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Ransomware Attack On Kaseya Still Very Real For Victims

Long after the headlines pass, victims of ransomware are left struggling to get back to “normal” operations. IT is hard. Cybersecurity is harder still.

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The major headlines about the ransomware attack on IT management platform provider Kaseya are slowing down.

Now you might think that everything is good, these businesses are back to normal operation.

Well, they aren’t.

[00:00:11] On average, it takes 16 days to get out of the crisis phase of a ransomware incident.

That means if data is going to be restored, it has. Critical systems are back online, and the business is operating at a reasonable level.

Now the direct cost of just that work $1.2 million on average, but that’s just the beginning.

[00:00:28] These businesses are all working hard to improve their security postures.

They’re afraid of getting hit again, and they should be.

80% of businesses who pay a ransom, get attacked again within the year.

Now the initial incident response process, that’s really just the start.

[00:00:42] There’s a long road ahead for anyone impacted by cybercrime.

It’s yet another reminder that we need to do everything we can to stop ransomware before it takes a hold in our networks.


– Cybereason, “Report: Ransomware Attacks and the True Cost to Business