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REvil Ransomware Criminals Look To Maximize Q3 Profits With Kaseya Attack

The REvil gang attack Kaseya, an IT management platform, and that got them access to 800—1,500 more businesses without any additional effort.

Unique occurrence or the new normal?

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“REvil ransomware makes moves to maximize 3rd quarter profits” is what the headline would say, if REvil wasn’t a criminal gang.

Now, by attacking Kaseya an IT management platform provider, the REvil group was able to use the access they gained to then seamlessly attack 800 to 1500 more businesses, potentially locking out up to a million devices and disrupting businesses. worldwide.

[00:00:21] Now this was a low effort, high impact move that came with a ransom demand for $70 million as Kaseya and the other effected businesses work to recover.

[00:00:30] Supply chain attacks like this are going to become commonplace as criminals streamline their illegal businesses.

And make no mistake, these are run like a business that are trying to maximize profits.

[00:00:41] It’s time for all of us to reinvest in strong security practices and ensure that we’re doing everything we can to stop ransomware from taking hold.