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Microsoft Edge Experiment 'Super Duper Secure Mode' Aims To Reduce Openings for Hackers

The Microsoft Edge browser team is conducting an experiment in an attempt to increase the cybersecurity of the browser and how it handles javascript. At stake? One of the major performance features.

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Microsoft Edge browser team is currently running an experiment in the browser called, and I kid you not, “Super Duper Secure Mode”.

Now, this change removes an important JavaScript performance optimization.

[00:00:12] Why?

Well, that optimization is responsible for about 45% of the JavaScript related bugs in the popular V8 engine…which is also used in Google Chrome and other browsers.

This opt-in experiment will run over a couple months and the team hopes that it will show an increase in security with a minimal performance impact.

[00:00:30] Issues like this are a good reminder that your web browser doesn’t just show web pages.

It’s a complete computing platform with all the benefits and risks that that implies. The Microsoft Edge and other browser teams are always trying to increase the security of these platforms.

And that’s a good thing for users.

Just please, if you ship something like this, don’t call it, “Super Duper Secure Mode.”