cloud Networking team on a journey to understand the scaling challenges that Netflix faces with IPv4 and the drivers for IPv6. Explore design patterns and architectural flaws that fundamentally shape the design of most VPC networks. Get insight into the close collaboration and co-innovation between Netflix and AWS that drove new features like prefix delegation and the tight feedback loop that takes features from unimpressive to amazing. Appreciate the simplicity that IPv6 can provide and gain motivation for your own journey.

How Netflix operates mission-critical data stores on AWS

NFX203, Netflix

Netflix relies heavily on high-performance data stores like EVCache to serve its mission of entertaining the world. Trusting in the submillisecond latencies served by EVCache poses a wide range of challenges, including operations, debugging, and mean time to react. In this session, learn how distributed database engineers with over a decade of experience running high-performance data stores at massive scale (billions of operations per second) have established tools, techniques, and approaches on AWS to debug and mitigate failures. At the end of this session, leave with an understanding of how to fulfill your SLOs without losing sleep.

Keeping Netflix reliable using prioritized load shedding

NFX302, Netflix

Failure can occur for many reasons, including clients that trigger a retry storm, an underscaled service in the backend, a misconfigured ASG policy, a bad deployment, a network blip between AWS Availability Zones, or noisy Amazon EC2 neighbors. These types of failures can put a system under unexpected load. Each one of these examples has interrupted Netflix members’ ability to stream at some point in the past. In this session, learn how Netflix set out to be more resilient by consistently prioritizing requests across device types, progressively throttling requests based on priority, and validating assumptions by using chaos testing(deliberate fault injection) for requests of specific priorities.

Large-scale distributed training of media ML models with Amazon FSx

NFX204, Netflix

In this session, learn about the challenges of scalable distributed training of media machine learning models on multi-GPU nodes used by Netflix and how the Amazon FSx solution is used to resolve the data loader performance bottlenecks of the training system. See the impressive results in terms of performance and throughput improvements on multi-node GPUs and the scalability of Amazon FSx.

Netflix Drive: A cloud drive for end users

NFX202, Netflix

Netflix Studios produces hundreds of petabytes of media and billions of media assets. These assets are managed, created, edited, encoded, and rendered by artists on a multitude of globally distributed workstation environments. Data and metadata for these assets are stored, cataloged, and archived on AWS Cloud. What architecture supports this scale and provides artists with a secure, performant, and seamless storage interface? In this session, learn about Netflix Drive, a generic cloud drive for storing and retrieving media assets. It ties together disparate data, like on Amazon S3, and metadata stores, like on Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon RDS, in a cogent form for creating and serving assets.

Advanced Amazon VPC design and new capabilities

NET206, Networking and Content Delivery

Amazon VPC gives you complete control over your AWS virtual networking environment. Have you ever wondered how new Amazon VPC features affect the way you design your AWS networking infrastructure or change existing architectures that you use today? This session explores the answers to these questions and more.

Amazon Route 53: A year in review

NET304, Networking and Content Delivery

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) service. It provides a variety of functions on AWS, from allowing you to register and host public DNS records to providing a DNS resolver for queries from inside Amazon VPC. In the past year, many new features have launched, including DNSSEC and Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall, to help improve visibility, control, and security for your DNS queries, whether they are public or private. Join this session to go over this year’s launches and explore best practices for architectures.

Assuring and securing AWS migrations with NETSCOUT visibility (sponsored by NETSCOUT)

NET215-S, Networking and Content Delivery

As organizations migrate workloads to the cloud, infrastructure becomes more hybrid, making complete visibility a necessary tool in combating threats and unseen areas across the global attack surface. As a validated Networking, Migration, and Public Sector Partner, NETSCOUT collaborated with AWS to provide first-of-its-kind, complete visibility across the hybrid cloud to efficiently monitor service performance and mitigate security risks while decreasing operational overhead. Join this session to learn the best practices for migrating workloads to AWS while assuring a delightful user experience. Discover how the NETSCOUT integration with AWS Security Hub enables IT teams to quickly and efficiently mitigate risk associated with on-premises or cloud cyber threats. This presentation is brought to you by NETSCOUT, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Michael Segal (Netscout) and Josh Dean (AWS)

AWS Well-Architected Framework for hybrid networks

NET306, Networking and Content Delivery

The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps you build a secure, high-performance, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your applications and workloads. In this session, learn how you can build hybrid networks, and discover the key considerations, best practices, and tips and tricks around operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

Building low-latency websites with Amazon CloudFront

NET210, Networking and Content Delivery

Join this session to learn how you can deliver your websites with low latency using the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network. Explore how the latest features of CloudFront, such as Brotli, TLSv1.3, and CloudFront Functions, can enrich your application. Also, discover best practices that will help optimize your users’ experience and learn from real-world implementations.

Building resilient and low-latency gaming architectures on AWS

NET318, Networking and Content Delivery

Your global gaming applications have unique requirements when it comes to low latency and resiliency toward distributed denial of service (DDoS) events. In this session, learn how to improve your low-latency gaming architecture using AWS edge services like Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, and AWS Global Accelerator. Also, discover how you can work with the AWS Shield Response Team included with AWS Shield Advanced to apply custom DDoS mitigations specifically designed for the unique challenges you face in the gaming industry.

How to choose the right load balancer for your AWS workloads

NET202, Networking and Content Delivery

When building applications on AWS, there are multiple options for providing load balancing and proxy services. Are you load balancing HTTP? Are you using container or serverless technology? Do you need north-south load balancing, east-west proxy services, or both? How are you handling multi-Region availability? In this session, learn how different load balancer solutions support the applications you build on AWS. Discover which options are best for your workload, and explore proven architectures for some of the most common deployment scenarios.

Integrate Amazon EKS with your networking pattern

NET208, Networking and Content Delivery

Because of its security, reliability, and scalability capabilities, Amazon EKS is used by organizations in their most sensitive and mission-critical applications. This session focuses on how you can set up networking for Amazon EKS, connect it to Amazon VPC, and expose your Kubernetes application using Elastic Load Balancing and AWS App Mesh.

Migrating large-scale websites to Amazon CloudFront

NET319, Networking and Content Delivery

Dive deep into large-scale content-delivery network migrations in 2021 and find out why customers are moving workloads to Amazon CloudFront. Explore migration strategies, lessons learned, and business impact both during and after the migration. In this session, learn from real-world examples and explore sample architectures using edge compute features like CloudFront Functions and AWS Lambda@Edge. Learn how AWS technology and teams can support your migration, minimize your operational risks, and accelerate your migration.

NetDevOps: A modern approach to AWS networking deployments

NET305, Networking and Content Delivery

Many organizations are moving from traditional monolithic data center networks to an agile application programming interface (API)-driven cloud network. As a result, customers are looking for an efficient and reliable way to make changes to their cloud network infrastructure. In this session, explore how you can adopt a DevOps pipeline-driven approach to deploy network configurations following best practices and using infrastructure as code. Also, learn from General Electric (GE) on how they adopted NetDevOps to accelerate their networking deployments.

Networking foundations

NET201, Networking and Content Delivery

In this session, walk through the fundamentals of Amazon VPC. Learn about build-out and design fundamentals for Amazon VPC, including choosing and configuring your IPv4 and IPv6 space, subnetting, routing, security, NAT, and much more. Then, consider different approaches and use cases for connecting a VPC to a physical data center using a VPN or AWS Direct Connect.

Take your AWS network and security from 0 to 60 with Aviatrix (sponsored by Aviatrix)

NET213-S, Networking and Content Delivery

Whether you are just starting to build your AWS infrastructure or already have applications deployed in a hybrid cloud environment, join this session to learn from Aviatrix how networking teams are achieving cloud simplicity and agility combined with enterprise-class networking, security, and operations. Day 1 network deployments become easier, and Day 2 operations are streamlined through a single pane of glass. This session covers complex networking challenges (for example, overlapping IP addresses, transit networking, and multi-cloud architectures) and security use cases (for example, VPC segmentation, next-generation firewall insertion, and traffic visibility). This presentation is brought to you by Aviatrix, an AWS Partner. Speaker: James Devine (Aviatrix)

Web security: 2021 updates and implementations

NET324, Networking and Content Delivery

In the session, learn about new features and best practices that can help you secure your website and API traffic from malicious activity. See sample configuration options and hear expert guidance for common use cases where new AWS WAF features, such as bot control, labels, and custom responses, can be used. Also, explore an implementation with AWS customer OLX as they walk you through how OLX set up perimeter protection and denied access to millions of bots.

How Apache Lucene’s community built merge-on-refresh

OPN201, Open Source

This session provides an on-the-ground look at the inner workings of modern open-source development by following a significant, complex change from inception to release. In 2020, Amazon completed a multiyear migration of its customer-facing product search engine onto a new service based on Apache Lucene, supported by many AWS services. In production, Amazon observed Lucene’s segmented nature influencing query latency and had an idea to reduce its segment count. The idea seemed simple, but its realization, through close collaboration with the Lucene developer community, took nearly a year! This session dives deep into this journey.

Introduction to GraphQL

OPN204, Open Source

GraphQL is an open-source API query language. This session provides an introduction to GraphQL theory and practice. Learn the three superpowers of GraphQL, how GraphQL compares to REST API, and how to take GraphQL into production.

ML with Metaflow and Kubernetes: Prototype to production on Amazon EKS

OPN308, Open Source

Data science is hard. At AWS re:Invent 2019, Netflix addressed the data science challenge by open-sourcing Metaflow, their human-centric framework for data science. Two years and 4,400+ GitHub stars later, Metaflow is helping other organizations standardize their data science pipelines and seamlessly move from prototype to production. However, a wider array of users results in a need for wider infrastructure support, and Metaflow is there to meet users where they are. This session explores data science pipelines on Amazon EKS and other open platforms and details how Metaflow is bringing its human-centric vision to the Kubernetes ecosystem.

OpenSearch: Building the future of search together

OPN307, Open Source

OpenSearch is a new community-driven, open-source search and analytics suite that makes it easy to securely ingest, search, and analyze data. In this session, dive deep into how OpenSearch was created. Gain insight into new functionalities being built for OpenSearch, including improved performance and reliability, lower cost at scale, observability analytics, machine learning capabilities, and extensibility enhancements designed to enable anyone to build and share their own OpenSearch products and features.

Top 10 observability challenges and how open source can help

OPN207, Open Source

When building and operating cloud-native applications, such as containerized microservices in Kubernetes or serverless applications, you don’t want to proceed by guesswork. In other words, you want to capture and collect all relevant signals (logs, metrics, traces) from your applications and infrastructure so that you can act upon it in a timely manner. This is called observability. In this session, you learn how open source can help with the top challenges in this space, including signal correlation, portability, and providing a single pane of glass.

Using Rust to minimize environmental impact

OPN301, Open Source

Rust is one of the most energy-efficient and safe programming languages. With Rust, it may be possible to reduce the environmental impact of the IT industry by 50% and prevent 70% of all high-severity CVEs. In this session, dive into the “super powers” of Rust, hear about the work ahead to give those powers to every engineer, and hear the ways you can contribute.

A Cloud Guru | Cloud transformation challenges (and how to overcome them!)

DEM001-S, Partner Demo Theater

A successful cloud transformation takes more than a technology change—it requires a culture change as well. In this animated session, Drew Firment, AWS Community Hero and Managing Partner at A Cloud Guru, uses cartoons to illustrate common challenges that can derail cloud transformation efforts. Whether you’re sketching out your plans or putting the finishing touches on a skillful migration, this comical content can help you draw a clearer path to getting the most out of the cloud. This presentation is brought to you by A Cloud Guru, an AWS Partner.

Arm | Workload analysis on Arm-based AWS Graviton2 processors

Arm Inc. | DEM002-S, Partner Demo Theater

AWS Graviton2–based Amazon EC2 instances deliver up to 40 percent better price performance over comparable current generation x86-based instances for a wide variety of workloads. These workloads include application servers, microservices, video encoding, high performance computing, electronic design automation, compression, gaming, open-source databases, in-memory caches, and CPU-based machine learning inference. In this session, learn about the benefits you can gain for your deployments and about the broad software ecosystem support for the Arm Neoverse–based AWS Graviton2 processor. This presentation is brought to you by Arm, an AWS Partner.

Auth0 | Auth0 customer identity and access management on AWS

Auth0 | DEM003-S, Partner Demo Theater

In this session, Auth0 solutions architects share how using Auth0 allows developers to incorporate identity into customer-facing, revenue-generating applications within minutes. Regardless of language or stack, learn how to define external identity providers and integrate with other technologies. Also, learn about Auth0’s extensibility and applicability to customer identity and access management (CIAM) use cases. This presentation is brought to you by Auth0, an AWS Partner.

Canonical | Ubuntu | Ubuntu in the public sector

Canonical | Ubuntu | DEM024-S, Partner Demo Theater

Ubuntu provides a secure way for government agencies to build, operate, and innovate with open-source infrastructure, applications, and technologies on AWS. With enterprise support from Canonical, Ubuntu can significantly reduce total cost of ownership while meeting strict, unique requirements for the United States federal government and the public sector . This presentation is brought to you by Canonical Ubuntu, an AWS Partner.

CasperLabs | The mark of a true enterprise blockchain: What it is and isn’t

CasperLabs | DEM004-S, Partner Demo Theater

Looking for an effective way to integrate existing tech stacks with value-enhancing blockchain solutions without replacing legacy enterprise systems in full? Most existing blockchains require developers to rebuild their tech stacks from the beginning using proprietary programming languages, and it’s often difficult to update new on-chain applications upon release. This session reviews the most common issues developers and businesses face when attempting to use blockchain technology for real-world use cases. It also covers how the Casper Network is designed to address these challenges without sacrificing usability, cost, or security—whether you’re building a private, public, or hybrid blockchain environment. This presentation is brought to you by CasperLabs, an AWS Partner.

Cloudera | CDP Hybrid Cloud: The best of both AWS and the private cloud

DEM115-S, Partner Demo Theater

CDP Hybrid Cloud is a data and AI platform designed for freedom of choice for any analytics and data on the private cloud and on AWS. In this session, learn how CDP Hybrid Cloud provides faster and easier management of enterprise analytics for data anywhere, without compromising performance, scalability, or security. This presentation is brought to you by Cloudera, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Sushant Rao (Cloudera)

Cloudflare | How Zero Trust network access can stop ransomware from stopping you

Cloudflare | DEM005-S, Partner Demo Theater

Ransomware infiltrates user devices and spreads laterally across resources on the network, until it achieves a full network lockdown. To stop infection and spread, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommends that security teams implement a sweeping set of at least 24 measures, including phishing prevention, vulnerability management, and careful configuration of remote access services, like VPNs and RDPs. In this session, Cloudflare explains how replacing your VPN with Zero Trust network access can reduce the risks of ransomware attacks in your enterprise. This presentation is brought to you by Cloudflare, an AWS Partner.

Cockroach Labs | CockroachDB: Simplify your application with a next-generation database

Cockroach Labs | DEM025-S, Partner Demo Theater

CockroachDB is a cloud-native, fully managed, distributed SQL database designed to scale easily and survive failure. It delivers a familiar PostgreSQL interface and automates scale for both reads and writes across regions and clouds without operational overhead. It is a database built for transactional workloads and provides data consistency for workloads in a single region or even globally distributed environments. Join this session to discover the basics, including how to automate scale and eliminate ops, how to get started in minutes with an SQL API in the cloud, and how to avoid downtime for your applications. This presentation is brought to you by Cockroach Labs, an AWS Partner.

Commvault | Accelerate transformation by modernizing your data management

DEM006-S, Partner Demo Theater

As IT evolves, your data lives across on-premises and cloud environments, virtual machines and containers, and traditional client-server architectures and endpoints. This session details how Commvault Intelligent Data Services can help you efficiently manage data across all these environments—including AWS services like Amazon EC2, Amazon EKS, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Outposts—while keeping your data protected from threats like ransomware. Learn how Commvault is a modern data management platform with powerful automation and native capabilities that reduce cloud storage, network, and compute costs and can help enable your business to innovate and thrive across your entire data estate. This presentation is brought to you by Commvault, an AWS Partner.

Console Connect | Improve cloud connectivity and your AWS performance with NaaS

Console Connect by PCCW Global | DEM058-S, Partner Demo Theater

Want to maximize your AWS instances? In this session, learn the benefits of using a network as a service (NaaS) platform to get the most out of your AWS instances and create a more sustainable and secure way to get to the cloud. Gain tips and suggestions on how to set up and optimize your cloud network and how to provision private and uncontended connections to your AWS instances worldwide in minutes, with the ability to flex on demand. Discover how to combine NaaS and AWS Direct Connect to save up to 40 percent on egress charges and save time and effort by automating your cloud network via API. This presentation is brought to you by Console Connect, an AWS Partner.

Coralogix | Achieving scale and compliance during a global expansion

DEM049-S, Partner Demo Theater

Armis is the first agentless, enterprise-class security platform to address the new threat landscape of unmanaged and IoT devices. With a hybrid environment of both single and multi-tenant infrastructures generating massive amounts of data, the Armis team needed a powerful solution to centralize and manage their log data. In this session, Roi Amitay, Head of DevOps at Armis, discusses how his team uses Coralogix’s unique capabilities together with custom-built developer tools to streamline the development and debugging of microservices on multiple Amazon EKS clusters. This presentation is brought to you by Coralogix, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Moshe Zada (Armis Security)

Cribl | Accelerate your observability journey with LogStream Cloud

Cribl | DEM026-S, Partner Demo Theater

Digital transformations, cloud migrations, and persistent security threats turned observability from a niche concern to an essential capability in today’s organizations, but overwhelming complexity stalls many observability journeys. Operations teams may struggle to cope with hundreds of data sources and deliver them across multiple destinations, while SecOps searches for signals in terabytes of noise. This session explores how LogStream Cloud, an observability pipeline, allows teams to route, filter, enrich, and redact all types of observability data across AWS and on-premises environments. This presentation is brought to you by Cribl, an AWS Partner.

Darktrace | How self-learning AI minimizes cyber disruption

DEM007-S, Partner Demo Theater

Organizations are rapidly adopting cloud and collaboration tools that help them with their digital transformation journeys—from lift and shift to containerized and serverless architectures. However, cloud security solutions have been developed in silos, and managing this complex, disjointed environment creates new vulnerabilities and poses fundamental security challenges. In this session, learn how self-learning AI can protect against threats to cloud environments, helping your organization achieve business resilience through an evolving understanding of what “normal” is. Discover how the technology autonomously takes machine-speed action to contain threats without human intervention and supports cloud-native services like AWS Lambda. The result is increased flexibility and custom workflows to suit each organization. This presentation is brought to you by Darktrace, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Nabil Zoldjalali (Darktrace)

Datadog | Monitoring Amazon EMR workloads at scale with Datadog

Datadog | DEM059-S, Partner Demo Theater

Amazon EMR ETL pipelines can quickly become a critical piece of your infrastructure once deployed, and monitoring the deployment process and the pipelines themselves helps ensure that jobs run smoothly and that data is delivered in a timely manner. This session covers what you should monitor in your development environments, when to alert, what to watch out for, what not to do, and recipes for success. This presentation is brought to you by Datadog, an AWS Partner.

Dataiku | Making use of everyday AI with Dataiku on AWS

Dataiku | DEM008-S, Partner Demo Theater

Systemizing the use of data and AI means making use of data and AI behaviors every day, and it’s one of the only ways to reconcile the hurdles that can prevent companies from incorporating data and AI into the organization at large. By harnessing both rationality and creativity, organizations can unlock exponentially more value from AI initiatives than if they were forced to choose between operation and innovation. In this session, discover how Dataiku on AWS empowers everyday AI to promote better decision-making across leading organizations. This presentation is brought to you by Dataiku, an AWS Partner.

DataRobot | Accelerate your business impact from AI with DataRobot on AWS

DataRobot | DEM060-S, Partner Demo Theater

Now is the time to put your 2022 AI success plan in place. This session provides insights and gives you an action plan to accelerate your success. Learn how, with DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform and automated decision intelligence, all key stakeholders can now collaborate in extracting business value from data. This ranges from the data scientists, business analysts, and IT teams responsible for governance and compliance to the business executives and analytics leaders who derive business impact from the deployed models. This presentation is brought to you by DataRobot, an AWS Partner.

DataStax | NoSQL on Kubernetes with Cassandra and Amazon EKS

DataStax | DEM050-S, Partner Demo Theater


| Transforming into an asset-centric data architecture in a hybrid world](

Denodo | DEM027-S, Partner Demo Theater

Global organizations have their data spread across multiple continents, in both on-premises and cloud sources. This hybrid environment makes it challenging for data consumers to have centralized data access and leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions. In this session, learn how, by implementing logical data fabric (LDF) in a multi-location environment, BHP, a global resources company, created a centralized data delivery layer that has improved how data professionals access and consume information from AWS and other data sources. Also, discover how by deploying Denodo’s platform, BHP realized its vision of becoming an asset-centric data organization and made its data assets reusable. This presentation is brought to you by Denodo, an AWS Partner. 

Dremio | Power mission-critical BI on data lakes with Dremio Cloud

Dremio | DEM010-S, Partner Demo Theater

Whether you are building a new cloud data lake or migrating an on-premises data lake to AWS, you need to enable analytics and BI tools directly on data lake storage. In this session, learn how Dremio Cloud, a SaaS solution on AWS, simplifies data engineering by eliminating complex, brittle data pipelines—without moving or copying data from your cloud data lake environment. Explore how your data consumers can run familiar, high-performance dashboards and reports directly on the data lake, with enterprise-grade security and governance. This demo-driven session shows how data engineers and data consumers can benefit using Dremio Cloud. This presentation is brought to you by Dremio, an AWS Partner.

Elastic | Observability for your AWS environment as you modernize

Elastic | DEM011-S, Partner Demo Theater

The rapid modernization and growth of cloud-based infrastructure and applications is resulting in seemingly endless options. Coupling this with cloud migration and the explosion of data can make some development and operations teams overwhelmed. Many organizations are faced with the challenge of fragmented visibility across hybrid environments. How do you monitor the health and performance of your increasingly complex environment? In this session, learn how Elastic Observability provides visibility into your entire AWS and on-premises environments, and discover how you can add context and correlation to reduce data silos, resulting in faster problem resolution. This presentation is brought to you by Elastic, an AWS Partner.

Epsagon | Microservices observability and the engineering flywheel

Epsagon | DEM012-S, Partner Demo Theater

Observability is about more than building a reactionary response to latency and outages. Whether or not you focus on it today, at the core of your team is an “engineering flywheel.” Keeping talented engineers engaged, maintaining a cadence of feature releases, and measuring the impact of new technology can all improve when you tighten the feedback loop on the one thing they all focus on—the service itself. This session covers the new challenges that microservices architectures have presented and explains how to create an effective observability strategy that can accelerate your engineering flywheel. This presentation is brought to you by Epsagon, an AWS Partner.

Ermetic | Take an identity-first approach to securing AWS environments

DEM112-S, Partner Demo Theater

According to Gartner, 75 percent of cloud security breaches are expected to result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges by 2023. The most effective way to reduce your vulnerability is with an identity-first approach. Analyzing the entitlements of identities along with their current security postures is extremely effective for detection of potential vectors before they’re exploited by malicious actors. In this demo, learn how to better protect your AWS environment by identifying IAM risks and removing excess privileges, using Ermetic’s cutting-edge analysis engine along with integrated policy validation information from AWS IAM Access Analyzer. This presentation is brought to you by Ermetic, an AWS Partner. 

Etleap | Moderna’s secure and scalable data pipelines using Etleap

Etleap | DEM028-S, Partner Demo Theater

As part of a company-wide initiative to build a singular data analytics platform, Moderna required the ability to ingest data from hundreds of SQL databases, Amazon S3 buckets, file stores, and applications. They also needed the ability to quickly get robust pipelines up and running with minimal engineering effort while remaining compliant with strict data privacy regulations. This session details why Moderna chose Etleap’s AWS-native ETL service, how Etleap pipelines operate, and how Moderna quickly and securely built data pipelines that ingest data from a large number of sources with minimal engineering effort using this ETL service. This presentation is brought to you by Etleap, an AWS Partner.

Fiddler | Build ML observability with model performance management

Fiddler AI | DEM029-S, Partner Demo Theater

Machine learning (ML) has created new business opportunities and improved existing ones. But to truly succeed, you need to establish ML observability. In this session, learn how Fiddler’s Model Performance Management empowers you across the entire MLOps lifecycle on AWS. Validate and compare models before deployment, proactively monitor model performance for any degradation issues such as data drift and data pipeline incidents, and troubleshoot and analyze faster when a problem occurs to minimize performance drops and improve models more effectively. Discover how leading enterprises on AWS are achieving tangible success with ML by using Fiddler along with Amazon SageMaker and other AWS services. This presentation is brought to you by Fiddler, an AWS Partner.

Firebolt | 100x faster analytics with Firebolt

Firebolt | DEM013-S, Partner Demo Theater

In this session, learn how Firebolt’s cloud data warehouse for engineers delivers subsecond analytics at data lake scale. This session and live product demo covers what makes Firebolt extremely fast at data lake scale and how decoupling storage and compute allows you to match any workload with the right compute resources. This presentation is brought to you by Firebolt, an AWS Partner.

Fortinet | Modern network security without compromise

DEM106-S, Partner Demo Theater

The current generation of cloud networking tools on AWS allow for transparent insertion of AWS Partner security services that extend into the edge and data center. In this session, learn how ELB Gateway Load Balancer and AWS Outposts can provide a cloud-native security experience at the edge. This presentation is brought to you by Fortinet, an AWS Partner. 

Gigamon | Closing the cloud visibility gap

Gigamon | DEM030-S, Partner Demo Theater

Observability covers a lot, but what about visibility into network traffic? VPC mirroring is powerful, but is it enough? In this session, learn how cloud network visibility fabric enables you to collect, aggregate, and transform AWS network traffic. With granular network visibility, you can maintain consistent on-premises policy and regulatory compliance and internal SLOs on an AWS shared network and detect shadow IT traffic (such as cryptocurrency mining). You can also reduce cloud traffic inter-Region and associated egress costs, secure container-to-container traffic, seamlessly migrate workloads to AWS through multi-cloud visibility, and much more. This presentation is brought to you by Gigamon, an AWS Partner.

Goldman Sachs | Carbon, crypto & crashes: Finding patterns with Goldman Sachs analytics

Goldman Sachs | DEM014-S, Partner Demo Theater

How do we analyze and offset the carbon impact of a trade? What happens to cryptocurrency prices when demand spikes? How do markets behave under extreme stress? In this session, learn how to answer these questions and more using a new suite of data and analytical tools built by Goldman Sachs and deployed on AWS. Then, discover how to manage data that updates thousands of times a second, analyze market trends, and bring the results to life through interactive visualizations. Finally, find out how to navigate markets with tools used by professional traders. This presentation is brought to you by Goldman Sachs, an AWS Partner. 

Granulate | Optimize performance while reducing cloud costs with Granulate

Granulate | DEM015-S, Partner Demo Theater

Granulate’s real-time, continuous optimization enables companies to reduce compute spend by up to 60 percent and improve performance by up to 40 percent without requiring R&D efforts or any code changes. In this session, join Tom Amsterdam, Granulate’s CPO, as he demonstrates how Granulate’s solution automatically analyzes and learns the running environment processing stages and data flow, identifies application and resource bottlenecks, and performs application-driven OS and kernel-level adaptations to improve performance and reduce the compute resources required. This presentation is brought to you by Granulate, an AWS Partner.

HCL | HCL Smart Way to Cloud Native: Enabling agility and control

HCL Technologies | DEM031-S, Partner Demo Theater

Cloud-native technologies empower organizations to build and run applications in any environment they choose. By using cloud-native technologies, they reap the full benefits of the cloud—including faster time to market, greater flexibility, and near-effortless scalability—without sacrificing privacy or control. In this session, Siki Giunta, Executive Vice President & Head of Cloud Smart Consulting & Offerings Strategy at HCL, previews the HCL Cloud Smart strategy and Smart Way to Cloud Native. The Smart Way to Cloud Native simplifies and operationalizes the ability to develop and manage core business applications. Also, hear how HCL’s AWS clients have eliminated the cost-versus-control discussion and realized the promise of cloud transformation. This presentation is brought to you by HCL, an AWS Partner.

HERE | Making location perception consumable

HERE Technologies | DEM061-S, Partner Demo Theater

Today’s business landscapes demand instant digitization of space and location perception, particularly in high operational expenditure and operationally intensive sectors, such as telecommunications. In this session, learn how HERE Location Services helps worldwide mobile network operators (MNOs) and media organizations make location perception consumable through instant coding of places, venues, points of interests (POIs), and maps data to render value-added and new revenue-generating uses cases on AWS. Examples include subscriber family member location identification, maps validation, and merchandise shopping cart influencing with targeted promotions through HERE Places, geocoding, and reverse geocoding APIs running on AWS. This presentation is brought to you by HERE, an AWS Partner.

HPE | What you need to know to protect your data from ransomware

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | DEM016-S, Partner Demo Theater

Ransomware is a growing security problem and one of the most common forms of cybercrime. Applications, VMs, and container workloads continue to evolve, making IT infrastructures more complex to defend. HPE offers cloud-native data protection services that reduce complexity and help ensure that data is recoverable and secure across hybrid cloud environments, including Amazon S3. In this session, learn what steps you can take to protect your business with HPE GreenLake solutions that offer the agility of the cloud for your on-premises environments. This presentation is brought to you by HPE, an AWS Partner.

HUMAN | How to protect against fraudulent automated bots

HUMAN Security | DEM067-S, Partner Demo Theater

Cybercriminals use automated bots imitating human behavior to crack credentials, infect devices, and hijack data via cloud-native web and mobile applications. In this session, join HUMAN (a trusted cybersecurity solution that validates the humanity of over 10 trillion interactions per week for some of the world’s leading technology platforms) as they share how their multilayered detection methodology, which includes global threat intelligence, provides a successful bot mitigation strategy to protect against sophisticated bots. This presentation is brought to you by HUMAN, an AWS Partner.

IBM | Unlock more insights and value from your data everywhere

IBM | DEM032-S, Partner Demo Theater

The biggest challenge to scaling AI-powered decision-making and delivering engaging client experiences is unused data, be it on the cloud, at the edge, or in the data center. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a unified platform that delivers a data fabric to connect and access siloed data anywhere, simplifying governance and privacy for organizations while enabling business-ready data for analytics and AI. AWS customers benefit from enhanced automation and management for improved ROI and operational efficiency, with the flexibility to pick, choose, and easily integrate customizable leading-edge capabilities without migrating their data. This presentation is brought to you by IBM, an AWS Partner.

Immuta | Policy as code for securing your AWS data stacks

Immuta | DEM033-S, Partner Demo Theater

Demand for data access and use has never been greater. But as data sources, users, cloud data platforms, and data privacy regulations grow, data access management is becoming increasingly important across AWS services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, and more. Immuta’s policy-as-code approach can help simplify and streamline data access control across AWS data stacks. In this session, learn why centralizing and automating policy creation is essential for the future of cloud data use. Also, discover how policy as code reduces risks associated with manual processes and enables transparent auditing, and also learn how to implement Immuta’s policy-as-code approach to secure data access across AWS data stacks. This presentation is brought to you by Immuta, an AWS Partner.

Imperva | Essential strategies for a secure cloud migration

DEM034-S, Partner Demo Theater

How do you keep your data secure and compliant when moving workloads to the cloud? Learn how a major insurance provider is securely migrating over 40,000 databases to the cloud. Gain important security and compliance fundamentals to contextualize your full data consumption model, prevent unauthorized broad access, and avoid compliance issues. Plus, hear helpful tips to plan for hybrid deployments. This presentation is brought to you by Imperva, an AWS Partner. 

Informatica | Kick-start data-led cloud modernization with Informatica on AWS

Informatica | DEM017-S, Partner Demo Theater

Data is the strategic asset that drives business insights, and business insights are only as good as the data. Thus, data is the starting point for organizations to begin their analytics modernization journey, while the scale, agility, and economics of the cloud provide the foundation and accelerate the journey. In addition to Informatica’s ability to make siloed data rapidly available in the cloud, Informatica discovers, catalogs, cleanses, curates, governs, and delivers trusted data that enables smart insights and better business outcomes. In this session, learn how Informatica can be a trusted advisor for your data-led cloud modernization journey and supercharge your data with industry-leading, AI-powered cloud data management solutions. This presentation is brought to you by Informatica, an AWS Partner.

Instana | eBPF made easy

Instana | DEM052-S, Partner Demo Theater

eBPF offers an unprecedented level of insight into the Linux kernel and running programs. It gives monitoring tools the ability to tap into almost anything and extract real, meaningful observability (for example, it powers Instana’s kernel-level memory and crash reporting). eBPF is also an extremely low-level interface with a very wide surface area. While there is a plethora of community wrappers, they aren’t always reliable. Join this session to discover how eBPF works at the lowest level. Learn how to write your own monitoring hook from the beginning, without any external runtime dependencies. This presentation is brought to you by Instana, an AWS Partner.

Instana | On-demand metrics aggregations for enterprise observability

DEM117-S, Partner Demo Theater

Metrics is one of the central pillars of observability. The need for reliable metrics grows as enterprises build dynamic and hybrid infrastructures on a large scale. In addition, those infrastructures require networks of highly complex applications and deployed services. The metrics that are generated expand exponentially as an organization grows. Considering individual metrics to monitor a large-scale system can be difficult or even impossible. Join this session to learn more about how metrics aggregations, especially on-demand metrics aggregations, can help your organization stay on top of their complex environments. This presentation is brought to you by Instana, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Trung Nguyen (Instana)

Ironside | Assess, plan & automate the transition from legacy BI to Amazon QuickSight

Ironside | DEM066-S, Partner Demo Theater

Ironside’s Ascent suite, powered by AWS, enables a rapid, efficient, and successful way to build new analytics, explore AI, and migrate from legacy platforms to the cloud. Join this session to learn how to use Ironside’s AscentIQ offering for Amazon QuickSight to inventory, rationalize, and plan the migration of your existing reporting implementation; build the business case for your migration; refactor and automate generation of legacy report specifications; and accelerate functional validation of legacy content. This presentation is brought to you by Ironside, an AWS Partner.

Jfrog | Securing software supply chains: End-to-end DevSecOps

JFrog | DEM018-S, Partner Demo Theater

This session discusses how to use the JFrog Platform to protect against software chain attacks through a binary code journey across the SDLC, how to more easily protect your software BOM, and how to use AWS to help you make your company into a secure, software-producing machine. When hosted on the planet’s largest cloud infrastructure, JFrog enables companies to develop software and globally distribute it safely and efficiently. Discover how to use the various components of the JFrog Platform, such as Artifactory, Xray, Pipelines, and Distribution, to supercharge all your DevSecOps needs. This presentation is brought to you by JFrog, an AWS Partner.

Kong | Kong on AWS: Application resiliency for the cloud-native era

DEM109-S-R2, Partner Demo Theater

Delivering distributed cloud-native applications brings new challenges for providing reliable connectivity and resiliency. Join this session to learn and see how Kong on AWS provides application connectivity, resiliency, and observability across the AWS Cloud. This presentation is brought to you by Kong, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Fel Santiago (Kong)

Kong | Kong on AWS: Application resiliency for the cloud-native era

DEM109-S-R1, Partner Demo Theater

Delivering distributed cloud-native applications brings new challenges for providing reliable connectivity and resiliency. Join this session to learn and see how Kong on AWS provides application connectivity, resiliency, and observability across the AWS Cloud. This presentation is brought to you by Kong, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Fel Santiago (Kong)

Lucid | Scalable visual documentation for cloud clarity

Lucid | DEM035-S, Partner Demo Theater

Lucid provides a cloud visualization solution that helps organizations see and understand their cloud environment. It automatically generates accurate, dynamic cloud diagrams to help teams effectively design, build, optimize, and troubleshoot as their environments constantly change, saving hours of manual work. It can be challenging to extract insights about even a moderately sized cloud environment when relying only on the console or infrastructure as code. Join this session to learn how Lucid can provide a clear picture of your environment to assist in confirming deployments, understanding outages, identifying optimizations, easily communicating with stakeholders, and more. This presentation is brought to you by Lucid, an AWS Partner.

Materialize | Streams, SQL, action! Real-time analytics with Materialize

Materialize | DEM036-S, Partner Demo Theater

Materialize is building a high-throughput, low-latency streaming database designed to maintain relational queries over continually changing data. When you write some SQL against your streams, Materialize gives you back the answers fast. You ask the queries again and get updated answers in milliseconds. This system design is fundamentally different from both Spark-like and relational database systems—instead, it is based on timely and differential dataflow. Join this session to learn about the architectural highlights that distinguish Materialize from existing systems, hear how it enables interactive queries over streaming data, and discover from customer stories where it fits in the real-time analytics stack. This presentation is brought to you by Materialize, an AWS Partner.

MemVerge | Enabling long-running stateful applications on Spot Instances

MemVerge | DEM062-S, Partner Demo Theater

This year at AWS re:Invent, MemVerge introduces Project SpotOn on AWS. Project SpotOn is a SaaS service running on AWS that enables long-running stateful applications to use Spot Instances. By capturing application images during runtime with minimal interruptions to the applications, MemVerge SpotOn can manage the Spot Instance preemptions gracefully and continue to allow the application to use another instance. Customers can take advantage of cost savings up to 90 percent on the Spot Instances because their applications are protected against preemptions. This presentation is brought to you by MemVerge, an AWS Partner.

NetApp | Data-led migrations for enterprise block-and-file workloads

DEM107-S, Partner Demo Theater

Do you have a cloud migration timeline to meet or need to improve storage efficiencies? Come away from this session with a definitive strategy on how to extend on-premises infrastructures to AWS for disaster recovery, migrate enterprise applications like databases, and build modern, stateful applications able to run in containers. This presentation is brought to you by NetApp, an AWS Partner. 

New Relic | Observability forecast: Uncover the “why” with data-driven engineering

New Relic | DEM037-S, Partner Demo Theater

Join this session to learn about the findings from the industry’s most exhaustive research on the future of observability. Also, discover emerging software capabilities that can help you meet and exceed customer needs through world-class digital experiences that can help grow your business. Then, find out how engineers, developers, IT leaders, and executives all around the globe foresee the future of observability. Finally, gain insights and best practices that empower you to use data-driven engineering to plan, build, deploy, and run great software. This presentation is brought to you by New Relic, an AWS Partner.

Okta | Secure your workforce and customer identity on AWS with Okta IDaaS

Okta | DEM068-S, Partner Demo Theater

Evolving cloud strategies have raised a challenging problem: how do you centrally manage multiple identities? Identity as a service (IDaaS) facilitates single sign-on (SSO) across the cloud, SaaS applications, and on-premises environments, offering a unified plane from which to manage and secure authorization. IDaaS allows organizations to focus on innovation with a seamless user experience. Okta’s IDaaS platform empowers users to access all authorized applications and enables organizations to centrally manage users’ identities. Because IDaaS is cloud-native, it offers an efficient identity-management solution and can reduce provisioning and maintenance costs. This presentation is brought to you by Okta, an AWS Partner.

Onix | Is your organization ready to modernize analytics workloads at scale?

Onix | DEM038-S, Partner Demo Theater

As the data and analytics field evolves and transforms industries at an increasing pace, organizations are moving from technology-centric, siloed data to holistic, data-driven business strategies. But many companies are still responding to industry and market shifts with one-time initiatives and isolated actions. With the Onix Analytics Modernization program, learn to accelerate your data migration and modernization journey. In this session, Dale Treece, Data and Analytics Practice Lead at Onix, addresses common migration challenges and discusses how to modernize your analytics workloads using a three-stage approach to assess your readiness to accelerate at scale. This presentation is brought to you by Onix, an AWS Partner.

Pure Storage | Kubernetes made simple with Portworx on Amazon EKS

Pure Storage | DEM019-S, Partner Demo Theater

In this session, join Murli Thirumale, Portworx cofounder and CEO and GM of CNBU at Portworx by Pure Storage, as he discusses the state of Kubernetes and how Portworx is collaborating with AWS to support mission-critical, stateful applications in production on Amazon EKS. Find out how Portworx makes it simple for you to run any database or data-rich service on Amazon EKS, while ensuring you meet key business requirements around performance, backup and disaster recovery, security, and data mobility. This presentation is brought to you by Pure Storage, an AWS Partner.

Qlik | Real-time cloud analytics with Active Intelligence from Qlik

Qlik | DEM020-S, Partner Demo Theater

In the digital economy, your organization needs up-to-date, real-time information and the ability to trigger informed actions at the most important moment—right now. Active Intelligence from Qlik combines data at rest with data in motion to create a state of continuous, informed decision-making based on real-time information designed to trigger immediate actions. This session explores how Qlik solutions enable you to modernize your infrastructure and build pipelines to quickly get data from multiple sources (SAP, mainframes, and more) into AWS data warehouses or data lakes. Join this session to learn how to uncover hidden insights in your data. This presentation is brought to you by Qlik, an AWS Partner.


| The future of data science and machine learning at enterprise scale](

Qubole | DEM063-S, Partner Demo Theater

Innovate, differentiate, and modernize data for data science and machine learning. This session covers the most common challenges of using your data for modern machine learning and analytics. Find out how you can use your data warehouse to complement your modernization of data learning and intelligence. Then, discover how you can use any data from any source for your machine learning and analytical needs and formulas. Finally, watch a demonstration on how the success of your machine learning and AI depends on your data. This presentation is brought to you by Qubole, an AWS Partner.

Red Hat | Modernize SAP on AWS to avoid the startling cost of unplanned downtime

Red Hat | DEM039-S, Partner Demo Theater

Businesses depend on critical systems for their current survival and future growth. Not only can an unplanned outage lead to significant financial loss, it can also risk the trust and confidence of customers and employees. Long-time SAP partners such as Red Hat understand the value of setting a foundation of great design, speed, and high availability to help SAP customers keep up with the pace of technology innovation. Join this session for deeper insight into how Red Hat is helping businesses bring on-premises SAP workloads onto the AWS Cloud while minimizing the risk of downtime. This presentation is brought to you by Red Hat, an AWS Partner.

ServiceNow | Accelerate application delivery

ServiceNow | DEM021-S, Partner Demo Theater

Cloud-native observability, DevOps, and infrastructure as code are turning the world upside down. As organizations deliver applications supported by the cloud and highly distributed architecture, DevOps and SRE teams must have relevant information to build and deliver high-quality digital products and services. In this session, learn how ServiceNow helps accelerate application delivery across teams. This presentation is brought to you by ServiceNow, an AWS Partner.

ServiceNow | Create great customer experiences with ServiceNow and Amazon Connect

ServiceNow | DEM040-S, Partner Demo Theater

Whether you’re serving internal employees or external product consumers, creating a great omnichannel experience is paramount to the success of your organization. In this session, learn how ServiceNow and Amazon Connect can help you dramatically reduce IT support costs while providing a richer, more satisfying customer experience. This presentation is brought to you by ServiceNow, an AWS Partner.

ShiftLeft | Creating a culture of DevSecOps at The Motley Fool

Shift Left | DEM064-S, Partner Demo Theater

DevSecOps is about adding early, accurate security checks to DevOps to release more secure code at scale. New tools and automation make this new process possible, but real change requires leadership. Managers must be engaged to make sure the application security team’s requirements are not at odds with the goals of high-performing development teams. In this session, join Paolo Del Mundo, Head of Application Security at The Motley Fool, for a first-hand account of how engineering and security leaders can work together to reduce risk and communicate the value of this process to senior leadership. This presentation is brought to you by ShiftLeft, an AWS Partner.

SingleStore | Inside a lightning-fast database

SingleStore | DEM041-S, Partner Demo Theater

Many people believe that it is impossible for a database to perform well on both analytical and transactional workloads. SingleStore proves that you can, with lightning-fast transactions (submillisecond) and high-throughput analytics (trillions of rows per second). This talk shows you what SingleStore can do and dives deep into the architecture of how it works. It also showcases SingleStore’s approach for moving compute to data via WASM, thus allowing for high-speed computations inside the database that would ordinarily require expensive data extraction. This presentation is brought to you by SingleStore, an AWS Partner. 

Slalom | Building intelligent products and services

Slalom | DEM042-S, Partner Demo Theater

Build better applications! Customers demand intelligent products that learn, grow, and delight. Companies that innovate and deliver to meet that demand can set themselves up to redefine their future. Learn how Slalom Build and machine learning can help you build the products of tomorrow with your teams today. This presentation is brought to you by Slalom, an AWS Partner.

SolarWinds | Database observability: A weak link

DEM108-S, Partner Demo Theater

Join SolarWinds Head Geeks and SQL Server experts as they talk about the importance of adding database monitoring to your observability practice. Every application is a database application and 70 to 80 percent of application performance issues are due to the database. Traditional observability practices offer very little insight into database issues. Join to learn more about observability for optimal database performance and how SolarWinds can help. This presentation is brought to you by SolarWinds, an AWS Partner. 

Split | Feature flags at extended range: Adding automation to accelerate your business

DEM113-S, Partner Demo Theater

Feature flags aren’t new, but they’re becoming action centers for modern shops. In this session, explore how to create a modern feature flag, deploy your new feature behind it, and measure the impact. Then learn to use an API to automate the roll out of features to wider audiences and even end them as needed. This session covers how the combination of feature flag SDKs with cloud-based APIs is an essential pairing for agile and CI/CD audiences who need more than a pretty user interface to manage their flags. This session is sponsored by Split, an AWS Partner. Speaker: David Martin (Split).

Spot | Scale the Kubernetes-first, cloud-native model

DEM111-S, Partner Demo Theater

The widespread adoption of Kubernetes has made it ubiquitous for the modern cloud-native stack. Software is now being purpose-built for Kubernetes, and as companies enter this new phase of their cloud journey, they are looking to scale. Building upon years of experience with Kubernetes, hear how Spot by NetApp is continuously innovating new ways to achieve this goal. From container-optimized, serverless infrastructure to Kubernetes-native continuous delivery, learn how Spot is connecting the dots to vastly improve the efficiency and manageability of Kubernetes applications and environments. This presentation is brought to you by Spot, an AWS Partner. 

Starburst | 8 steps to success when migrating data to AWS

Starburst | DEM043-S, Partner Demo Theater

Data lakes on AWS can deliver attractive financial and performance benefits, but migrating data from on-premises server farms and data stores to the cloud can present challenges. Disruptions to operations, impact to data dependencies, and required regulatory safeguards are just a few potential roadblocks. In this session, learn about the best practices that can help you unlock the value of your data on AWS while improving analytics operations throughout the successful data migration process. Discover how Starburst and AWS can provide customers with the ability to join data between on-premises and the cloud during migration. This presentation is brought to you by Starburst, an AWS Partner.

Starburst | Introducing Starburst Galaxy for multicloud analytics

Starburst | DEM054-S, Partner Demo Theater

Organizations can sometimes struggle to provide end users with self-service access to data, especially across multiple data silos. This session covers how Starburst Galaxy solves this problem by deprioritizing data movement while giving teams a consistent, easy, and fast SQL editor. Learn how Starburst’s SaaS solution delivers a data consumption layer to run across all data sources, whether on premises or in the cloud. Explore how, with just a few clicks, you can start analyzing data using your existing business intelligence tools. Finally, learn how Starburst Galaxy can empower your organization to provide end users with self-service data access, even as you migrate to new cloud-based technologies. This presentation is brought to you by Starburst, an AWS Partner.

SUSE | Overcoming challenges to reach the full potential of SAP S/4HANA

suse | DEM065-S, Partner Demo Theater

Many organizations transforming their business processes and IT infrastructure to compete in today’s digital economy are moving to SAP S/4HANA. But reaching the full potential of SAP S/4HANA may require overcoming challenges with new, potentially complex IT infrastructures. This session details the journey to SAP S/4HANA. Learn how to select the best S/4HANA deployment option for you, reduce the SAP landscape deployment time, and address high availability configuration errors before deployment. Find out how to avoid service problems by proactively monitoring your SAP infrastructure and reduce or even eliminate planned and unplanned downtime. Also, discover a best-practice guide to Day 2 operations, maintenance, and optimization. This presentation is brought to you by SUSE, an AWS Partner.

Sysdig | Accelerate threat detection across containers and the AWS Cloud

Sysdig | DEM022-S, Partner Demo Theater

Siloed container and cloud tools can make it challenging to stay on top of misconfigurations and suspicious activity in your cloud deployments. How can you efficiently detect and investigate threats? It’s time for a fresh approach to unify container and cloud security. Join this session to learn how to identify real threats by continuously assessing your cloud security posture and centralizing visibility of cloud and container security in a single console. Learn how a secure DevOps approach built on open-source standards can help you strengthen your security and compliance on AWS to confidently run containers, Kubernetes, and cloud applications. This presentation is brought to you by Sysdig, an AWS Partner.

Talend | How Lenovo turned 250 TB of data into a competitive edge

Talend | DEM023-S, Partner Demo Theater

Lenovo’s success has come with a growing pain: too much data. Inaccessible, unreadable, and unreliable data made it hard to understand customers’ needs or make efficient decisions. In this session, discover how Lenovo built a cutting-edge customer intelligence platform with AWS and Talend Data Fabric to better understand customers using reliable, secure data. By adding Talend to their tech stack, Lenovo decreased data volume by 40 percent, streamlined analytics, and doubled weekly deployments, all without compromising data quality, security, or regulatory compliance. By proactively anticipating customer needs, Lenovo drove impressive revenue growth in a saturated market. Join this session to learn how. This presentation is brought to you by Talend, an AWS Partner.

Talkdesk | A better way to great customer experience with Talkdesk

Talkdesk | DEM044-S, Partner Demo Theater

Talkdesk‘s mission is to offer a better way for organizations to unlock the promise and potential of great customer experiences (CX). Talkdesk is helping organizations innovate for great customer experiences with Talkdesk CX Cloud, an end-to-end CX solution that combines enterprise scale with consumer simplicity. A builder of cloud contact centers for innovative enterprises, Talkdesk offers solutions without custom development, including customer engagement, workforce engagement, AI and knowledge, and analytics and insights, all on a single unified platform. In this session, learn what qualifies Talkdesk to help achieve your CX goals and their mission. This presentation is brought to you by Talkdesk, an AWS Partner.

Tata Consultancy Services | SWBC redefines customer-centric payment processing on AWS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) | DEM045-S, Partner Demo Theater

In this session, learn how TCS helped Southwest Business Corporation (SWBC) build a card payment processing product on AWS using a microservices architecture. SWBC processed payments between vendors and partner banks using a third-party application, but the application was based on legacy code and did not allow for nimble customer onboarding or change of payment processes and incurred steep licensing costs. SWBC wanted to develop an in-house cloud-based product to accelerate customer-focused innovation. The solution created secure interactions with partner banks to enable new payment process capabilities. SWBC was able to eliminate licensing overheads, build customer-facing applications faster, and augment ecosystem play. This presentation is brought to you by Tata Consultancy Services, an AWS Partner.

Tealium | A powerful duo: Using a CDP and an AWS data lake to maximize returns

DEM110-S, Partner Demo Theater

Supercharge your AWS instance by supplying it with clean, quality customer data. Join this session to see how AWS and the Tealium Customer Data Hub are better together—helping brands deliver high-quality and comprehensive customer data to AWS in real time to drive better insights and engagements. Learn how to collect, correlate, unify, and enrich data at the point of creation (before it gets to an AWS data lake); take real-time action on real-time data; create customer experiences that meet strict data privacy regulations; and use robust and seamless integrations to make your existing tech stack even more powerful. This presentation is brought to you by Tealium, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Travis Cameron (Tealium)

Thomson Reuters | Take the power of AWS performance even further with ONESOURCE tax and trade

Thomson Reuters | DEM046-S, Partner Demo Theater

Your company runs on AWS—shouldn’t your tax calculations benefit from the same agility and performance? Join this session to learn how you can manage tax on the same platform that you use for ERP and ecommerce systems to simplify IT infrastructure and consolidate resources. Enable your team to manage one less application integration and simplify tax filing so it works better with your AWS family of applications. This presentation is brought to you by Thomson Reuters, an AWS Partner.

Thoughtworks | Using Data Mesh to deliver extraordinary impact

Thoughtworks | DEM047-S, Partner Demo Theater

Organizations are struggling to empower employees to make informed and timely decisions using data. Traditional data warehousing approaches and data lakes are less effective at supporting diverse use cases. Data Mesh, developed by Thoughtworks, has become popular because it offers a domain-driven analytical data architecture where data is treated as a product, it is designed to accommodate many specific use cases, and it is owned by the teams that know and consume it. Join this session to learn about the principles of Data Mesh and discover diverse use cases, live customer examples, and ways to successfully create a data-driven organization. This presentation is brought to you by Thoughtworks, an AWS Partner.

ThousandEyes | Delivering better app experiences in a complex cloud ecosystem

ThousandEyes | DEM055-S, Partner Demo Theater

Building agile applications using the cloud and first-rate services enables you to quickly deliver new experiences to more users. But with this agility comes complexity and significant dependence on networks and services that you don’t own. In this session, ThousandEyes demonstrates how to gain in-depth visibility into the reachability and performance of your application’s API and service dependencies, including hop-by-hop internet and cloud network paths and step-by-step transaction metrics. Learn how to quickly isolate issues to the responsible network, application, or service, and gain insights to help you optimize performance and plan successful rollouts. Also, find out how you can learn more about the user experience of your applications from locations across the internet. This presentation is brought to you by ThousandEyes, an AWS Partner.

Turbonomic | Top 5 must-haves for operational excellence in the cloud

DEM056-S, Partner Demo Theater

Operational excellence in the cloud continues to challenge many organizations. The complexity of operating at scale has left cloud teams struggling to deliver the promise of agility and elasticity. They instead find themselves forced to direct precious resources to controlling cloud cost overruns—symptoms of the larger issue. It’s often difficult for organizations to determine the exact compute, storage, and database instances applications require. This session discusses the must-haves to address your cloud challenges, not just the symptoms. The goal is to provide you with information that you can easily implement to achieve operational excellence in your cloud environment. This presentation is brought to you by Turbonomic, an AWS Partner. 

Unisys | Realizing the competitive potential of your cloud investment

Unisys | DEM048-S, Partner Demo Theater

Your AWS investment can make your business more competitive, especially if you work with business units to innovate. In this session, learn about answers to the following six key questions: How much business disruption are you willing to incur? Have you aligned your cloud strategy with your long-term business plans? How are you addressing the top pain points related to cloud adoption around cost, security, compliance, and digital transformation? Are you automatically reaching for easy wins? Have you identified the resources and structure you need to be successful? Have you selected the right partner to enable your cloud transformation? This presentation is brought to you by Unisys, an AWS Partner.

UST | Accelerating cloud migration

DEM114-S, Partner Demo Theater

In this session, walk through the approaches our enterprise customer, TSYS, took to achieve their cloud migration goals. Also, learn about the patterns and tools that you can use to migrate workloads to the cloud. This presentation is brought to you by UST, an AWS Partner. 

WSJ | Digital disruption in publishing

DEM116-S, Partner Demo Theater

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way publishing works and is at the core of The Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) strategy. WSJ has disrupted their platform through cloud-based transformation and finding new ways to understand their audience through first-party data, AI, and machine learning–led innovation, while putting cybersecurity first. One example is Talk 2020, a tool WSJ and AWS created for users to see if a presidential candidate shifted how they discussed issues over time. In this session, Sara Mascall, VP of Tech, Media, and Telco, and David Chivers, SVP of Emerging Growth Platforms, Data, and Product, discuss how WSJ is driving digital innovation in publishing. This session is sponsored by WSJ. Speakers: David Chivers (Dow Jones) and Sara Mascall (Wall Street Journal)

Zerto | New Zerto In-Cloud for Amazon EC2 workloads

Zerto | DEM057-S, Partner Demo Theater

Are you running many instances or actively migrating workloads at scale to Amazon EC2? Join this session to learn about the new Zerto In-Cloud (ZIC) solution that delivers disaster recovery at scale and is designed to protect 1,000+ instances across AWS Regions and Availability Zones. ZIC is 100 percent API-driven and introduces greater orchestration and automation capabilities to align to modern workflows for disaster recovery. In this session, join Gene Torres, Technology Evangelist at Zerto, for a preview of the next evolution of the Zerto platform for AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Zerto, an AWS Partner.

Como a maior cooperativa de créditos do Brasil está processando cartões de crédito na AWS

POR209, Portuguese

Nesta sessão abordaremos como a Unicred, uma das maiores cooperativas de crédito do Brasil processa atualmente pagamentos de mais de 100 mil cartões de crédito de seus cooperados na infraestrutura AWS. Este projeto nasceu da necessidade da Unicred obter maior controle e autonomia de sua operação. Utilizando serviços de containers como o Amazon EKS, monitoramento com o Amazon CloudWatch; bancos de dados com Amazon RDS e Amazon DynamoDB; computação serverless com AWS Lambda e instâncias do Amazon EC2, Alessandro Guzzo, Gerente de Projetos na Unicred comenta: “Esta arquitetura permite que as transações ocorram em tempo real, e que a Unicred possa crescer em termos de quantidade de cartões sem necessariamente crescer a infraestrutura, pois se trata de um ambiente em containers e o escalonamento horizontal destes recursos consome poucos recursos de infraestrutura”. Como resultado desta implementação, a Unicred pode obter um novo posicionamento da cooperativa, agora no rol das instituições financeiras que tem iniciativas em nuvem conseguiu reduzir em aproximadamente 4x o custo de gerenciamento da estrutura e por fim oferecer cartões ao mercado com funcionalidades altamente disponíveis e sem falhas.

Como serverless e serviços gerenciados ajudam o cliente a melhorar a postura de segurança

POR208, Portuguese

Multiplas tarefas associadas à segurança e manutenção dos sistemas, como patching, hardening, instalação e manutenção de anti-malware devem ser executadas independentemente de operar em on-premises ou na nuvem. Baseado no modelo de responsabilidade compartilhada, dependendo do tipo de serviço escolhido, várias destas tarefas se tornam responsabilidade da AWS, liberando seus times de tarefas operacionais e permitindo que se dediquem a items que podem efetivamente diferenciar o seu negócio. Nesta sessão iremos mostrar estratégias de uso de serviços gerenciados e arquiteturas serverless para reduzir o seu esforço operacional em segurança.

Comunicando ambientes entre contas e regiões com AWS Transit Gateway

POR301, Portuguese

Nessa apresentação vamos explorar padrões de comunicação entre ambientes utilizando Transit Gateway, focando em uma comunicação para ambientes orientados a multi-account e multi-region. Veremos a configuração, vantagens e desafios de implementar essas arquiteturas utilizando o AWS Transit Gateway.

Containers em Todo Lugar!

POR203, Portuguese

Seja sua aplicação rodando nativamente na nuvem, ou em modelo híbrido, a AWS tem uma opção de orquestração de containers para você. Veja nessa sessão todas as opções possíveis de se orquestrar containers na AWS, e como a AWS te ajuda a gerenciar containers que rodam até fora da nuvem!

Fundamentos de Arquitetura SaaS (Software as a Service)

POR204, Portuguese

Nesta sessão vamos falar sobre como construir sua aplicação SaaS e como areas de negócio influenciam no desenho arquitetural. Abordaremos anti-patterns, boas praticas e estratégias para segregação de tenants com intuito de permitir que seu negócio escale com segurança.

Infraestrutura como código na AWS

POR206, Portuguese

Nesta sessão, abordaremos como a incorporação de infraestrutura como código (IaC) nas práticas de desenvolvimento de software pode ajudar equipes e organizações a melhorar a automação e as entregas sem sacrificar a qualidade e disponibilidade das aplicações. Explicaremos como aproveitar as ferramentas da AWS para provisionar e gerenciar infraestrutura, implantar código e automatizar seus processos de entrega de software.

Machine Learning chega ao DevOps

POR303, Portuguese

Manter modelos de Machine Learning em produção é uma tarefa difícil. As práticas do MLOps ajudam os cientistas de dados e o time de operações a colaborar e gerenciar o fluxo de trabalho de um produto de machine learning. Durante esta sessão irá ser abordado os conceitos sobre essa prática e demonstrado como o Amazon SageMaker pode ajudar a aumentar a automação e melhorar a qualidade do fluxo de trabalho de ponta a ponta.

Papel Zero: Tramitação de Processos sem papel e sem servidor

POR201, Portuguese

O projeto Papel Zero tem objetivo eliminar a tramitação de processos opor meio físico. O Estado do Ceará espera ter uma redução de 77% de custos com a tramitação de processos, de 30M para 6.8M/ano, a estimativa de redução do impacto ambiental ao abandonar os processos físicos é 100K árvores preservadas ou 70 hectares de área não desmatada e 800K m³ de água economizados. Usando arquitetura sem servidor permitiu que o projeto fosse entregue sem grandes investimentos iniciais, preparado para adaptar-se de maneira automática a demanda, com utilização otimizada de recursos computacionais, sem pagar por provisionamento excessivo.

Reduza em até 20% os custo rodando containers em instâncias com processadores ARM (Graviton2 )

POR302, Portuguese

Nesta sessão compartilharemos uma forma rápida e agil para reduzi 20% o custo de seus Workloads de containers no EKS, vamos explorar um ambiente muitiarquitetura com processadores ARM e Intel no mesmo cluster de EKS, e como você pode usufruir das facilidades de compilar sua aplicação para essa nova arquitetura.

Utilizando Amazon SQS e AWS Lambda para processar milhares de registros

POR207, Portuguese

Nesta sessão, abordaremos como a +A Educação criou uma arquitetura serverless para processar milhares de informações de diversos clientes.

Centrica: Balancing the grid with innovative technology

PNU306, Power and Utilities

A carbon-neutral world demands a new approach to energy. Higher customer expectations and evolving markets are increasing pressure on many businesses to be environmentally responsible and causing these businesses to prioritize the importance of implementing net-zero energy solutions. In this session, learn about Centrica’s drive to reach net zero by 2045 and their use of distributed energy resources (DERs) to meet these objectives. Discover emerging DER technology that enables a more sustainable, balanced energy grid—and how Centrica is using AWS technology with their energy-optimization software to build the future energy grid on residential, business, and utility levels.

A healthier future for the state of North Carolina (sponsored by Accenture)

WPS213-S, Public Sector

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) faced an unprecedented health emergency in responding to and managing the COVID-19 pandemic. This session examines the challenges and opportunities the NCDHHS experienced in standing up a critical capability in response to a public health emergency and evolving the platform to serve as a business-centered data platform, advancing the NCDHHS’s broader mission. The NCDHHS chose AWS services—including Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, Amazon S3, AWS Data Pipeline, and AWS DMS—and engaged Accenture to assess the security of the platform from a well-architected and HIPAA compliance perspective. This presentation is brought to you by Accenture, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Edward Fody (Accenture) and Charles Carter (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services), and Matthew McCall (Amida Technology Solutions, Inc)

Addressing climate change from space

WPS204, Public Sector

According to a 2021 United Nations special report, climate change and extreme weather events are accelerating rapidly with widespread impacts on all continents. Using AWS, Digital Earth Africa turns continental-scale satellite imagery data of Africa into ready-to-use insights about the continent’s environmental conditions in order to address social, environmental, and economic changes as they develop an ecosystem for innovation across sectors. Join this session for a demo of the Digital Earth Africa platform and how it uses Amazon EKS, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, and Amazon SNS in its solution architecture to empower African governments, NGOs, businesses, and communities as they address existential challenges like climate change.

Build cloud-skilled talent through public-private cooperation

WPS205, Public Sector

Demand for cloud skills sometimes far outpaces supply and creates a drag on companies’ ability to hire, grow, and innovate. Professionals with cloud skills are in high demand, and organizations large and small are competing for talent and expertise. In this session, learn how AWS and the state of Georgia are working to create a new model for increasing the cloud-skilled talent pipeline. Hear from government, industry, and academic leaders about this statewide program to build long-term sustainable pipelines for cloud-skilled talent to drive industry growth and innovation statewide.

Culture change for accelerated digital transformation

WPS207, Public Sector

The new normal for government since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has required public services that can respond rapidly to disruption. Now, many citizens have new expectations from their governments. In this session, learn how leaders are pushing to deliver national modernizing reform programs, and discover how to be a champion by implementing transformation in your own area.

Innovating for digital health equity

WPS201, Public Sector

UC Davis Health recently collaborated with AWS to launch the first Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) situated in a US-based academic medical center. The CIC focuses on digital health equity and uses innovative processes available from AWS to provide a space for clinicians, patients, and developers to exchange ideas, share prototype concepts, and validate open-source solutions focused on making digital health more equitable and accessible worldwide. Join this session to hear how the Digital Health Equity CIC creates physical and virtual spaces where multidisciplinary teams can brainstorm, collaborate, and prototype novel healthcare solutions.

Deep dive on quantum computing on AWS with Amazon Braket

QTC301, Quantum Technologies

Join this session for a deeper look at the AWS quantum computing service Amazon Braket. Amazon Braket provides access to real quantum computers, an SDK and managed notebook environments, and simulators to support your learning path for quantum research and development. This session explains key information about the different quantum processing units and circuit simulators on the service, shares learnings from an enterprise customer’s research, and updates you on the latest features.

The path to a fault-tolerant quantum computer

QTC303, Quantum Technologies

Achieving quantum advantage for commercially useful applications in industries like life sciences, finance, and manufacturing requires quantum computers that can scale to large numbers of qubits and operate with low error rates. In this session, learn about a path for building a fault-tolerant quantum computer, one of the great scientific challenges of this century. The session provides an overview of the AWS Center for Quantum Computing’s advancements in both quantum hardware and algorithms. Also, hear about quantum error correction and efficient hardware implementations, both critical requirements for making quantum computing possible at scale.

Neiman Marcus and Waitrose: Utilizing serverless microservices

RET301, Retail

How can organizations accelerate application development to respond to market dynamics and changing customer preferences? In this session, hear from two leading retailers that have implemented a modern serverless architecture and created a culture of innovation. The teams discuss examples of rapid application development and deployment of cloud services for mobile customer engagement, fraud detection, and cloud PoS. Learn insights from those who are modernizing both technology platforms and IT team culture to enable business transformation.

Reengineering infrastructure and data architecture at Tapestry

RET201, Retail

Tapestry, a global house of luxury brands that includes Coach, Kate Spade New York, and Stuart Weitzman, has built a platform to support its digital transformation. In this session, hear about lessons Tapestry learned while migrating multiple data centers to the cloud and their strategic use of infrastructure as code to deliver business agility. The team discusses how they created the Tapestry Data Exchange, an API-driven data ecosystem serving multiple brands. Also, learn how Tapestry is using product metadata to optimize machine learning models for product allocation forecasting and personalized customer experiences.

How cloud-based simulation is advancing robotics space exploration

ROB302, Robotics

Testing robot software can be a difficult process, especially when your robot is being deployed to remote and treacherous locations like the moon. To optimize physical testing and increase the probability of mission success, Lunar Outpost runs hundreds of simulations on AWS to test their robots under a variety of lunar conditions. In this session, learn how AWS customers use AWS RoboMaker to automate running horizontally scalable, physics-based simulations to test a wide-array of scenarios, such as autonomous navigation, in challenging terrains. Then, hear from Justin Cyrus, the CEO of Lunar Outpost, about how Lunar Outpost built their cloud-enhanced lunar rover to help ensure its survival on the moon.

Optimizing robotics and autonomous systems with AWS and Amazon

ROB201, Robotics

The last five years marked a surge in interest for and use of autonomous robots, which operate in dynamic and unstructured environments and interact with humans. Emerging technology areas like IoT, simulation, computer vision, and machine learning are driving increased efficiency, reliability, and safety of robotics and automated systems. In this session, learn how Amazon uses the latest AWS technology for developing AI-enabled robots at scale and uses generative design to optimize robotics before deploying to production.

A least privilege journey: AWS IAM policies and Access Analyzer

SEC324, Security Compliance and Identity

Are you looking for tips and tools for applying least privilege permissions for your users and workloads? Love demonstrations and useful examples? In this session, explore advanced skills to use on your journey to apply least privilege permissions in AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) by granting the right access to the right identities under the right conditions. For each stage of the permissions lifecycle, learn how to look at IAM policy specifics and use IAM Access Analyzer to set, verify, and refine fine-grained permissions. Get a review of the foundations of permissions in AWS and dive into conditions, tags, and cross-account access.

AWS cybersecurity as a system (sponsored by Sophos)

SEC327-S, Security Compliance and Identity

Success is often defined by your customer base. For Celayix, a thriving SaaS business on AWS, protecting critical data and workloads while allowing applications to be readily available for users and customers was the key to their success. In this session, join Sophos to examine the cybersecurity threat landscape and learn how the team at Celayix layered active threat protection, AWS services, and MDR for a proactive, predictive defense against the latest cyber concerns and security misconfigurations. This presentation is brought to you by Sophos, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Marion Guerin (Sophos) and Bill Prout (Sophos)

AWS Security Reference Architecture: Visualize your security

SEC203, Security Compliance and Identity

How do AWS security services work together and how do you deploy them? The new AWS Security Reference Architecture (AWS SRA) provides prescriptive guidance for deploying the full complement of AWS security services in a multi-account environment. AWS SRA describes and demonstrates how security services should be deployed and managed, the security objectives they serve, and how they interact with one another. In this session, learn about these assets, the AWS SRA team’s design decisions, and guidelines for how to use AWS SRA for your security designs. Discover an authoritative reference to help you design and implement your own security architecture on AWS.

Covert ops on DevOps: Leveraging security to shift left (sponsored by Check Point Software)

SEC326-S, Security Compliance and Identity

Working successfully with the cloud requires both effective security and seamless automation. Developers and DevOps teams know this all too well as they launch new applications into the cloud while trying to thwart unapproved third parties. In this session, learn from cloud security experts how you can secure your automation and automate your security, and discover best processes for adopting a security as code mindset for ultra-modern architectures. Finally, find out how to stop the most advanced attacks by using new strategies and technologies with fully automated security of the CI/CD pipeline, in the CI/CD pipeline, and across the cloud and application lifecycle. This presentation is brought to you by Check Point Software, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Rolando Panez (Check Point Software Technologies)

Don’t pay the ransom: Protect, govern, and recover your data (sponsored by Cohesity)

SEC220-S, Security Compliance and Identity

Enterprise data protection is more important than ever because of not only a rise in cyberattacks but also increasing sophistication, including exfiltration techniques. How can you ensure your business knows what sensitive data is vulnerable and ensure that it is ready to respond if attacks occur? A proactive approach is needed to govern data access and detect unauthorized use. And inevitably, when production data is compromised, you need to be able to quickly recover at scale. In this session, learn how data management as a service can help protect your business through data backup, governance, and rapid recovery. This presentation is brought to you by Cohesity, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Theresa Miller (Cohesity)

Earning customer trust with GRC and security programs (sponsored by MongoDB)

SEC317-S, Security Compliance and Identity

Building and maintaining customer trust in the marketplace is increasingly important, and using governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) frameworks alongside AWS security controls can help you build that trust. This session shares some real-life examples of how to implement controls that add value to your business and product. From these examples, learn how your GRC program can align with your security function. Developers can discover how to use compliance programs and associated technical security controls to positively support customers while seamlessly integrating these programs and controls into an engineer’s day-to-day workflow. This presentation is brought to you by MongoDB, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Ania Kowalczuk (MongoDB) and Darren Gruber (MongoDB)

Full-stack security for cloud applications with Cisco AppDynamics (sponsored by Cisco AppDynamics)

SEC216-S, Security Compliance and Identity

Modern applications are distributed across multi-cloud and cloud-native environments and are constantly changing to keep pace with the speed of business. This dramatically expands the application attack surface, leaving development, operations, and security teams siloed and guessing the application’s perimeter. In this session, Cisco AppDynamics product leaders share the latest advances in AppDynamics with Cisco Secure Application. Learn how the solution can secure your code, containers, Kubernetes, and APIs across the entire application lifecycle and how it brings together development, performance, and security insights to protect against slowdowns and issues. This presentation is brought to you by Cisco AppDynamics, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Randy Birdsall (Cisco AppDynamics) and Roy Hardgrove (Cisco AppDynamics)

How IHG modernized SecOps during the pandemic (sponsored by Sumo Logic)

SEC218-S, Security Compliance and Identity

The COVID-19 pandemic threatened IHG Hotels & Resorts’ business model, future performance, and reputation. Handling current and future concerns required IHG to rethink SecOps tools and technologies to anticipate potential obstacles to business. In this session, learn how the Risk and Assurance and IT Security teams at IHG modernized SecOps by identifying modernization strategy and use cases, evaluating and deploying cloud-native SIEM, and the reducing time to detect and respond with Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM. This presentation is brought to you by Sumo Logic, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Phil Weeks (IHG) and Girish Bhat (Sumo Logic)

Introverts and extroverts collide: Build an inclusive workforce

SEC204, Security Compliance and Identity

In this session, hear from the odd couple of AWS security on how to build diverse teams and develop proactive security cultures. Jenny Brinkley, Director of AWS Security, and Eric Brandwine, VP and Distinguished Engineer for AWS Security, provide best practices for and insights into the mechanisms applied to the AWS Security organization. Learn how to not only scale your programs but also drive real business change.

Locks without keys: AWS and confidentiality

SEC301, Security Compliance and Identity

Every day AWS works with organizations and regulators to host some of the most sensitive workloads in industry and government. In this session, hear how AWS secures data even from trusted AWS operators and services. Learn about the AWS Nitro System and how it provides confidential computing and a trusted execution environment. Also, learn about the cryptographic chains of custody that are built into the AWS Identity and Access Management service, including how encryption is used to provide defense in depth and why AWS focuses on verified isolation and customer transparency.

Powering security operations with analytics and automation (sponsored by Splunk)

SEC221-S, Security Compliance and Identity

High-performing security teams detect and respond to threats early and quickly. Talent and collaboration are necessary, but not sufficient for success. Teams rely on centralized visibility into all security-relevant data, advanced analytical capabilities, and the ability to respond in seconds, not minutes or hours. This session shows you how Splunk’s deep technical integrations and offerings on AWS help teams of all sizes achieve quantifiable operational improvements. Discover how you can save hours and weeks during data onboarding and configuration and how you can detect more threats earlier and respond to them instantly. This presentation is brought to you by Splunk, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Jane Wong (Splunk) and Wissam Ali-Ahmad (Splunk)

Securing your company’s next big bang (sponsored by Datadog)

SEC302-S, Security Compliance and Identity

Resilience, a biotech manufacturing company, has experienced big bang levels of growth since its founding. Biotechnology has similar concerns to most other manufacturing but with a maximum-level impact when it comes to unintended access to data or a failure to secure a given supply. Join this session to learn how Resilience used security principles, DevSecOps, and technology to explosively grow their business while staying safe. This presentation is brought to you by Datadog, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Andrew Krug (Datadog) and Nathan Case (Resilience)

Securing your data perimeter with VPC endpoints

SEC318, Security Compliance and Identity

In this session, learn how to use your network perimeter as a straightforward defensive perimeter around your data in the cloud. VPC endpoints were first introduced for Amazon S3 in 2015 and have since incorporated many improvements, enhancements, and expansions. They enable you to lock your data into your networks as well as assert network-wide security invariants. This session provides practical guidance on what you can do with VPC endpoints and details how to configure them as part of your data perimeter strategy.

Security posture monitoring with AWS Security Hub at Panasonic Avionics

SEC205, Security Compliance and Identity

In this session, learn to proactively monitor, identify, and protect data to help maintain security and compliance with low operational investment. Panasonic Avionics shares their robust security solution for migrating to Amazon S3 to reduce data center costs by more than 85 percent while remaining secure and compliant with comprehensive industry regulations. Discover best practices for deploying layered security to monitor data using Amazon Macie, learn how to detect threats using Amazon GuardDuty, and consider how automating responses can help protect your data and meet your compliance requirements. Explore how you can use AWS Security Hub as a central monitoring and posture-management control point.

Security should start left: The problem with shift left (sponsored by Trend Micro)

SEC222-S, Security Compliance and Identity

Security and DevOps teams are eager to use tools, processes, and practices to prevent security breaches. However, the gaps between security, operations, and development cycles are widening. More work is needed to help close those gaps and enable teams to have real-time visibility and control. In this session, discover how establishing relationships, empathy, and understanding between development and operations teams early on is key to ensuring applications are secure. This presentation is brought to you by Trend Micro, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Ian Heritage (Trend Micro) and Aaron Ansari (Trend Micro)

Security-first expansion: 7 services, 6 weeks, 6 Regions (sponsored by Trend Micro)

SEC223-S, Security Compliance and Identity

How did the Trend Micro Cloud One security platform expand from one AWS Region to six in just six weeks (with seven teams on five sites across three continents) during the unique challenges of 2021? In this session, learn how AWS services enable Trend Micro to support customers’ data sovereignty and compliance requirements through regional availability growth. Also, discover how security is incorporated from the start to meet the shared responsibilities of modern applications on AWS. This presentation is brought to you by Trend Micro, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Madeline Van Der Paelt (Trend Micro) and Temi Adebambo (AWS)

Use AWS to improve your security posture against ransomware

SEC308, Security Compliance and Identity

Ransomware is not specific to the cloud—in fact, AWS can provide increased visibility and control over your security posture against malware. In this session, learn ways that enterprises can empower and even inoculate themselves against malware, including ransomware. From IAM policies and the principle of least privilege to AWS services like Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub for actionable insights, and CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and AWS Backup for retention and recovery, this session provides clarity into tools and approaches that can help you feel confident in your security posture against current malware.

Using Rubrik zero-trust data security to help protect your AWS environment (sponsored by Rubrik)

SEC217-S, Security Compliance and Identity

As organizations across the globe take advantage of the increased efficiency and performance that AWS provides, more businesses are using multiple AWS accounts to provide both segregation and separation of infrastructure. With multiple accounts, organizations need a flexible, policy-based, and secure data-management platform. In this session, dive deep into exactly how Rubrik provides additional cloud-native protection and how you can use Rubrik for all of your cloud data-management needs. Learn how Rubrik’s policy-driven framework can orchestrate and automate critical data-management functions for Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances. Finally, learn why many organizations have leveraged Rubrik to protect their cloud-native workloads across multiple AWS Regions and accounts. This presentation is brought to you by Rubrik, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Bill Gurling (Rubrik) and Jaap Brasser (Rubrik)

Zero Trust foundations in Amazon ECS with Boundary, Vault, and Consul (sponsored by HashiCorp)

SEC303-S, Security Compliance and Identity

In this session, learn how to apply a Zero Trust security approach to your Amazon ECS services using HashiCorp Boundary, Vault, and Consul. See an overview of Boundary’s access and authorization model and operational components. Then, find out how to generate AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Amazon RDS credentials using Vault, and learn how to manage service-to-service communication with Amazon EC2 and AWS Fargate launch types on Amazon ECS with Consul. Finally, discover patterns and practices to secure access management between users, machines, and services. This presentation is brought to you by HashiCorp, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Jeff Mitchell (HashiCorp) and Rosemary Wang (HashiCorp)

Architecting your serverless applications for hyperscale

SVS310, Serverless

Do you have a major launch event coming up? By building your APIs and web applications with AWS serverless computing, you can gain scalability with reduced operational overhead. However, it’s still important to implement best practices for complete scalability. In this session, learn about core principles to prepare your serverless applications for hyperscale—including how to apply these architectural patterns and best practices practically—and explore a major launch use case from start to finish. Learn how techniques such as asynchronous processing, caching, rate limiting, and AWS Lambda performance optimizations can help you scale your serverless workload to meet virtually any demand.

Best practices of advanced serverless developers

SVS402, Serverless

Are you an experienced serverless developer? Do you want a guide for unleashing the full power of serverless architectures for your production workloads? Are you wondering whether to choose a stream or an API as your event source, or whether to have one function or many? In this session, learn about architectural best practices, optimizations, and handy cheat codes that you can use to build secure, high-scale, high-performance serverless applications. Real customer scenarios illustrate the benefits.

Building real-world serverless applications with AWS SAM and Capital One

SVS208, Serverless

Enterprises like Capital One are using serverless to build highly scalable and secure serverless applications to meet the financial needs of their customers. Internally, they use the AWS SAM to develop and test these applications quickly. In this session, George Mao, Senior Distinguished Engineer for Capital One, discusses strategies and best practices for serverless development at an enterprise level. Eric Johnson, Principal Developer Advocate for AWS serverless, then demonstrates the latest features of AWS SAM that help developers build and test serverless applications faster and with more accuracy. Finally, learn how AWS SAM Pipelines makes CI/CD easier for virtually all developers.

Cloud-native hyperscale with Dynatrace and AWS Lambda (sponsored by Dynatrace)

SVS210-S, Serverless

Digital transformation is about speed and scale, and cloud workloads bring great benefits, including faster time to market, increased innovation, improved reliability, and reduced costs. While that may seem easy enough, the reality is that there are challenges when designing, building, and operating modern applications in the cloud. This session discusses how Dynatrace can help you deliver better software faster if you are building applications based on AWS Lambda or a microservices architecture. Learn how the Dynatrace software intelligence platform is built to tame the complexity of today’s modern cloud and serverless architectures with end-to-end observability for AWS Lambda. This presentation is brought to you by Dynatrace, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Rob Jahn (Dynatrace) and Carmen Puccio (AWS)

Getting started building your first serverless application

SVS201, Serverless

In this session, get first-hand insight and practical steps for getting started building serverless web applications. This session walks you through the process of evolving that solution from a single AWS Lambda function into a fully-featured web application that uses Amazon API Gateway, Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, the AWS Amplify Console, and more. Learn why serverless is a great toolset for experimenting with new ideas and projects and how the extensibility and modularity of serverless applications allow you to start small and quickly add features as your needs evolve.

Serverless security best practices

SVS301, Serverless

This session explores how to think about security from the front to the back of a typical serverless application. How do you configure AWS serverless services to provide least-privileged access while ensuring functionality? How should you think about managing IAM policies for your AWS Lambda functions? We cover all this and more, leaving you with concrete examples applicable to almost any workload.

Aceleración de consumo y enriquecimiento de medios digitales mediante la implementacion de inteligencia artifical y machine learning.

SPA201, Spanish

Puede ser un desafío implementar un enfoque basado en ML para la personalización en la industria de los medios y el entretenimiento, pero existen empresas que sí ven beneficios significativos, incluidos aumentos en el consumo de video y las suscripciones. En esta sesión, aprenda cómo los servicios de ML/AI puede ayudarlo a enriqueser vuestro contenido de manera rapida y facil con los distintos servicios gestionados de AWS.

Aplicaciones distribuidas usando eventos y máquinas de estados

SPA301, Spanish

Las aplicaciones modernas se construyen conectando muchos servicios. Cual es la mejor forma de coordinar muchos servicios? Una máquina de estado, donde el proceso esta orquestrado desde fuera? O una arquitectura orientada a eventos, donde cada componente sabe lo que debe hacer. En esta sesion, vamos a entrar en detalle de las opciones, los pros y contras y vamos a ver un par de ejemplos usando Amazon EventBridge y AWS Step Functions.

Automatizaciones en infraestructuras híbridas con AWS Systems Manager

SPA302, Spanish

El manejo de infraestructuras híbridas se torna más sencillo si se posee una herramienta que permita una administración centralizada de los recursos. Acompáñenos en esta charla en donde explicaremos y demostraremos cómo podemos automatizar lo mismo con AWS System Manager. Desde una interfaz consolidada podrá detectar y solucionar problemas operativos en grupos de recursos, tanto en centros de operaciones como en la nube.

AWS Transformación Digital - Acelerando la Innovación en el Gobierno con AWS

SPA101, Spanish

La mayoría de las industrias han tenido su momento de disrupción y cambio. Los gobiernos también: la pandemia de COVID-19 ha marcado el momento de disrupción tecnológica: ya no alcanza solamente con adoptar lo digital. Quedó demostrada la necesidad de los gobiernos de estar preparados para enfrentar lo inesperado. Y que la nube es la respuesta: es el habilitador para que los gobiernos puedan estar listos para reaccionar, listos para aumentar inmediatamente la capacidad de los servicios existentes o para desarrollar soluciones nuevas en poquísimo tiempo.

Cómo diseñar arquitecturas multi-tenant seguras para SaaS

SPA305, Spanish

¿Cómo resolver los principales desafíos al crear entornos multi-tenant para aplicaciones SaaS? ¿Cómo aislar a cada uno de los clientes, administrar sus permisos o asegurar la separación de los datos? En esta sesión, nos sumergimos en los pros y los contras de diferentes modelos y entenderemos cómo algunas opciones de cómputo y bases de datos pueden ayudarnos.

Cómo empezar a trabajar con Machine Learning en equipos que todavía no tienen experiencia

SPA202, Spanish

Hasta hace poco, para poder aplicar Machine Learning a tu producto necesitabas un equipo experto en ML y en ciencia de datos. Afortunadamente, esto ya no es así, y cualquier equipo de desarrollo puede utilizar Machine Learning partiendo desde cero y con un esfuerzo comparable a aprender una nueva librería o un framework en tu lenguaje favorito. En esta sesión te cuento, mediante demos en Python, Ruby y Javascript, qué tipo de cosas se pueden hacer y qué herramientas tienes disponibles en AWS para empezar con Machine Learning.

Construye una aplicación web con funcionalidades de geolocalización

SPA303, Spanish

Agregar mapas y funciones de geolocalización es un desafio para los desarrolladores. Dar accesso a los mapas, mostrarlos en la aplicación, la integración con los servicios existentes, son parte de los desafios que hay. En esta charla te voy a mostrar como crear de forma facil una aplicación web que muestra un mapa y provee funcionalidades de geolocalizacion de forma simple usando el servicio de Amazon Location Services y AWS Amplify.

Construyendo una arquitectura Lake House para democratizar el acceso a los datos

SPA304, Spanish

En esta sesión, aprenderá cómo construir una arquitectura de Lake House que le permita obtener información sobre todas sus fuentes de datos, formatos y volúmenes de datos en crecimiento exponencial; con una gobernanza unificada, los usuarios tienen el nivel adecuado de acceso a un catálogo de datos centralizado, aprovechando diferentes servicios de datos especialmente diseñados. Aprenda a implementar una canalización completa desde la ingesta de datos, la catalogación, la administración de acceso y el análisis con Amazon Athena y Amazon QuickSight

Hacia la resiliencia continua

SPA203, Spanish

Tradicionalmente, los equipos de desarrollo se han centrado en evitar las disrupciones construyendo sistemas complejos y robustos en los que es complicado hacer cambios. Estos métodos tienen un simple objetivo: aumentar la distancia entre disrupciones. Hoy en dia, la clave del éxito para que una empresa permanezca competitiva depende en desplegar software resiliente a gran velocidad. Para ello, los métodos modernos toman un enfoque diferente: en lugar de centrarse en evitar fallos, promueven la recuperación de los fallos de forma rápida y automática. La resiliencia continua se centra en patrones de resiliencia a través de toda la pipeline de despliegue de software, incluyendo construcción, despliegue y manutención de los sistemas. Esta sesión cubre los principios más útiles para construir aplicaciones resilientes de forma continua y proporciona ejemplos para mejorar la resiliencia.

Incorporando seguridad en aplicaciones de basadas contenedores mediante CI / CD

SPA306, Spanish

Los contenedores nos permiten crear aplicaciones y reducir el tiempo de comercialización. Esto nos obliga a incorporar medidas de seguridad en diferentes partes de nuestro proyecto, desde los procesos, cultura y herramientas que usamos partiendo de la construcción o desarrollo, hasta el lanzamiento. En esta sesión, analizaremos la seguridad dentro de los servicios de contenedores de AWS. Utilizaremos CI / CD y GitOps para crear una orquestación de contenedores considerando la seguridad en cada parte proporcionando así un ejemplo práctico de cómo puede incorporar seguridad en su flujo de trabajo.

Protección efectiva de aplicaciones modernas

SPA307, Spanish

En esta sesión mostraremos cómo identificar y mitigar algunos riesgos en arquitecturas de aplicaciones modernas. Por ejemplo, veremos cómo desplazar la seguridad hacia la izquierda (“shift left”) en el ciclo de desarrollo utilizando CodeGuru y escaneos estáticos de código al desplegar una aplicación web sencilla integrada con funciones Lambda. A continuación, se mostrará también el desplazamiento hacia la derecha (“shift right”) por medio de OpenTelemetry, CloudWatch y Prometheus para instrumentar y monitorear las cargas de trabajo. También demostraremos cómo usar PaloAlto Primsa para la protección de los ambientes de ejecución de un backend sin servidores. Finalmente, revisaremos cómo documentar una arquitectura para una revisión de seguridad por medio de AWS Perspective y el marco de trabajo Well Architected.

Drift on AWS: Transforming how businesses buy from businesses

STP206, Startup

Drift, a leader in conversational commerce, helps businesses accelerate their revenue via dynamic, personalized sales and marketing experiences. In this session, Drift’s Cofounder and CEO David Cancel discusses the important role that AWS plays as his company leads the evolution of enterprise sales. He’ll cover which products Drift uses to power millions of conversations, along with how the flexibility of AWS helps him allocate more resources to other parts of the business. David, a five-time founder, has used AWS since its earliest days. Today, Drift’s tech stack is built 100 percent on AWS, powering conversations for 50,000+ companies around the globe.

How BlockFi scales to meet demand for crypto asset services

STP201, Startup

The demand for crypto asset services is at an all-time high. To build next-generation solutions, blockchain and digital asset fintech startups, like BlockFi, rely on AWS services. In this session, learn from BlockFi, a crypto asset service provider, about what it takes to power a robust suite of financial products in the blockchain ecosystem. BlockFi Chief Security Officer Adam Healy also shares how the company is bringing critical credit services to underserved markets and bridging the gap between traditional and crypto-native firms.

How running on AWS is paying off for Starburst Data

STP205, Startup

Starburst Data is helping unlock the value of distributed data by making it fast and accessible, no matter where it lives. Raising $164 million in funding and achieving a $1.2 billion valuation in only three years after launching on AWS Marketplace indicates that AWS has greatly advanced Starburst Data’s ability to offer key solutions at scale. In this session, explore why Starburst Data uses an AWS-first approach for their go-to-market strategy, how they’ve benefited from using the latest and greatest tech like Graviton, and what co-marketing strategies have worked well for both companies.

How startups are building solutions for a sustainable future

STP213, Startup

Across all industries and the public sector, many organizations are seeking solutions to help them achieve sustainability goals. Startups, in particular, are using AWS to innovate quickly as they develop technologies and materials that enable a low-carbon future. In this session, learn how startups are delivering scalable solutions to support a wide range of programs, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and sustainable agriculture. Also, discover how to manage the data needed to measure and share your progress.

Improving the human experience in healthcare with Olive

STP212, Startup

As the world of healthcare grows ever more connected and complex, inefficiencies are bound to develop. Olive is helping hospitals and healthcare providers stay ahead of them. In this session, learn how Olive used AWS to create a durable, scalable, and reliable infrastructure and to harness the game-changing benefits of medtech and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Explore how Olive manages a robust neuron/data lake using AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and Amazon SQS, and consider how this has streamlined interfaces for HCLS providers and patients.

Reshaping the way teams collaborate securely on AWS (sponsored by Bluescape)

STP209-S, Startup

AWS enables Bluescape to provide a persistent workspace for remote and hybrid teams to perform as effectively as possible. In this session, learn how AWS products, services, and infrastructure have helped Bluescape reshape the way people and teams collaborate, making work more seamless and secure. See how Bluescape and AWS work synchronously for companies of all sizes—from startups to security-focused federal organizations with multi-cloud offerings into commercial and beyond. Learn about AWS infrastructure services that provide a secure cushion that allows Bluescape’s persistent workspaces and unique architecture to flourish. Then, learn about Bluescape’s AWS product alignment and integrations with Amazon Chime SDK and the flexibility of product deployability. This presentation is brought to you by Bluescape, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Peter Jackson (Bluescape)

Scalable data architectures for digital natives

STP204, Startup

A key consideration for digital natives is the ability to scale with growth—the ability to build, organize, and govern an offering that continues to deliver on its core promise. As you grow, you need an infrastructure that’s ready to function effectively and to accommodate an influx of users, data, and demand. In this session, learn how to establish architecture and governance for scale and how to prepare your engineering landscape for growth. Embrace must-learn lessons for any startup to create a data architecture that is ready for fast growth and scale.

Using privacy-first data processing to make drivers smarter

STP207, Startup

With millions of daily drivers on its platform, Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) uses AWS to process billions of miles driven each week. For smartphone telematics-based insurance and crash detection to be successful, though, drivers need to know their data is private, secure, and cared for. That’s why CMT turned to AWS to build the leading privacy-first data processing and analytics platform with the highest-level ISO certifications. As data arrives from millions of smartphones into CMT’s database, CMT’s platform on AWS ensures data is secure and only used to make drivers smarter and the roads safer.

Accelerate to modern data protection with Veeam and AWS (sponsored by Veeam)

STG342-S, Storage

Whether you’re all in on AWS or just getting started, Veeam can help you protect, manage, and secure everything with ease. From cloud-native applications and services on AWS to traditional on-premises workloads (and everything in between), this session teaches you how to best operate and scale a backup, restore, and data mobility strategy. Learn how Veeam, a company trusted by more than 400,000 organizations worldwide and a five-time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, helps support your AWS and hybrid cloud environments with a comprehensive solution that easily adapts as your needs change. This presentation is brought to you by Veeam, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Dustin Albertson (Veeam Software) and Eric Ellenberg (Veeam Software)

Amazon EBS under the hood: A tech deep dive

STG201, Storage

In this session, learn how to run your performance-intensive applications, databases, and analytics engines on AWS. Dive deep on Amazon EBS and learn how io2 Block Express delivers the highest performance block storage in the cloud, sub-millisecond latency, and five nines of durability. Learn about the technology that powers our SAN in the cloud, including Amazon EC2 Nitro instances and the AWS Scalable Reliable Datagram. Learn about Amazon EBS encryption and data protection and get an inside look at Amazon Availability Zones. Learn how to migrate your Amazon EBS General Purpose volumes to io2 Block Express for increased performance, lower latency, and higher durability.

AWS storage solutions for containers and serverless applications

STG205, Storage

Modern applications have revolutionized application architecture by using containers for greater portability and/or building applications on serverless infrastructure to optimize compute resources. In this session, look at different storage services, including Amazon EFS, Amazon S3, and Amazon EBS, to help you determine which storage is the best fit for your modern applications.

AWS Transfer Family: The future of managed file transfer

STG208, Storage

AWS Transfer Family modernizes and makes it easy to support recurring file transfers so your data arrives on time, is highly available, and can scale with your growing business. This session discusses the future of Transfer Family and how building a robust managed file transfer (MFT) solution on AWS can boost collaboration, reduce downtime, and break down data silos. Joining the Transfer Family team is Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm that is already shaping MFT use cases.

Backup, disaster recovery, and ransomware protection with AWS

STG203, Storage

Disasters, failures, and threats come in all shapes and sizes and can significantly impact your business. Attend this session to learn how you can easily and cost-effectively protect your data and applications to meet your business and regulatory compliance requirements and to protect against ransomware. This session discusses architectures for building business continuity and disaster recovery options using AWS services like AWS Backup, Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, as well as AWS Partners.

Best practices for configuring and managing Amazon S3 Replication

STG344, Storage

In this session, learn the best practices for configuring Amazon S3 Replication for regulatory compliance, security, and business continuity. Discover how S3 Replication can help you meet compliance requirements, minimize latency, increase operational efficiency, and maintain object copies under different ownership. Also, find out how to protect your data on Amazon S3 by using S3 Replication and other features to help you meet your data compliance and regulatory requirements.

Best practices for managing Amazon S3 data at scale

STG305, Storage

As your organization grows into storing millions to billions of objects and terabytes to petabytes of data on Amazon S3, it becomes increasingly valuable to use tools and automation to handle that scale. This session provides a detailed overview of Amazon S3 Lifecycle management, S3 Batch Operations, S3 inventory reports, S3 Replication, and other features that you can use to help better understand, optimize, and perform actions across storage at scale.

Best practices for moving your data to AWS, online and offline

STG207, Storage

This session explores how you can use AWS DataSync and the AWS Snow Family (AWS Snowcone, AWS Snowball, and AWS Snowmobile) to accelerate moving your data to Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, and Amazon FSx. It also highlights use cases, best practices, when to choose online or offline methods, and how to use the Snow Family and DataSync together.

Building a data lake on Amazon S3

STG304, Storage

Flexibility is key when building and scaling a data lake, and by choosing the right storage architecture, you will have the agility to quickly experiment and migrate to AWS. This session explores best practices for building a data lake on Amazon S3, which allows you to leverage industry-leading AWS, open-source, and third-party analytics and ML tools and gain insights from your data. This session also explores how to optimize your storage on Amazon S3 for data lakes, including information on storage classes, S3 access points, and running HPC workloads with Amazon FSx for Lustre.

Cyber resilience for AWS deployments (sponsored by Druva)

STG339-S, Storage

As you migrate traditional workloads like VMware, SQL, and Oracle or use native services like Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, or Amazon EKS, how do you manage data security challenges? Risks from cyberattacks, human error, and insider threats must constantly be mitigated, and you need resilient deployments with backup, disaster recovery, and cyber recovery that are built for AWS. In this session, learn how enterprises use Druva to protect data and applications wherever they live, cloud or edge, and navigate your AWS journey with confidence. Explore how to manage data at a global scale, improve uptime, and maintain compliance SLAs, while safeguarding against data loss, cyberattacks, and disaster scenarios. This presentation is brought to you by Druva, an AWS Partner. Speaker: Anjan Srinivas (Druva)

Deep dive on Amazon EFS

STG303, Storage

In this session, learn about Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) serverless storage, enabling you to share file data with no provisioning or management required. Learn how to select applications and workloads that can benefit from Amazon EFS’s massive scale, features, and benefits. Leave this session with important details about security, scale, performance, management, storage classes, and data lifecycle management.

Deep dive on Amazon FSx for Lustre

STG302, Storage

Many workloads such as machine learning, high performance computing (HPC), video rendering, and financial simulations depend on compute instances accessing the same set of data through high-performance shared storage. In this session, learn how customers are using Amazon FSx for Lustre high-performance file systems to reduce their compute costs. The session also details how Foundation Medicine is using FSx for Lustre to transform cancer care for their patients. Leave with best practices and tips to accelerate your compute-intensive workloads.

Deep dive on Amazon S3

STG301, Storage

Amazon S3 and S3 Glacier provide developers and IT teams with cloud object storage that offers industry-leading scalability, durability, security, and performance. This session provides an overview of Amazon S3 and reviews the S3 storage classes and key features across security, access management, storage management, and more. This session covers the S3 durability model and how it is different than other cloud providers. It also covers common use cases, such as data lakes, mobile applications, backup and restore, archive, enterprise applications, IoT devices, and big data analytics.

Deep dive on Amazon S3 security and access management

STG315, Storage

Strong adherence to architecture best practices and proactive controls is the foundation of storage security and access controls. In this session, find out the best practices for data security in Amazon S3. Then, learn about the Amazon S3 security architecture fundamentals, and dive deep into the latest enhancements in usability and functionality. Finally, discover options for encryption, access control, security monitoring, auditing, and remediation.

First SAN built for the cloud: io2 Block Express for mission-critical SANs

STG206, Storage

In this session, learn how to use io2 Block Express and the Amazon EBS portfolio to achieve the highest-performance block storage in the cloud for your largest, most I/O intensive, mission-critical deployments of Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAS analytics. Discover the benefits of migrating on-premises workloads to Amazon EBS and help free your business from the high costs and complexity of operating traditional on-premises SANs.

Hybrid cloud: Bring AWS to your data centers, remote offices, and beyond

STG210, Storage

While most applications can be easily migrated to the cloud, some need to be re-architected or “modernized” before they can be moved to the cloud, while others need to remain on premises or in a specific location for the foreseeable future due to low latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements. Join this session to learn how a hybrid cloud gives you a consistent set of cloud services to support your applications and end users, wherever you need it.

Protecting and governing your data on AWS

STG220, Storage

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Strong data protection and governance fuels your business success and regulatory compliance and helps proactively prevent cyberattacks or data loss. Join Nancy Wang, AWS General Manager of Data Protection Services, to dive deep on how AWS-managed data protection services help customers architect multi-layered defense perimeters around their sensitive application data, at rest and in transit.

Simplify your file-based workloads with Amazon FSx

STG202, Storage

More and more customers are moving their file storage and file-based applications to Amazon FSx to improve agility, reduce cost, and scale faster. In this session, learn how Amazon FSx can help simplify your infrastructure with fully managed cloud file storage powered by popular commercial and open-source file systems. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides complete, fully managed ONTAP file systems in the cloud. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server offers fully managed Windows storage—built on Windows Server. Hear about the latest Amazon FSx capabilities, gain best practices, and explore common use cases to extend and protect your on-premises file-based workloads on AWS.

At the cutting edge: Multi-access edge computing with CSPs

TLC304, Telecommunications

In this session, learn how AWS is helping telecom operators globally transform customer experiences with AWS edge computing services. Dive into reference architectures from Telenor, América Móvil, Boingo, and other real-life deployments that use AWS edge services including AWS Snowball, AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, and AWS Local Zones, along with multiple access network technologies. Learn to create unique customer experiences for mines, airports, seaports, and millions of farms.

Reinventing communications together

TLC201, Telecommunications

AWS is helping communications service providers (CSPs) reinvent communications. CSPs are building secure and scalable software-driven networks, simplifying operations, and reimagining the customer experience to accelerate innovations that will unlock tomorrow’s growth and monetize 5G. In this session, learn how AWS is accelerating business value in multiple use cases, working with industry-leading CSPs and an extensive network of AWS Partners to build and orchestrate cloud-native 5G networks, transform business operations, manage data to personalize AI/ML interactions, and accelerate innovation for enterprise transformation.

A mother’s perspective on parenting, work & mental health in today’s world

ABW017, Training and Certification

As a parent or future parent, how can you find balance between your career, your family, and your mental health during challenging situations like the COVID-19 pandemic? Too often, parents regret what they perceive as their parenting failures. Join this lightning talk to learn eight tips for thriving and finding balance. Explore how we as parents, leaders, and peers can support each other during difficult times.

Advanced Insights Using Amazon Connect

TCV105, Training and Certification

AI improves contact center interactions for callers, agents, and organizations. You can identify trends in calls, measure customer reactions, use AI to monitor all calls, and identify issues while still on the line.

AWS Cloud Quest

TCV132, Training and Certification

Discover how to give your team a continuous learning experience with AWS Cloud Qest. This role-based game helps them develop practical AWS skills in a fun and exciting way.

AWS Developers’ career stories

TCV124, Training and Certification

Learn how AWS Training and Certification helped these developers turn their curiosity into innovation as they gained the skills and experience to become fearless cloud builders

AWS Glue Studio - Learn, Fun and Demo

TCV104, Training and Certification

Learn about AWS Glue Studio, a new visual interface that makes it easy to author, run, and monitor ETL jobs. Explore just how easy it is to transform and move data with this tool.


TCV131, Training and Certification

Learn how to develop cloud expertise and comraderie with AWS Jam events. These in-depth learning events let your team solve challenges together, fostering shared learning and trust.

AWS re/Start emerging talent at Accenture

TCV126, Training and Certification

AWS re/Start prepares unemployed and underemployed individuals for cloud careers through skills development training. Learn how graduates have become valuable entry-level tech talent at Accenture.

AWS re/Start emerging talent at Accenture: Sazia’s story

TCV122, Training and Certification

AWS re/Start prepares unemployed and underemployed individuals for cloud careers through skills development training. Learn how Sazia launched a career at Accenture with the help of AWS re/Start.

AWS Storage Overview

TCV102, Training and Certification

Storage and usage patterns are key factors when you’re moving workloads to the cloud. Explore the different AWS storage services and features that meet the unique needs of architects and developers.

AWS Virtual Classroom Training Overview

TCV116, Training and Certification

AWS Virtual Classroom Training is an efficient and effective way for you or your team to gain in-demand cloud skills from a live, expert AWS instructor without having to travel.

Build a diverse, vibrant workforce with AWS Training & Certification

ABW008, Training and Certification

We know diversity accelerates innovation, and investing in builders of all backgrounds is key to drive real business transformation. AWS Training and Certification has everything to educate your current and future workforce, including virtual instructor-led courses, remote exam options for AWS Certification, digital training, and hand-on skills training. Learn how some of our AWS Partners were successful in growing their workforce through recruiting and supporting employees from underrepresented and underserved groups. In this session, we will explore the cloud skills gap, offerings by AWS T&C, and success stories from our Partner customers.

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

TCV121, Training and Certification

Explore best practices to create a culture of innovation, develop cloud talent, and modernize your organization. Get the insights to build adaptive, continous cloud learning mechanisms at scale.

Building the Foundation for Cloud Governance

TCV101, Training and Certification

Establishing the right foundation is critical to hosting production workloads on AWS. Learn to build a multi-account environment and review ways to configure centralized billing, controls, and guardrails.

Capital One delivers an ecosystem for cloud learning

TCV128, Training and Certification

Discover how Capital One offers its employees a community-based learning approach to increase the number of AWS Certifications and transform its business through innovation in the cloud.

Cloud Skills Stories from the Deloitte Cloud Guild Community

TCV135, Training and Certification

Hear from team members across Deloitte as they share their learnings and involvement in the Deloitte Cloud Guild. They explain how upskilling employees has helped Deloitte become a leader in cloud technology.

Deloitte’s Transformation in Cloud Learning

TCV134, Training and Certification

Discover how the Deloitte Cloud Guild is transforming professional development with cloud training and helping employees build their cloud skills as part of a community.

Demystifying your exam score

TCV110, Training and Certification

Are you curious about your AWS Certification exam score? Learn how scaled scoring works, and how to understand your exam score in this video from an AWS Certification Technical Architect.

DVLA Launches AWS Certifications To Drive Cloud Innovation

TCV129, Training and Certification

DVLA has a cloud-first principle designed to increase business value and customer satisfaction. As part of its journey to upskill employees and get them AWS Certified, DVLA partnered with AWS Training and Certification to create an incentive-based learning environment. Explore how DVLA built a culture of informed decision making and confidence to innovate in the cloud.

Exam Readiness: Cloud Practitioner

TCV111, Training and Certification

Learn how to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam by exploring its main topics, as well as identifying specific areas to study. Validate your knowledge with an industry-recognized credential.

Exam Readiness: Developer Associate

TCV212, Training and Certification

Learn how to prepare for the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam by exploring its topic areas and how they map to developing on AWS. Validate your expertise in developing applications in the AWS Cloud.

Exam Readiness: Solutions Architect Associate

TCV213, Training and Certification

Learn how to prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam by exploring its topic areas and how they map to architecting on AWS. Validate your expertise in designing highly available systems on AWS.

Exam Readiness: SysOps Associate

TCV208, Training and Certification

Learn how to prepare for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate exam by exploring its topic areas and how they map to operations on AWS. Validate your expertise with an industry-recognized credential.

From international grad student to FinTech success: Sara’s story

TCV123, Training and Certification

Discover how Sara, a recent graduate and Digital Analyst, began her journey into cloud development and a career in the fintech world with help from AWS Training and Certification.

Getting started with AWS Certification

DEM099, Training and Certification

Curious about which AWS Certification to pursue and how to prepare? Wondering how a team achieving AWS Certifications impacts efficiency, innovation, and security? Get practical tips, concrete strategies, and insight from AWS customers from Jud Neer, Delivery Practice Manager with AWS Professional Services. He leads a team of technical consultants that help public sector customers achieve their missions using the cloud, with a focus on application development, migration, and modernization. Jud is a passionate believer in setting certification goals to help him learn new skills. He achieved his 12th AWS Certification in 2020.

How AMP Builds Cloud Fluency and a Future-Ready Workforce with Cloud Academy

TCV133, Training and Certification

Explore how AMP’s Cloud Academy is upskilling employees to foster a culture of learning and growth. This has helped them leverage cloud technologies to unlock more business value for their clients.

How eCloudValley hired AWS Academy graduates to fill in-demand tech roles

TCV127, Training and Certification

Learn how recent AWS Academy graduates have gained practical experience in the AWS Cloud, providing the skills and knowledge to help eCloudValley fill in-demand cloud roles.

Introduction to Serverless Computing and AWS Lambda

TCV103, Training and Certification

Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about servers. Explore the benefits of serverless computing and learn the basics of AWS Lambda.

Kmart SPARK: Comprehensive AWS Training for improved customer experiences

TCV125, Training and Certification

Explore how Kmart’s SPARK program provides a community-led approach that enhances continuous learning across the organization, empowering its people to think “cloud-first.”

Start Your Learning Journey into the Cloud

TCV001, Training and Certification

Whether you're just getting started with AWS or an experienced professional leading an organization, you'll find the training you need to realize your cloud goals with help from AWS Training and Certification.

What AWS Certifications are available?

TCV109, Training and Certification

Depending on where you are in your cloud learning journey, you can choose from a wide variety of AWS Certifications to explore. Find out more about what certifications are availble today.

What Is an AWS Certification?

TCV107, Training and Certification

Curious about the benefits of being AWS Certified or how an AWS Certification can impact your career? Discover what an AWS Certification is and what it means to you.

Why is AWS Certification important?

TCV112, Training and Certification

Have you ever wondered why AWS Certifications are so important? Discover the wide range of benefits that come with being AWS Certified and why that matters for your career.

Building what’s next in air travel

TRV202, Travel and Hospitality

The COVID-19 pandemic forced air travel companies to innovate in ways that will impact and improve the way people fly for years to come. Whether you’re a travel and hospitality executive looking for practical advice or a curious traveler wondering how your customer experience will be different in the future, join this session to learn how airlines and airports are using the power of AWS, including machine learning, data, and analytics, to build what’s next in air travel.

How data is driving the future growth of travel and hospitality

TRV201, Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality companies seek to transform their businesses through enhancing customer experiences and increasing operational efficiency. Doing this requires using the incredible amount of data inherent in modern companies, in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way that breaks down data silos, allows for rapid development of microservices, enables self-service, and facilitates experimentation at scale. In this session, learn how leading travel and hospitality companies are turning their data into insights and business results with AWS, accelerating recovery, and building what’s next on behalf of their customers.

Deep dive into Windows engineering

WIN304, Windows

In this session, learn how AWS service teams engineer and innovate in support of Windows and SQL workloads. We share details of how AWS optimizes the boot time of Windows and SQL images to support your auto scaling needs, provide enhanced storage options with Amazon EBS, and engineer security with AWS Nitro Enclaves.

Learn how to modernize your Microsoft Windows workloads on AWS

WIN307, Windows

Modernizing Microsoft Windows workloads can be difficult. There are many stages and possible methods of modernization. In this session, learn how to approach Windows modernization and learn about tools and services that can help you with this journey. The session also includes an example of how to modernize your .NET Framework application running on Windows using AWS products such as AWS App2Container and Porting Assistant for .NET.

Security best practices for running Microsoft tech on AWS

WIN301, Windows

This session discusses how to operate Microsoft technologies securely on AWS, including enabling security best practices using AWS Managed Microsoft AD, building and deploying security-hardened Amazon EC2 Windows images using CIS and STIG baselines, administering Windows instances securely, and taking advantage of hardware advances to improve security. The session also covers how to deploy applications in regulated regions that meet FedRAMP High, FIPS, and other compliance programs.

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