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Opinions my own: Corey Quinn & Bill Vass

Opinions my own: Corey Quinn & Bill Vass

Corey Quinn interviews key AWS leaders in a casual settings. This time he sits down with Bill Vass, VP Technology & Engineering.

This 👇 is the Twitter thread of my coverage of the keynote…

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up now for @awscloud #reinvent: @QuinnyPig speaking with Bill Vass, VP Technology & Engineering at AWS

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“Bill, what do you do?”, @QuinnyPig

“Everything”, Bill


<< Bill was very modest about it but wow, he’s got a lot of critical aspect of @awscloud rolling up into him


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Bill is also the exec sponsor for Defence & Intelligence, Automotive, & Energy << apparently Bill doesn’t sleep


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on things like quantum, @QuinnyPig asks about the challenges of getting started

Bill’s highlights the efforts the team is working on to make these more approachable. Braket lets you use a Jupyter notebook to interact with the underlying system


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apparently @QuinnyPig got to see pics of the quantum facilities. I’m jealous. it sounds super cool


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only things as cold as the quantum facility: Brands vs @QuinnyPig

…though Bill debates this

…I don’t 🤣


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one thing Bill ❤️’s about working @awscloud is just the sheer scale. you can tell he has a passion for this work and the challenges that AWS faces at hyper scale are fascinating and motivating


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anything @quinnypig mentions as “complex” in this conversation immediately gets 10x by Bill. he’s got such a depth and breadth of knowledge on the technical side


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Bill has a fantastic way of explaining revolutionary technology as if it was all a very clear and expected step forward


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. @QuinnyPig on things like @awscloud Systems Manager extending into on-premises and other cloud. “Was that planned or an evolution?”

Bill, “It was always planned that way"


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I’m glad then planned it that way. I think it’s incredibly powerful when these tools extend into other environments

it reduces the operational overhead while providing a ton of flexibility


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an amazing feature Bill mentioned that doesn’t get enough attention, “Conformance Packs” in AWS Config

more on those at

the idea is one click conformance with various compliance standards

#reinvent #security

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oohhhh, Bill just mentioned “things we’re doing in the metaverse space”

@QuinnyPig didn’t bite but I’m super curious…


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QLDB = is about “quanta” of data. not quantum computing

Bill was not happy with the name

don’t think anyone is, no idea how that one slipped through

more on QLDB at


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. @quinnypig, AWS launches services as MVP (Bill says Minimum Loveable Product), customers are missing out on the changes that happen over the next year. the constant evolution is “neat"

Bill mentions the high bar for #security & operational overhead at launch


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👆 that makes complete sense launch something that’s rock solid but minimally functional. then use that rock solid foundation to build out the service over time

that is exactly what the principles in the @awscloud Well-Architected Framework helps you to do


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Bill’s talking about the general AWS process for new services:
  • find a problem (ideally one they have themselves)
  • generalize it
  • make it super easy to user
  • make it super easy to scale
  • voila


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“You’re heavily read within AWS”, Bill to @quinnypig << 🤦


seriously though, it’s a smart move by @awscloud. Corey is a stream of fantastic insights packaged in delightful snark


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be sure to check out the rest of the “Opinions my own” series. @QuinnyPig is an excellent interview host/conversationalist. he’s drawing out a ton of great insights from key @awscloud leaders

/🧵 #reinvent

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