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Reliability in the AWS Well-Architected Framework

An overview of the AWS Well-Architected Frameworks' Reliability pillar.

Reliability in the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Reliability is one of the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The framework describes the principles and techniques required to make informed trade-offs when you’re building in the AWS Cloud.

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This 👇 Twitter thread dives deeper into the Reliability pillar of the framework…

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the Reliability Pillar is on tap today. this is one of the five pillars of the @awscloud Well-Architected Framework this pillar is all about making sure that your systems work CONSISTENTLY and RECOVER quickly 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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this thread is available unrolled at yesterday's thread on the Cost Optimization Pillar is up at 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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. @awscloud defines reliability as, "…the ability of a workload to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, dynamically…meet demand, and mitigate disruptions." simply: systems shouldn't fail & if they do, recover quickly & automatically 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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three areas of focus for the Reliability Pillar: - limits == know them, stay within them - networking == topology, bandiwdth, & latency will impact a lot of things - availability == your solution should be ready for business use almost all of the time 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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. @werner's keynote from @awscloud #reinvent last year centered around the ideas that are core to this pillar. if you haven't already, watch it at (even if you have, it's worth a re-watch) 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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the pillar principles here are: - recover from issues automatically - scale horizontally first for resiliency - redule idle resources - manage change through automation - recover from issues automatically 😉 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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biggest mistake I see with this pillar is that builders put too much focus on things never failing that would be great but 💩 happens. being able to recover automatically will do a lot more for your customers than trying to make everything 100% available 🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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you can read the entire Reliability Pillar at remember, the Framework teaches you to balance the concerns of the five pillars to find the right fit for your solution...and that balance will change regularly /🧵☁️ #cloud #devops

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