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Cost Optimization in the AWS Well-Architected Framework

An overview of the AWS Well-Architected Frameworks' Cost Optimization pillar.

Cost Optimization in the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Cost Optimization is one of the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The framework describes the principles and techniques required to make informed trade-offs when you’re building in the AWS Cloud.

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This 👇 Twitter thread dives deeper into the Cost Optimization pillar of the framework…

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it's time to take a look at the Cost Optimization Pillar of the @awscloud Well-Architected Framework this one is all about making sure that you're getting the most value out of the services you use in the cloud 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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you can view this thread unrolled at yesterday's thread on the #security pillar is up at 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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you'll notice in the goal of this pillar isn't "spend the least amount of money possible" it's called "Cost Optimization" for a reason. you're trying to maximize business value for the lowest price point 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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officially, @awscloud states that cost optimization is, "...a continual process of refinement and improvement over the space of a workload’s lifecycle." that's not bad. basically, do the research, try things out, adjust as needed, repeat 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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that's illustrated in the four phases that the pillar is divided into: - cost effective resources - match supply & demand - awareness of spend - optimize 👆 that's a solid feedback loop 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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the principles driving this pillar: - consumption based pricing - measure efficiency constantly - let @awscloud do the work whenever possible if you just follow these principles, you'll actually do a decent job of aligning busines value to cost 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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now, there's a lot more here and the pillar does a good job touching on it there's an art to cloud spending but the one key takeaway that everyone should have is that this—like security—is just one concern it needs to be balanced 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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the full details on the Cost Optimization Pillar are up at I strongly encourage you to check it out /🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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