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REvil-ed Ransomware Group Goes Kaput?

REvil has been one of the top ransomware groups for the past few months but they’re suddenly offline. No note, no warning, just gone.

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At 1:00 AM Eastern time on Tuesday, July 12th, 2021, the REvil ransomware gang appears to have closed up shop. Gone in the middle of the night, like that.

[00:00:09] Are they gone for good? No one knows.

Is this a good thing? Long term, absolutely.

Short term? Not so much.

[00:00:17] Gone with the gang’s online presence is any way for the up to 1500 victims of the Kaseya attack to get their encryption keys.

Now, sometimes when it’s a ransomware gang closes shop, they openly release the keys.

Let’s hope that this happens here.

[00:00:31] As to why REvil is offline… theories abound. But until we have more evidence, we simply won’t know.

But remember that ransomware works because it’s a low risk, high return crime.

If the spotlight becomes too intense, that equation changes and it might be time to reevaluate or rebrand.


  • Kevin Beaumont on the issue,