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Cost Optimization in the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Cost Optimization in the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Cost Optimization is one of the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The framework describes the principles and techniques required to make informed trade-offs when you’re building in the AWS Cloud.

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This πŸ‘‡ Twitter thread dives deeper into the Cost Optimization pillar of the framework…

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it's time to take a look at the Cost Optimization Pillar of the @awscloud Well-Architected Framework

this one is all about making sure that you’re getting the most value out of the services you use in the cloud

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you can view this thread unrolled at

yesterday’s thread on the #security pillar is up at

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you'll notice in the goal of this pillar isn't "spend the least amount of money possible"

it’s called “Cost Optimization” for a reason. you’re trying to maximize business value for the lowest price point

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officially, @awscloud states that cost optimization is, "...a continual process of refinement and improvement over the space of a workload’s lifecycle."

that’s not bad. basically, do the research, try things out, adjust as needed, repeat

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that's illustrated in the four phases that the pillar is divided into:
  • cost effective resources
  • match supply & demand
  • awareness of spend
  • optimize

πŸ‘† that’s a solid feedback loop

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the principles driving this pillar:
  • consumption based pricing
  • measure efficiency constantly
  • let @awscloud do the work whenever possible

if you just follow these principles, you’ll actually do a decent job of aligning busines value to cost

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now, there's a lot more here and the pillar does a good job touching on it

there’s an art to cloud spending but the one key takeaway that everyone should have is that thisβ€”like securityβ€”is just one concern

it needs to be balanced

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the full details on the Cost Optimization Pillar are up at

I strongly encourage you to check it out

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